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Useful Stats: Educational Attainment by Metropolitan Area (2007-2017) - SSTI
n Asheville, North Carolina, the share of population with a BA+ increased from 27.2 percent to 34.1 percent, the largest percentage point change of any region. Over that same period, Pittsburgh (growing 6.3 percentage points to 33.5 percent), Denver (growing 6.1 percentage points to 42.1 percent), Grand Rapids (growing 6.1 percentage points to 31.8 percent), and San Jose (growing 6 percentage points to 49.2 percent) also experienced large increases in educational attainment.
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Most Dynamic Micropolitans - Walton Family Foundation
The Most Dynamic Micropolitan Index, which ranks the 531 micropolitan areas across the U.S., analyzes the economic performance and indicators that impact the social and economic fabric of America.
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Where Millennials and Seniors Have Moved Since the Recession - Route Fifty
As for where young adults are migrating, Houston; Denver; Dallas; Seattle; Austin, Texas; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Portland, Oregon all saw net migration gains exceeding 7,000 people.
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Milken Institute Releases Index of Best-Performing Cities
Top-20 includes Provo, Raleigh, Dallas, San Francisco, Nashville, Atlanta; Six cities in Florida and four in California rank in top-tier; Milken Institute analysis demonstrates impact of policy making on jobs, wages, technology development, and other measures.
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The most innovative metro areas in the US - Verizon Resource Center
So how does one determine what exactly qualifies as “innovative”? New patents are a good place to start, as patented technology is typically a fair indicator of new and exciting advancements in many different fields. The metro areas that have produced the most patents in correlation to their population were identified and sorted, referencing data provided by the US Census Bureau from the year 2015 (the most recent information available).
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2018 Leading Metro Locations: Pacific and Mountain Metros Dominate the List - Area Development
The 2018 Leading Metro Locations reflect the nation’s overall economic growth as the country enjoys the second-longest economic expansion on record, with many small and mid-size metros exhibiting economic strength.
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Brain Gain: Professionals Find Niche in Rural Upper Midwest - Daily Yonder
Winchester looked at Census data to show that the so-called rural “brain drain” popularized in the 2009 book “Hollowing Out the Middle” is being countered by “brain gain.” Rural communities may be losing high school graduates, but they’re gaining residents with more skills and education, according to studies in Minnesota and Nebraska. In Minnesota, Winchester found that most rural Minnesota counties have gained 30- to 49-year-olds, early- to mid-career Minnesotans with significant resources and connections. 
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California Must Be Doing Something Right in Trump’s America - Bloomberg
Just about every policy Donald Trump imposes to make his America great is opposed by the world's fifth-largest economy. That would be California, which is growing faster and outperforming the U.S. in job growth, manufacturing, personal income, corporate profits and the total return of its bonds.
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Growth In America Is Tilting To Smaller Cities -
We are often told that America’s future lies in our big cities. That may no longer be entirely true. Some of the strongest job creation and population growth is now occurring in cities of 1 million people or less.
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St. George, Utah, Is Booming, and Guzzling Water - CityLab
As St. George, Utah grows, it will have to cut down on its high water consumption or pay handsomely for it—or both.
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Where Graduates Move After College - WSJ
Which cities have the most drawing power among college grads? Small metros lose out to big ones in gaining graduates, but some buck the trend. Our database of 445 schools shows where the alumni of each one wind up.
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The Midwest Is Booming—Just Not Where You Think -
The Midwest is booming, but not where you might think. Kansas City, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Columbus, Grand Rapids, and Des Moines are the fastest-growing cities in the Midwest—lapping bigger hubs like Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and even Chicago that are still suffering from stagnant economies and slow or even negative population growth.
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2018’s Best Large Cities to Start a Business - WalletHub
In order to help aspiring entrepreneurs — from restaurant owners to high-tech movers and shakers — maximize their chances for long-term prosperity, WalletHub compared the relative startup opportunities that exist in more than 180 U.S. cities. We did so using 19 key metrics, ranging from five-year business-survival rate to office-space affordability. Check out our findings, additional expert commentary and a detailed methodology below.
