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State Small Business Credit Initiative: A Summary of States'2014 Annual Reports - The U.S. Department of The Treasury
SSBCI was created by the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 to support private lending and investing in small businesses. From 2011 through 2014, States reported that they had expended $864 million in SSBCI funds which, in turn, supported over 12,400 private sector loans or investments to small businesses totaling $6.4 billion.
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Northeast Ohio and the San Francisco Bay Area Have More in Common than NBA MVPs and Championship Games - Ray Leach - Huff Post
Whether it is on the basketball court or in the venture capital industry's efforts to advance the progress and impact of tech-based entrepreneurs, leaders from Silicon Valley and Cleveland have much to learn from each other.
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Tired of Waiting for U.S. to Act, States Pass Crowdfunding Laws and Rules -
State agencies and lawmakers, tired of waiting, are taking action, passing crowdfunding laws and regulations to let local businesses raise money from local residents. The movement is growing. Twenty-two states and the District of Columbia have enacted such rules, nine of them in the last six months.
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Despite gains in VC, Michigan needs more capital to fuel growing companies - MiBiz
After more than a decade of private and public investments, the growth in Michigan’s venture capital industry has created a large demand for further investments to increase the available funds and support previously funded startups.
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States Tout Crowdfunding As The Future Of Private Investment - NPR
Congress approved a law creating a federal framework for equity crowdfunding. The goal was simple: give startups another option to get their ideas off the ground. Supporters say it trumps traditional methods, like securing hard-to-get bank loans, tracking down angel investors or going public and selling stock. But years later, the Securities and Exchange Commission still hasn't finalized rules. That's why Minnesota, and at least a dozen other states, have either considered or passed their own crowdfunding laws.
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Early-stage venture capital: More regions get in on the action - Brookings Institution
figures on regional concentrations of early-stage capital in the U.S. The table below shows the top 20 metropolitan areas for first fundings in 2014 and for first-funding density (taking into account population)
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Start-Up Capital Is Spreading Across the U.S. - HBR
While a handful of well-known cities continue to dominate the landscape of early-stage venture-backed entrepreneurship, a non-trivial amount of catch-up by other cities has occurred.
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Are tech cities the real drivers behind entrepreneurship, innovation? ventureburn
Can purpose-built technology cities turn regions in emerging economies into the next Silicon Valley? This is what some may be asking after plans by Russia and now Kenya to boost their startup scenes through massive hub cities have recently come under fire.
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MA Adopts Crowdfunding Exemption; Is AZ Next? - SSTI
Less than two months into 2015, Massachusetts and potentially Arizona will join the growing number of states that have adopted intrastate crowdfunding exemptions – one of the emerging trends in economic development from 2014.
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United States of crowdfunding: Rules for crowdsourcing investment, state by state -
Oregon is preparing to join 15 states that have implemented rules to let businesses raise money through investment crowdfunding. Unlike crowdfunding through websites like Kickstarter, these investors would get equity in the company or debt. Instead of getting a small gift or prototype in return, they could make a return on their investment — or lose it.
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Triangle startups benefiting from growth of corporate venture capital -
Corporate venture capital investments totaled $3.1 billion last year, well more than double the amount companies invested in startups in 2008, when the recession put a damper on corporate V, according to data compiled by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association. So far this year, corporate VC investments are on track to reach their highest level since 2000.
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Column: Michigan beginning to lure venture capitalists -
Michigan’s venture capital is expanding. According to a recent report issued by the Michigan Venture Capital Association, capital under management, the number of venture capital firms, the number of professional investors and the number of deals in Michigan are all trending upward, and have shown significant increases in the past five years.
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In Maryland's 'innovation economy,' a contrarian view of acquisitions -
Region's startup community is growing but dwarfed by Silicon Valley; entrepreneurs want more California money to flow here
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Three things biotech entrepreneurs should know about St. Louis - MedCity News
A new district for entrepreneurs, researchers and investors is drawing in local and transplanted companies. And, investors are starting to appreciate the economics of deals done in the Midwest.
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january 2014 by areadevelopment
South Dakota aims to bolster venture capital - The Argus Leader
DocuTap is the kind of success story South Dakota would like to tell more often: creative entrepreneurs turning ideas into successful startup companies that have the potential to become high-growth businesses. It is also a type of entrepreneurship – driven by technology and innovation – that hasn’t been well supported by the states existing incentive programs, South Dakotas top economic development official said.
