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From $22 an hour to $11: GM job cuts in Ohio show a hot economy is still leaving parts of America behind - MSN
GM has been the heartbeat of this blue-collar area, providing middle-class lives for tens of thousands of families since the 1960s, including Mezzapeso’s father, who put in 30 years at the factory and retired with a full pension and health benefits.
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In Need of Workers, the Midwest Recruits From Puerto Rico - WSJ
Companies recruit on the island, which is losing population, to find people to work in Ohio, Iowa and Nebraska.
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GM transition portends conflict ahead - The Detroit News
General Motors Co.’s plan to idle, and try to close, five North American plants this year is hurtling toward a titanic battle to determine the direction of the auto industry as this town knows it.
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Amazon could replace dead Rolling Acres shopping mall: report - Business Insider
Amazon is reportedly taking over the site of a once thriving mall in Akron, Ohio, that was abandoned after falling victim to the retail apocalypse.
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Foxconn May Scale Back $10 Billion U.S. Plant, Reuters Says - Bloomberg
Foxconn Technology Group is considering scaling back or even abandoning plans to make cutting-edge displays from a $10 billion plant it’s building in the U.S., Reuters reported.
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Time for Chicago to return to its industrial roots? - Crain's Chicago Business
Nill Daley pitches a plan to create 100,000 factory jobs here over the next decade, dangling $1 billion in incentives and a commitment to success. Does the mayoral hopeful's plan add up?
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Missouri bill targets border war with Kansas in KC metro - The Kansas City Star
It’s an economic border war that’s raged for years in the Kansas City metro. And to its critics, it’s long past time for a truce.
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Elwood, Illinois (Pop. 2,200), Has Become a Vital Hub of America’s Consumer Economy. And It’s Hell - The New Republic
The rural town south of Chicago is now a crucial stop for Amazon, Wal-Mart, IKEA, Home Depot, and other giant retailers. Developers had promised growth and good jobs. So why is everyone so miserable?
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No boo-hoo over HQ2: Lessons learned from failed Amazon chase could help Chicago later - Chicago Tribune
Chicago spent more than a year trying to land Amazon’s so-called HQ2, a once-in-a-generation headquarters prize that carried with it the promise of 50,000 high-paying jobs.
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State of the Heartland: Factbook 2018 - Brookings
The State of the Heartland: Factbook 2018 benchmarks the performance of the 19-state American “Heartland” on 26 socioeconomic measures and is intended to help Heartland leaders and citizens better comprehend the region’s current trajectory at a time of rapid economic and social change.
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Automotive Manufacturers Thriving in Central, Southern Indiana and Southeastern Illinois - Area Development
With its proximity to large industrial markets and an established workforce, the region served by the 18 electric distribution cooperatives of Hoosier Energy has been found to provide an economic climate ready to support automotive businesses.
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Grimy, Glorious, Gone. The Divergent Paths of 7 Train Stations - The New York Times
The middle of the country has a tortured romance with its train stations, often grandiose structures that shaped local history but stopped serving a purpose. The announcement this summer that Detroit’s crumbling train terminal — among the best-known symbols of that city’s decline — would be turned into futuristic offices brought new attention to the problem of what to do with aging depots.
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Why millennials are flocking to Rust Belt real estate - CNBC
As real estate prices in major U.S. cities continue to soar, some young buyers and renters have decided to take their business elsewhere. They're investing in homes in such states as Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, experts say, in search of more affordable living and new places to plant down roots.
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The flourishing Midwest - Nice change - The Economist
The Midwest is not monolithic but rather a tale of at least two rustbelts, says John Austin of the Michigan Economic Centre, a think-tank. Bigger old industrial cities such as Minneapolis, which used to live off flour-milling, Pittsburgh, which made steel for the whole country, and Indianapolis, once home to dozens of carmakers, have turned a corner.
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Northern Cities Need to Ramp It Up on Attraction - The Urbanophile
Many Midwest cities have been doing well. Even the ones with poor headline numbers like Cleveland are seeing areas of strength when you look at a finer grained level. Some of the declines Midwest locations are experiencing are a result of the overhang of previous decline. Change and restructuring is happening in many places.