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Exploring the Labor Market in Amazon HQ2 Finalist Cities - Chmura
While there are twenty finalist “cities” selected by Amazon, here we are looking at the larger metro regions associated with each finalist, and only those in the United States. Because Toronto is not in the United States and five other finalists are within two metro areas (Newark and New York City in the NYC Metro area; Washington DC, Montgomery County, MD, and Northern Virginia in the Washington DC Metro area), we are left with sixteen distinct metro areas for our analysis: 
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Millennial growth and “footprints” are greatest in the South and West - Brookings
Drawing from my report, “The millennial generation: A demographic bridge to America’s diverse future,” the maps below depict the range of millennial growth and presence across the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas over the first half of this decade.
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Milken Institute Releases Index of Best-Performing - Milken Institute
Top-20 includes Provo, Raleigh, Dallas, San Francisco, Nashville, Atlanta; Six cities in Florida and four in California rank in top-tier; Milken Institute analysis demonstrates impact of policymaking
on jobs, wages, technology development, and other measures
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The Select Few Metros Where Wages Are Really Growing - Area Development
A recent analysis from Emsi suggests that the labor market might not be as tight as the data shows — or at least not tight enough for businesses in aggregate to significantly drive up wages.
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Leading Locations for 2017: West Coast "Tech" Cities Top List, Smaller MSA's Show Workforce Chops - Area Development
It’s not surprising to see larger MSAs at the top of the list due to their economic diversity and advantages of scale. But, mid-size and small cities built upon clusters that are in high demand, and where a prime workforce exists, can also be economic powerhouses.
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Where Manufacturing Is Thriving In The U.S. -
Nine of this year’s top 10 regions for manufacturing job growth are in red states, led by top-ranked Louisville-Jefferson County, which straddles the border between Kentucky and Indiana. Since 2011, manufacturing employment in the metropolitan area has expanded 30.2% to a total of 83,300 jobs, led by a resurgent auto industry that accounts for 27,000 jobs in the area. Due to a slowdown in auto sales, the job count may be peaking, but the hub of the Bluegrass State has had a pretty good ride. 
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The Communities Winning the War for Skilled Talent - Emsi
The top two large counties (pop. 100K and above) in this year’s scorecard are new. Maricopa County (Phoenix) supplanted Travis County (Austin) as No. 1 after ranking sixth last year. And Clark County (Las Vegas) rose to No. 2 from No. 8, thanks to attracting the most net new migrants from 2014-2015—over 9,000, a few hundred more than Maricopa County.
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Move Over, San Francisco: Dallas Tops Our List Of The Best Cities For Jobs 2017 -
Dallas is called the Big D for a reason. Bigger, better, best: that’s the Dallas mindset. From the gigantic Cowboys stadium in Arlington to the burgeoning northern suburbs to the posh arts district downtown, Dallasites are reinventing their metropolis almost daily. The proposed urban park along the Trinity River, my Dallas friends remind me, will be 11 times bigger than New York’s Central Park.

Here’s something else for them to boast about: the Dallas-Plano-Irving metropolitan area ranks first this year on our list of the Best Cities For Jobs.
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If We're At Full Employment, Why Aren't Wages Growing Faster? - Emsi - LinkedIn
Emsi analyzed inflation-adjusted earnings data for every metropolitan and micropolitan statistical area from 2012-2016. We found that the average growth real wages year-over-year has been very modest in most MSAs, especially large metros.
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A Change of Scenery for Startups - Bloomberg
Sometimes significant news doesn’t make much of a splash, and that was the case for a major transaction last week. PetSmart Inc. announced the acquisition of LLC for $3.35 billion, the largest e-commerce deal ever. Also notable is that, which sells pet products online, is based near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, rather than San Francisco or Seattle or New York.
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The Cities Creating the Most Tech Jobs in 2017 -
A growing tech industry is often considered the ultimate sign of a healthy local economy. By that measure, the Bay Area still stands at the top of the heap in the United States, but our survey of the metropolitan areas with the strongest tech job growth turns up some surprising places not usually thought of as tech meccas.
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Innovation Cities Americas Index 2016-2017: USA, Canada, South America - 2thinknow
City innovation classifications and rankings 2016-2017 for USA, Canada and South America. World’s largest city classification and global ranking with 171 Americas cities (118 USA, 14 Canada, 39 Latin America)  from 500 benchmark cities classified, and with all cities ranked in 2016-2017. Based on 2thinknow analysis of cities on 162 city indicators from 2thinknow City Benchmarking Data program. Established 2007.
