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Lawmakers, governor reach compromise on $1B road funding plan - INDYSTAR
Republican lawmakers and Governor Mike Pence reached a compromise Wednesday that would boost road spending, fund teacher scholarships and add money to the governor's Regional Cities Initiative economic development program.
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Iowa DOT plans record $700 million in road construction - The Des Moines Register
Iowa motorists will soon see benefits of a 10-cent-per-gallon gasoline tax increase, although extra caution will be required while driving through a maze of highway work zones. The Iowa Department of Transportation says it plans to spend a record $700 million this year for construction on state and interstate highway projects.
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The Cost of Sprawl: More Than $1 Trillion Per Year, New Report Says - Developments - WSJ
The sprawling suburbs of cities like Atlanta and Houston have hidden costs to the United States economy that come to more than $1 trillion a year, according to a new report.
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Mayors press Congress to pass highway bill - TheHill
The U.S. Conference of Mayors is urging Congress to pass legislation to prevent a shutdown in transportation funding this summer.
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Let’s get 'shovel-ready' - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
State and federal fuel taxes provide the bulk of revenue for transportation projects in Missouri. That funding source is no longer adequate because cars have become more fuel-efficient, while the fuel tax rate has not increased in almost 20 years, decreasing today’s purchasing power by more than 50 percent.
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Options to Fix the Highway Trust Fund - Tax Foundation
The federal government provides highway funding to states through an account called the Highway Trust Fund. This trust fund raises revenue mainly through taxes on gasoline. However, the trust fund currently does not raise sufficient revenue to cover its obligations. Absent recent congressional authorization for transfers from the general fund, the Highway Trust Fund would have run out of money in the summer of 2014.
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Our Crisis Is One of Infrastructure, So Let's Roll Out the Gas Tax - Brookings Institution
The biggest reason to be concerned about polarization in the nation's capital is that much of the public's business lies dormant. Most observers believe that there are public benefits to be had by enacting new trade authority, an immigration bill, debt-reduction, Medicare reform, and many other improvements. But one of the most important opportunities relates to the nation's infrastructure - its roads, bridges, ports, airports, and other investments that help the the private sector and government to conduct its business. We have a lot to gain by maintaining or even improving these public goods, and a lot to lose if we don't.
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Quality public infrastructure supports economic development - NEREJ
Nationally, the condition of our public infrastructure has been in steady decline as our roadways and bridges in particular, age and maintenance is often deferred. Many of our most heavily traveled roadways and bridges in the northeast are in substandard condition and in dire need of maintenance or, in many cases, a complete rebuild or replacement.
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Snyder says roads are top priority after winning second term - Detroit Free Press
Gov. Rick Snyder said today that getting a deal in the Legislature to raise more than $1 billion more a year to fix and maintain the state's roads and bridges is his No. 1 priority after "a very successful election."
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