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How to Build a Multigenerational City in Austin, Texas - CityLab
The lives of the young and the old rarely cross in many American cities. After I moved to Austin, I used a volunteer opportunity as a way to change that.
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Microsoft Pledges $500 Million for Affordable Housing in Seattle Area - The New York Times
The Seattle area, home to both Microsoft and Amazon, is a potent symbol of the affordable housing crisis that has followed the explosive growth of tech hubs.
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Amazon chose two locations for its new headquarters. Now, we go explore them. - The Washington Post
Before mid-November, Long Island City and Crystal City were never on the same page, much less uttered in the same sentence. Though both destinations are on the East Coast (New York and Virginia, respectively) and within shouting distance of a major metropolitan center, they had little else in common.
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Understanding the Social Impacts of Corporate Investment - Chief Executive Group
The idea that a company’s mission can transcend profit is becoming more mainstream. More businesses are realizing that by reorienting around a purpose-driven culture, they can attract and energize employees, delight and retain customers and achieve better business outcomes for shareholders.
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Cities in 2019 will be defined by these 10 issues - Curbed
From homelessness and housing to big tech and budgets, the forces shaping urbanism in the coming year.
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Tech Billionaires’ Obligation to the Cities Around Them - The Atlantic
California voters are being asked to tax big corporations to solve local problems. But is that the companies’ responsibility?
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november 2018 by areadevelopment
Walmart to transform supercenters into 'town centers' - Retail Dive
Walmart plans to lease underutilized land and parking acreage to restaurants, gyms and other businesses to create community centers built around its sprawling supercenters
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october 2018 by areadevelopment
HQ2 Chasing Is a Dying Model. Cities Should Woo Workers - CityLab
Chasing an HQ2 is a dying model. As the nature of working changes, U.S. cities that provide workers with the support that companies once did, will prosper.
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september 2018 by areadevelopment
Why the U.S. Needs More Worker-Owned Companies - HBR
The gap in wealth in the United States between the ultrawealthy and everyone else has reached its widest point in decades. One way to narrow the divide is through the use of worker buyouts, in which ownership of a company transfers from a single person or a small number of people to the workers of the company.
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august 2018 by areadevelopment
First Person: The Indy Region Is Getting Its Story Out - Area Development
The Indy region offers great diversity when it comes to lifestyle and the pillars of the business community.
area-development-features  Matt  first-person  indianapolis  indiana  midwest  entrepreneurship  quality-of-life 
may 2018 by areadevelopment
Amazon's HQ2 Search Is About Politics, Too - Bloomberg
An elite workforce will expect bike paths, dog parks and vegan gastropubs. And "a compatible cultural and community environment."
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april 2018 by areadevelopment
Location Notebook: Cape Coral-Desirable for Business Owners and Residents Alike - Area Development
A pro-business environment and an enviable quality of life have made Cape Coral a haven for biomedical and other light manufacturing companies.
area-development-features  Location-notebook  Matt  Florida  south-atlantic  economic-development  site-selection  jobs  manufacturing  quality-of-life 
april 2018 by areadevelopment
Amazon HQ2: A Reset Button for Site Selection - CCIM Institute
Amazon's HQ2 site selection process is more than just a point along a timeline charting its evolution as one of the world's most transformative companies. It is a reset button that will likely have implications far beyond Amazon.
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february 2018 by areadevelopment
The Sharing Economy's Love-Hate Relationship With Cities - CityLab
Most municipalities have abandoned their efforts to resist the Ubers and Airbnbs of the world. But there’s a lot both sides can do to heal the rift.
this-week-412  cities  Metros  transportation  sharting-economy  uber  economic-development  quality-of-life  urban-planning 
february 2018 by areadevelopment
5 ways for public sector leaders to accelerate innovation in 2018 - CIO
Different approaches that can help to further advance the way ideas are sourced, shared, scoped and shepherded through the innovation process, so that public sector organizations can improve the yield of ideas moving through their pipelines.
this-week-411  Around-the-web  Matt  public-private-partnerships  community-development  quality-of-life  economic-development  education  innovation  tech  startup  entrepreneurship  tech-forum 
january 2018 by areadevelopment
How Millennial Workforce Trends Are Affecting Business - Area Development
Companies looking to hire millennials need to take into account their lifestyle and workplace preferences, while figuring out how to train them and integrate them into a multigenerational workforce.
