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Trump Promises New Rules for Skilled-Worker Visas Soon - WSJ
President says changes could create a potential path to citizenship for H1-B visa holders.
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Canada Says, ‘Give Me Your MBAs, Your Entrepreneurs’ - Bloomberg
In August, there were about 570,000 international students in Canada, a 60 percent jump from three years ago. That surge is helping power the biggest increase in international immigration in more than a century. The country took in 425,000 people in the 12 months through September, boosting population growth to a three-decade high of 1.4 percent, the fastest pace in the Group of Seven club of industrialized nations.
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H-1B Workers Are Leaving Trump’s America for the Canadian Dream - Bloomberg
The long wait for green cards was bad enough. Antagonism toward immigrants is pushing skilled foreigners across the border.
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Big American tech companies are snapping up H1-B visas - CNBC
Four U.S. tech companies – Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, and Google – were among the top 10 employers for approved H-1B applications in FY 2017, according to a new study.
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Trump's war on immigration causing Silicon Valley brain drain - CNBC
Trump, through a number of executive orders and memos from various U.S. agencies has started narrowing visa requirements.
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Amazon's finalist cities have one trait in common that few are talking about - Business Insider
Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum, points out that Amazon's 20 finalist cities have a little-discussed trait in common.
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How big business is trying to convince Congress to save the ‘Dreamers’ from Trump - The Washington Post
Business leaders across industries, from tech to agriculture, are appealing to Congress to protect nearly 800,000 undocumented workers from deportation as President Trump is expected on Tuesday to announce a plan to revoke their permission to work.
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U.S. retailers hit as immigration worries weigh on Hispanic spending - Reuters
Many U.S. Hispanics are venturing out only to buy essential goods and are cutting back on discretionary spending, worried about possible harassment by immigration or law enforcement officials since the election of U.S. President Donald Trump, according to community groups, research firms and retailers.
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Immigration Is at the Heart of U.S. Competitiveness - HBR
I believe the U.S. draws its global competitive advantage from its openness to new people and new ideas. It’s an ability the country devalues at its peril. We risk impeding growth in sectors such as high tech and life sciences if we make it harder for top talent to arrive and compete for jobs. From my personal experience, including in the corner office, I firmly believe that curtailing immigration will make it harder to sustain America’s vibrant, creative mix.
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Trump Seeks Headway on 'Buy American, Hire American' Pledge - IndustryWeek
Donald Trump on April 18 moved to make good on one of his emblematic pledges -- "Buy American, Hire American" -- by issuing a decree on tightening skilled-worker visa rules, but his room for maneuver remains limited without wider congressional reform.
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How Immigrants Changed the Geography of Innovation - CityLab
A new report shows how immigrants fueled regional inventiveness, bolstered creative momentum within their industries, and drove long-term technological growth.
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Fascinating maps show where people move in the U.S. when they come from overseas - The Washington Post
Many American cities are distinctly shaped by ties to other parts of the world. Washington has its Ethiopian community, and the restaurants that have come with it. Chicago has its Mexican neighborhoods, Minneapolis its Hmong culture, Miami its links to Cuba.
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Employers Need More Visas, but Abuse Claims Multiply - Stateline - The Pew Charitable
Tech companies, backed by many governors and mayors, want the federal government to expand the number of H1-B visas to fill high-skill jobs. But some labor advocates want to change or end the program, arguing that employers are exploiting it to find cheap, disposable labor.
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‘We’re In A Race For Talent': Mass. High-Skilled Visa Workaround Back In Budget - WBUR - NPR
The application period for H-1B visas began earlier this month and the annual quota was maxed out in just a week. Here in Massachusetts, some entrepreneurs are trying to work around the system through an experiment called the Global Entrepreneur in Residence Program.
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High-skilled visa applications hit record high - CNN Money
This year, 233,000 foreigners applied for the H-1B, the most common visa for high-skilled foreign workers. That's up significantly from 2014 (172,500 applications) and nearly double the applicants from two years ago (124,000).
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The Shocking Stats About Who's Really Starting Companies In America + Fast Company
Fully a third of venture-backed companies that went public between 2006 and 2012 had at least one immigrant founder at the helm. Arianna Huffington and other prominent entrepreneurs on why the U.S. needs to get creative about immigration policy.
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Canada Lays Out Welcome Mat for Entrepreneurs - Area Development Online
With a new plan to fast track visas and provide venture capital support, the Canadian government is hoping to attract individuals with the potential to positively impact Canada’s economy.
