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At these factories, robots are making jobs better for workers - McKinsey & Company
Our latest research suggests that when robots—or automated manufacturing technology—take over jobs that are oriented around repetitive tasks, operators are able to move onto more exciting and productive work.

This was the case at 16 “lighthouses of manufacturing,” which were identified as part of a joint McKinsey and World Economic Forum project presented at Davos.
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​4 Trends Shaping Industry 4.0 in 2019 - BDO
While on the surface, the forces shaping 2019 present a mixed bag for manufacturers eager to start or ramp up their Industry 4.0 plans. The reality is that the reduced corporate tax rate, strong economic fundamentals and high demand for their products means that manufacturers are well positioned to make long term investments in Industry 4.0 strategies and technologies.
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Berkeley's two-armed robot hints at a new future for warehouses - Axios
eliable robot grabbers are the just-out-of-reach holy grail for e-commerce outfits like Amazon and Walmart, who still rely mainly on human hands for the job. Smart picker-uppers would clear a serious bottleneck in shipping and could change the nature of warehouses entirely.
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The future of work in manufacturing - Deloitte Insights
Job rules and the nature of work are changing in what’s called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We examine what future manufacturing jobs will be like in the digital era.
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Innovations Shaping the Future of Work - Manhattan Associates
The ways work is done is changing rapidly, as humans and technology are brought closer together. Because DC operations vary so much, no single innovation will dominate the entire industry. Instead, many emerging technologies will continue to offer different advantages.
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Inside the New Industrial Revolution - WSJ
The mobile internet, automation and AI will have profound implications. Here’s a closer look at how the old and new economies compare.
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Are you ready for the smart manufacturing revolution? - Industrial Insights - PwC
With digital technology reaching an inflection point, manufacturers have a critical choice to make. They can continue to digitize individual factory functions, making them more efficient, or begin to integrate digital capabilities across the factory. The digital factory, which integrates all functions, internal and external, is a horse of a different order. It will change the nature of manufacturing—from mass production to product customization—and allow companies to respond instantly to changes in customer demand or the inevitable production variation, such as supply disruption. It can lead to gains in productivity, performance, output, and market share as well as better control and visibility in the supply chain, and digital innovation can help manufacturers create capacity to enable more profitable growth.
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Digital Manufacturing And The Internet Of Goods - Forbes
Domestic manufacturers employ 150,000 software developers and programmers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Seems like a hefty number, right? But 120,000 of those tech experts, or 80%, are concentrated in only two industries: computer and electronics manufacturing; and transportation equipment.
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An Introduction to Robotic Process Automation for Manufacturers - BDO
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is transforming the way organizations across different industries do business. It allows organizations to automate certain types of work processes to reduce the time spent on costly manual tasks and increase efforts to deliver mission critical work.
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Digital leaders in the manufacturing Industry 4.0 ecosystem - Deloitte Insights
Manufacturers must achieve digital maturity across their broader enterprises. A Deloitte study of organizations that are taking the lead shows the steps needed to achieve digital maturity.
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Why global tax governance is critical for Industry 4.0 - Deloitte Insights
Industry 4.0 is changing the speed investment decisions are made. That means tax regulators and business leaders must understand how to develop and implement regulations and strategic growth plans while working with governments to create global solutions.
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How brand new science will manage the fourth industrial revolution - ZDNet
It's about artificial intelligence, data, and things like quantum computing and nanotechnology. Australian National University's 3A Institute is creating a new discipline to manage this revolution and its impact on humanity.
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Ford is deploying exoskeletons in 15 of its factories around the world - MIT Technology Review
The automaker is testing whether productivity gains among workers who wear the strength-boosting suits make the technology cost-effective.
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Industrial IoT: How Connected Things Are Changing Manufacturing - WIRED
While the IIoT is already boosting efficiency, productivity, and safety, the future of the IIoT could disrupt enterprise business models, too. Schmid believes that in the near future we could see the proliferation of high-value equipment—ranging from manufacturing robots to aircraft engines—being leased instead of being sold outright.
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Industrial manufacturers: Take the leap and create strategies for IoT investment - Industrial Insights - PwC
Industrial manufacturers cannot only rely on traditional machinery for revenue streams anymore. They realize that customers are increasingly seeking improved efficiency and production transparency from connected technologies and digitization – but getting there is the challenge.