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Tech is divergent - TechCrunch
The hope of tech-industry optimists for what former AOL chief and Revolution LLC founder Steve Case calls “the rise of the rest” — the spread of tech into the heartland — has gotten more urgent. Far from the Bay Area lie exciting hot spots in regular America. Cities like Dallas, Phoenix and Indianapolis are coming into their own, with Dallas adding 15,000 tech jobs in the last two years, Phoenix nearly 8,000, and Indy nearly 5,000, as each city grew its tech employment by more than 9, 11.5 and 13.9 percent a year, respectively.
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The Most Attractive Cities to Move to for Work - HBR
For firms, it’s become imperative to look beyond geographic borders to attract and retain top talent. This is partly due to the fact that 77% of CEOs report being concerned about the availability of key skills, according to PwC. Seventy-seven percent also agree or strongly agree that they move talent to where they need it. Marshall Goldsmith, who has coached CEOs at dozens of global Fortune 500 companies, told me that the talent game is becoming geographically borderless. “What companies want is a leadership base that at least somewhat parallels their customer base. So you don’t have a group of leaders that doesn’t have anything in common with their customers.”
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Why Americans Aren't Moving - CityLab
The Census reports that a record-low share of Americans are moving. A recent paper suggests government policies might be curbing mobility.
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2017’s Best & Worst Metro Areas for STEM Professionals - WalletHub
To identify the best markets for STEM professionals, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 100 largest metro areas across 17 key metrics.
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What's driving our fastest changing cities? - JLL Real Views
Many of Asia’s rapidly evolving cities showcase the ability to absorb technological change into their DNA and are fast becoming a magnet for growing populations, businesses, and foreign direct investment. Technology is also spurring growth in developed markets. Secondary U.S. cities that demonstrated the same level of support for technology also ranked highly in the CMI including Austin, Seattle and Raleigh-Durham. U.S. technology capital, Silicon Valley remained near the top of the list.
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Milken Institute Announces 2016 Best-Performing Cities - Milken Institute
The Milken Institute’s annual Best-Performing Cities index for 2016 shows that tech is still tops, as cities that excel in innovation drive the nation’s economic dynamism. With an ecosystem for entrepreneurship, San Jose, CA, claimed the top spot again.
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The metro talent competition: attracting and growing highly educated workers - Brookings Institution
These talent magnets face two potential risks. One is that their business communities, which have come to rely on imported talent, may underinvest in local systems designed to equip home-grown populations with access to critical skills and economic opportunities. This could further exacerbate the growing economic inequality that characterizes many regions with large in-state/out-of-state attainment differences, and threatens stable, long-term economic growth. A second risk stems from evidence that long-distance migration continues to decline, even among younger populations, which suggests limits to overreliance on an attraction strategy for regional human capital development.
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Massachusetts Keeps Top Rank in Milken Institute Survey of Top Tech States Moving Up: Colorado, Washington, Minnesota - Milken
Massachusetts is first — once again — in the Milken Institute's State Technology and Science Index 2016. The index tracks and evaluates every state's tech and science capabilities and their success at converting these assets into companies and high-paying jobs. Conducted every two years, the Index has scored Massachusetts first in every edition since it was launched in 2002.
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Business dynamics and economic performance in the Midwest: A look at the new Innovation 2.0 - Indiana Business Review
Innovation Index version 2.0 presents a state-of-the-art measure of county and regional innovation capacity and performance. This index can serve as a valuable tool for policymakers and practitioners to quickly evaluate innovative capacity and potential.
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The Best Places to Work in Manufacturing -
To find the best places to work in manufacturing SmartAsset looked at 389 different statistical areas and compared them on six metrics. SmartAsset looked at one-year employment growth, five-year employment growth, one-year income growth, five-year income growth, the ratio of manufacturing workers to the total worker population and income left over after housing costs. T
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Solutions Speak - Our analysis of the creative economy in US Metros - Garner Economics
Arts and Design sectors are gaining importance in regional economies
In this brief we examine recent employment growth and concentration data in 381 U.S. metropolitan areas related to the four key sectors that comprise much of the country's creative economy.