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Inside International Immigration in Pittsburgh: A look at High-Skilled High-Paying Occupations - Fourth Economy Consulting
From a purely economic perspective, this program is also desirable—corporations get the talent they need without having to relocate, while workers move to America and enjoy meaningful salaries and gain valuable experience. However, from the local workforce development perspective, this program is one way of assessing the real gap between what Pittsburgh employers need and what Pittsburgh residents can provide.
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Immigration Reform Would Impact Manufacturers - Area Development Online
Comprehensive immigration reform is one of the top priorities of the Obama administration. This includes reforms that will keep highly skilled workers in the United States, as well as the creation of a new system to bring skilled workers into the country when Americans aren’t available to fill jobs.
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Want to Get High-Skill Immigration Right? Think About Detroit - Jordan Weissmann - The Atlantic
Rust Belt cities are hoping that immigrants can help rebuild our their shrinking communities. Washington should gear policy to helping them.
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San Diego Mayor Building Economic Bridges to Tijuana -
Opening a satellite city office in a far-flung neighborhood is not unusual in sprawling cities like this one. But one thing sets apart Mayor Bob Filner’s newest outpost: it is in another country.
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Third Coast Diaspora: Chicago Is the World City - Pacific Standard
Chicago, where many academics and icons have moved to try out new ideas, makes the case that migrants are more important than density to the greatness of a city.
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The Radical Openness of Columbus, Ohio, USA - Intelligent Community Forum (ICF)
My most recent visit was to Columbus in the US state of Ohio. I took away pages of notes, which I will turn into a report for the international jury that helps select the Intelligent Community of the Year. I also took away one of those delights I mentioned – the pleasure of coming across something new.   
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H-1B Visa Applications As An Economic Indicator - Planet Money : NPR
The demand from American companies for high-skilled immigrants seems to be up this year. And that could mean something is about to change for the overall economy.
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Immigrant Population Growing Fastest in Many Cities -
The nations major metropolitan areas have long served as hubs attracting steady streams of immigrants from all over the world seeking opportunities. Now, as some cities lose residents and the native population ages, migration from abroad has overtaken homegrown and domestic population shifts in many urban areas.
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Can Immigration Reform Boost High-Skilled Manufacturing? - News
A comprehensive immigration reform policy that provides improved access to visas for high-skilled workers could provide a pathway to citizenship for many immigrants. These skilled employees have the potential to boost American manufacturing companies and help bridge the talent gap. President Obama and various industry groups support such reforms, but they may be facing an uphill battle.
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Can the U.S. Create 8.8 Million Jobs By Boosting Immigrant Start-ups? - Forbes
The EIR program is a good idea. But it would be even better to pass the Startup Visa Act because it would let proven entrepreneurs start their businesses here instead of taking them outside the country where others get the benefit of the training those entrepreneurs got in the U.S.
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Why America Is Losing the Race for Entrepreneurial Talent - Knowledge@Wharton
In 2005, immigrant entrepreneurs launched 52% of all startups in Silicon Valley. But today, the number has dropped to 44%, and America is not only losing the opportunity to create new jobs but also losing its competitive edge, argues Vivek Wadhwa
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The Door for Immigration Reform is Open. But How Wide? - Brookings Institution
The 2012 elections illustrated how the emergence of a new American mainstream played an important role in re-electing President Obama, potentially opening the door for debate, compromise, and action on immigration reform. This past Wednesday, President Obama expressed confidence that immigration reform is possible early in the beginning of his second term. Despite a divided Congress, it is in the interest of both sides of the aisle to fix America’s immigration system.
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november 2012 by areadevelopment
See Ya Later, Innovator: U.S. Turns Its Back On Foreign-Born Entrepreneurs - ReadWriteWeb
Immigration has always been the engine that drives the American economy. In Silicon Valley, foreign-born entrepreneurs have founded half the region’s startups in recent years - and kept the U.S. economy moving forward. So what happens if that innovation engine stalls? We’re about to find out.
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october 2012 by areadevelopment
Immigrant Entrepreneurship Has Stalled for the First Time in Decades, Kauffman Foundation Study Shows
New book based on findings warns of potential dire consequences for U.S. economy and urges swift action to reverse the trend
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Canada to create visa to attract start-up entrepreneurs - Reuters
Venture capital funds would identify people for start-ups - Canada wants to lure high-tech and other entrepreneurs - Sweeping changes being made to immigration system
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Immigrant-Friendly Cities Want What Arizona Doesn’t - Governing
In contrast to some states’ anti-immigration policies, a few cities are actively trying to attract immigrants to boost their own economies.
