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Amazon, Walmart Reel as India Curbs Plunge Market Into Chaos - Bloomberg Inc. and Walmart Inc.’s grand plans for India were thrown into chaos on Friday after the country implemented new e-commerce regulations, which could cut their growth in the market by as much as half this year.
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Foxconn to begin assembling top-end Apple iPhones in India in 2019 - Reuters
Apple Inc will begin assembling its top-end iPhones in India through the local unit of Foxconn as early as 2019, the first time the Taiwanese contract manufacturer will have made the product in the country, according to a source familiar with the matter.
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Siemens India: Betting big on digitalisation - Fortune India
Harnessing digitalisation to optimise manufacturing is what will drive growth, and Siemens India says despite macro economic challenges facing India, the opportunities in the space are immense.
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PACIFIC: Walmart moves on Amazon - CNNMoney
The Global e-Commerce War: Walmart has just agreed to spend $16 billion for a 77% stake in India's Flipkart e-commerce company, pitting itself against Amazon in the fight for India's 1.3 billion-person economy.
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What could Amazon HQ2 bring to Indy? We asked experts to do the math -
Amazon’s plan to build a second U.S. headquarters, investing $5 billion and hiring 50,000 workers who average $100,000 a pop, is almost too immense to fathom.
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Amazon, in Hunt for Lower Prices, Recruits Indian Merchants - The New York Times
Thousands of Indian sellers have shipped bedding, jewelry, kitchenware
and clothing to Amazon warehouses to serve bargain-hunting Americans.
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Mitsubishi’s Success Continues at Dual Purpose Indiana Plant - Area Development
Johnson County REMC and Hoosier Energy have been important contributors to the success of the Franklin Mitsubishi facility for more than a decade.
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Why I outsourced to Michigan instead of India - VentureBeat
For one CTO, offshoring software development seemed like a good idea. Six years ago, the CTO joined a fintech company that had a history of sending coding projects to India,
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India-Based Piramal Pharma Solutions Expands Lexington, Kentucky, Production Complex - Area Development
India-based Piramal Pharma Solutions, a provider of sterile drug product development and manufacturing services, plans a $25 million expansion of its facilities in Lexington, Kentucky.
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august 2016 by areadevelopment
India-Based Rane (Madras) Ltd. To Upgrade Russellville, Kentucky, Die Casting Factory - Area Development
India-based Rane (Madras) Ltd. plans to invest $5.8 million in new equipment, tooling and upgrades to its Precision Die Casting factory in Russellville, Kentucky. The factory was purchased by the company earlier this year.
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Robots on Track to Bump Humans From Call-Center Jobs - WSJ
Philippines’ outsourcing industry races to expand higher-end services as hedge against automation, which is shaking up India .
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India-Based SWELECT Energy Systems Plans Manufacturing Plant & Solar Farm In Halifax County, North Carolina - Area Development
SWELECT Energy Systems will invest more than $4.7 million to build a manufacturing site and adjacent solar farm, with plans to hire a 155-person workforce over the coming five years, in Halifax County, North Carolina.
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Apple Must Pledge India Manufacturing - IndustryWeek
Apple wouldn’t have to own the plant itself, but could work with a manufacturing partner like Foxconn Technology Group as it does now in China.
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United Phosphorus, Inc., Plans Industrial Manufacturing Plant In Williamsburg County, South Carolina - Area Development
United Phosphorus, Inc., an India-based manufacturing company specializing in chemical blending operations, plans to establish a new industrial operation in Williamsburg County, South Carolina. The company plans to invest more than $20 million in the project and create 65 new jobs over the next several years.
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'Make In India' promises manufacturing jobs for millions. Here's why it won't work - PBS
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is spending this week promoting his “Make In India” campaign, an ambitious program designed to turn the subcontinent into a “global manufacturing hub.” Modi’s vision is grand: He hopes to create 100 million manufacturing jobs in the next six years and spur the development of a middle class that will power the Indian economy for years to come.
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february 2016 by areadevelopment
China’s Xiaomi Is Assembling Smartphones in India - WSJ
Chinese smartphone seller Xiaomi Corp. said Monday its handsets are now being assembled in India, as global electronics manufacturers look to ramp up production in the increasingly important and fast-growing market for their wares.
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Some companies bringing manufacturing back to US, Mass. from overseas - Business - The Boston Globe
Four years after moving manufacturing to India in 2008, Cambridge robotics maker Energid Technologies Corp. brought production and a handful of jobs back to Massachusetts, squeezed by rising tariffs on parts imported to its Bangalore factory and frustrated by the unpredictable Indian bureaucracy and difficulties shipping its industrial robots to US markets.

Today, with robotics sales climbing, the company plans to ramp up production. But rather than looking to China, which conventional thinking would suggest, Energid is strongly considering expanding at its facility in Burlington.
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Which U.S. Companies Are Doing the Most R&D in China and India? - HBR
Over 200 publicly listed American companies have R&D budgets that exceed $100 million annually. Which companies allocate the highest proportion of that budget to engineering in China and India, specifically? And what drives their success with these global engineering initiatives?
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Midsize Cities in Poland Develop as Service Hubs for Outsourcing Industry -
Outsourcing work is flowing to Polands smaller cities, from traditional companies like Infosys as well as major banks and corporations.
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Momentum Builds for U.S.-India Trade Agreement - Area Development Online
The time appears to be ripe for the enactment of a bilateral investment treaty to reinvigorate commercial ties between the world’s two biggest democracies, the United States and India.
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US graduates headed for India and other high-growth markets -
I can't say I was surprised when I heard that Indian startup entrepreneur Kunal Bahl was touring U.S. colleges on a hunt for MBA talent for his New Delhi-based digital commerce company.
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India: The World's Secret Silicon Valley - The Atlantic
You might not know it, but a key cog in the global innovation machine is hiding in plain sight in the world's largest democracy
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'Dirty' Energy Dwarfs Clean in China and India -
Many experts agree that for the world to rein in rising greenhouse gas emissions, the galloping economies of China and India would have to figure out how to base their future economic expansion on technologies and fuels that are “cleaner” than the fossil fuels the United States and Europe used in their own industrial revolutions long ago.
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Indian Outsourcing Firms Use H-1B To Displace U.S. High-Tech Workforce - Manufacturing & Technology News
The U.S. visa programs that allow companies to hire skilled foreign workers is "out of control" and is costing Americans hundreds of thousands of jobs, according to an analysis from the Economic Policy Institute.
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Tata’s Nano, the People’s Car That Few Want to Buy -
When it was introduced in early 2009, the egg-shaped Tata Nano was billed as a modern-day people’s car, an ultracheap vehicle that would bring greater mobility to the masses of India and, eventually, the world. But those ambitions have stalled — for now, at least.
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Hewlett-Packard To Set Up 3 Outsourcing Centers In India -
Hewlett-Packard Co. Tuesday said it will set up three outsourcing centers in India to support rising demand for low-cost services from clients around the world.
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