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The Talent Attraction Scorecard - Emsi
That’s the question we set out to answer with the Talent Attraction Scorecard. Our index uses five metrics to rank how every county has done drawing new residents, growing their skilled and overall workforces, and grabbing a greater share of skilled workers than other regions.

As a complement to this analysis, we separately ranked counties based on how they are attracting young talent by looking at the growth in college enrollment and millennial population per capita.

Lastly, we used cost-of-living-adjusted earnings to help explain why talent is (or is not) moving to these counties.
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Best Cities for Entrepreneurs -
When Entrepreneur magazine came to us, asking if we could assist them in finding the 50 Best Cities for Entrepreneurs, we consulted our friends at our sibling site, which focuses on economic development. We talked about how great places to live attract great people and attract the businesses that want to hire them. All of these things are inarguably related. We dipped into our database and pulled out both economic indicators and quality of life indicators to create a ranking of great places to start a business -- in places workers will want to live.
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Editor’s Note: Disruptive Technologies Continue to Change the Face of Manufacturing - Area Development
Robotics, additive manufacturing, the IoT and other disruptive technologies are helping manufacturers boost productivity and cut costs; the states and metro areas that have the know-how to help businesses become innovative are recognized in our Shovel Awards and Leading Locations reports.
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Leading Locations for 2016 Commentary: Rankings Not Sufficient to Complete the Site Decision - Area Development
Although the rankings of Leading Locations are valuable in making comparisons between locations, detailed, primary information — understood within the context of a specific project — is necessary to complete the site decision.
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Leading Locations for 2016 Methodology - Area Development
Area Development ranked 394 MSAs across 21 economic and workforce indicators. These 21 indicators were pulled from seven (7) data sets (sub-categories) originating from three sources: the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Census American Community Survey and Moody’s Analytics.
leading-locations  Metros  jobs  Matt  area-development-features 
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Leading Locations for 2016 Commentary: Small and Mid-Size Cities Dominate - Area Development
There are currently 13 small- to mid-sized cities in the top 20 for Economic Strength, while in 2015 there were only 8 in the top 20. That is a 62 percent increase.
leading-locations  area-development-features  Matt  Metros 
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Leading Locations for 2016 Commentary: Diversity of Leading Cities Reflects Commercial Real Estate Demand - Area Development
The diversity, both in terms of size and geography, of the leading cities mirrors a booming industrial expansion that has been more broad-based than previous expansions.
CRE  real-estate  industrial-real-estate  leading-locations  Metros  economic-development  area-development-features  Matt 
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Leading Locations for 2016: A Closer Look at the Top MSAs - Area Development
San Francisco-Redwood City-South San Francisco ranks first overall, followed in the remaining top-10 spots by Napa, Grand Rapids-Wyoming, Columbus (IN), San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro, Bend-Richmond, Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, Reno, and Anaheim-Santa Ana-Irvine.
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Leading Locations for 2016: San Francisco-Redwood City-South San Francisco Ranks First Among MSAs - Area Development
What are the hottest American places for new and expanding businesses? That’s a complicated question to answer, because even if you’re aiming for an objective ruling, there are countless metrics that can point you to locations all over the map.
leading-locations  california  pacific-states  Metros  Matt  site-selection  economic-development  manufacturing  jobs  san-francisco 
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Innovation That Matters - 2016 - 1776
We are at the dawn of an extraordinary technological revolution and it is transforming every part of the U.S. economy. Innovation That Matters examines and ranks 25 cities’ readiness to capitalize on the inevitable shift to a digital economy.
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The Cities on the Sunny Side of the American Economy - The New York Times
Here in the Mountain West — but also in places as varied as Seattle and Portland, Ore., in the Northwest, and Atlanta and Orlando, Fla., in the Southeast — employers are hiring at a steady clip, housing prices are up and consumers are spending more freely.
leading-locations  Metros  Around-the-web  this-week-348  denver 
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U.S Venture Capital Investment Spanned 133 MSAs in 2015 - NVCA
With the entrepreneurial ecosystem expanding from coast to coast, venture investors deployed capital to 3,662 companies located in 133 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) in 2015, according to the MoneyTree™ Report by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) and the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), based on data from Thomson Reuters.