area-development-features  Matt  millennials  economic-development  site-selection  workforce  labor  quality-of-life  workforce-training  urbanization  cities  Metros  tech-forum 
january 2018 by areadevelopment
Location Notebook: Tennessee - A Place to Grow Headquarters Operations - Area Development
A pro-business environment is helping Tennessee to attract headquarters operations and grow its business and professional services sector, while its quality of life draws workers to the state.
area-development-features  Matt  Location-notebook  Tennessee  south  headquarters  quality-of-life  economic-development  site-selection 
december 2017 by areadevelopment
Many Millennials Prefer The Suburbs. Here’s Why - Bisnow
Millennials' affinity for cities seems undeniable, as the increasingly car-less contingent relies on the accessibility and conveniences that urban environments offer.
this-week-397  Around-the-web  Matt  urban-revitalization  cities  millennials  workforce  quality-of-life 
september 2017 by areadevelopment
Rochester, N.H., Cites Quality-of-Life Strategy to Attract and Retain Aerospace Workforce - Area Development
Albany International, producer of the LEAP-X engine, notes the City of Rochester’s educated workers, high quality of life, and diverse housing options are critical to the company’s success.
area-development-features  math  Aerospace  quality-of-life  workforce  rochester  new-hampshire  new-england  manufacturing 
august 2017 by areadevelopment
31st Annual Survey of Corporate Executives Commentary: Highway Accessibility Tops List of Corporate Site Selection Factors - Area Development
Communities with good highway accessibility and top-notch talent will continue to emphasize their unique quality of life as a differentiator to both attract and retain employers and employees alike.
area-development-features  Matt  surveys  highways  logistics  supply-chain  manufacturing  economic-development  site-selection  quality-of-life  skilled-labor 
april 2017 by areadevelopment
The Most Attractive Cities to Move to for Work - HBR
For firms, it’s become imperative to look beyond geographic borders to attract and retain top talent. This is partly due to the fact that 77% of CEOs report being concerned about the availability of key skills, according to PwC. Seventy-seven percent also agree or strongly agree that they move talent to where they need it. Marshall Goldsmith, who has coached CEOs at dozens of global Fortune 500 companies, told me that the talent game is becoming geographically borderless. “What companies want is a leadership base that at least somewhat parallels their customer base. So you don’t have a group of leaders that doesn’t have anything in common with their customers.”
ranking  Metros  leading-locations  business-globalization  workforce-migration  quality-of-life  Around-the-web  this-week-379 
march 2017 by areadevelopment
Location Strategies in the War for Millennial Talent - Area Development
When it comes to attracting tech-savvy millennials, companies are giving a fresh look to metro areas and downtowns that will give them a competitive edge.
area-development-features  Matt  workforce  skilled-labor  tech  high-tech  technology  millennials  Metros  cities  quality-of-life  urban-revitalization 
december 2016 by areadevelopment
The Mountain in Your Location Decision: Discovering the Impact of Work-Life Balance Options on the Workforce - Area Development
Choosing a location where your employees can have a healthy work-life balance can lower employee turnover and also increase their productivity.
area-development-features  Matt  workforce  manufacturing  quality-of-life  site-selection 
december 2016 by areadevelopment
Critical Site Selection Factor #3: Quality of Life - Area Development
What constitutes quality of life depends largely on the eye of the beholder, and that eye may gaze through different lenses at different times.
economic-development  site-selection  site-selection-factors  Matt  quality-of-life 
november 2016 by areadevelopment
The Cities Where Your Salary Will Stretch The Furthest 2016 -
When Americans consider a move to another part of the country, they sometimes are forced to make a tough choice: should they go to a city with the best job opportunities, or a less economically vital area that offers a better standard of living, particularly more affordable housing? However,  there are still plenty of metropolitan areas in the U.S. where you can get the best of both worlds.
cost-of-doing-business  quality-of-life  Around-the-web  this-week-369  demographics  Metros 
november 2016 by areadevelopment
CIO Doug McCollough Talks about the impact of digital transformation on cities, residents and businesses - City of Dublin
n an interview with theCube at the Juniper Nxtwork 2016 Summit in Santa Clara, California, The City of Dublin’s CIO Doug McCollough said the impact of digital transformation results in a competitive advantage for citizens.
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october 2016 by areadevelopment
Cities of Opportunity 7: The living city - PwC
London, Singapore, Toronto and Paris top the 2016 benchmark (our 7th edition) of the broad urban qualities that make 30 global business, finance and culture capitals successful. Beneath the headline results of who finishes first, however, findings show the heart of the city revolves around balanced social and economic strengths.
