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How Shifting Costs Are Altering the Math of Global Manufacturing - BCG
A less-noticed change in the global business environment also has important implications for where the world’s goods are produced: a significant shift in the relative cost competitiveness of the world’s leading manufacturing economies.
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Corporate Tax Rates Around the World, 2018 - Tax Foundation
In 1980, corporate tax rates around the world averaged 46.63 percent and 38.84 percent when weighted by GDP. Since then countries have recognized the impact that corporate taxes have on business investment decisions so that in 2018, the average is now 26.47 percent and 23.03 when weighted by GDP for 208 separate tax jurisdictions.[
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Amazon Isn’t Afraid of NYC’s High Taxes - Bloomberg Inc.’s highly publicized search for a second headquarters is hurtling toward a conclusion, with the e-commerce giant nearing deals to open new offices in two locales. One is an area of northern Virginia where homes are expensive but taxes are relatively low. The other is Long Island City in the New York borough of Queens, a place that combines scarce housing with some of the highest state and local taxes in the U.S.
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From Honda to Volvo: New U.S. auto transplant transcends tariffs - The Detroit News
Learning from successful Japanese and European manufacturers over four decades of expansion, Volvo’s Charleston plant is the 17th non-union transplant to embrace American-made production advantages: lower costs, expanded global capacity, massive supplier infrastructure and proximity to the richest auto consumers in the world.
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Booming Seattle struggles to stay affordable - Open for all? - Economist
FOR the third consecutive year, Seattle has the most cranes in operation of any city in America—three times as many as New York. Long a placid, drizzly company town, the place is booming. Since 2010 Seattle has grown more quickly than any other large American city, thanks in part to the success of Amazon and Microsoft, two local technology firms. Entrepreneurs are flocking there, repelled by the obscene costs of San Francisco.
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For Manufacturers, a Complex Mix Can Determine Location - The New York Times
Bob Hess, a vice chairman of Newmark Knight Frank, the global real estate company, explained that labor costs were no longer significantly lower in rural parts of the country.

The change is most often the result of a need to hire workers with higher skills than in the past or to entice them to commute longer distances or even relocate.
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Does Your State Tax Manufacturing Machinery? - Tax Foundation
Taxing inputs in a sales tax leads to “tax pyramiding.” Throughout the production cycle, the tax can be assessed multiple times. This leads to higher prices for consumers, fewer job opportunities for workers, or limits the business’s ability to expand. If too many business inputs are taxed, a state’s sales tax could actually start to function as a gross receipts tax.

This week’s map looks at just one of the many business inputs that states tax in their sales tax bases: manufacturing machinery.
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Truck Driver Salaries Rising on Surging Freight Demand - WSJ
Report says wages rose up to 18% in past four years and benefits are also on the upswing, adding to higher logistics costs in a tight trucking market
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Mid-Market Manufacturer Finds New Opportunities to Reshore Parts - Chief Executive
Mitchell supplies parts and wreath rings to companies throughout North America and Europe, and is a preferred parts supplier to furniture, window and computer manufacturers. Mitchell CEO Tim Zimmerman said recently that the company was able to reshore a handle sub-assembly product back to the U.S. last year, offering both increased production and significant cost savings to the client.
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Why are companies moving to the Southeast? They want proximity to their customers, German consul says - The Greenville News
For two years, Detlev Ruenger, consul general of the Federal Republican of Germany, wondered why companies kept putting a footprint in the Southeast...Wages are lower in the Southeast, he said. The time difference is better for companies calling back to their native Germany compared to locations on the West Coast, and, in particular, South Carolina is a right-to-work state, though it can be a concern to some given Germany’s strong union presence, he said. 
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State looks to take advantage of ‘reshoring’ trend - Connecticut Post
After decades where changes in manufacturing employment were characterized by offshoring, the current trend is toward “reshoring,” according to a report by location consultants The Boyd Co. of Princeton, N.J., which shows Connecticut faces steep challenges in taking advantage.
The state ranks No. 3 nationally on the list of most expensive places to run a factory, according to the report, behind only New Jersey and New York. South Carolina is the least expensive.
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The Cities Where Your Salary Will Stretch The Furthest 2016 -
When Americans consider a move to another part of the country, they sometimes are forced to make a tough choice: should they go to a city with the best job opportunities, or a less economically vital area that offers a better standard of living, particularly more affordable housing? However,  there are still plenty of metropolitan areas in the U.S. where you can get the best of both worlds.
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Small Business Tax Index 2016: Best to Worst State Tax Systems for Entrepreneurship and Small Business - SBE Council
Among the states, some are situated well from a competitive tax standpoint, with others moving in the right direction. Consider that compared to last year’s report, 11 states have improved their tax climates by reducing their personal or corporate income tax rates, or eliminating their death tax.
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Which Countries Have Lowest Business Costs? - Area Development
According to the 2016 Competitive Alternatives report from KPMG, the United States has dropped to 10th place for lowest business costs — the only time the U.S. has ever placed this low in Competitive Alternatives rankings.
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Producing Poverty: The Public Cost of Low-Wage Production Jobs in Manufacturing - Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education
Much attention has been given in recent years to low-wage work in the fast-food industry, big-box retail, and other service sector industries in the U.S. The rise of low-wage business models in the service sector has often been contrasted to business models of the past, when blue collar jobs in the manufacturing industry supported a large middle class in the United States.