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Small City Economic Dynamism - Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Small cities are like nerve centers connecting the regional economy. They are the hearts of their respective counties and metropolitan areas as well as hubs of employment, retail, health care, and education for people living in surrounding rural areas. Many small cities are growing and attracting new investments, but unemployment, poverty, vacant buildings, and economic distress are pronounced in some small metros.

We've compiled a dataset and created the Small City Economic Dynamism Index to help policymakers and practitioners gain more nuanced perspectives. The index ranks 244 small U.S. cities across 14 indicators of economic dynamism in four categories: demographics, economics, human capital, and infrastructure.
leading-locations  Metros  demographics  economic-indicator-reports  maps  Around-the-web  this-week-333 
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When We Make a Move, It's Less Likely to be Nearby - Stateline - The Pew Charitable Trusts
Fewer people moved to new residences within the county in which they lived in 2014 than in 2005. However, more people moved longer distances and from abroad. Thirty-one states saw declines in the number of people moving within county boundaries, while 43 states registered more people moving across county boundaries and from other states. Thirty-seven states saw more people moving in from abroad. Hover over states for details.
demographics  leading-locations  workforce-migration  workforce-mobility  diaspora  Around-the-web  this-week-331 
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The Cities Americans Are Thronging To And Fleeing -
Bright lights and culture may attract some, but people generally move to places with greater economic opportunity and a reasonable cost of living, particularly affordable housing.
workforce-migration  workforce-mobility  demographics  Metros  ranking  leading-locations  Around-the-web  this-week-325 
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Brain Gain in America’s Shrinking Cities - Manhattan Institute
America’s shrinking cities are widely viewed to be suffering from a “brain drain”—the flight of highly educated residents to other, more hospitable locales—that is crippling these cities’ economic competitiveness. While such cities have many problems, brain drain as popularly conceived is not one of them. Indeed, the conventional wisdom on brain drain and declining human capital in shrinking U.S. metropolitan areas is largely a myth: brain gain, not drain, is the reality.
Around-the-web  this-week-319  leading-locations  brain-gain  Metros  demographics  workforce-migration 
august 2015 by areadevelopment
The Cities Leading A U.S. Manufacturing Revival -
Manufacturing may no longer drive the U.S. economy, but industrial growth remains a powerful force in many regions of the country. Industrial employment has surged over the past five years, with the sector adding some 855,000 new jobs, a 7.5% expansion.

Several factors are driving this trend, including rising wages in China, the energy boom and a growing need to respond more quickly to local customer demand and the changing marketplace.
rankings  Metros  manufacturing  demographics  economic-indicator-reports-analysis  leading-locations  Around-the-web  this-week-316 
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Top economic indicators for tracking GDP - Business Insider
The Philadelphia Federal Reserve's index of manufacturing activity is the best gauge of economic growth.
leading-locations  economic-indicator-reports  Around-the-web  this-week-314 
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Leading Locations for 2015 Methodology - Area Development
Area Development ranked 373 MSAs across 21 economic and work force indicators. These 21 indicators were pulled from seven (7) data sets (sub-categories) originating from four sources: the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Census American Community Survey and Moody’s Analytics.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-features  Matt  leading-locations 
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Leading Locations for 2015: The MSAs with Soundest Economic Strength Indicators - Area Development
Factors that indicate economic strength include per capita real GMP, manufacturing/goods-producing employment, and employment growth — for the most recent year as well as the last three- and five-year periods.
economic-development  area-development-features  Matt  leading-locations 
june 2015 by areadevelopment
Leading Locations for 2015: The Recession Busting and Year-Over-Year Growth Metros - Area Development
Maintaining strong economic growth — year after year — is the mark of strong economic development leadership. Cities that show year-over-year growth typically follow well-devised economic development plans and make the investments needed to retain and attract business.
area-development-features  Matt  leading-locations  recession  economic-development 
june 2015 by areadevelopment
Leading Locations for 2015 Commentary: A Video of Change - Les J. Cranmer, senior managing director, Savills Studley - Area Development
As some published industry lists and rankings provide a “snapshot” of year-end community accomplishments, this report can best be described as a “video” of change over the last three years.
leading-locations  Matt  area-development-features 
june 2015 by areadevelopment
Leading Locations for 2015 Commentary: Technology, Energy Dominate the Top Rankings: By Jim Eskew, Senior Vice President, JLL - Area Development
Nine of the top 15 locations in the “Overall” ranking have dominant, thriving technology sectors, illustrating that the technology industry is not just in Silicon Valley these days.