Metros  quality-of-life  international-location-reports  rankings  this-week-366  this-week-365  Around-the-web 
october 2016 by areadevelopment
Corporate Executive Survey Commentary: Which Location Factors Are Top of Mind? - Area Development
Labor, costs, and accessibility always take precedence, but as the war for talent continues, quality of life has gained in importance, while unionization rates are less of an issue for knowledge workers.
surveys  site-selection  Matt  consultants  workforce  labor  quality-of-life 
march 2016 by areadevelopment
Best Places to Live - U.S. News
U.S. News analyzed the 100 most populous metro areas to find the best places to live. To make the top of the list, a place had to have good value, be a desirable place to live, have a strong job market and a high quality of life.
this-week-344  Around-the-web  Matt  quality-of-life  Metros 
march 2016 by areadevelopment
Why Suburban Companies Are Moving to Downtowns -
or all the talk of residential, retail and hotels moving into urban cores, some industry watchers report a wave of suburban companies moving their headquarters downtown or establishing second offices in city centers to bolster hiring and enhance employee retention. Studies show Millennials, in particular, are driving the trend toward alternative transportation issues like Uber and Divvy bikes because they don’t want to own a car.’
urban-revitalization  corporate-headquarters  labor  Millennials  workforce-migration  quality-of-life  Around-the-web  this-week-326 
october 2015 by areadevelopment
Companies in Happy Cities Invest More for the Long Term - HBR
Happy people work differently. They’re more productive, more creative, and willing to take greater risks. And new research suggests that happiness might influence how firms work, too.
this-week-309  Around-the-web  Matt  quality-of-life 
june 2015 by areadevelopment
San Jose, CA #1 City for Employee Satisfaction; Glassdoor’s Employment Satisfaction Report Card by City (2014) - Glassdoor Blog
Glassdoor has released its second annual Employment Satisfaction Report Card by City (2014), offering a comparison by city of overall employee satisfaction, number of employers hiring, business outlook expectations and more, according to local employees in the 50 largest U.S. metros.
metros  ranking  this-week-267  around-the-web  quality-of-life 
june 2014 by areadevelopment
Fargo reinvents itself as a magnet for creative types and entrepreneurs - Star Tribune
Plenty of towns talk about revitalizing their downtowns. Fargo is actually doing it, thanks to the happy combination of a good economy, a thriving business climate and motivated residents.
quality-of-life  downtown-revitalization  north-dakota  small-business  business-climate  this-week-265  around-the-web 
june 2014 by areadevelopment
The Regional Impact of Quality of Life on Entrepreneurial Decisions
One of the most often cited reasons for the location of a new business is quality of life, yet it is one of the areas policymakers most often overlook.
quality-of-life  site-selection-factors  moody's  studies  ranking  metros  area-development-features  main-sfp-insider-94 
may 2014 by areadevelopment
Honolulu is even more expensive than New York or San Francisco - Vox
The commerce department has begun releasing data on something called "regional price parity," a figure that shows how high prices in a given place are compared to the rest of the nation.
cost-of-doing-business  quality-of-life  this-week-260  around-the-web 
may 2014 by areadevelopment
Quality of Place and Its Role in Corporate Location Decisions - Area Development
As companies compete for talent, “place” is an asset that can be honed, improved, and marketed to potential employees.
area-development-features  economic-development  site-selection  quality-of-life  community-development 
march 2014 by areadevelopment
2014 Quality of Living survey - Mercer
In a world economy that is becoming more globalised, cities beyond the traditional financial and business centres are working to improve their quality of living so they can attract more foreign companies. This year’s survey recognises so-called ‘second tier’ or ‘emerging’ cites and points to a few examples from around the world These cities have been investing massively in their infrastructure and attracting foreign direct investments by providing incentives such as tax, housing, or entry facilities.
quality-of-life  ranking  metros  this-week-250  around-the-web 
february 2014 by areadevelopment
World Happiness Report 2013 - UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network
Report calls on policy makers to make happiness a key measure and target of development. Report ranks the happiest countries, with Northern Europe in the lead.
around-the-web  quality-of-life  international-location-reports  this-week-229  studies  ranking 
september 2013 by areadevelopment
Sioux Falls' Rapid Business Growth Gains National Attention - NPR
Sioux Falls, S.D., gains thousands of new residents each year. Leaders point to business opportunities, diversity and quality of life as reasons for its growth. This kind of boom comes with conflict, and Sioux Falls faces challenges to continuing development.
