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Walmart is quietly taking control of its rail operations - Business Insider
Walmart is taking control of their supply chain through a pilot program in which the $500 billion retailer uses name-brand freight containers designed in-house. The pilot is only in Southern California.
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Megahubs International Index 2018 - OAG
The OAG Megahubs International Index 2018 reveals the 50 most internationally connected airports in the world.
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Canada’s container trade growth set to sail past U.S. - The Globe and Mail
The signing of two major trade deals with global trading partners will help send Canada's growth in imports and exports by container surging past that of the United States, marine shipper Maersk Line says.
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Assessing Prospects for a Port of Quebec Container Terminal - Maritime Executive
Authorities at Quebec City, Canada, have recently announced the intention to develop an intermodal container port and transshipment terminal. Like Port of Newark, Port of Quebec can offer 15-meter (49-foot) water depth and has access to a main highway as well as railway service. The proposed container port faces much competition from other ports in the region, including Montreal.
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Industry Sea Changes Affecting U.S. Shipping Gateways - Area Development
Damage from recent hurricanes could have a ripple effect across U.S. seaports, underscoring the rising demand for more sophisticated industrial real estate and infrastructure.
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Cold Chain Ports Remain Hot - Food Logistics
Much has changed in the world over the last 10 years that’s affected the food industry and movement of perishable goods. According to a report by the Brookings Institution, “The Unprecedented Expansion of the Global Middle Class,” the global middle class is expected to grow from 3.2 billion people in 2016 to 5.2 billion in 2028—primarily in Asian countries. As the middle class and economies have grown, so too has the demand for food.
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Infrastructure, Training Boost Growth in South Carolina Manufacturing - IndustryWeek
Business-friendly tax and training policies along with its strategic location and infrastructure are helping South Carolina attract and grow its manufacturing sector.
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The Factors Fueling a Resurgence in U.S. Multimodal Freight - Area Development
Transportation costs, finite trucking capacity, and the rise of e-commerce are among the leading factors responsible for the growth in intermodal activity.
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Environmental Considerations for a Prospective Port Tenant - Area Development
Industrial tenants looking to operate on port property should perform thorough environmental diligence before occupancy, carefully analyze lease obligations, and understand the relevant permitting and regulatory obligations.
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In Focus: Why America’s Supply Chain Is Shifting East - Area Development
With a vast rail and intermodal network, East Coast ports are well positioned to support the growing e-commerce trend.
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BAE Systems Expands San Diego, California, Shipyard Facility - Area Development
A leading provider of ship repair, maintenance, modernization, conversion, and overhaul services for the Navy and others, BAE Systems received a new 950-foot-long, 55,000-lifting-ton floating dry dock at its shipyard in San Diego, California.
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Carnival Cruise Line Expands Long Beach, California, Terminal Complex - Area Development
Carnival Cruise Line signed an agreement with landlord Urban Commons to expand its terminal facility to accommodate larger ships in the future and enhance its terminal operations in the City of Long Beach, California.
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Location Notebook: Tennessee A Growing Hub for Logistics - Area Development
With an already powerful industry cluster and a strong multimodal transportation infrastructure, Tennessee’s transportation / distribution / logistics sector continues to add jobs and investment.
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Eastern Shipbuilding To design-build Patrol Cutters At Panama City, Florida Port - Area Development
U.S. Coast Guard awarded the largest vessel procurement contract in its history to Eastern Shipbuilding Group in Panama City, Florida. Eastern Shipbuilding Group was selected to finalize its design and construct the first series of Nine Offshore Patrol Cutters to replace the Medium Endurance Cutters currently in service.
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Imperial Seed Plans Agricultural Hub In Manitoba’s CentrePort Canada - Area Development
Imperial Seed started construction on its new agricultural hub at CentrePort Canada in the Province of Manitoba – an expanded, 20-acre site which will include a seed processing plant, seed lab, office space and significant warehouse space.
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Foreign Investors Connect to the World from Canada - Area Development
Canada’s logistics infrastructure and trade connections can be quite beneficial to foreign investors and shippers.
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Ask Colorado Whether Infrastructure Spending Works - Bloomberg
Here's something all of divided America should be able to agree on: Smart infrastructure investment works. For evidence, look at Colorado, where elected officials of both parties trace an economic boom to a decision 27 years ago to spend more than $2 billion on a new Denver airport.
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A rising tide? - Virginia Business
Next year, all of Virginia’s harbor pilots will undergo specialized training in Louisiana. The purpose behind the out-of-state trip is to gain skills in handling the next class of immense ships expected to visit Hampton Roads’ ports.