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Improved Immigration Laws Would Help Foreign Student Entrepreneurs Launch U.S. Companies, Create U.S. Jobs - Kauffman
Legal, entrepreneurship experts at the University of Missouri–Kansas City propose reforms to keep entrepreneurial talent in the United States to support economic growth
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august 2012 by areadevelopment
The Search for Skills: Demand for H-1B Immigrant Workers in U.S. Metropolitan Areas - Brookings Institution
Demand for H-1B workers has fluctuated with economic and political cycles over the last decade and reflects a wide range of employers’ needs for high-skilled temporary workers.
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New Kauffman Videos Feature America’s Great Job Creators: Immigrant Entrepreneurs
U.S. company founders from other countries voice benefits and losses for U.S. economy due to visa backlogs for high-skilled immigrants
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Patent Pending: How Immigrants are Reinventing the American Economy - Partnership for a New American Economy
“Patent Pending: How Immigrants Are Reinventing The American Economy" examines the contribution of foreign-born inventors to the American economy. From more efficient ways to purify seawater to metals that can be molded like plastic, the report highlights several immigrant inventors behind some of the most cutting-edge technologies.
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june 2012 by areadevelopment
Immigrants Keep Small-Business Faith -
Newcomers to the U.S. Are Increasingly Opening Firms Beyond Major Cities, Energizing Local Economies
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Pittsburgh's new immigrants equal brain gain - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The saga of an immigrant's hopeful journey, hard work and readjustment to a new life in America is a Pittsburgh meme, within memory for many families and echoed by churches and fraternal halls. But in 21st-century Pittsburgh, his story is highly unusual -- especially compared with cities of similar size and demographic makeup.
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may 2012 by areadevelopment
New Bill Welcomes High-Tech Entrepreneurs to the U.S. - Mashable
After the JOBS Act legalized crowdfunding-based investments in new businesses, the startup community set its sights on a new legislative goal: granting visas to foreigners who are pursuing a high-tech degree or building a business in the United States.
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may 2012 by areadevelopment
Lawmakers Want High-Tech Foreigners to Stay in the U.S. - Mashable
Top American universities attract some of the planet’s brightest minds to pursue graduate degrees in the U.S. But thousands of those best and brightest head for the exits almost immediately after they complete their academic programs.
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may 2012 by areadevelopment
Winning the Global War for Tech Talent - Harvard Business Review
It is time for immigration reform that will keep more top technical talent in the United States. Today, American colleges and universities are educating foreign nationals who come here to earn advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM fields).
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Made in the USA — but by foreign employees? -
Why are U.S. manufacturers now being forced to go abroad in their search for skilled factory workers? Because that’s where they have to go to find qualified employees. As more American factories get back up and running, the demand for skilled factory workers has grown in leaps and bounds.
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Immigrants Help Fuel Tech Growth - Huff Post
Encouraged by free markets, individual liberty, and the right incentives, innovators can achieve technological wonders. But unfortunately, our immigration system limits their number.
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january 2012 by areadevelopment
The No-Brainer Issue of the Year: Let High-Skill Immigrants Stay - The Atlantic
Our policy toward the world's best and brightest is currently: "Welcome! Enjoy this expensive education. Now go home!" Does that make any sense?
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december 2011 by areadevelopment
Immigrants Take Key Management, Tech Roles in Top Venture-Funded Companies - WSJ
Immigrants have started nearly half of Americaě°Ë?€™s 50 top venture-funded companies and are key members of management or product development teams in almost 75 percent of those companies.
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december 2011 by areadevelopment
A Modest Proposal For Immigration: The $100,000 Green Card - TechCrunch
Permanent residence in the USA is a valuable asset that is enjoyed by most of you reading this article. Many potential immigrants from around the world want to acquire that asset and become valuable members of American society alongside us.Why don’t we let more of them join us?
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december 2011 by areadevelopment
House OKs More Green Cards for Skilled Workers - AllBusiness Daily News from
The U.S. House of Representatives voted Tuesday to eliminate a per-country limit on work visas, in a move intended to encourage more skilled immigrants to build careers and new companies in the United States rather than in their home countries.
