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Rising Labor Costs And The Decline of Domestic Manufacturing - Inside INdiana Business
Are company executives taking into account all factors? Labor and transportation will make an overseas location look like a cost-effective solution for a manufacturer.  However, the increased direct costs including customs, duties, fees, insurance, intermodal handling, licenses and transportation, decreased productivity, and more play a major factor in costs. 
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Polluted Industrial Sites Not a Problem for Developers in New Jersey - WSJ
Lenders are more comfortable financing development of difficult sites; proximity to dense population centers is key
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There Are 67 New Reasons for the U.S. to Build Better Public Transit - Next City
At its simplest, job proximity impacts the likelihood of employment and is important for quality of life. It also has equity implications.
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Why Independence LED Moved Manufacturing Back to the US - Ten Reasons to Reshore - IndustryWeek
Why moving manufacturing (production) back to the United States -- to Southeastern Pennsylvania, is the best decision my company has ever made. -- Independence LED Chairman & CEO Charlie Szoradi.
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Why Siemens is expanding U.S. manufacturing - The Great Debate (Reuters)
There’s an important reason we chose North Carolina, along with more than 100 other manufacturing sites in this country. By manufacturing in the U.S., we get proximity to our largest market; highly skilled workers and crucial software engineers in the Research Triangle, educated at some of the world’s best universities; ready access to ports for export, and cutting-edge innovation that we can link directly to our manufacturing sites. All in a business-friendly atmosphere.
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