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UPS Considering $106 Million Expansion of Kentucky Ground Hub - Transport Topics Online
UPS Inc. is considering a $106 million expansion of its ground hub in Lexington, according to state government officials. The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority on July 28 approved up to $500,000 in tax incentives for construction materials and building fixtures.
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Kia's U.S. manufacturing arm to use Georgia inland port for parts movements – DC Velocity
Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia Inc., the U.S. manufacturing arm of the Korean automaker, will partner with the operator of the state-owned inland port in Cordele to move up to 30,000 twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) containers of imported parts by rail from the Port of Savannah to Cordele, state officials said today.

Under the partnership, Kia parts will move by rail to Cordele, where they will then be trucked to the automaker's manufacturing plant in West Point, about 126 miles away. The alliance, which will double the amount of traffic now moving through the inland facility, will take 6 million truck miles off of state roads, as well as Georgia's portion of the Interstate Highway System, state officials said. I
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Port Cameron Poised To Be Major Commercial Shipping Center At Cameron Parish, Louisiana - Area Development
Port Cameron, new private deepwater, state-of-the-art staging port complex, is posed to be a major commercial center only three miles from the Gulf of Mexico and 19 miles from the Intracoastal Canal, in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.
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CSX Invests $160 Million In Edgecombe County, North Carolina, Intermodal Terminal - Area Development
CSX will invest $160 million to open a new intermodal terminal in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. Known as the Carolina Connector, this critical infrastructure project will bring jobs and economic opportunity to eastern North Carolina and position the state as a leader in enhanced freight movement.
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Port of Virginia celebrates arrival of first Neo-Panamax ship -
Quipping the cargo vessel MOL Benefactor is “rightfully named,” Panama’s ambassador to the U.S. said the supersized ship and others like it are on course to deliver economic growth that extends beyond each port of call.
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Chiquita Brands International Returns To Port Of Gulfport, Mississippi - Area Development
Chiquita Brands International is returning its shipping operations to the Port of Gulfport in Gulfport, Mississippi. The company will return to its previous location in the North Harbor. Chiquita also will expand into Terminal 1, encompassing a total of 32 acres – more than double what the company previously occupied.
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Rail Expansion Projects Spark Tensions - WSJ
The fate of BNSF Railway Co.’s new terminal near the Port of Los Angeles is now in jeopardy even though it has been in development for 10 years at a cost of more than $50 million and would provide badly needed rail capacity.
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Train to the plane’s impact on economic development debated - FOX31 Denver
It's supposed to save time and money, but will it be good for the economy? Will it spur the development that some say it will bring?
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Virtual Tour: A Vessel’s Transit Through the Expanded Panama Canal - AJOT.COM
The Panama Canal Authority has produced a video demonstrating in detail how the new Neopanamax locks will operate within the Expanded Panama Canal once inaugurated on Sunday, June 26.
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Massive Robots Keep Docks Shipshape - WSJ
With global trade expected to grow steadily in the coming years, ports around the world are being automated. Yet the United States lags behind. In Los Angeles and Long Beach, the nation's two largest ports, only two of the 13 marine terminals are automating.
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Canada Cartage Opens Regional Hub At CentrePort In Winnipeg, Manitoba - Area Development
Canada Cartage opened its new regional hub at CentrePort Canada today – an expanded, eight-acre operation that includes a 46,000-square-foot facility with office space, cross dock capabilities and fleet maintenance services in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
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Emser Tile Plans $16.25 Million East Coast Distribution Center In Suffolk, Virginia - Area Development
A leading designer, marketer and producer of the world’s finest tile and natural stone, Emser Tile will invest $16.25 million to establish an East Coast distribution operation at CenterPoint Intermodal Center in Suffolk, Virginia.
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Logistics Industry Continues to Evolve - Area Development
Expansion of the Panama Canal, increasing use of intermodal facilities, and siting of new mega distribution facilities are among the latest logistics trends.
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US Supply Chain Is Already Changing -
There is a transformation under way of North America’s industrial supply chain. Global changes in trade patterns are driving business to East Coast ports, and it has little to do with the Panama Canal expansion.
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Help For Short Line Railroads Seen As Boost To Rural Oregon Economy - Jefferson Public Radio
It’s no secret that Oregon’s rural areas have lagged behind the state’s urban core in recovering from the recession of 2008. As politicians and business leaders scramble to find ways to resuscitate the sluggish rural economy, a 19th Century transportation technology makes the case that it holds part of the answer.