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Manufacturing Convergence and the Industrial Internet of Things - Gray Consruction
Manufacturing has always been a process — raw material at one end, finished product at the other. But more and more, manufacturing is the site where many processes are converging: computer-aided design (CAD), process simulation, the actual machining processes plus machine tool monitoring and adjusting, plant and shipping logistics and much more, all made possible over the Internet, specifically the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
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Why is 2018 the year of the robot? - Industrial Insights - PwC
Robots – and automation in general – have been riding a steep maturity curve in the last several years. Adoption rates are up. They’re getting smarter, doing more, and becoming more affordable. The “factory of the future” has become an established buzzword, and the rise of the robots is now conventional wisdom.
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Inside the Digital Factory - strategy+business
Cutting-edge technology gives a glimpse into the future of how things will get made, and what manufacturers must do to stay relevant.
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From rust belt to robot belt: Turning AI into jobs in the US heartland - MIT Technology Review
The symbolism of robots moving into a former steelworks is lost on few people in the city. Pittsburgh is reinventing itself, using the advances in automation, robots, and artificial intelligence coming out of its schools—particularly Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)—to try to create a high-tech economy. Lawrenceville, five miles from Hazelwood, has become a center for US development of self-driving cars.
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A giant new retail fulfillment center in China has only four employees - MIT Technology Review, one of China’s big e-commerce companies, has unveiled a warehouse in Shanghai that, it says, only keeps humans on board so they can service all the robots.
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10 Ways Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management - Forbes
Machine learning makes it possible to discover patterns in supply chain data by relying on algorithms that quickly pinpoint the most influential factors to a supply networks’ success, while constantly learning in the process.
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Automation is hitting small US businesses, and (surprise!) it’s not all bad - MIT Technology Review
Automation is bringing change to businesses large and small. We sat down with Liz Reynolds, executive director of MIT’s Work of the Future task force, to see how her research brings her in touch with small companies in the US that are already feeling the impact of robotics and AI.
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Now Fighting for Top Tech Talent: Makers of Turbines, Tools and Toyotas - WSJ
‘Waiting too long and losing a great candidate’— firms like Siemens step up their recruiting game to vie against the likes of Google
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Advanced Artificial Intelligence & Supply Chain Planning - Deloitte Insights
​AI is driving the evolution of interconnected digital supply networks. This change can help supply chain managers be more dynamic, flexible, and efficient in their planning and execution.
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The shape of things to come: How manufacturers are leveraging technology to gain an edge - Industrial Insights - PwC
Technology has always been a key lever to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness.  With the dazzling array of emerging technology entering the market, we set out in our 2nd Global Digital Operations Survey to understand more about what technologies are being implemented and why. In essence, how is industry leveraging technology to gain an edge today, tomorrow, and in the future?
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Tomorrow’s Factories Will Need Better Processes, Not Just Better Robots - HBR
There’s no doubt that the auto industry will continue to vigorously pursue automation solutions to lower the cost of producing cars. But the reality is that any major leap forward on cost and efficiency will no longer be possible through automation alone, since most of the tasks that can be automated in an automotive factory have already been tackled.
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Industry 4.0: Gaining Confidence over Digital Transformations - Industrial Insights - PwC
Today, manufacturers exist in a world of digital potentialities: AI, IoT, robots and cobots, 3-D printing, nanotechnology, connected field services, smart supply chains, automated back-office processes, and other innovations that can completely transform their businesses by ushering in unprecedented operational effectiveness and efficiency.

But getting those technologies online entails capital spend–and risk.
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The Time for Retraining Is Now - MIT Sloan Management Review
Rather than wait to see the answer about whether more jobs will be lost or be gained, we need to act now to enable current employers and employees to gain the skills they are going to need in the brave new world of AI technology. Let’s look at some examples of what is currently being done.
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The auto plants of the future may have a surprisingly human touch - Reuters
Carmakers have big plans for their next generation of factories: smarter designs, artificial intelligence and collaborative robots building a wide range of vehicles on the same line. The plants will also feature a component they say is the secret ingredient to flexible manufacturing: humans.
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april 2018 by areadevelopment
Automation and American Leadership by Robert Skidelsky - Project Syndicate
In an era of rapid technological change, it is widely assumed that disruptions to labor markets are inevitable – and positive – indicators of a country's international competitiveness. But should policymakers really use the economy to advance national power at the expense of the many people and regions left behind?
