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U.S. shale production set to fall again in July, EIA says - Fuel Fix
Countries that are net importers of crude oil and industries with high fuel costs are likely to see huge benefits as crude oil remains low.
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Five ways energy change is transforming US railroads — The Daily Climate
The crude oil business has lifted other train traffic in surprising ways. Railroads carry renewables, too. Trains are fuel-efficient, but is all this new traffic cutting carbon emissions, or increasing them?
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Murex and Cetane Energy Complete Expansion At Carlsbad, New Mexico, Transloading Rail Facility - Area Development
Murex and Cetane Energy completed a unit train expansion project of the existing Cetane crude oil transloading facility in Carlsbad, New Mexico. With additional expansion planned, completion of this capital improvement project now allows the Cetane facility to load unit trains of up to 120 rail cars of crude oil.
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Enbridge Pipelines Completes Berthold, North Dakota Rail Terminal, Continues Pipeline Expansion Project - Area Development Online
After completing expansion of its Berthold, North Dakota, rail terminal and Bakken pipeline expansion, Enbridge Pipelines LLC is now launching its Sandpiper Pipeline project.
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Emery Refining Invests $225 Million In Emery County, Utah, Crude Oil Refinery - Area Development Online
Emery Refining plans a capital investment of more than $225 million to construct a crude oil refinery facility in Emery County, Utah, creating 125 jobs during the next 3 years.
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