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Centreport Canada: North America’s Largest Tri-Modal Inland Port - Area Development
Centreport Canada is a tri-modal inland port and foreign-trade zone located in the heart of the continent in Winnipeg, and at the hub of international trade gateways moving in all geographical directions.
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North American Seaport Outlook: Potential Shift in Ports of Call - Area Development
With recent labor as well as congestion issues taking a toll on West Coasts ports, industrial seaport markets may be affected by next year’s opening of the expanded Panama Canal.
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Saddle Creek Logistics Services Relocates To Expanded Distribution Center In Joliet, Illinois - Area Development
A third-party logistics company providing warehousing, transportation, packaging and fulfillment services, Saddle Creek Logistics Services has broken ground on a new distribution center at the CenterPoint Intermodal Center, 2550 Logistics Drive in Joliet, Illinois. The new Metro Chicago facility, which will open in early 2016, is part of Saddle Creek's on-going plan for strategic expansion nationwide.
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Gov. Deal, Georgia Ports Authority sign off on inland port -
Gov. Nathan Deal, the Georgia Ports Authority, Murray County and CSX Transportation signed a memorandum of agreement today to establish the Appalachian Regional Port in Chatsworth. Its service area will include north Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and parts of Kentucky.
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Frontline: West Coast Ports Unite to Solve Challenges - Area Development
Manufacturers of imported and exported goods between the United States and Asia let out a huge sigh of relief in late May when a five-year contract that governs pay and work rules at 29 West Coast ports was finally ratified.
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Memphis as a center for infrastructure and jobs - Brookings Institution
As a global hub for trade and transportation, the metro area stands at the intersection of five major freight railroads, two interstate highways, and the Mississippi River to drive industrial growth. In addition to hundreds of warehouses and truck terminals, Memphis houses several port facilities linking a variety of global producers, consumers, and shippers in extensive value chains—led most notably by FedEx.
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Front Line: High-Speed Rail Spurs Economic Development - Area Development
California is finally going ahead with its high-speed rail project. In January 2015 California state officials broke ground on the future high-speed rail station in Fresno, part of the 520-mile long high-speed (up to 200 mph) rail line that will connect downtown San Francisco to downtown Los Angeles.
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Open for Business: Airports as Real Estate Developer and Strategic Partner - Area Development
Locating near an airport presents a business with many opportunities for growth, but be sure to know what risks airports face and how they are planning to address them before aligning your company’s fate to theirs.
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10 Inland Ports to Watch - Area Development
Located outside crowded port areas, where land is scarce or not available at all, inland ports’ advantages are well documented because of their positive impact on regional industrial development and because they create space for more buildings in proximity to intermodal sites, thus relieving pressure in port areas and on roadways.
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Volkswagen Group of America To Locate Import Facility-Southeastern Distribution Center At JAXPORT in Jacksonville, Florida - Area Development
Volkswagen Group of America has chosen JAXPORT as the location of its import facility and Southeastern distribution center. The location will create 100 jobs and create a capital investment of $3 million in the region in Jacksonville, Florida.
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february 2015 by areadevelopment
Global Supply Chain Faces a Complex Mix of Issues - Area Development
From fluctuating fuel costs to fewer drivers to port congestion, logistics providers are facing a host of challenges. With the current transport climate, the ascendance of Inland ports is well-timed and probably part of the answer to both the fuel and congestion issues.
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CSX Opens $100 Million Intermodal Terminal Near Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Area Development
CSX opened its new $100 million intermodal terminal, on 89-acres, in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The facility expands CSX's intermodal network capacity and offers Canadian customers domestic and international service that connects with the railroad's 21,000 mile network in the United States.
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december 2014 by areadevelopment
U.S. Truck Driver Shortage Elevates Importance of Real Estate in Supply Chain Cost Structures - Supply Chain 24/7
Real estate supply chain management is more crucial than ever, and U.S. markets with intermodal infrastructure are now best positioned for industrial space growth.
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Inland ports growing more important in shipper supply chains -
When industrial real estate developers today talk about establishing inland ports close to rail hubs, they oftentimes have locations other than Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta in mind.
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Intermodal links will define US port success post-Panama Canal expansion -
Big gateway ports like New York/New Jersey, Charleston and Savannah, which are deepening their harbors and expanding terminals to handle bigger ships, will be big winners in the battle for cargo coming through the Panama Canal. But smaller ports could also see benefit from containers transshipped onto smaller ships in Colon, Panama and other Caribbean transshipment hubs like Kingston, Jamaica.
