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Facebook headquarters construction permits now exceed $1B - Construction Dive
In order to gain 20-year development rights and a waiver​ to height limitations at the site, Facebook agreed to pay the city several million dollars to fund city services and road and infrastructure improvements. As part of the package, the company will pay $430,000 in rent subsidies for “community-serving” professionals like teachers and law enforcement personnel, a $6.3 million affordable housing fee and a $300,000 annual payment to the city for 20 years, among other measures.
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Front Line: A Federal Attempt to Streamline the Permitting Process - Area Development
With the realization that major infrastructure projects are critical to economic development, the federal government is attempting to streamline the environmental permitting process.
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Frontline: Regulatory Reform Taking Center Stage - Area Development
Comments in response to the Office of Policy and Strategic Planning’s request-for-information about federal permitting and regulatory challenges will identify some of the specific obstacles businesses face when trying to achieve growth.
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The Permitting Process: Avoiding Pitfalls and Adopting Best Practices - Saint Consulting
Maneuvering around the potential pitfalls in the permitting process may be likened to playing a fierce round of dodge ball. It takes gamesmanship, mental toughness, negotiation skills, preparation, persistence, and help from a talented team of players.
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Seven Insights Gained from 30 Years of Land Use Permitting Battles - Saint Consulting
When someone asks why land use battles need a campaign strategy and tactics to win, seven points come to mind
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Cupertino Clears Apple’s ‘Spaceship’ Campus -
Apples proposed new headquarters, whose design resembles a flying saucer, received unanimous approval from the companys home-city council in Cupertino, Cailf., the last real hurdle before construction can begin. Ian Sherr has details on digits.
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