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april 2018 by areadevelopment
How Augmented Reality Improves Manufacturing Productivity - GE Reports
The system currently at the Waukesha lab came from Light Guide System, a Detroit-area maker of augmented reality tools for industry.
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The Future Of The Factory: How Technology Is Transforming Manufacturing - CB Insights
From advanced robotics in R&D labs to computer vision in warehouses, technology is making an impact on every step of the manufacturing process.
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This is the most dexterous robot ever created - MIT Technology Review
The most nimble-fingered machine yet shows how machine learning can teach robots to recognize and pick up different types of objects, a skill that could transform many factories and warehouses.
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Defining Rapid Manufacturing - MoldMaking Technology
A broad definition of rapid manufacturing is the use of software automation and connected manufacturing equipment to rapidly accelerate the manufacturing process. Read how one provider breaks down some of the considerations when applied to 3D printing.
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Middle Market Manufacturer's Roadmap to Industry 4.0 - BDO
It’s very easy to look at General Electric’s transformation to “digital industrial” and say, just do what GE is doing. For the world’s largest manufacturers with billions in revenue, adopting GE’s digital transformation playbook may not be so farfetched. But for middle market firms—the heart and soul of the American manufacturing industry—revolutionary digitization can feel aspirational, not inspirational
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march 2018 by areadevelopment
Autonomous vehicles won’t just change our roads, they’ll change our factories, too - Industrial Insights - PwC
Increasingly, semi-autonomous and even autonomous vehicles within manufacturing operations are gaining independence. Materials-handling robots in particular are making aggressive moves, most notably in warehouses and inventory management.
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What Is Industry 4.0, Anyway? -
The smart factory, also sometimes called “the factory of the future” is the keystone of the fourth industrial revolution. Indeed, it’s often represented as the aggregate of all the Industry 4.0 technologies: cyber-physical systems—physical assets connected to digital twins—the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), data analytics, additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence.
But what does that actually look like?
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february 2018 by areadevelopment
How to Reform Worker-Training and Adjustment Policies for an Era of Technological Change - ITIF
Rather than slow down technological disruption to protect a small number of workers at the expense of the vast majority who are benefiting, policymakers should focus on doing significantly more to help those who are displaced transition successfully into new jobs and occupations.
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february 2018 by areadevelopment
IoT To The Rescue For Biotech And Pharma Manufacturing - Pharmaceutical Online
The Internet of Things (IoT) could not be timelier for biotech/pharma. With fierce cost pressures, the push for value-based outcomes, and the need for flexible manufacturing solutions, the IoT is the much needed shot in the arm to bring about transformational change.
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february 2018 by areadevelopment
What Does Industry 4.0 Mean for U.S. Manufacturing? - Area Development
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming global production and supply chains, but the future depends on how well the industry’s human leaders can understand its machines.
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february 2018 by areadevelopment
SyncFab to Create Manufacturing Jobs Through Blockchain -
The hope is to reduce pollution and the use of resourcing by manufacturing locally. To build parts in America rather than across the ocean, which reduces the need for ships that burn fossil fuels.

To this end, SyncFab is working with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Initiative and the cities of San Leandro and San Francisco. A long-term goal at SyncFab is to encourage work from home, startup entrepreneurship, and small businesses.
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february 2018 by areadevelopment
The Industry 4.0 manufacturing revolution - Deloitte Insights
Today, a fourth industrial revolution is transforming economies, jobs, and even society itself. Under the broad title Industry 4.0, many physical and digital technologies are combining through analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to create digital enterprises that are both interconnected and capable of more informed decision-making. Digital enterprises can communicate, analyze, and use data to drive intelligent action in the physical world. In short, this revolution is embedding smart, connected technology not only within organizations, but also our daily lives. 

So how prepared are organizations and leaders to embrace this revolution?
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february 2018 by areadevelopment
The False Choice Between Automation and Jobs - HBR
The performance benefits for companies are compelling and not just (or even mainly) in terms of reducing labor costs: automation can also bring whole new business models, and improvements that go beyond human capabilities, such as increasing throughput and quality and raising
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february 2018 by areadevelopment
Avoiding the Hidden Hazards of Industry 4.0 - BCG
Companies must gain a detailed understanding of their performance problems before investing in Industry 4.0 solutions. Winning companies will use these insights to define a comprehensive approach to operational excellence that includes optimal applications of digital technology.