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XPO Logistics Invests $2.7 Million To Establish Transportation-Logistics Center In Newport, Kentucky - Area Development
XPO Logistics, one of North America’s largest providers of third party logistics services for domestic and international freight, will invest up to $2.7 million to establish its new 14,000-square-foot transportation and logistics center on Dave Cowens Drive in Newport, Kentucky.
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Intermodal Boom Will Revolutionize Supply Chain Logistics and Industrial Real Estate Strategy
A looming capacity shortage in the trucking industry — coupled with high rail efficiency — is causing logistics suppliers and transportation providers to turn their focus to intermodal solutions.
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New intermodal facility opens at Port Everglades - JOC
Port Everglades new intermodal transfer facility is up and running, and officials are hoping it will keep the Florida port competitive with other destinations in the Southeast. With FEC’s connections to Class I railroads CSX and Norfolk Southern, rail service to 70 percent of the U.S. population can be completed within four days, the railroad said.
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Program to speed intermodal goods clearance at Mexican border gaining traction, KCS says – DC Velocity
An effort by four prominent companies to shrink transit times on U.S.-Mexico intermodal rail service by streamlining customs clearance procedures at the border appears to be paying off.
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Location Notebook: Union Pacific Intermodal Opens in Santa Teresa, New Mexico
Union Pacific has opened its newest Intermodal facility in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, which replaces an old facility within the city of El Paso, Texas.
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Airport rail yard putting Charlotte on freight map, Norfolk Southern official says -
Charlotte’s intermodal shipping facility has put the Queen City “on the map” nationally as a transportation hub, a Norfolk Southern official told Charlotte business and civic leaders Thursday.
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The huge up side of UP’s massive railroad complex - Albuquerque Journal News
Today, there are approximately 50 manufacturing and logistics plants in the Santa Teresa industrial parks and immediate vicinity, and there is a buzz building over this rapidly growing industrial base.
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Winter Haven Industrial Investors LLC gets green light for $400M project - Tampa Bay Business Journal
The two-month-old Central Florida Intermodal Logistics Center in Winter Haven is helping redefine how freight moves through the state, and now it has spawned a mammoth industrial development nearby.
florida  regional-reports  intermodal  freight-logistics  infrastructure  industrial-park  this-week-264  around-the-web 
may 2014 by areadevelopment
Santa Teresa ‘inland port’ opens - Albuquerque Journal News
The launch of operations here represents the culmination of an infrastructure investment by Union Pacific of more than $400 million since 2011 – all private investment by the company – well ahead of schedule.
inland-ports  freight-logistics  intermodal  logistics  new-mexico  infrastructure  this-week-256  around-the-web 
april 2014 by areadevelopment
Panama Canal Chief: Florida, America Must Choose Wisely in Funding Port Projects - Jacksonville Business Journal
Deciding which ports should be expanded to accommodate larger post-Panamax ships is a tough call, the head of the Panama Canal Authority said Thursday.
this-week-254  around-the-web  matt  panama-canal  florida  ports  infrastructure  logistics  intermodal  south-atlantic  economic-development 
march 2014 by areadevelopment
Could Growing Popularity of Intermodal Actually Mean Fewer Drays? -
While some trucking companies have added short-haul rail intermodal dray services to their mix of options, some shippers are looking to cut down the amount they spend on drayage by building distribution centers right alongside rail facilities.
this-week-252  around-the-web  matt  intermodal  logistics  distribution-centers 
march 2014 by areadevelopment
Intermodal centers come with challenges, but may be state's future - Jacksonville Business Journal
Florida should look at the challenges CSX Corp. has had in Winter Haven when planning for intermodal logistic centers in Florida, the company's assistant vice president of real estate said Monday at the state's second annual Intermodal Logistics Center Forum on Monday.
intermodal  freight-logistics  infrastructure  around-the-web  florida  inland-ports 
january 2014 by areadevelopment
City hopes new rail yard kicks off boom around airport -
A long-awaited rail yard at Charlotte Douglas International Airport has started moving cargo, and city leaders are hoping the new facility will help spark a building boom and lure new businesses to land around the airport.
regional-reports  charlotte  intermodal  infrastructure  freight-logistics  rail-logitsics  this-week-243  around-the-web 
january 2014 by areadevelopment
Why We Don’t Have the Aviation Infrastructure We Need…and What to Do About It - Renewing America
Our competitors fund and govern their aviation industry and infrastructure with the explicit goal of competing in a global economy. We do not.