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december 2011 by areadevelopment
Are you ready for an immigration audit? -
Your chances of undergoing an immigration audit have about doubled over the last few years. One employer who got audited has suggestions on how to handle the problem. The advice comes from an employer who tells his story about what happened when federal agents walked in and said, “Let’s see your I-9 forms.”
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november 2011 by areadevelopment
Canadian employers missing the potential for innovation and growth from immigrants - Deloitte Canada
According to a new white paper by Deloitte, Welcome to Canada. Now what? Unlocking the potential of immigrants for business growth and innovation, many Canadian employers are finding it easy to put diversity and inclusiveness into a mission statement, but difficult to put them into practice. In its second cross-country study of diversity practices called “Dialogue on diversity,” Deloitte learned that the dreams of educated newcomers – people vital to our economic growth – are being eroded by unrecognized credentials, no Canadian experience, a lack of support for networking, and lingering biases in recruitment.
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november 2011 by areadevelopment
Immigrant visa program to stimulate Maine business — Bangor Daily News
A visa program to stimulate business in western Maine is being announced. State and federal officials on Tuesday said the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has authorized a regional center in Rangeley to coordinate foreign investment and new job creation as part of the EB-5 employment-based visa program.
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october 2011 by areadevelopment
America's Demographic Opportunity -
Among the world’s major advanced countries, the United States remains a demographic outlier, with a comparatively youthful and growing population. This provides an unusual opportunity for America’s resurgence over the next several decades, as population growth elsewhere slows dramatically, and even declines dramatically, in a host of important countries.
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october 2011 by areadevelopment
Immigration & American Competitiveness: Event Highlights - NCF Blog
Last week, the National Chamber Foundation hosted New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, US Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas, and a set of esteemed panelists to discuss high-skilled immigration and American competitiveness.
government-policy  competitiveness  immigration 
october 2011 by areadevelopment
The Location of Foreign Human Capital in the United States - Economic Development Quarterly
Among the millions of newcomers entering the United States every decade, those with extensive human capital are of particular importance for local economies. This study uses data from the American Community Surveys, 2004 to 2007 and compares the locational patterns of highly educated individuals coming from abroad with that of highly educated individuals migrating internally.
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october 2011 by areadevelopment
We need to stop America’s brain drain - The Washington Post
The waiting time for permanent resident visas for educated workers from India is now 70 years, according to National Foundation for American Policy.
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october 2011 by areadevelopment
US Cities Entice Foreign Investors With Green Cards - Voice of America
Regions within the United States, hit hard by the economic recession are actively seeking foreign investors to help create more jobs. In exchange, the U.S. government is giving permanent residency, known as green cards, to the investors and their families. Quite a few investors from China are taking advantage of this opportunity.
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september 2011 by areadevelopment
Helping immigrant entrepreneurs create good U.S. jobs -
In 1873, German immigrant Levi Strauss made the first pair of blue jeans. In 1968, Hungarian-born Andy Grove founded the world's largest computer chip maker, Intel. They're just two examples of a longstanding American tradition of immigrants who come to our country, start a small business, and create millions of jobs.
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august 2011 by areadevelopment
Immigrant Innovators: Job Stealers or Job Creators? — HBS Working Knowledge
The House Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement met recently to hash out concerns related to the H-1B program, one of the most controversial of foreign visa topics in the United States. At issue was a stubborn question that politicians, corporations, academics, and lobbyists have been arguing since the creation of the program more than 20 years ago: Is the program helpful or hurtful to American workers?
immigration  startup  h-1b  innovation  this-week-136  around-the-web  twitterfeed 
august 2011 by areadevelopment
U.S. to Assist Immigrant Job Creators -
Alejandro Mayorkas, chief of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a unit of the Department of Homeland Security, on Tuesday will unveil several initiatives designed to attract and retain foreign entrepreneurs, particularly in the high-tech sector, who wish to launch start-up companies in the U.S.
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august 2011 by areadevelopment
Attracting the entrepreneurial immigrant - The Globe and Mail
With a low birth rate, Canada will need immigrants to help drive economic growth. But does our system reward the immigrants most likely to create that growth?
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august 2011 by areadevelopment
Why a Startup Visa Category Would Create U.S. Jobs - Mashable
Every day around the globe, ideas are generated, startups are conceived, and founders want to come to the United States to launch their companies — it’s the proverbial American dream. However, our current immigration policies have prevented many foreign-born startup founders from remaining in the U.S. And as they leave, they take innovative ideas and jobs with them.
