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The Mystery of Pittsburgh: How Some Shrinking Cities Are Thriving in the New Economy - The Pew Charitable Trusts
Fewer people are living in Pittsburgh — 95,000 fewer than in 2000. But the remaining residents are growing wealthier even as the Steel City shrinks: Income per capita is up 24 percent during the same period.
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december 2018 by areadevelopment
The flourishing Midwest - Nice change - The Economist
The Midwest is not monolithic but rather a tale of at least two rustbelts, says John Austin of the Michigan Economic Centre, a think-tank. Bigger old industrial cities such as Minneapolis, which used to live off flour-milling, Pittsburgh, which made steel for the whole country, and Indianapolis, once home to dozens of carmakers, have turned a corner.
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august 2018 by areadevelopment
GE Additive Launches Manufacturing Partner Network -
GE Additive has announced the launch of its Manufacturing Partner Network (MPN), which aims to create an open, competitive marketplace that will accelerate both supply and demand for additive manufacturing (AM).
GE  additive-manufacturing  3D-printing  pittsburgh  innovation-centers  Around-the-web  this-week-431 
july 2018 by areadevelopment
From rust belt to robot belt: Turning AI into jobs in the US heartland - MIT Technology Review
The symbolism of robots moving into a former steelworks is lost on few people in the city. Pittsburgh is reinventing itself, using the advances in automation, robots, and artificial intelligence coming out of its schools—particularly Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)—to try to create a high-tech economy. Lawrenceville, five miles from Hazelwood, has become a center for US development of self-driving cars.
industry4.0  automation  AI  rust-belt  midwest  regional-reports  pittsburgh  uber  Around-the-web  this-week-429 
june 2018 by areadevelopment
4 U.S. tech hubs to watch in 2018 - VentureBeat
The cities that I’ve chosen as ones to watch aren’t necessarily those that are home to the most startup activity. Rather, entrepreneurs, investors, or government leaders in the city have proven nimble in identifying what resources tech entrepreneurs will need to grow in their city. Or they’ve dedicated themselves to becoming leaders in a niche technology sector that they think will revolutionize American life. And finally, many of these cities are also home to a promising number of tech startups.
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december 2017 by areadevelopment
Pittsburgh Gets a Tech Makeover - The New York Times
In a 2014 article in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Mayor Bill Peduto compared Carnegie Mellon, along with the University of Pittsburgh, to the iron ore factories that made this city an industrial power in the 19th century. The schools are the local resource “churning out that talent” from which the city is fueled.
pittsburgh  metros  urban-revitalization  education  skilled-labor  inward-migration  millennials  Around-the-web  this-week-392 
july 2017 by areadevelopment
Pittsburgh’s Transformation Is a Model for Clean Energy Innovation - HBR
nstead of suffering from the Paris accord, Pittsburgh and its corporate partners stand to profit as pioneers of a clean and green energy future. As Bill Peduto, mayor of Pittsburgh, said after the announcement, the city has already done what the Paris agreement calls for. What Pittsburgh is doing has implications, not just for policy, but also for business strategy and the future of public-private collaboration.
green-economy  pittsburgh  urban-planning  sustainable-development  Metros  government-policy  Around-the-web  this-week-389-top 
june 2017 by areadevelopment
Why I love the Detroit startup scene - VentureBeat
There’s a hidden diamond in the Midwest that contains an economy larger than California. Chicago to Detroit, down through Cleveland to Pittsburgh, bending through Columbus to Cincinnati, and coming full circle through Indianapolis back to Chicago.
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may 2017 by areadevelopment
Make the automation conundrum job No. 1 - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Perhaps a more attainable model is the Ronald Reagan/​Bill Clinton era — where selective economic victories proved possible, and healthy job growth occurred in sectors where domestic producers maintained technological or market advantages. The advent of truly useful networked and sophisticated (CAD/​CAM was a great example) computer systems allowed the aerospace, entertainment, biotechnology and software industries to expand quite readily in the late 1980s and 1990s, for example. The lesson: Forget world domination of basic manufacturing and instead play to your strengths. It worked, at least for a while.
