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NASA is using HoloLens AR headsets to build its new spacecraft faster - MIT Technology Review
Traditionally, aerospace organizations have replied upon thousand-page paper manuals to relay instructions to their workers. In recent years, firms like Boeing and Airbus have started experimenting with augmented reality, but it’s rarely progressed beyond the testing phase. At Lockheed, at least, that’s changing. The firm’s employees are now using AR to do their jobs every single day.
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Lockheed joins Boeing and General Dynamics in betting on ocean drones - LA Times
Lockheed Martin’s interest in a San Diego start-up shows how big aerospace companies are pushing the drone revolution out to sea.
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Lockheed Martin Opens Bioenergy Plant In Owego, New York - Area Development
Lockheed Martin opened a new bioenergy facility in Owego, New York. The system, which is now completing commissioning, uses Concord Blue's advanced technology that will convert waste into clean, renewable energy.
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State Officials Offer Lockheed Martin Incentives To Expand In Stratford, Connecticut - Area Development
Lockheed Martin, a global leader in security and aerospace, reached an agreement, subject to legislative and union approval, to retain and grow approximately 8,000 jobs at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford, Connecticut.
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Lockheed Martin Expands Its Spacecraft Manufacturing Center In Titusville, Florida - Area Development
Lockheed Martin selected its Astrotech Space Operations site as its hub to create new capabilities and advance its role in spacecraft manufacturing, at the same time adding up to 300 jobs along the Space Coast in Titusville, Florida.
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These Old-School Companies Are Going Big With Solar and Wind - National Geographic
Businesses made deals to acquire 3.4 gigawatts of renewable energy in 2015, equivalent to half of North Dakota’s entire power capacity. Of that amount, two-thirds came from first-time buyers, according to figures from the nonprofit Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), which facilitates such deals through its Business Renewables Center. 

Those newbies include the 77-year-old building materials manufacturer Owens Corning, veteran U.S. government contractor Lockheed Martin, and Dow Chemical, founded in 1897.
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march 2016 by areadevelopment
Lockheed Martin To Expand Workforce at Brevard County, Florida, Facility - Area Development
Lockheed Martin will expand its workforce, creating 130 new jobs by 2017 in Brevard County, Florida. The jobs will support the US Navy’s Trident II D5 Fleet Ballistic Missile program in Cape Canaveral.
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Lockheed Martin Expands Its Troy, Alabama, Manufacturing Facility - Area Development
Lockheed Martin plans to expand its production center and add an additional 240 employees at the company’s Pike County Operations Facility in Troy, Alabama.
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february 2015 by areadevelopment
Could Boeing Buy Defense Aerospace Company Northrop? - Puget Sound Business Journal
A prominent aerospace analyst has suggested Air Force contracts awarded this spring could lead to consolidation within the aerospace defense industry. That could be a good opportunity for Boeing.
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Lockheed Martin doubles size of its Orlando Innovation Demonstration Center - Orlando Business Journal
Lockheed Martin's newly remodeled Innovation Demonstration Center at its east Orlando facility is now double in size, giving clients better access to see what the defense and support company offers in immersive simulation training and logistic capabilities.
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february 2015 by areadevelopment
Lockheed Martin donates $2 million to expand STEM curriculum in Orange schools - Orlando Sentinel
Classwork that exposes students to science, engineering, technology and mathematics will be expanded to all of Orange County's 184 traditional public schools within three years under a $2 million grant from Lockheed Martin.
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february 2015 by areadevelopment
Lockheed Martin Opens Commercial Space headquarters in Denver, Colorado - Area Development
Lockheed Martin opened the company's Commercial Space headquarters in Denver, Colorado, which could result in the company creating up to 500 jobs in the region over the next eight years.
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november 2014 by areadevelopment
Lockheed Martin Plans Optical Payload Center of Excellence In Palo Alto, California - Area Development
A new technology and development center, Lockheed Martin’s Optical Payload Center of Excellence, located in the heart of Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto, California, will help the global aerospace and security company advance optical systems that power innovations used in satellites, lasers, telescopes and targeting systems.
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California Hastens Tax Breaks to Lure Aerospace Industry - Businessweek
California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law earlier this month granting a $420 million tax break for aerospace companies to help Boeing Co. and Lockheed Martin Corp. bid for a lucrative U.S. bomber contract.
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july 2014 by areadevelopment
Tax-Credit Bills Signal California is Putting Priority on High-Tech Manufacturing - Sacramento Business Journal
The governor’s recent signing of a massive tax credit for Lockheed Martin and a smaller carrot for Tesla Motors speaks to an emerging pattern by lawmakers and the Brown administration: Handing tax breaks to industries that promote high-end manufacturing jobs.
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First Person: Aerospace Industry Focuses on Technological Growth and Job Retention
Jeff Troan, of Lockheed Martin, talks to staff writer Clare Goldsberry about economic development issues facing the aerospace industry including priorities when making location decisions and the value of incentives.
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Lockheed Looks to 3D Printing, Avatar to Lower Costs - Fox Business
Lockheed Martin Corp, the Pentagon's biggest supplier, is ramping up its use of 3D printing and virtual reality simulators to drive down the huge costs of producing national security satellites and safeguard profits in the face of reductions in U.S. defense spending.
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Lockheed Martin Plans $80 Million Expansion At Its Orlando, Florida, Mission Systems and Training Center - Area Development
Lockheed Martin plans an $80 million expansion at its Mission Systems and Training facility in Orlando, Florida. The company, which plans to create 200 jobs, currently employs nearly 7,000 in Orlando. It is expanding the location due to a corporation-wide consolidation.
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Lockheed Martin Relocates Joint Light Tactical Vechicle Production To Its Camden, Arkansas Campus - Area Development Online
A global security and aerospace company, Lockheed Martin will move production of its Joint Light Tactical Vehicle to an assembly line at the company's award-winning Camden, Arkansas, manufacturing complex, where the company expects to gain significant production efficiencies and cost reductions.
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october 2013 by areadevelopment
Lockheed Martin Opens Cyber Center Of Excellence In Ft Meade, Maryland - Area Development Online
Lockheed Martin opened its new 56,000-square-foot Cyber Center of Excellence in the Ft. Meade, Maryland area, which the firm said “has a seating capacity for 250 professionals.”
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april 2013 by areadevelopment
Lockhead Martins Liquefied Natural Gas Project To Revitalize at NASAs Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans - Area Development Online
Lockheed Martin will make a $3 million capital investment at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility to manufacture cryogenic tanks for liquefied natural gas in New Orleans, Louisiana.
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