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The Rust Belt needs capital to turn talent and innovation into jobs - Brookings
A unique economic and social development storyline unites the industrial heartland, extending across all or part of 12 states from Minnesota and Missouri in the West, through the Great Lakes and up the Ohio River Valley to Western New York, and to Pennsylvania and West Virginia in the East. The region has many economic challenges, but also boasts important economic strengths, perhaps none as important as the tremendous innovation and talent emerging from its companies and universities. 
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Michigan Central Station project in Corktown to cost Ford $740M - Detroit Free Press
Ford will spend nearly $740 million to renovate the Michigan Central Station and other sites the automaker purchased in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood, the company said Tuesday night.
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Emails reveal plans, intense 'war room' effort to lure Amazon's HQ2 - Indianapolis Business Journal
As Indianapolis economic development officials worked behind closed doors to develop a pitch to attract Amazon’s HQ2 to locate here, they used a “war room” at a downtown creative agency.
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The Bitter Battle to Turn an Old Factory Into a 21st Century 'Eco-Village' - WIRED
Today, all that remains of the Ford factory is an expansive tract of bare land in the middle of the middle-class Highland Park neighborhood, where a lone smokestack juts up from the old steam plant.
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From rust belt to robot belt: Turning AI into jobs in the US heartland - MIT Technology Review
The symbolism of robots moving into a former steelworks is lost on few people in the city. Pittsburgh is reinventing itself, using the advances in automation, robots, and artificial intelligence coming out of its schools—particularly Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)—to try to create a high-tech economy. Lawrenceville, five miles from Hazelwood, has become a center for US development of self-driving cars.
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2018 Gold & Silver Shovel Awards: Arizona, Indiana, South Carolina, and Tennessee Awarded Silver Shovels - States with 5 to 8 Million Population - Area Development
Area Development’s annual Gold and Silver Shovel Awards recognize states for their achievements in attracting high-value investment projects that will create a significant number of new jobs in their communities.
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2018 Gold & Silver Shovel Awards: Georgia, Michigan, Ohio and Virginia Awarded Silver Shovels - States with Populations 8 to 12 Million - Area Development
Area Development’s annual Gold and Silver Shovel Awards recognize states for their achievements in attracting high-value investment projects that will create a significant number of new jobs in their communities.
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2018 Gold & Silver Shovel Awards: California, Florida, Illinois and New York Awarded Silver Shovels - States with Populations over 12 Million - Area Development
Area Development’s annual Gold and Silver Shovel Awards recognize states for their achievements in attracting high-value investment projects that will create a significant number of new jobs in their communities.
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Silicon Valley tech's great Midwest migration - The Hustle
Investors are flocking to Middle American cities like Omaha and Des Moines. Startups are forgoing the paradisiacal pastures of California for a little Midwestern mojo. And the “Silicon Prairie” — cornfields and all — is having a moment in the unrelenting sun.
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A “Marshall Plan” to Develop and Attract Talent - Area Development
When businesses are considering where to set up shop or expand existing operations, one of the driving influences behind their decision is access to talent.
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Brain Gain: Professionals Find Niche in Rural Upper Midwest - Daily Yonder
Winchester looked at Census data to show that the so-called rural “brain drain” popularized in the 2009 book “Hollowing Out the Middle” is being countered by “brain gain.” Rural communities may be losing high school graduates, but they’re gaining residents with more skills and education, according to studies in Minnesota and Nebraska. In Minnesota, Winchester found that most rural Minnesota counties have gained 30- to 49-year-olds, early- to mid-career Minnesotans with significant resources and connections. 
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Minnesota Manufacturers Face Potential Labor Shortage - US News
An annual manufacturing survey by a Minnesota industry organization shows the sector may face labor shortages.
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First Person: The Indy Region Is Getting Its Story Out - Area Development
The Indy region offers great diversity when it comes to lifestyle and the pillars of the business community.
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When All Else Fails, Tax Incentives Probably Will, Too - The New York Times
In the face of persistent stagnation across a broad swath of the country, economists are reconsidering their longstanding objection to place-based policies, directed at improving the conditions of a local economy.