EB-6-visa  h-1b  startup  startup-visa  immigration  workforce-development  this-week-135  around-the-web  twitterfeed 
july 2011 by areadevelopment
Renewed Emphasis On Innovation Could Boost U.S. Economy - NPR
In a sluggish economy with slow growth and high unemployment, innovation may be part of the solution.

Tom Clement is just the sort of entrepreneur the U.S. needs to propel the economy. He loves brainstorming and developing new ideas and turning them into products and companies.
innovation  economic-recovery  economic-development-news  workforce-development  immigration  startup  this-week-134  around-the-web  twitterfeed 
july 2011 by areadevelopment
'Brain Drain' or 'Brain Exchange': What Is the Cost When Immigrant Entrepreneurs Go Home? - Knowledge@Wharton
For a majority of highly skilled immigrants who want to start companies, the promised land is no longer the United States, writes Wadhwa and four co-authors in a recent report from the Kauffman Foundation, a Kansas City, Mo.-based non-profit that supports research on entrepreneurship. In "The Grass Is Indeed Greener in India and China for Returnee Entrepreneurs," the researchers surveyed 153 professionals who returned from the U.S. to India or China to start a business. They found that 72% of Indians and 81% of Chinese said the opportunities to start a company in their home countries "were better or much better" than in the United States.
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july 2011 by areadevelopment
Immigration and the death of the economic recovery - The Washington Post
Sadly, this is what the immigration debate has been reduced to: You are either a patriot or a traitor. There is no in-between and little logic. Now, as the U.S. economy sputters and stalls, is precisely the time to welcome the smartest, most ambitious people on Earth.
immigration  innovation  startup  h-1b  EB-6-visa  startup-visa  business-globalization  this-week-133  around-the-web  twitterfeed 
june 2011 by areadevelopment
Imported workers wanted in jobs-poor Michigan - Washington Times
In a state that has long suffered from one of the nation’s highest jobless rates, new GOPGov. Rick Snyder wants to import — literally — fresh competition for some of the best job openings the state has to offer.
workforce-development  economic-development-news  regional-reports  michigan  this-week-133  around-the-web  twitterfeed  immigration  EB-6-visa  h-1b 
june 2011 by areadevelopment
Indian Company Under Scrutiny Over U.S. Visas -
A giant Indian outsourcing company with thousands of employees in the United States is facing an expanding federal investigation prompted by claims from an American whistle-blower that it misused short-term visitors’ visas to bring in low-cost workers from India.
h-1b  EB-6-visa  immigration  outsourcing  business-globalization  this-week-132  around-the-web  twitterfeed 
june 2011 by areadevelopment
Nuances of Brain Drain - Inside Higher Ed
"Brain drain" and efforts to combat it continue to be a major motivation behind a range of higher education policies worldwide. While some of those efforts have succeeded, the ability of the United States and a few other English-speaking nations to attract the best talent to their shores is likely to continue, with serious ramifications for the rest of the world.
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june 2011 by areadevelopment
The Geography of Immigrant Skills: Educational Profiles of Metropolitan Areas - Brookings Institution
Since Congress last debated comprehensive immigration reform in 2007, the United States has experienced the Great Recession and now faces a slow recovery. Throughout, the highly charged public debate on immigration has focused on illegal immigration and its costs. Often lost in this discussion is the vital role of immigrants in the U.S. labor market.
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june 2011 by areadevelopment
'The Silicon Valley of the East' Is Washington, D.C. - The Atlantic
But in these suburbs of Washington this circuit is familiar. She is one of 40,000 Indian immigrants along the so-called Dulles Corridor between Fairfax and Loudoun counties, which rank as the two richest counties (measured by median household income) in the nation. Since the middle of the last decade, Loudoun's population has grown faster than that of any other U.S. county. And more than 5 percent of its residents were born in India.
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june 2011 by areadevelopment
Taken for Granted: Immigrants and Entrepreneurship - Science Careers
Immigration, innovation, and the connection between them are hot topics once again. With the labor market in the doldrums, America's technical supremacy under challenge from abroad, and the political issue of immigration reform heating up, many argue that immigrants have a special propensity for innovation and entrepreneurship that can help spark badly needed economic growth.
workforce-development  immigration  innovation  startup  EB-6-visa  h-1b  this-week-130  around-the-web  twitterfeed 
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