competitiveness  infrastructure  aerospace  this-week-242  around-the-web  intermodal 
december 2013 by areadevelopment
New project could generate thousands of jobs in Charlotte -
The Airport Intermodal Facility will link up planes, trains and trucks as they transport goods along the East Coast at the site near the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.
intermodal  freight-logistics  north-carolina  supply-chain  this-week-241  around-the-web  infrastructure 
december 2013 by areadevelopment
Schneider revamps intermodal service on U.S.-Mexico corridor – DC Velocity
The newly revamped service is an effort to tap into intermodals value in one of the worlds fastest-growing trade lanes. Intermodal containers travel in-bond and clear customs at the destination rail ramp. As a result, intermodal users bypass the massive truck congestion at border crossings. Shipping by intermodal also avoids the time-consuming scenario of handing off trailers to different drivers at the border.
global-supply-chain  freight-logistics  intermodal  mexico  this-week-239  around-the-web  logistics  rail-logitsics 
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Eastern Ports Spend Billions, But Will New Ships Come? - NPR
Ports along the East Coast are scrambling to dredge and expand so they can accommodate larger ships expected once the Panama Canal widening is complete in 2015.
panama-canal  this-week-236  ports  around-the-web  economic-development  intermodal  infrastructure  matt 
october 2013 by areadevelopment
CSX Selects McKees Rocks and Stowe Township, Pennsylvania For $50 Million Intermodal Facility - Area Development Online
CSX Corporation, and its transportation and intermodal terminals subsidiaries, plan to design and build a new $50 million intermodal facility in McKees Rocks and Stowe Township, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh.
pittsburgh  csx  economic-development  intermodal  site-selection  Pennsylvania  matt 
october 2013 by areadevelopment
BNSF Opens Logistics Park Kansas City Intermodal Facility In Edgerton, Kansas - Area Development Online
BNSF Railway opened its newly designed Logistics Park Kansas City Intermodal Facility in Edgerton, Kansas. LPKC is a more than 1,550-acre master-planned distribution and warehouse development anchored by BNSF’s newest intermodal facility. The business park has 500,000 square feet of speculative distribution building space available for warehouse and distribution centers.
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Vantage Point: How Driver Hours Affect Warehouse Service - Material Handling & Logistics
Labor shortages, increased transportation costs and delays are only the most visible consequences of the U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) Hours-of-Service ruling.
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Panama City, Florida, Intermodal Distribution Center Receives $900,000 FDOT Grant - Area Development Online
The $1.9 million Port of Panama City, Florida, Intermodal Distribution Center project, which plans to establish an intermodal cargo transfer facility in The Sunshine State’s Panhandle Region, will receive a $900,000 grant from the Florida Department of Transportation.
florida  taxes-incentives  economic-development  grants  intermodal  site-selection  logistics  infrastructure  matt 
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Site Selection: The Rise of Intermodal - Inbound Logistics
Intermodal plays an essential role in today's site selection process. Superior rail intermodal sites and services put your company on the right track.
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Norfolk Southern facility overview given to Greencastle-Antrim chamber - Waynesboro (PA) Record Herald
Now that Norfolk Southern’s new intermodal facility on Antrim Commons Drive in Greencastle is operational, interest in how the 200-acre, $52-million facility will impact the area has grown.
economic-development-news  this-week-208  around-the-web  freight-logistics  intermodal  Pennsylvania  logistics 
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Union Pacific Railyard making Santa Teresa an inland port - Farmington Daily Times
Union Pacific is making Santa Teresa an inland port. If the concept sounds murky, remember that a port is where stuff gets shuffled around, much of the time today while still inside large metal boxes we inland types see stacked on rail cars. The typical port is on a coast with container ships of ever-increasing size on one side and trains and trucks on the other.
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Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Invests $500 on Intermodal Rail Yard Near San Pedro, California Port Complex - Area Development Online
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway plans to invest more than $500 million to develop and operate an intermodal rail yard on 185-acres north of the San Pedro, California port complex, which will create more than 1,000 jobs.
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CSX Plans $100 Million Intermodal Rail Terminal In Quebec, Canada - Area Development Online
CSX Corporation’s transportation and intermodal terminals subsidiary will build a $100 million intermodal rail terminal on 89-acres at Perron Industrial Park in the City of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield in Quebec, Canada, connecting it with CSX’s 21,000 rail network in the US.
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