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february 2018 by areadevelopment
MIT Raising Big Bucks From Corporations to Fund A.I. “Moonshots” - Xconomy
MIT plans to raise “hundreds of millions of dollars” from companies and philanthropic donors for a long-term, wide-ranging research initiative bringing together faculty, students, staff, and industry to attempt to better understand human intelligence—and use that knowledge to deliver breakthroughs in artificial intelligence that might have a broad impact on society.
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february 2018 by areadevelopment
How will Industry 4.0 impact U.S. manufacturing? - JLL Real Views
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is picking up steam in warehouse aisles and factory floors around the world.
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january 2018 by areadevelopment
Manufacturing outlook: Technology and tax to take center stage in 2018 - PwC Industrial Insights
In 2017, the terms “IoT” and “digital” seemed to be the most trending topics within the manufacturing sector. Although most manufacturers are talking about IoT and digital, far fewer have implemented a comprehensive digital strategy. Those manufacturers without a digital strategy could be hindering their business strategy in 2018 and beyond.

While we understand that moving toward a digital transformation is overwhelming, the reality is that digital is the future for manufacturers both big and small.
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january 2018 by areadevelopment
More evidence that technology and increased worker productivity, not trade, were behind US factory job losses - AEI
This paper challenges two widely held views: first that trade performance has been the primary reason for the declining share of manufacturing employment in the United States and other industrial economies, and second that recent productivity growth in manufacturing has actually been quite rapid but is not accurately measured.
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december 2017 by areadevelopment
Was the Industrial Revolution Really Worth it? -
One might reasonably expect a kind of remediating effect as technological advancement makes industrial workers’ lives better: the choice between working in a factory now or a hundred years ago is a no-brainer. Unlike the first industrial revolution, perhaps the upcoming Industry 4.0 will alleviate—rather than exacerbate—the economic and psychological consequences of unemployment in the manufacturing sector today.
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december 2017 by areadevelopment
Robots will create more jobs than they eradicate by 2020
Artificial intelligence technology will begin to create more jobs than it replaces, says Gartner
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december 2017 by areadevelopment
Five Lessons from the Frontlines of Industry 4.0 -
• Use Industry 4.0 to accelerate operational improvements.  
• Integrate new and existing capabilities and technologies.
• Manage information architecture as a critical enabler.
• Thoughtfully design the transformation roadmap.
• Approach Industry 4.0 as a change management project.
Around-the-web  industry4.0  this-week-406 
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Help wanted: The future of automotive talent is shifting gears- Industrial insights - PwC
Major OEMs are racing to develop a range of alternative propulsion (hybrid, electric, fuel cell), connected and self-driving vehicles – while continuing to improve operational efficiencies that aim to sustain profits. In turn, business models and production facilities across the auto supply chain are being reconsidered and, in some cases, upended.
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december 2017 by areadevelopment
The MIT Developer Revolutionizing U.S. Factory Jobs - Somerville, MA Patch
As many Americans despair over disappearing factory jobs and fear being replaced by a machine, Natan Linder has set out to arm assembly-line workers with cutting-edge technology and help preserve the U.S. manufacturing market. He's launched Tulip, an app that connects every element of a production line to a data collection program where it can be analyzed so crews can smarten and streamline their operation. New Balance and Merck have signed on. A byproduct, Linder hopes, is attracting a qualified younger generation to help fill 3.5 million jobs the Manufacturing Institute, a Washington-based think tank, has predicted will become available over the next decade. Linder, who arrived at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab from Israel in 2008, cofounded 3D printing company Formlabs in Somerville before launching Tulip, the result of almost a decade of research.
shop-floor  automation  industry4.0  big-data  internet-of-things  Around-the-web  this-week-405  insider-10-17-2018 
november 2017 by areadevelopment
Digital trust and the smart factory: Guarding the gates and opening the frontier - Industrial insights - PwC
rom the factory floor to the supply chain and the sales process, a new web of automation, data, and analytics is now more and more connecting machines with human workers, thereby promoting real-time collaboration, achieving hyperefficiency, reducing waste, decreasing downtime, and presenting greater opportunity for innovation.