pittsburgh  manufacturing-automation  Around-the-web  this-week-386  business-globalization 
may 2017 by areadevelopment
Facing deindustrialization, smaller regions turn to innovation, workforce development - SSTI
Larger metropolitan areas like Pittsburgh, PA, Roanoke, VA, and Greenville, SC, have received considerable acclaim for their ability to restructure their economies around new and innovative technologies. Less covered, however, are the smaller rural or rust belt regions that are seeking to leverage higher education, community partnerships, an increasingly skilled workforce, and innovative technologies to become more competitive in a 21st century economy.
innovation-hubs  rural-economic-development  Around-the-web  this-week-385-top  Metros  pittsburgh  roanoke-va  greenville-sc  missouri  rust-belt  iowa  north-carolina 
may 2017 by areadevelopment
Coal Comeback? This Mining Company Already Pivoted to Gas - WSJ
On the campaign trail Donald Trump promised “coal is coming back,” and the president-elect vowed to roll back environmental regulations he blames for hamstringing miners.
Around-the-web  Matt  coal  mining  energy  natural-gas  Pennsylvania  mid-atlantic  pittsburgh  environment  clean-energy 
december 2016 by areadevelopment
Beaver County 'upskills' to prepare for Shell plant — NewsWorks
While job opportunities in the 10-county Pittsburgh region are increasing, the workforce is struggling to keep pace — even before the Shell jobs became a possibility.
this-week-356  Around-the-web  Matt  workforce  workforce-development  workforce-training  jobs  Pennsylvania  mid-atlantic  energy  shell  economic-development  site-selection  pittsburgh 
june 2016 by areadevelopment
Shell Chemical Appalachia To Build Major Petrochemical Plant Complex Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Area Development
Shell Chemical Appalachia LLC will invest in building a major petrochemical complex, comprising an ethylene cracker with polyethylene derivatives unit, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  chemicals-industry  pittsburgh  Pennsylvania  mid-atlantic  shell 
june 2016 by areadevelopment
Southpointe transforming farm community of Cecil to corporate hub - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The revamping of Cecil from a farming community to a corporate hub has not only transformed the landscape, but also the lives of the original residents here who have been able to get top dollar for land they once had to work to eek out a living.
pittsburgh  regional-reports  industrial-park  corporate-headquarters  energy  shale-gas  industry-clusters  rural-economic-development  Around-the-web  this-week-353 
may 2016 by areadevelopment
GE Opens Additive Manufacturing Center Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Area Development
GE opened its Center for Additive Technology Advancement, located at Chapman Westport near Pittsburgh, in Findlay Township, Pennsylvania. CATA will serve as its flagship center for additive manufacturing, focused on developing and implementing industrial applications for all GE businesses.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  Pennsylvania  mid-atlantic  pittsburgh  GE  general-electric  additive-manufacturing  manufacturing 
april 2016 by areadevelopment
Robert Bosch To Open Its Technology Center In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Area Development
Robert Bosch LLC, a leading global supplier of technology and services, will open a 51,667-square-foot technology center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  Pennsylvania  mid-atlantic  pittsburgh  technology  technology-center  tech  high-tech 
december 2015 by areadevelopment
Kraft Heinz to close seven North American manufacturing facilities - Pittsburgh Business Times
The Kraft Heinz Co. is closing seven manufacturing facilities in North America, the company announced Wednesday.
The move will affect about 2,600 positions, according to the company. The facilities include those in Fullerton and San Leandro, Calif.; Federalsburg, Maryland; St. Mary's, Ontario; Campbell, New York, Lehigh Valley; and Madison, Wisc.
food-industry  food-processing  kraft-heinz  pittsburgh  Around-the-web  this-week-329 
november 2015 by areadevelopment
Alcoa Invests $60 Million To Expand Its R&D Technical Center near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Area Development
Lightweight metals leader Alcoa will invest $60 million to expand its R&D Technical Center center near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The investment will accelerate the development of advanced 3D-printing materials and processes.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  Pennsylvania  mid-atlantic  pittsburgh  3D-printing  metal-industry  metal  Aerospace  automotive-industry  advanced-industries 
september 2015 by areadevelopment
Jones Lang LaSalle Invests $5 Million To Expand Into Tower Two-Sixty In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Area Development
Jones Lang LaSalle, an integrated commercial real estate and investment management firm, will relocate and expand its operations by serving as the primary tenant at the newly constructed Tower Two-Sixty in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The move will create 115 new jobs over three years in Allegheny County.
