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Global Location Trends - IBM
As the global economy grows stronger, clouds of uncertainty shroud future prospects of global investment flows. The political rhetoric on trade is changing, and disruptive technologies are reconfiguring how and where value is created.
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Fifty years in, IBM is still shaping Austin's tech sector - 512tech
IBM’s 50th anniversary in Austin comes as the company is struggling to reinvent itself, as growth in IBM’s legacy businesses selling hardware, software and services is slowing amid the shift to cloud computing.
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Is IBM’s Rethinking of Its Remote Work Policy a Bellwether? - Knowledge@Wharton
There used to be a joke at IBM that the company acronym stood for “I’m By Myself.” The software giant was once a model for telecommuting, saving significant operational costs by allowing many employees to work from home. But IBM recently gave thousands of its remote employees an ultimatum: Return to the office or find a new job.
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IBM is ending its decades-old remote work policy - Quartz
What IBM should value most, says John Sullivan, a professor of management at San Francisco State University who specializes in HR strategy, are better ideas. “It turns out the value of innovation is so strong that it trumps any productivity gain,” he says, pointing to companies like Apple and Facebook that make around $2 million per employee (IBM makes about $200,000 for each employee). “[Remote work] was a great strategy for the 90s and the 80s, but not for 2015.” He thinks that working together in person is one key to innovation.
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Trump and jobs: Tech companies' progress so far - CNBC
IBM, Amazon, SoftBank, and Alibaba all made high-profile pledges to create U.S. jobs. Progress has been mixed, with Amazon hiring the most so far.
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IBM job numbers fall again; more incentives on hold - KMIZ
The state of Missouri suspended another business incentive for IBM, the major corporation that's fallen far short of its anticipated job growth in mid-Missouri.
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Faster Than a (3-D Printed) Speeding Bullet - IndustryWeek
How Jabil Circuit is partnering with Hewlett-Packard to develop stronger parts, shorten product development life cycles and overhaul supply chains with the help of additive manufacturing.
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IBM launches cloud ‘dojo’ - Triangle Business Journal
Decades ago, The Frontier in Research Triangle Park was a typical 80s-era IBM building, with long, windowless hallways and small isolated offices.
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Now IBM Watson wants to look after your office, too - ZDNet
Siemens and IBM have announced they are working together to integrate software from IBM's Watson IoT Business Unit, including analytics and asset management, into Siemens cloud-based Navigator energy and sustainability management platform to make it easier to manage smart buildings.
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IBM Bets on Watson With New Global Research Center in Germany - Bloomberg Business
The Internet of Things division will play a key role in driving revenue and profit within five years, Harriet Green, IBM’s vice president and general manager for Internet of Things and Education, told Bloomberg Television’s Ryan Chilcote in an interview.
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Searching for Eureka: IBM’s path back to greatness, and how it could change the world - Quartz
This is IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights—the crown jewel of its network of research facilities. It’s a world away from the corporate headquarters, just 11 miles down the road in Armonk. Inside, tucked away in tiny laboratories, IBM has scientists working, as it has for the last 54 years, on projects that could give it another world-altering technology, like those in the list above.
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Why body language is the next frontier for robots - Fortune
On Wednesday, at an annual conference focused on robotics for businesses, Robert High, chief technology officer of IBM’s Watson supercomputing division, shared the stage with a little white robot. He used the occasion to explain the evolution of robotic technology and how businesses outside of manufacturing can use robots.
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Why IBM's CEO is Hiring Brooklyn Teens - CNNMoney
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty talks exclusively to CNNMoney's Cristina Alesci about why her company is betting on a new type of school called P-TECH to address the skills gap.
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IBM Discloses Working Version of a Much Higher-Capacity Chip - The New York Times
The announcement, made on behalf of an international consortium led by IBM, the giant computer company, is part of an effort to manufacture the most advanced computer chips in New York’s Hudson Valley, where IBM is investing $3 billion in a private-public partnership with New York State, GlobalFoundries, Samsung and equipment vendors.
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State Suspends IBM Incentives After Layoffs - Columbia Daily Tribune
When IBM first came to Columbia in 2010, company and local officials extolled its economic importance, predicting it would bring 800 well-paying jobs to the city by the end of 2012.
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CenturyLink and State of Louisiana create innovative model to drive high-value skills for the Digital Economy - IBM News room
As part of a 10-year business transformation agreement between IBM and CenturyLink, IBM will open and staff the new applications development innovation center in Monroe, creating at least 400 new roles for experienced professionals and drawing heavily on graduates from the state’s colleges and universities.
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february 2015 by areadevelopment
IBM To Establish Application Development-Innovation Center In Monroe, Louisiana - Area Development
IBM will establish an Application Development and Innovation Center in Monroe, Louisiana. The location will provide software technology services to clients across the United States. IBM also will partner with CenturyLink on research, development and product innovation initiatives.
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february 2015 by areadevelopment
Topping-Off Ceremony Held For IBM Technology Center In Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Area Development
A topping-off ceremony was held for the IBM technology center now under construction and slated for completion in May 2015 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
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december 2014 by areadevelopment
IBM-USC-Fluor Corporation Form Center for Applied Innovation in Columbia, South Carolina - Area Development
IBM, the University of South Carolina and Fluor Corporation announced the formation of the Center for Applied Innovation in Columbia, South Carolina. The Center will initially be located in existing facilities on USC's campus and is expected to move to a new office building in the Innovista Research District in 2016.
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IBM Research Discovers New Class of Industrial Polymers -
New experimental polymers could deliver cheaper, lighter, stronger and recyclable materials ideal for electronics, aerospace, airline and automotive industries
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may 2014 by areadevelopment
Corporate Entrepreneurs Are at the Heart of Downtown Revitalizations - Governing
Private-sector actors are reshaping the center of some cities in ways local governments no longer have the ability to do themselves.
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january 2014 by areadevelopment
IBM Invests $1 Billion To Establish Watson Group Unit In NYC’s Silicon Alley - Area Development
IBM will invest $1 billion to establish the IBM Watson Group, a new business unit dedicated to the development and commercialization of cloud-delivered cognitive innovations, headquartered in NYC's "Silicon Alley."
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IBM Opens Federal Cloud Innovation Center in Washington, D.C - Area Development Online
IBM opened a Federal Cloud Innovation Center in Washington, D.C. dedicated to helping federal agencies and other public sector organizations advance the adoption of cloud computing across the government.
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IBM Plans To Establish Downtown, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Technology Services Center - Area Development Online
A $55 million urban development project in downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will become home to its new IBM Technology Services Center, which is estimated will create 800 jobs.
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IBM to Establish Its Baton Rouge, Louisiana Technology Service Center In a Mixed-Use Riverfront Complex - Area Development Online
IBM will partner with Louisiana State University to establish a technology service center in downtown Baton Rouge that will provide software development and maintenance services, with estimates of creating 800 jobs.
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IBM Migrates it’s “Big Data” Business Inland - Area Development Online
Welcome to the world of data everywhere. Chips in your shoes, a smart device in your pocket, GPS satellites, banks of computing power, and all the petabytes they generate are “big data.”
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A Brooklyn High School Takes a New Approach to Vocational Education -
Students use computers even in English class at the Pathways in Technology Early College High School, also known as P-Tech.
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Global CEO Study: Command & Control Meets Collaboration - IBM
A new IBM study of more than 1,700 Chief Executive Officers from 64 countries and 18 industries worldwide reveals that CEOs are changing the nature of work by adding a powerful dose of openness, transparency and employee empowerment to the command-and-control ethos that has characterized the modern corporation for more than a century.
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