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Why Des Moines and Iowa business leaders support NAFTA - Des Moines Register
Iowa exports more to our two NAFTA partners – Canada and Mexico – than to the next 23 countries combined. Iowa stands to lose a great deal if the North American Free Trade Agreement is dismantled, rather than updated and improved.
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Report: Autos Are Indiana's 2nd-Largest Manufacturing Sector - US News
A new report says the automotive manufacturing sector is a $15.8 billion industry that employs more than 100,000 people in Indiana.
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AMPAC Fine Chemicals Acquires Manufacturing Complex In Petersburg, Virginia - Area Development
AMPAC Fine Chemicals acquired the assets of UniTao Pharmaceuticals, comprising of the former Boehringer Ingelheim manufacturing facility in Petersburg, Virginia.
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Q&A: John Grady of PIDC - The Philadelphia Inquirer
For someone like Philadelphia Industrial Development Corp. chief executive John Grady, who has spent his entire career boosting cities, what's happening in Philadelphia now must be some kind of happy vindication, right?
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World Business Chicago grows as it pursues economic development - Crain's Chicago Business
About three dozen companies have moved to Chicago during Mayor Rahm Emanuel's time in office—including, most recently, packaged-foods giant Con-Agra—a testament both to the mayor's zealous pursuit of economic development and the money and connections of World Business Chicago, a group run by the city's corporate chiefs.
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october 2015 by areadevelopment
Nevada Reestablishes Office of Science, Innovation, and Technology - SSTI
As part of Nevada’s efforts to better prepare its workers to compete in the state’s technology industries, Gov. Brian Sandoval announced the reestablishment of the state’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology.
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Tech Centers Combine to Create Maine Business Incubation System (MeBIS) - MCED
MeBIS to provide business assistance to entrepreneurs across the state while building a technology infrastructure and leveraging new and existing resources
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february 2012 by areadevelopment
5 Ways Cities Are Using Social Media to Reverse Economic Downturn - Mashable
The economic downturn has forced cities and states across the country to be more creative as they compete to attract companies and stimulate local economies.
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