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Why Working on the Railroad Comes With a $25,000 Signing Bonus - WSJ
Tight labor market forces BNSF, Union Pacific to dangle big incentives from Missouri to Oregon.
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Get On Track With a Rail-Served Site - Area Development
The economic and environmental benefits of freight rail transportation should be considered when developing your next facility.
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BNSF to Continue Investments Related to U.S. Oil Boom - WSJ
BNSF Railway Co. will continue making massive investments to build out rail transport for America's oil boom, Matthew K. Rose, the company's executive chairman said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.
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Booming Natural Resource and Agriculture Industries Spur Rail Investment in Montana - WNYC
Growth in Montanas oil and gas, agriculture, and coal sectors has spurred Burlington Northern Santa Fe railway to open a new economic development office in Billings, Montana.
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Getting on Track: Railroads played important role in Winston-Salem’s growth - Winston-Salem Journal
Railroad supporters say they believe that trains could still be a key to growth in the city, not just for freight, but also for passenger service.
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Mexican Manufacturing Boom Could Spur One of Canada’s Railways to Buy Kansas City Southern - Financial Post
The upswing in Mexican manufacturing is building a strong case for either of Canada’s largest railways to consider purchasing Kansas City Southern in order to gain greater access to the emerging market, one analyst says.
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Regional Review: The Plains States Enjoying Renewed Economic Health - Area Development Online
Boasting low tax rates and aggressive recruitment programs, the Plains States point to major expansion projects as evidence of their economic health over the past year. These expansions, and the economic benefits that accompanied them, included significant foreign investment.
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American Railcar Industries Invests $7 Million To Expand Operations Center in Southwest Mississippi - Area Development Online
American Railcar Industries will invest $7 million to expand its presence in southwest Mississippi by locating a railcar maintenance facility in Brookhaven, Mississippi, in Lincoln County.
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Railroads: Still an Important Industrial Link - Area Development Online
Recent rail infrastructure projects have stimulated regional industrial growth and been a critical addition to the transportation grid supporting the exploration and processing of natural gas.
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2013 Real Estate Outlook Part I: Ecommerce Requirements Drive Demand for New Generation Industrial Space - Area Development Online
Growth in “e-tailing,” as well as Class I railroad investment, is having a noticeable impact on the demand and development of industrial space.
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Short-line tax credit extended through 2013 - Progressive Railroading
The "fiscal cliff" legislation approved by Congress and signed by President Barack Obama on Jan. 2 included a provision the short line industry has sought for more than a year: an extension of the Section 45G tax credit.
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N.Y. Joining Revival Of Short-Line Rail Industry - AP via
In the past 30 years, the number of short line railroads has grown from about 70 to about 550, said David Whorton, a spokesman for the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association. Short lines are typically mom-and-pop businesses serving two to six customers, usually connecting with another short line, regional, or major freight railroad such as CSX Transportation or the Norfolk Southern Railway.
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Chicago Train Congestion Slows Whole Country -
Six of the nation’s seven biggest railroads pass through the city, a testament to Chicago’s economic might when the rail lines were laid from the 1800s on. Today, a quarter of all rail traffic in the nation touches Chicago. Nearly half of what is known as intermodal rail traffic, the big steel boxes that can be carried aboard ships, trains or trucks, roll by or through this city.
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BART’s New Fleet: Made in the USA, but Maybe Not in California - Transportation Nation
Right now, three companies are in the running to build the new fleet. One is in France, one is in South Korea, and third is in Canada.
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Freight Railroads Expect to Spend a Record $13 Billion on Capital Expenditures, Hire More than 15,000 in 2012 -
The Association of American Railroads (AAR) announced that the nation’s major freight railroads are projected to invest $13 billion in capital expenditures in 2012 to expand, upgrade, and enhance the nation’s freight rail network. The freight railroads also expect to hire more than 15,000 employees this year.
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