economic-development  site-selection  Matt  jones-lang-lasalle  consulting  jobs  pittsburgh  Pennsylvania  mid-atlantic 
may 2015 by areadevelopment
How the Arts Drove Pittsburgh's Revitalization - The Atlantic
The role of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, founded by a wealthy band of visionaries 30 years ago, is central—but hard to replicate.
pittsburgh  this-week-286  around-the-web  metros  urban-planning  urban-revitalization 
december 2014 by areadevelopment
Pittsburgh's robot renaissance - CNN
Pittsburgh is experiencing major economic growth due to a booming robotics industry.
pittsburgh  industry-clusters  robotics-manufacturing  this-week-284  around-the-web 
november 2014 by areadevelopment
GE To Establish Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Area Development
GE will build a new manufacturing facility to drive innovation and implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies throughout the company, outside of Pittsburgh in Findlay Township, Pennsylvania.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  matt  pittsburgh  Pennsylvania  mid-atlantic  GE  manufacturing  advanced-manufacturing 
november 2014 by areadevelopment
Aesynt Expands Production Facility In Warrendale, Pennsylvania - Area Development
Aesynt, a leader in pharmacy automation, plans to expand its operations center and create 25 new jobs the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania metropolitan area. The firm will relocate manufacturing equipment to its 107,000-square-foot site in the Thorn Hill Industrial Park in Warrendale, Butler County.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  medical-industry  Pennsylvania  mid-atlantic  incentives-taxes-grants-loans  jobs  pittsburgh 
september 2014 by areadevelopment to Establish Sorting-Distribution Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Area Development will lease a 250,000-square-foot warehouse to establish a Distribution Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s West End, with plans to create 100 jobs. The site will serve as an Amazon "sort center," a facility where customer orders are sorted and consolidated for faster delivery.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  matt  pittsburgh  Pennsylvania  mid-atlantic  amazon  e-commmerce  warehouse-facility  distribution-centers  jobs 
september 2014 by areadevelopment
4moms Invests $4.7 Million To Expand Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Operations Facility - Area Development
4moms, a manufacturer of innovative robotic baby gear products, continues its expansion in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The firm recently announced that the company has outgrown its current site and will move to new office space. This move will allow the company to double its building space and employment. 4moms plans to invest more than $4.7 million at the new site and has committed to creating at least 120 new jobs and retaining 100 existing employees over the next three years.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  matt  Pennsylvania  pittsburgh  mid-atlantic  high-tech  jobs 
july 2014 by areadevelopment
Pittsburgh’s Path to Recovery - The Globalist
Pittsburgh is remaking itself by leveraging its regional strengths in education and health care and making strategic investments in innovation capacity.
metros  economic-development-news  rust-belt  pittsburgh  urban-planning  economic-recovery  this-week-266  around-the-web 
june 2014 by areadevelopment
Robotic Baby Gear Manufacturer 4moms Expands Operation Center And Staff In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Area Development
4moms, a manufacturer of innovative robotic baby gear products, will lease approximately 78,000 square feet of office space in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as part of a project that will allow the company to double its building space and employment. The company plans to invest more than $4.7 million at the new site and has committed to creating at least 120 new jobs and retaining 100 existing employees during the next three years.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  matt  pittsburgh  Pennsylvania  high-tech  jobs  technology  operations-center  incentives-taxes-grants-loans  mid-atlantic 
may 2014 by areadevelopment
Computer Sciences Corporation Invests $14 Million To Establish Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Delivery Center - Area Development Online
Computer Sciences Corporation, a global information technology services company, will establish its new delivery center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Strip District, a one-half square mile historical market on the Alleghany River, northeast of the main business district. The firm plans to create at least 500 new technology jobs over the next three years in Allegheny County.
economic-development  site-selection  matt  pittsburgh  Pennsylvania  jobs  information-technology 
december 2013 by areadevelopment
Finland-Based Steel Company Enters North American Market, Opening Headquarters In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, And Toronto, Canada - Area Development Online
A Finnish-based steel company, Ruuki, launched itself into the North American market with the opening of its U.S. headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Canadian headquarters in Toronto, Canada.
economic-development  site-selection  matt  headquarters  location-usa  fdi  north-america  pittsburgh  toronto  Pennsylvania  ontario  steel-industry 
november 2013 by areadevelopment
CSX Selects McKees Rocks and Stowe Township, Pennsylvania For $50 Million Intermodal Facility - Area Development Online
CSX Corporation, and its transportation and intermodal terminals subsidiaries, plan to design and build a new $50 million intermodal facility in McKees Rocks and Stowe Township, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh.
