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Where Millennials and Seniors Have Moved Since the Recession - Route Fifty
As for where young adults are migrating, Houston; Denver; Dallas; Seattle; Austin, Texas; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Portland, Oregon all saw net migration gains exceeding 7,000 people.
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U-Haul Names Top 50 Growth States For 2018
Texas registered as the U-Haul No. 1 Growth State in America for the third consecutive year, according to U-Haul® data analyzing U.S. migration trends for 2018.

U-Haul Growth States are calculated by the net gain of one-way U-Haul trucks entering a state versus leaving that state during a calendar year. Migration trends data is compiled from more than 2 million one-way U-Haul truck sharing transactions that occur annually.
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How Your School Affects Where You Live - Emsi
Where do graduates move after college? Ivy League grads move to the big cities. Community college grads stay close to home. But what about everyone else?
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Brain Gain: Professionals Find Niche in Rural Upper Midwest - Daily Yonder
Winchester looked at Census data to show that the so-called rural “brain drain” popularized in the 2009 book “Hollowing Out the Middle” is being countered by “brain gain.” Rural communities may be losing high school graduates, but they’re gaining residents with more skills and education, according to studies in Minnesota and Nebraska. In Minnesota, Winchester found that most rural Minnesota counties have gained 30- to 49-year-olds, early- to mid-career Minnesotans with significant resources and connections. 
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Where Graduates Move After College - WSJ
Which cities have the most drawing power among college grads? Small metros lose out to big ones in gaining graduates, but some buck the trend. Our database of 445 schools shows where the alumni of each one wind up.
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Millennial growth and “footprints” are greatest in the South and West - Brookings
Drawing from my report, “The millennial generation: A demographic bridge to America’s diverse future,” the maps below depict the range of millennial growth and presence across the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas over the first half of this decade.
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Many Northeast, Midwest States Face Shrinking Workforce - Stateline - The Pew Charitable Trusts
In many parts of the Northeast and Midwest, population growth is slowing at an unprecedented rate as people are getting older, women are having fewer children, and more people are moving out than in — and that signals big economic trouble ahead.
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When We Make a Move, It's Less Likely to be Nearby - Stateline - The Pew Charitable Trusts
Fewer people moved to new residences within the county in which they lived in 2014 than in 2005. However, more people moved longer distances and from abroad. Thirty-one states saw declines in the number of people moving within county boundaries, while 43 states registered more people moving across county boundaries and from other states. Thirty-seven states saw more people moving in from abroad. Hover over states for details.
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Fascinating maps show where people move in the U.S. when they come from overseas - The Washington Post
Many American cities are distinctly shaped by ties to other parts of the world. Washington has its Ethiopian community, and the restaurants that have come with it. Chicago has its Mexican neighborhoods, Minneapolis its Hmong culture, Miami its links to Cuba.
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How U.S. Cities Have Changed Since 2000 - Stateline - The Pew Charitable Trusts
Some cities have shrunk since 2000, almost all of them in the industrial Midwest. A string of cities from Chicago to Syracuse, N.Y., experienced the sharpest drops. The deep South and Northeast also saw some urban populations contract or grow slowly, while no cities shrunk in the West or Southwest.
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America's Smartest Cities -
In this difficult recovery, many of the strongest local economies have been those with a high share of educated people in their workforce, particularly areas where technology companies and other knowledge-based industries are growing most rapidly. To determine the metro areas that are gaining brainpower in the 21stCentury, we scored the nation’s 380 metropolitan statistical areas based on three criteria.
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Where Young College Graduates Are Choosing to Live -
As young people continue to spurn the suburbs for urban living, more of them are moving to the very heart of cities. The number of college-educated people age 25 to 34 living within three miles of city centers has surged, even as the total population of these neighborhoods has slightly shrunk. Some cities are attracting young talent while their overall population falls, like Pittsburgh and New Orleans. And in a reversal, others that used to be magnets, like Atlanta and Charlotte, are struggling to attract them at the same rate.
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Building a Mini Silicon Valley - Innovation Hub - WGBH
How do states with smaller populations grab young talent? We look at Vermont’s strategy - and why it’s so tough to lure millennials away from New York, San Francisco, and Chicago.
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A Look at College Degree Migration -
Regions like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago can take heart from the fact that they are still among the top destinations of in-migrants with college degrees. But, Unfortunately for them, even higher numbers of people left.
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A State-by-State Look at Where Each Generation Lives - Governing
Millennials, Gen Xers and baby boomers different needs and wants lead them to flock to different places.
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Where Cities Are Growing Faster Than Their Suburbs - CityLab
In 19 of the 51 largest U.S. metros, including knowledge centers like New York and Austin, the city grew faster than the suburbs last year.
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America's New Brainpower Cities -
The clear pattern now is for brainpower, like population and jobs, to continue dispersing, largely to the South, the Southeast and the Intermountain West, with ramifications that will be felt in the economy in the decades ahead.
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Startup City: The Urban Shift in Venture Capital and High Technology - Martin Prosperity Institute
San Franciscos SoMa neighborhood; Cambridge, Massachusetts Kendall Square; Lower Manhattan: These are the dense, walkable neighborhoods that have become the new hubs of America’s tech scene, as the center of gravity for venture investment and start-up activity shifts from suburbs to urban centers.
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The Pink Zone: Why Detroit is the New Brooklyn - Fortune Features
Detroit is going to be the next "Brooklyn." Perhaps not all of Detroit. But certainly a portion of the city has the potential to become as rich and thriving as New York's trendiest borough.
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Innovation Districts Appear in Cities as disparate as Montreal and London - Brookings Institution
For years, corporate campuses like Silicon Valley were known for innovation. Located in suburban corridors that were only accessible by car, these places put little emphasis on creating communities where people work, live and go out. But now, as the economy emerges from the recession, a shift is occurring where innovation is taking place.