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The Midwest Is Booming—Just Not Where You Think -
The Midwest is booming, but not where you might think. Kansas City, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Columbus, Grand Rapids, and Des Moines are the fastest-growing cities in the Midwest—lapping bigger hubs like Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and even Chicago that are still suffering from stagnant economies and slow or even negative population growth.
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Looking ahead for the Twin Ports - Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
District Spotlight: Outreach visit to Duluth-Superior shows a region trying to find a complement—not a replacement—for its high-value legacy industries
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Renewing America’s economic promise through older industrial cities - Brookings
The middling performance of communities with historically strong manufacturing cores is a key feature of America’s uneven economic growth. These so-called older industrial cities, predominantly located in the Midwest and Northeast, have struggled over time to grow jobs in new sectors and to boost employment and income, particularly for their communities of color. They range from very large cities like Baltimore and Detroit, to smaller communities like Schenectady, New York, and Terre Haute, Indiana.
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The Future of America’s Economy Looks a Lot Like Elkhart, Indiana - WSJ
The self-proclaimed RV capital of the world gives a glimpse of what the American economy looks like when operating at full tilt.
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Foxconn in Choppy Waters Over Plan to Drain the Great Lakes - Route Fifty
Wisconsin courted the Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer hard, but there are questions whether the state's economic development deal violates the Great Lakes Compact among eight U.S. states and two Canadian provinces over water use.
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Foxconn: Paul Ryan calls eminent domain wrong, but won't help resident - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
When it comes to the general idea of using eminent domain to seize someone's private property in the name of economic development, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan hasn’t minced words.
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Iowa Sets Ambitious Workforce Education Goals - Area Development
In order to satisfy workforce needs, Iowa is fostering K–12 STEM education and aiming to increase postsecondary education and training via free community college and other measures.
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For many factory towns, white collar job loss hurts the most - AP
Many, including President Donald Trump, hold the belief that shuttered factories are what primarily ails Erie and other aging blue-collar company towns.

Yet since 2008, Erie has suffered a less-known and potentially more devastating exodus of well-paying white-collar jobs. Half its CEOs — 220 jobs — have disappeared. The city has shed 8 percent of its accountants, 10 percent of its computer workers, 40 percent of its engineers and 20 percent of its lawyers, according to government data analyzed by The Associated Press.
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Silicon Valley Is Over, Says Silicon Valley - The New York Times
By the end of the tour, the coastal elites had caught the heartland bug. Several used Zillow, the real estate app, to gawk at the availability of cheap homes in cities like Detroit and South Bend and fantasize about relocating there. They marveled at how even old-line manufacturing cities now offer a convincing simulacrum of coastal life, complete with artisanal soap stores and farm-to-table restaurants.
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The American midwest is quickly becoming a blue-collar version of Silicon Valley — Quartz
The economic engine of Silicon Valley seems to have driven right by the Midwest. America’s urban coastal cities have enjoyed an explosion in their technology sectors. New York’s Silicon Alley and Boston’s biotech corridor are world-class incubators of talent and startups. Austin (Texas), Seattle (Washington), Washington, D.C, and even Miami Beach claim a piece of the digital economy (and Silicon-something monikers).
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Can a defunct factory return to relevance? - Autoweek
The auto industry has a long history of finding new uses for old manufacturing sites. Auto plants have been changing owners and uses since Henry Ford rented a wagon factory on Detroit's Mack Avenue in 1903 to start assembling his Model A.
this-week-414  Around-the-web  Matt  detroit  Michigan  midwest  automotive-industry  site-selection  economic-development  industrial-real-estate  manufacturing  sfp-insider-5-24-2018 
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Why Des Moines and Iowa business leaders support NAFTA - Des Moines Register
Iowa exports more to our two NAFTA partners – Canada and Mexico – than to the next 23 countries combined. Iowa stands to lose a great deal if the North American Free Trade Agreement is dismantled, rather than updated and improved.
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Forget the Midwest. Minnesota Casts Itself as the North - WSJ
It won’t help the Vikings but to solve its population problem, the state is branding itself as ‘the North’; ‘Sick of being this afterthought in this afterthought called the Midwest’ .