pittsburgh  csx  economic-development  intermodal  site-selection  Pennsylvania  matt 
october 2013 by areadevelopment
Pittsburgh’s Evolving CBD Attracts High-Tech Industry & Civic-Minded Sports Investors - JLL Spaces Blog
JLL experts deemed the Pittsburgh Skyline the “tightest in the country” in a 2013 report. Unemployment levels are down and population growth is on the rise. The city is saturated with business, entertainment, retail—and to accommodate the activity— a robust CRE scene.
pittsburgh  around-the-web  metros  this-week-225  corporate-real-estate-news 
august 2013 by areadevelopment
Inside International Immigration in Pittsburgh: A look at High-Skilled High-Paying Occupations - Fourth Economy Consulting
From a purely economic perspective, this program is also desirable—corporations get the talent they need without having to relocate, while workers move to America and enjoy meaningful salaries and gain valuable experience. However, from the local workforce development perspective, this program is one way of assessing the real gap between what Pittsburgh employers need and what Pittsburgh residents can provide.
workforce-development  pittsburgh  around-the-web  immigration  this-week-225  hb-1-visa  skilled-labor 
august 2013 by areadevelopment
Tucker Auto-Mation Invests $2 Million To Expand In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Region - Area Development Online
A firm that designs, manufactures and sells pedestrian automatic doors for the commercial business sector, Tucker Auto-Mation, will expand its operations in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area by acquiring 6- acres of land to construct a 10,000-square-foot site for its headquarters and manufacturing facility. The company will invest more than $2 million in the construction of its new facility and the purchase additional equipment, creating 25 new jobs.
manufacturing  jobs  pittsburgh  taxes-incentives  economic-development  site-selection  Pennsylvania  matt 
august 2013 by areadevelopment
Physicians Immediate Care To Locate Payment Services Center In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Region - Area Development Online
Physicians Immediate Care, an urgent care provider, will locate its payment services operations center in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, bringing 50 new jobs to the region. The firm will establish a 4,800 square-foot medical billing center in Allegheny County’s Green Tree Borough. The company will invest more than $375,000 in renovations, new equipment and employee training.
jobs  pittsburgh  taxes-incentives  economic-development  site-selection  medical-industry  Pennsylvania  matt 
july 2013 by areadevelopment
Thorley Industries Expands Its 4Moms Manufacturing Center In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Area Development Online
Thorley Industries, doing business as 4moms, a manufacturer of innovative robotics technology products for infants and juveniles, will invest $1 million to expand its operations and acquire additional space to support its growth in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Strip District. The project, which included the purchase of new equipment and employee training, will also see 75 employees added to its workforce.
manufacturing  jobs  pittsburgh  taxes-incentives  workforce  robotics  economic-development  site-selection  Pennsylvania  matt 
may 2013 by areadevelopment
How Chicago's urban vibe attracts talent, lowers costs - John Pletz Technology Blog - Crain's Chicago Business
Sure Chicago is a cheaper place to launch a tech business than Silicon Valley. But how about Pittsburgh? Yep. We've got cheaper talent and rents, and airfare.
regional-reports  pittsburgh  around-the-web  metros  midwest  high-tech  cost-of-doing-business  rust-belt  chicago  industry-clusters  this-week-205 
march 2013 by areadevelopment
3-D printing may break manufacturing mold - TribLIVE
And Western Pennsylvania appears to be on the leading edge of what some are calling the next industrial revolution.
regional-reports  pittsburgh  midwest  metros  3d-printing  additive-manufacturing 
march 2013 by areadevelopment
Pittsburghs Time of Transition -
In the course of reducing it reliance on industry and big corporations, Pittsburgh has become one of the more envied stories of urban revival in the Rust Belt.
pittsburgh  around-the-web  metros  this-week-203  Pennsylvania  matt 
february 2013 by areadevelopment
Pittsburgh One of Only Three U.S. Cities to Have Fully Recovered from the Recession - The Takeaway
The third stop on our road to recovery is in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has officially reached pre-2007 levels for both GDP per capita and employment, and its most recent unemployment levels come in just under the national average. Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl discusses his city's road to prosperity.
around-the-web  This-Week-194  economic-recovery  metros  pittsburgh 
december 2012 by areadevelopment
Pittsburgh entrepreneurs work to make Rust Belt states centers of high-tech innovation - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Over the course of three trying decades, the Rust Belt has scraped off years of oxidation and is in the process of polishing itself into a shining new landscape of technological advancement. But try telling that to the rest of the country.