sioux-falls  iowa  quality-of-life  around-the-web  this-week-225 
august 2013 by areadevelopment
Hot U.S. Cities That Offer Both Jobs and Culture Are Mostly Southern and Modest Sized - The Daily Beast
Call them aspirational cities, or magnets of opportunity, but the urban areas attracting today’s ambitious citizens are most likely Southern, culturally vibrant, modest sized, long on jobs, and short on traffic, write Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox.
jobs  quality-of-life  around-the-web  metros  demographics  south  this-week-224  ranking  matt  culture 
july 2013 by areadevelopment
The 10 Best Biking Cities In America - Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation
Biking map site BikeScore has released a new ranking of the country’s best cities for biking, accounting for factors like bike lanes, hilliness, route options, and number of commuters. How does your city rank?
portland  quality-of-life  around-the-web  metros  this-week-215  infrastructure  ranking 
may 2013 by areadevelopment
Livability Rankings in the U.S. and Worldwide - CEOs for Cities
A number of entities give cities in the U.S. and abroad scores for livability based on a variety of criteria. Use these resources to find out how livable your city is
site-selection-tools  around-the-web  quality-of-life  this-week-214  business-climate 
may 2013 by areadevelopment
The 10 Happiest States In The U.S. - Co.Exist
Live in Hawaii, Colorado, or Minnesota? Chances are, you’re happier than your brethren in Mississippi, Kentucky, and West Virginia. That’s according to the 2012 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.
minnesota  workforce-development  regional-reports  quality-of-life  colorado  Hawaii 
march 2013 by areadevelopment
Utah Poised to Be the Best U.S. State to Live In - Gallup
Utah easily leads the nation in terms of its performance across 13 forward-looking metrics that might determine which states will be the best places to live in the future. Minnesota, Colorado, Nebraska, and North Dakota round out the top five.
twitterfeed  around-the-web  This-Week-177  quality-of-life  ranking 
august 2012 by areadevelopment
America's Coolest Cities - Forbes
We attempted to quantify 'coolness' for the 65 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas and Metropolitan Divisions (areas that include cities and their surrounding suburbs as defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget) based on seven data points we weighted evenly.
twitterfeed  around-the-web  This-Week-177  creative-class  quality-of-life  ranking  metros 
july 2012 by areadevelopment
ParkScore Project - The Trust for Public Land
Using mapping technology and demographic data, we determined how well each of the 40 largest U.S. cities is meeting the need for parks.
twitterfeed  around-the-web  This-Week-172  quality-of-life  ranking  metros 
june 2012 by areadevelopment
Best Places to Live: Latest Survey Ranks Top States
When compared to the 2011 results, the 2012 rankings reveal a high degree of consistency in the top 10 states. Seven states from last year's top 10 repeated that feat this year. However, the analysis did yield a new champion: Virginia.
twitterfeed  around-the-web  This-week-161  STUDIES  quality-of-life  ranking 
march 2012 by areadevelopment
Hawaii Still No. 1 in Wellbeing, West Virginia Stuck in Last - Gallup
Hawaii residents had the highest wellbeing in the nation in 2011 with a Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index score of 70.2, maintaining that state's No. 1 status for a third consecutive year. North Dakota, Minnesota, Utah, and Alaska rounded out the top five states. West Virginia residents had the lowest wellbeing, with a score of 62.3, slightly improved from 61.7 in 2010.
twitterfeed  around-the-web  this-week-158  ranking  quality-of-life  STUDIES 
february 2012 by areadevelopment
For those planning to live beyond 2011, a real list of top medical cities - MedCity
For those who live and thrive by what happens in pharma, hospitals, medical device, health IT and all other things medical, here’s a good list of the top 10 medical cities that matter today (and in the future).
industry-clusters  medical  ranking  quality-of-life  this-week-150  around-the-web  twitterfeed  Week 
december 2011 by areadevelopment
Scarsdale, N.Y., ranks No. 1 for quality of life in the East - The Business Journals
Our 20-part formula analyzed 774 communities in 12 Eastern states and the District of Columbia, searching for places that have healthy economies, light traffic, moderate costs of living, impressive housing stocks and strong educational systems.
regional-reports  quality-of-life  demographics  this-week-149  around-the-web  twitterfeed 
december 2011 by areadevelopment
Nearly All Of The World's Best Cities Are In Australia Or Canada - Business Insider
The Economist Intelligence Unit has identified the most livable cities in the world. Three of them are in Canada.
twitterfeed  around-the-web  this-week-118  site-selection  canada  quality-of-life 
february 2011 by areadevelopment

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