shop-floor  automation  industry4.0  internet-of-things  Around-the-web  this-week-404-top 
november 2017 by areadevelopment
The Fourth Industrial Revolution Awaits - BDO
Implementing and maintaining systems that preserve the integrity of production processes without the same level of human oversight remains one of the main challenges to Industry 4.0 implementation. If the underlying data or analysis has errors, the automated decision-making based on that data will also be error-prone. More than ever, it will be imperative to ensure data is clean, accurate and accessible as part of an overall information governance strategy. 
industry4.0  internet-of-things  asset-management  facilities-management  shop-floor  advanced-manufacturing  Around-the-web  this-week-402  insider-10-17-2018 
november 2017 by areadevelopment
Germany has more industrial robots than US: Impact on jobs, wages, inequality - Quartz
Europe’s strongest economy and manufacturing powerhouse has quadrupled the amount of industrial robots it has installed in the last 20 years, without causing human redundancies.
business-globalization  around-the-web  this-week-399  robotics-manufacturing  automation  industry4.0 
october 2017 by areadevelopment
For industrial manufacturers, does understanding “digital” translate into action? - Industrial Insights - PwC
For industrial manufacturers, does understanding “digital” translate into action? Not exactly. More than half of industrial manufacturing executives have a comprehensive view of what it means to be “digital.” They appreciate that digital is a large part of technological innovation, reaching well beyond traditional IT. But an adoption lag remains.
advanced-manufacturing  internet-of-things  industry4.0  Around-the-web  this-week-399-top 
october 2017 by areadevelopment
Building smarter cars with smarter factories: How AI will change the auto business - McKinsey & Company
From driverless cars to robots on the factory floor, AI is transforming the automotive industry. Here are the steps smart companies are taking to seize the opportunities it offers.
artificial-intelligence  automation  internet-of-things  autonomous-vehicles  automotive-industry  shop-floor  industry4.0  Around-the-web  this-week-398 
october 2017 by areadevelopment
For US manufacturers, the IIoT future is now: Part 3 - Industrial Insights - PwC
Building out an IIoT plan that feeds into a company’s existing strengths and growth strategies requires working on numerous fronts. As we explore IIoT for manufacturers, we recognized five overarching issues that stand out as critical to developing and even expanding an IIoT products and service strategy.
internet-of-things  industry4.0  advanced-manufacturing  Around-the-web  this-week-398 
october 2017 by areadevelopment
Industry 4.0, smart factory, and connected manufacturing - Deloitte University Press
The smart factory represents a leap forward from more traditional automation to a fully connected and flexible system—one that can use a constant stream of data from connected operations and production systems to learn and adapt to new demands.
smart-buildings  smart-factory  advanced-manufacturing  industry4.0  internet-of-things  facility-planning  Around-the-web  this-week-396 
september 2017 by areadevelopment
Next-Gen Manufacturing = Next-Level Risks - 2017 BDO Manufacturing RiskFactor Report
Ready or not, the next generation of manufacturing has arrived. Manufacturers are up against coalescing forces of technological disruption, economic uncertainty, globalization and trade upheaval—all of which will shape the manufacturing industry of tomorrow. Today, that means a wide array of business risks to identify, evaluate and build into business strategy. 
u.s.-manufacturing  risk-management  industry4.0  Around-the-web  this-week-395 
august 2017 by areadevelopment
How Mitsubishi Hitachi benefits from additive manufacturing technology - TechTarget
In this Q&A, Paul Browning, CEO of Mitsubishi Hitachi, explains how and why the company uses additive technologies to create better products that improve outcomes for its customers.
3D-printing  additive-manufacturing  advanced-manufacturing  industry4.0  Around-the-web  this-week-394 
july 2017 by areadevelopment
New Manufacturing Jobs Require New Manufacturing Skills—It’s That Simple - GE Reports
Making spare parts doesn’t sound like ground zero for a technological revolution. But at a time when the entire manufacturing workforce is bracing itself for the changes sweeping the industry, the concept of “replacements” takes on extra resonance.
u.s.-manufacturing  skilled-labor  skills-gap  industry4.0  shop-floor  Around-the-web  this-week-391 
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Need jobs? Get robots, and education right - TechCrunch
Our leaders should be solving for 1) creating higher-quality jobs and 2) increasing the purchasing power of all Americans. Robotics and AI will generate far more high-quality jobs than the onerous tasks it will render obsolete. 
manufacturing-automation  industry4.0  robotics  Around-the-web  this-week-391 
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The revolution won’t wait - Industrial Insights - PwC
Amidst all this change, one thing is certain: manufacturing executives aren’t waiting for lawmakers to determine the fate of their companies. Technological change is already doing that. We are arguably witnessing the greatest transformation in the manufacturing sector since the industrial revolution.