economic-development  site-selection  Matt  tech  technology  energy  leading-locations  jones-lang-lasalle  area-development-features 
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Leading Locations for 2015: The MSAs with Strongest Prime Work Force Growth - Area Development
Most of the MSAs that scored well in the “Prime Work Force” category have a strong university or technical colleges in the area attracting students (many of whom stay after graduation) and the job creation and investment that comes with research commercialization programs.
economic-development  site-selection  workforce  leading-locations  Matt  area-development-features 
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Leading Locations for 2015: Creating a Track Record of Economic Success, Denver-Aurora-Broomfield Ranks First - Area Development
Area Development analyzed economic and workforce data for 373 MSAs to determine which U.S. cities are creating jobs and nurturing sustainable economic development. The results of the Leading Locations 2015 study clearly reflect the strength of the western half of the United States: eight of the top-10 MSAs are in the West — three in Colorado, two in California, two in Texas, and one in Washington State.
leading-locations  area-development-features  Matt  economic-development  site-selection  colorado  california  texas  Washington  pacific-states  southwest  mountain-states 
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Dispersion and Concentration in Metropolitan Employment -
The just released County Business Patterns indicates a general trend of continued employment dispersion to the newer suburbs (principally the outer suburbs) and exurbs but also greater concentration in the central business districts of the 52 major metropolitan areas in the United States (over 1 million population in 2013).
demographics  Metros  suburbs  economic-indicator-reports-analysis  census-data  leading-locations  this-week-305  Around-the-web 
may 2015 by areadevelopment
Top Metro Area Economies Mapped
The most recent jobless rates, housing permits averaged over three years to 2015, 2013 gross domestic product and the number of incoming residents in 2014 provide a glimpse of which U.S. metropolitan areas are thriving and which ones lag as the country recovers from the Great Recession. The indicators show the top 10 metro areas for economic vitality are in Texas, South Dakota, Colorado, Iowa, North Dakota and North Carolina.
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may 2015 by areadevelopment
American Cities of the Future 2015/16 Winners -
For the third consecutive ranking, New York City has reigned supreme as fDi’s American City of the Future, with San Francisco rising through the ranks to take second place and Houston placing third.
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april 2015 by areadevelopment
Population Estimates for Counties and Metro Areas -
Florida was home to the nation's fastest growing metro area from 2013 to 2014, according to new U.S. Census Bureau metropolitan statistical area, micropolitan statistical area and county population estimates
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march 2015 by areadevelopment
National Fourth Economy Community Index Lists Top Ten Large-Sized Counties - Fourth Economy
Fourth Economy Consulting announces the latest release of its national community index, listing top counties from across the nation. The Fourth Economy Index highlights those communities ideally positioned to attract modern investment and managed economic growth within the fourth economy.
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march 2015 by areadevelopment
Photo Gallery: The World's Most Manufacturing-Intensive Metro Areas - IndustryWeek
Looking around the globe to see which cities are most manufacturing intensive led to the creation of a new measurement by Joseph Parilla and Jesus Trujillo of the Brookings Institution.
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march 2015 by areadevelopment
Recent Population Change in US States, 2012-2014 -
How are states faring in these two years of modest recovery? Change is never simple. States vary in their rates of births and deaths, “natural increase” (or decrease, possibly), rates of immigration from abroad, and especially in domestic, internal migration. I present four maps, for population change, natural increase, immigration, and domestic migration.
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february 2015 by areadevelopment
Provo, Houston, and Raleigh Top the Inaugural Labor Market 150 Index - emsi
Energy, Manufacturing MSAs Have Highest Share of Solid-Paying New Jobs.One component of the quality employment rank is the share of news jobs from 2010 to 2014 in growing occupations that pay above the living wage. Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas, ranked first in this category, with 71% of new jobs in growing occupations whose median hourly earnings are above the living wage. The energy-driven metro, not far off of the Gulf of Mexico, saw sizable growth among welders, industrial machinery mechanics, chemical plant operators, and other skilled occupations that pay above the metro’s living wage of $16.64 for two adults, one child.
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february 2015 by areadevelopment
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