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january 2014 by areadevelopment
How do Michigan and Wisconsin Compare in the Eyes of VCs? - Xconomy
One thing they definitely have in common: a desire to foster a new, innovative slice of the local economy, built on high-growth technology companies.
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WI Lawmakers Embrace Crowdfunding; NJ May Be Next - SSTI Weekly Digest
A measure to amend the state securities laws in order to permit equity crowdfunding won approval in the Wisconsin Legislature following swift and unanimous passage in the Senate this week. The bill, called the Wisconsin Crowdfunding and Securities Exemptions (CASE) for Jobs Act, is aimed at providing better access to small business capital by connecting Wisconsin-based investors with startups through crowdfunding websites. Wisconsin now joins three other states, Georgia, Kansas and North Carolina, that have enacted similar securities exemptions. Lawmakers across several states, including in New Jersey, have cited frustrations regarding the delay in full implementation of the federal JOBS Act as a reason for creating the state-level exemptions.
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You Don’t Have to Be in Silicon Valley to Build the Next Great Internet Company - Walter Frick - Harvard Business Review
While Silicon Valley continues to dwarf other regions around the world in terms of venture capital investments and successful exits Steve Case, AOL founder turned VC and entrepreneurship advocate, is placing his bets across the rest of America, on what he calls “the rise of the rest.”
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How To Grow A Venture Capital Ecosystem - Forbes
I believe we can find answers in the history of Silicon Valley.  There, we can ask the question: what was venture capital before venture capital?  And when we do that, we discover that the answer is simple.  It was people.
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august 2013 by areadevelopment
Bill would allow ‘crowdfunding’ of Wisconsin businesses - Journal Times
Four other states have passed similar “crowdfunding” legislation or are looking to do so, modeling it off a similar federal proposal.
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AZ, NJ, WI Increase Capital for Entrepreneurship, MN's Angel Tax Credit Closed for 2013 - SSTI Weekly Digest
Over the last week, several states have announced/passed new programs focused on increasing the capital available to spur small business growth and innovation. Officials from New Jersey announced the state's new angel tax credit will take effect July 1. In Arizona and Wisconsin two bills await gubernatorial approval that would rework the Arizona R&D tax credit program and establish a $75 million venture capital fund in Wisconsin. Meanwhile, the Minnesota state legislature did not approve an additional $5 million for its popular Small Business Investment Tax Credit.
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Wisconsin lawmakers approve venture capital bill - Businessweek
State lawmakers on Tuesday approved legislation that would invest millions of dollars in public and private money in Wisconsin startups despite criticism that the investment targets only limited industries.
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For Growth: Please Extend the Seed Capital Tax Credit – Disruptive Growth - BDN Maine Blogs
The Seed Capital Tax Credit Program offers a crucial bridge between “friends and family” startup funding and “institutional / venture capital” growth financing.  
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Inside Wisconsin: Bipartisan Assembly support for venture capital bill encouraging - Wisconsin State Journal
Thursday’s overwhelming vote for Assembly Bill 181 sets the stage for a $25 million state investment in a “fund of funds,” which would attract a 2-to-1 private match to invest in some of Wisconsin’s most promising early-stage companies. The state would be a limited partner in the fund, which is modeled after similar programs in other states, meaning it would share in the profits down the road as those companies mature.
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Next Stage Funding for “Growing Iowa’s Own” - Innovation America
The legislation establishes a means by which equity investors can secure state tax credits worth 25% of their equity investment in an Iowa company. The bill allows one-time only transferability of the credit and removes any waiting period to apply for the credit.
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North Dakota's $1.1M bet on Alien Technology pending - The Dickinson Press North Dakota
Four years after Alien Technology closed its Fargo plant, it remains unclear whether the $1.1 million bet state officials in North Dakota placed on the California-based maker of “smart tags” will ever pay off or even be paid back. It’s the only equity position the state’s gap financing fund holds in a company that doesn’t do business in North Dakota — a deal a national economic development expert said is unusual because of its risks.
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One State Is Leading In Investment Crowdfunding: Guess Which One - Forbes
Add North Carolina to the growing list of states working on intrastate investment crowdfunding legislation, especially as the equity crowdfunding proposal of the Jumpstart Our Business Startup Act (JOBS Act) won’t be brought up by the SEC for a three-month public commenting until the end of August at the earliest.
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may 2013 by areadevelopment
N.H.-focused venture capital fund sets $30 million goal, announces first 3 investments - Concord Monitor
Three state companies are getting an undisclosed amount of money from a new venture capital fund set up in part by the New Hampshire Business Finance Authority.
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