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What could Amazon HQ2 bring to Indy? We asked experts to do the math -
Amazon’s plan to build a second U.S. headquarters, investing $5 billion and hiring 50,000 workers who average $100,000 a pop, is almost too immense to fathom.
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Table Stakes: Business Attraction in the Midwest Post-Foxconn - Area Development
In order for other Midwest states to be ready when opportunity comes knocking, they need to understand the lessons to be learned from the Foxconn deal.
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Wisconsin unveils million-dollar ad campaign designed to lure millennials from Chicago -
Wisconsin officials have launched a planned multi-million dollar advertising campaign to lure millennials from Chicago, but the marketing blitz is making some grumble.
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Tale of two Rust Belts: Higher education is driving Rust Belt revival but risks abound - Brookings
In the last entry of this series, I explored how some communities in the Great Lakes-Rust Belt region have managed to leverage particular assets or adopt innovative economic development strategies–efforts that are succeeding in rebooting local economies for a new era. These places are successfully shaking off their “rust.”
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january 2018 by areadevelopment
What's behind Chicago's downtown jobs boom? - Crain's Chicago Business
If you want to know what's behind the Chicago jobs boom I wrote about —driven by downtown, total city employment now is at the highest level in decades—new demographic data from the U.S. Census Bureau provides some awfully good hints.
this-week-309  Around-the-web  Matt  chicago  midwest  jobs 
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Reversing the Illinois exodus - Chicago Tribune
Monday brings a new year but not a clean slate for Illinois. The problems that bedevil this state persist and worsen.
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Hoosier Energy Helping Innovators of Egg Production - Area Development
With the help of the Jackson County REMC and Hoosier Energy, energy usage is on the cutting edge at Rose Acres Farms’ Indiana facilities.
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Knowledge-Industry Firm Grows in a Small, Iowa Manufacturing City - Area Development
A former mill town on the Mississippi River is home to an insurer that continues to expand and is working on attracting data-driven industry with its pool of college-educated workers.
area-development-features  Matt  iowa  midwest  economic-development  site-selection  manufacturing  data  workforce  skilled-labor 
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From Bezos to Walton, Big Investors Back Fund for ‘Flyover’ Start-Ups - The New York Times
The idea — far grander than the money itself, which is only $150 million to start, pocket money for most of the investors — was to assemble a dream team and create a network effect for entrepreneurs in the middle of the country to align with the biggest names in business.
capital-access  small-business  midwest  regional-reports  startup  venturecapital  Around-the-web  this-week-406 
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As Silicon Valley Gets ‘Crazy,’ Midwest Beckons Tech Investors - The New York Times
But some investors, led by people like Mr. Kvamme and his firm, Drive Capital, see plenty of potential in the center of the country. Focusing on the Midwest is no longer considered a nutty idea, as it was by skeptical West Coast venture capitalists when Mr. Kvamme and Chris Olsen, another Silicon Valley transplant from Sequoia Capital and co-founder of Drive Capital, made the move in 2013.

Every major Midwestern city now has clusters of start-up accelerators and incubators, typically housed in renovated red-brick industrial buildings.
Around-the-web  this-week-405  silicon-valley  high-tech  innovation-hubs  midwest  venturecapital  technology-based-economic-development  capital-access  regional-reports  tech-forum 
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What Foxconn Means for Wisconsin - Shepherd Express
When Foxconn Technology Group first announced its plan to build a $10 billion electronics factory in Wisconsin, it seemed like a big win—for President Donald Trump, who called the decision “incredible” and promptly took credit for it and for Gov. Scott Walker, who needs a splashy achievement to tout as he seeks reelection.
this-week-401  Around-the-web  Matt  foxconn  manufacturing  wisconsin  midwest  jobs  economic-development  site-selection  electronics-industry 
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The Fragile State of the Midwest’s Public Universities - The Atlantic
University research is in trouble, and so is an economy more dependent on it than many people understand. Federal funding for basic research—more than half of it conducted on university campuses like this one—has effectively declined since 2008, failing to keep pace with inflation. This is before taking into account Trump administration proposals to slash the National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) budgets by billions of dollars more.