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BMW, GE Commit Millions to Digital Manufacturing Marketplace - US News
An on-demand industrial startup that's been described as the "Uber of manufacturing" announced Wednesday it had secured millions of dollars in additional funding from the venture-capital arms of BMW and GE.

The companies, along with Highland Capital Partners, have set their sights on Xometry – pronounced "Zometry" – for a $15 million investment to support a portal that connects buyers of customized manufactured parts with those who produce them.
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Tim Pawlenty: We're at the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution -
Quantum changes in technology will be coming at warp speed, posing challenges for every American to be genuinely prepared.
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june 2017 by areadevelopment
Industry 4.0 and the digital twin technology - Deloitte University Press
The digital twin serves as a virtual replica of what is actually happening on the factory floor in near-real time. Thousands of sensors distributed throughout the physical manufacturing process collectively capture data along a wide array of dimensions: from behavioral characteristics of the productive machinery and works in progress (thickness, color qualities, hardness, torque, speeds, and so on) to environmental conditions within the factory itself. These data are continuously communicated to and aggregated by the digital twin application.
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Middle Market Manufacturers: Surprisingly Suited to Capitalize on IoT Advantages? - BDO Manufacturing Output Newsletter
Manufacturers are waking up to the Internet of Things (IoT) opportunity. According to BI Intelligence, companies will spend nearly $6 trillion on IoT solutions in the next five years, and by 2020, 24 billion devices will be IoT-enabled. Whether you’re a large-scale global manufacturer or a middle market company in growth mode, the IoT holds promise. While middle market companies may be slower on the adoption curve than their larger competitors, they have a critical opportunity to drive innovation and evolve as IoT leaders rather than followers.
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Will The Third Industrial Revolution Create An Economic Boom That Saves The Planet? - FastCompany
Jeremy Rifkin’s thinking about how to build a clean-energy powered, automation-filled future is inspiring major infrastructure plans in Europe and China. Can his new Vice documentary convince American business leaders to buy in?
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april 2017 by areadevelopment
10 Principles for Leading the Next Industrial Revolution - strategy+business
Conventional boundaries between industries are eroding. It’s getting harder to tell the difference between, say, a telecommunications company and an entertainment producer, or between a retail bank and a retail store. The relationships among suppliers, producers, and consumers are also blurring, more rapidly than many business decision makers are prepared for.
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China and the US's robotics race: The US can lead by focusing on what it does best: software, sensors, and design - Quartz
The US should focus on what it does best: software, sensors, and design. Building the factories and production lines of the future demands the kind of expertise that US-based engineers and system integrators are best positioned to deliver. After all, we built the internet. So let’s build the Internet of Things, starting in the factory.
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America may miss out on the next industrial revolution - The Verge
Robots are inevitably going to automate millions of jobs in the US and around the world, but there’s an even more complex scenario on the horizon, said roboticist Matt Rendall. In a talk Tuesday at SXSW, Rendall painted a picture of the future of robotic job displacement that focused less on automation and more on the realistic ways in which the robotics industry will reshape global manufacturing.
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Factory of the Future: Breakthrough technologies fundamentally change the game Operations Extranet by McKinsey & Company
Although consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) manufacturers have been relatively slow to adopt breakthrough technologies, their factories will not escape the wave of change in the coming years. Following the pattern seen in other industries, the early CPG adopters are gaining a competitive edge by capturing significant improvements in operational performance.
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march 2017 by areadevelopment
Industry 4.0, manufacturing ecosystems and the connected enterprise - Deloitte University Press
The marriage of advanced manufacturing techniques with information technology, data, and analytics is driving another industrial revolution—one that invites manufacturing leaders to combine information technology and operations technology to create value in new and different ways.
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february 2017 by areadevelopment
Trade vs. Productivity: What Caused U.S. Manufacturing's Decline and How to Revive It - ITIF
Automation was not the primary culprit behind manufacturing job losses, and now too little automation is depressing U.S. output and leading to stagnation in U.S. manufacturing.
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