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French Companies Have Newfound Freedom … to Fire - The New York Times
Just weeks after France’s labor overhaul went into effect, companies are readily taking advantage of new rules that make it easier to hire and fire. But the other changes, those designed to help cushion the blow like retraining programs, haven’t been put into place yet, leaving workers vulnerable to a coming wave of downsizing.
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Reveelium Inc Plans N.A. Headquarters In Columbus, Ohio Region - Area Development
Reveelium Inc., a subsidiary of French-based cybersecurity solution company ITrust, will expand its presence in the United States with a new North American headquarters in metro Columbus, Ohio.
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France-Based Thales Expands To Orlando, Florida - Area Development
Thales, a France-based global technology leader for the aerospace, transport, defense and security markets, will expand in Orlando, Florida. The company plans on adding 173 new jobs in the region and investing $6.5 million in the local community.
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France-Based SkyRoad International Opens U.S. Headquarters In Miami, Florida - Area Development
SkyRoad International, a French-based company that uses technology to provide logistical support for airline travelers, opened its U.S. headquarters in Miami, Florida. The company added 90 jobs to the southern region of the Sunshine State. The company also unveiled plans for $300,000 in new capital investments within three years.
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Saft : manufacturing plant in Jacksonville draws attention from Governor Scott to President Obama - 4-Traders
It was soon revealed that the company was Saft, a French firm that wanted to build a plant to make lithium-ion batteries. But it was reported that the deal hinged on Saft getting a grant of close to $100 million from the federal government.
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Beating Competitors with High-Speed Innovation - strategy+business
With the help of the boutique consulting firm ExploLab, SNCF set up TGVLab, a small unit responsible for identifying, prioritizing, piloting, and validating innovative service ideas that carried a high risk but also held great potential for revenue growth in TGV.
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