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To Attract Tech Workers, Developer Envisions the City in the Suburbs - Xconomy
Can a real estate developer create the feeling of an urban neighborhood, complete with its grit and culture, in the suburbs? Assuming it’s possible would such a place attract the kind of employees that technology companies today are competing to hire?
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Where Working-Age Americans Are Moving - Forbes
A close look at recent migration data shows that a significant number of younger people do indeed prefer urban life and can endure, temporarily at least, the high housing costs that go with it. However, the data also show that as they age, Americans continue, in general, to shift to suburbs, and later smaller communities, looking to buy homes and start families.
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Analysis: Who's Moving to Your State? - Governing
To examine differences in each state’s newest residents, Governing compiled updated data published by the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Mobility data was pulled for two groups: those moving from a different state (about 7.1 million individuals nationwide) and from abroad (approximately 1.8 million).
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Millennials Seek Downtown Living, Planners Respond | Planetizen: The Urban Planning, Design, and Development Network
Recent studies show that upwards of 77% of Millennials are opting to live in urban areas. The impact on the local economy will be huge, IF urban planners rethink how we build our downtowns.
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Richard Florida and the Great Creative Class Migration - Pacific Standard
The demand for labor explains a lot of migration patterns. Where the uneducated once moved to staff large industrial centers, now those with the means and a college education flock to feed the Innovation Economy that is rising from their ashes.
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Video: The Future of Cities -
Fareed Zakaria discusses global trends in urbanization and suburbanization with an expert panel.
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Beyond Brain Drain and the Need to Get Serious About Talent Recruitment - The Urbanophile
The dominant talent paradigm in America today is “brain drain.” The idea is to prevent educated people, particularly the young who grew up or went to school in a particular place, from leaving.
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Tech Talent Recruiting Geography: How Silicon Valley Will Compete - Pacific Standard
The Innovation Economy peaked with the last financial crisis. In the emerging epoch—the Talent Economy—the competition among companies like Google and Facebook for the same pool of ideas makers will reshape our cities.
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America's Fastest-Growing Cities Since The Recession - Forbes
It was widely reported that the Great Recession and subsequent economic malaise changed the geography of America. Suburbs, particularly in the Sun Belt, were becoming the “new slums” as people flocked back to dense core cities.
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june 2013 by areadevelopment
Why aren’t Americans moving anymore? Here’s a new theory - Wonkblog - Washington Post
Here’s an odd economic mystery. Americans are moving around the country a lot less frequently than they used to. For example: In the early 1990s, 3 percent of Americans moved across state lines each year. Today, the rate is half that.
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may 2013 by areadevelopment
Third Coast Diaspora: Chicago Is the World City - Pacific Standard
Chicago, where many academics and icons have moved to try out new ideas, makes the case that migrants are more important than density to the greatness of a city.
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may 2013 by areadevelopment
Immigrant Population Growing Fastest in Many Cities -
The nations major metropolitan areas have long served as hubs attracting steady streams of immigrants from all over the world seeking opportunities. Now, as some cities lose residents and the native population ages, migration from abroad has overtaken homegrown and domestic population shifts in many urban areas.
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Did I Abandon My Creative Class Theory? Not So Fast, Joel Kotkin - The Daily Beast
Joel Kotkin says I’ve turned my back on the idea that the creative class spurs economic growth and reinvigorates cities. My response? Bollocks. By Richard Florida
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march 2013 by areadevelopment
Richard Florida Concedes the Limits of the Creative Class - The Daily Beast
The so-called creative class of intellects and artists was supposed to remake America’s cities and revive urban wastelands. Now the evidence is in—and the experiment appears to have failed, writes Joel Kotkin.
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America's Fastest- and Slowest-Growing Cities - Forbes
Since the housing crash of 2007, the decline of the Sun Belt and dispersed, low-density cities has been trumpeted by the national media and by pundits who believe America’s future lies in compact, crowded, mostly coastal and northern, cities. But apparently, most Americans have not gotten the memo — they seem to be accelerating their push into less dense regions of the Sun Belt.
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march 2013 by areadevelopment
Oil and Gas Boom Driving Population Growth in the Great Plains, Census Bureau Estimates Show - U.S. Census Bureau
Numerous metropolitan statistical areas, micropolitan statistical areas and counties that were among the fastest-growing last year were located in, or at least near, the Great Plains and West Texas, according to U.S. Census Bureau population estimates released today.
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The Great Migration -
Decade after decade, smart and educated people flock away from Merced, Calif., Yuma, Ariz., Flint, Mich., and Vineland, N.J. In those places, less than 15 percent of the residents have college degrees. They flock to Washington, Boston, San Jose, Raleigh-Durham and San Francisco. In those places, nearly 50 percent of the residents have college degrees.
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Where Americans Are Moving -
For all the talk of how the Great Recession has driven people — particularly the “footloose young” — toward dense urban centers, Census data reveal that Americans are still drawn to the same sprawling Sun Belt regions as before.
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Economic Development From Geographic Mobility - Burgh Diaspora
Within the Rust Belt, there is a great divergence. Urban Milwaukee took a look at the brain drain issue for that metro.
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Should You Move for a Job? - Harvard Business Review
Fewer people are looking (or are able to look) beyond their own backyards for a new job. Last fall, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that the percentage of Americans who changed residences between 2010 and 2011 — 11.6 percent — reached its lowest recorded rate since they started keeping track in 1948.
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Lessons from Canada's Silicon Valley diaspora - The Globe and Mail
These are the faces of brain drain: This one hails from Vancouver and came down to work at Pixar; that one is a Québécois executive at Yahoo, who is taking some ribbing about his company’s slide to second-tier status: “Oh, is that still around?”
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