Around-the-web  this-week-400  midwest  university-economic-development  research&development  research-commercialization  education 
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Sky's the limit for clean-energy jobs in Minnesota, across U.S. -
As wind and solar energy have grown, they've created a tide of jobs nationwide in fields from construction to manufacturing. Renewable energy jobs, most of which are in wind and solar, grew by 16 percent to around 6,200 in Minnesota from 2015 to 2016, according to a recent study by Clean Energy Economy Minnesota, an industry-led nonprofit. 
minnesota  midwest  regional-reports  industry-reports  industry-clusters  green-economy  energy  solar-power  wind-energy  industry-organizations 
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Will Amazon take a chance on contributing to a common good in Detroit? - Detroit Free Press
Detroit's Amazon HQ2 bid might be a sleeper, as outside experts contend. Or, maybe, it could spark a broader vision in an ongoing dream to revitalize Detroit.
this-week-400  Around-the-web  Matt  detroit  Michigan  midwest  site-selection  economic-development  headquarters  amazon  ecommerce  retail  tech  jobs  taxes-incentives 
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Wisconsin's schools seek to shorten the workforce pipeline -
Gov. Scott Walker and business leaders are urging high school students to consider two-year degree options rather than a traditional four-year degree as they hasten more workers into the job market and try to fill positions that require more technical training and skills than jobs of the past.
this-week-397  Around-the-web  Matt  wisconsin  midwest  workforce  workforce-development  apprenticeships  manufacturing  education 
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Shinola looks to bring manufacturing back to the U.S., and stakes a claim in Chicago - Chicago Tribune
Shinola also has strong Chicago ties. A local tannery supplies the leather Shinola uses in its watch straps. Three Shinola stores have opened or are opening in the Chicago area by this fall. The company wants to set up a manufacturing plant on the city's South Side, though Shinola President Jacques Panis has declined to say what it may make and when it may open.
shinola  detroit  chicago  regional-reports  midwest  small-manufacturing  u.s.-manufacturing  Around-the-web  this-week-397 
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New Advanced Manufacturing Training Center in the City of Lebanon, Indiana, Helping to Address Workforce Needs - Area Development
The new Gene Haas Training Center in the city of Lebanon, Ind., which is served by IMPA, is providing CNC and robotics training to employees of area companies, as well as to the general public.
area-development-features  Matt  manufacturing  advanced-manufacturing  indiana  midwest  workforce  workforce-development  workforce-training  skilled-labor  robotics  robotics-manufacturing 
august 2017 by areadevelopment
Mitsubishi’s Success Continues at Dual Purpose Indiana Plant - Area Development
Johnson County REMC and Hoosier Energy have been important contributors to the success of the Franklin Mitsubishi facility for more than a decade.
area-development-features  Matt  india  midwest  automotive-industry  manufacturing 
august 2017 by areadevelopment
The hype and hope of Wisconn Valley - BizTimes
It was almost as if Gov. Scott Walker couldn’t believe it himself. Speaking at the White House announcement of Foxconn Technology Group’s planned investment in Wisconsin, he described it as a $10 million project. House Speaker Paul Ryan quickly leaned in and corrected the governor.
this-week-396  Around-the-web  Matt  wisconsin  midwest  foxconn  economic-development  site-selection  manufacturing  workforce  jobs 
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Location Notebook: Louisville-Southern Indiana Offer Bi-State Regional Advantages - Area Development
Although these two locales compete for business to a certain extent, each benefits from the advantages provided by its neighbor, as do the businesses located there.
indiana  midwest  louisville  economic-development  site-selection  manufacturing  Location-notebook  area-development-features 
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Foxconn: Breaking Down a $3 Billion Incentives Package - Area Development
As the “Wisconn Valley” special legislative session examines the structure, performance based metrics and magnitude of an incentives package tied to what would be the largest greenfield investment by a foreign company in U.S. history, it is paramount to understand the road to a $3 billion incentives package.
area-development-features  Matt  economic-development  site-selection  wisconsin  midwest  taxes-incentives  electronics-industry  location-USA  FDI  foxconn 
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Michigan’s New Motor City: Ann Arbor as a Driverless-Car Hub -
As the world looks ahead to a future of interconnected, self-driving cars, this college town 40 miles west of Detroit has emerged as a one-of-a-kind, living laboratory for the technologies that will pave the way.
