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New England governors discuss ways to chop energy prices - The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram
Gov. Paul LePage joined Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who said that the challenges of energy policy are greater than one state alone can solve.
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One Montana Town Finds Itself Buckling Beneath The Oil Boom - NPR
Oil development is significantly straining communities across the Great Plains. In small Sidney, Mont., a steady stream of big rigs pounds the streets as a rapidly increasing population stretches the towns sewer system to its limit. As Dan Boyce reports, the mayor says the town has nowhere near enough money to pay for all of its infrastructure needs.
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CB&I Relocates Government Solutions Division To Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Area Development Online
Energy infrastructure-focused company CB&I will centralize and relocate a portion of its workforce to the company’s Government Solutions operating group in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The project will retain 180 existing employees in its Government Solutions unit at the CB&I Plaza and add 400 additional employees, many from out of state.
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