This-Week-193  around-the-web  pittsburgh  rust-belt  high-tech  innovation-hubs 
december 2012 by areadevelopment
Forefront Excerpt: Ace in the Allegheny – Next American City
While Pittsburgh has been shrinking for the last 60 years, the number of Pittsburghers between the ages of 18 and 24 grew more than 17 percent between 2000 and 2010. Moreover, some 70 percent of the people who are actively moving to the Pittsburgh region are under 35 years old.
around-the-web  This-Week-191  economic-development-news  creative-industries  creative-class  metros  pittsburgh 
november 2012 by areadevelopment
How can Pittsburgh improve its ranking as a top city for startups? - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
After 30 years of growth, promotion and private and public sector investment, Pittsburgh can proudly claim that when it comes to startups we're number ... 26? The city's long-touted story of growth through high-tech innovation hasn't led to it cracking the nation's Top 10 in terms of venture capital investments, according to the National Venture Capital Association.
small-business  startup  around-the-web  This-Week-181  pittsburgh  metros 
september 2012 by areadevelopment
Pittsburgh Economic Boom And Marcellus Shale - Burgh Diaspora
Big Energy would like to take credit for the Pittsburgh boom. An inconvenient truth is that the City bans the drilling process hydraulic fracturing.
twitterfeed  around-the-web  This-Week-178  natural-gas  energy  metros  pittsburgh  regional-reports 
august 2012 by areadevelopment
Rebuilding Pittsburgh's Entrepreneurial Economy - Pop City
As recently as the 1980s, the notion of working for a large, stable company was more socially acceptable than risking failure by starting a company. That attitude has begun to change, and Pittsburgh’s entrepreneurial spirit is stirring anew. Hundreds of startups have emerged in recent years, producing everything from medical devices to data storage equipment to online shoe-fitting software.
startup  twitterfeed  around-the-web  This-Week-172  pittsburgh  regional-reports 
june 2012 by areadevelopment
Pittsburgh's new immigrants equal brain gain - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The saga of an immigrant's hopeful journey, hard work and readjustment to a new life in America is a Pittsburgh meme, within memory for many families and echoed by churches and fraternal halls. But in 21st-century Pittsburgh, his story is highly unusual -- especially compared with cities of similar size and demographic makeup.
twitterfeed  around-the-web  This-week-169  demographics  pittsburgh  economic-development-news  workforce-migration  immigration 
may 2012 by areadevelopment
Pittsburgh-based Innovation Works living up to its name - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Passing by an Oakland restaurant recently where a local tech CEO was engaged in an intense business lunch with an executive from a major out-of-state venture capital firm, Innovation Works CEO Rich Lunak said he saw the future of the city's tech sector.
economic-development-news  high-tech  business-incubators  pittsburgh 
may 2012 by areadevelopment
Opinion: Regional clusters can spark growth -
If you want to see how American communities can reinvent themselves to compete in today’s global economy, just walk through downtown Pittsburgh. Once abandoned steel plants now house a thriving cluster of innovative robotics companies.
industry-clusters  regional-reports  this-week-142  around-the-web  twitterfeed  economic-development-news  pittsburgh 
october 2011 by areadevelopment
Knowledge Economy Is Dead. What Is Next? - Burgh Diaspora
For Pittsburgh, the early 1980s dramatically marked the end of the Steel City. The decline can be easily traced back to the population peak of the 1950s. But the apex of industrial might was 1910, a century ago. It was all downhill from there.
economic-development-news  regional-reports  pittsburgh  knowledge-economy  this-week-141  around-the-web  twitterfeed 
october 2011 by areadevelopment
Economic Development From Geographic Mobility - Burgh Diaspora
Oh, to be Austin. Area Development magazine lists it as tops among “Leading Locations for 2011”. A key reason for the region’s success is the abundance of talent.
regional-reports  pittsburgh  workforce-development  labor  economic-recovery  economic-development-news  this-week-130  around-the-web  twitterfeed 
june 2011 by areadevelopment

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