Around-the-web  Matt  Michigan  midwest  automation  automotive-industry  tech  technology  high-tech  ann-arbor  this-week-394 
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Why I outsourced to Michigan instead of India - VentureBeat
For one CTO, offshoring software development seemed like a good idea. Six years ago, the CTO joined a fintech company that had a history of sending coding projects to India,
this-week-391  Around-the-web  Matt  CTO  fintech  india  Michigan  midwest  offshoring  jobs  tech  technology  high-tech 
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2017 Gold & Silver Shovel Awards: Alabama, Iowa, South Carolina and Utah Awarded Silver Shovels - States with 3 to 5 Million Population - Area Development
Area Development’s annual Gold and Silver Shovel Awards recognize states for their achievements in attracting high-value investment projects that will create a significant number of new jobs in their communities.
area-development-features  shovel-awards  Matt  alabama  south  iowa  midwest  south-carolina  utah  mountain-states  jobs  manufacturing  economic-development  site-selection 
june 2017 by areadevelopment
Gentex hires robots as production moves stateside - Automotive News
Michigan mirror-maker Gentex Inc. offers a glimpse of what the future might look like in the Trump era. The supplier has figured out a way to move production from overseas to the American Midwest — and things are working out just fine.
Michigan  backshoring  automotive-industry  parts-suppliers  regional-reports  midwest 
may 2017 by areadevelopment
The New American Heartland: Renewing the Middle Class by Revitalizing the Heartland -
The greatest test America faces is whether it can foster the kind of growth that benefits and expands the middle class. To do so, the United States will need to meet three challenges: recover from the Great Recession, rebalance the American and international economies, and gain access to the global middle class for the future of American goods and services.
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may 2017 by areadevelopment
Illinois bill would “claw back” subsidies from companies who leave – People's World
While Donald Trump bribes companies to stay in the U.S. with no assurance they will, Democrats in the Illinois state legislature have introduced a bill to rescind forever state subsidies to firms that promise to create jobs, grab tax dollars, and then leave.
this-week-384  Around-the-web  Matt  taxes-incentives  illinois  midwest  economic-development  site-selection  claw-backs 
april 2017 by areadevelopment
Trump is making manufacturing great again - Baltimore Sun
This past election, then-candidate Donald Trump came to Dundalk, a community that resembles so many towns and neighborhoods in Rust Belt states that have seen their manufacturing jobs base erode.
this-week-384  Around-the-web  Matt  manufacturing  jobs  economic-development  site-selection  rust-belt  midwest  plains-states  trump 
april 2017 by areadevelopment
Inside the Imagine Project - Chicago Inno
Every city wants to be a “Smart City,” an urban environment that uses software and the Internet of Things to manage its assets, improving the efficiency of its services and the lives of its inhabitants through technology.
this-week-382  Matt  Around-the-web  chicago  midwest  illinois  smart-cities  urban-planning  urban-revitalization 
april 2017 by areadevelopment
The shattering of an all-American town - CBS News
Lancaster, Ohio, may not be a household name, but chances are every American has touched a glass or baking pan made by its Anchor-Hocking glassware factory.
this-week-382  Around-the-web  Matt  ohio  midwest  manufacturing  jobs 
april 2017 by areadevelopment
An Indiana Town’s Big Bet on International Business Pays Off - WSJ
Columbus’s big bet on international business is part of what makes this city about an hour south of Indianapolis an outlier in the region, which is still recovering from manufacturing job losses and the 2008 recession.
this-week-382  Around-the-web  Matt  indiana  midwest  economic-development  site-selection  location-USA  columbus-indiana  jobs  manufacturing 
april 2017 by areadevelopment
Development Doesn’t Occur Easily in Older Cities - Business Journal Daily
But what benefits rural communities such as Lordstown limits the kinds of business that cities and urban areas can attract. Older city streets are narrow. They have not updated or replaced their water lines and sewers since they were installed during the New Deal, if not Woodrow Wilson’s presidency. Neighborhoods often border industrial sites.
this-week-382  Around-the-web  Matt  ohio  midwest  industrial-real-estate  site-selection  economic-development 
april 2017 by areadevelopment
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