Recent research by the National Employment Law Project (NELP), however, found that manufacturing production wages now rank in the bottom half of all jobs in the United States.
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About That U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance ... - Bloomberg View
After a brutal period of downsizing and reorganizing, the U.S. manufacturing sector has become the most competitive in the world. Output per worker is higher than in any other major manufacturing country. Labor costs per unit of output are lower than in Brazil, Canada and Germany, and only slightly higher than in China. What's more, writes Gregory Daco of Oxford Economics in the new report from which the above facts are taken, "the U.S. is 'gifted' with a stable regulatory framework, a flexible labor market, low energy costs and access to a large domestic market."
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The 100-Mile Commute - strategy+business
San Francisco provides the most concentrated version of this dilemma. But similar situations can be seen in London, Hong Kong, and New York, where the salaries for vital jobs and positions that make the economy hum simply don’t seem to be enough to pay for housing in the region.
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Car Industry's Recovery Isn't All American - US News
Every U.S. automaker imports parts from overseas to take advantage of less expensive labor, to the point that there are no more cars built completely with parts from the U.S. or Canada, says Patrick Olsen, editor-in-chief of
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State-Local Tax Burden Rankings FY 2012 - Tax Foundation
New Yorkers faced the highest burden, with 12.7 percent of income in the state going to state and local taxes. Connecticut (12.6 percent) and New Jersey (12.2 percent) followed closely behind. On the other end of the spectrum, Alaska (6.5 percent), South Dakota (7.1 percent) and Wyoming (7.1 percent) had the lowest burdens.
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Doing Business 2016 - Measuring Regulatory Quality and Efficiency - World Bank Group
Doing Business 2016: Measuring Regulatory Quality and Efficiency, a World Bank Group flagship publication, is the 13th in a series of annual reports measuring the regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it. Doing Business presents quantitative indicators on business regulations and the protection of property rights that can be compared across 189 economies—from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe—and over time.
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How Commuting Costs and Utilities Affect Middle-Class Housing Affordability - Trulia's Blog
In the past year, affordability for homebuyers has fallen in 89 of the 100 largest housing markets thanks to rising home prices and stagnant income growth in many metros.
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How High Are Gas Taxes in Your State? - Tax Foundation
This week’s tax map takes a look at state gasoline tax rates, using data from a recent report by the American Petroleum Institute. Pennsylvania has the highest rate of 51.60 cents per gallon (cpg), and is followed closely by New York (45.99 cpg), Hawaii (45.10 cpg), and California (42.35 cpg). On the other end of the spectrum, Alaska has the lowest rate at 12.25 cpg, but New Jersey (14.50 cpg) and South Carolina (16.75 cpg) aren’t far behind. These rates do not include the additional 18.40 cent federal excise tax.
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Competitive Alternatives 2014 Special Report: Focus on Tax - KPMG
Cincinnati, Cleveland, Atlanta score high marks as most tax-friendly large cities for business. New Orleans Has Most Cost-Competitive Tax Structure Among U.S. Mid-Market Cities; Baton Rouge Fares Best in Small-Market Category.
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Look to the U.S. for Low-Cost Manufacturing? - Automation World
A new study indicates that China’s currency fluctuations and shipping costs are leading some companies to look more closely at the U.S. and/or Mexico for low-cost manufacturing operations.
u.s.-manufacturing  cost-of-doing-business  backshoring  studies  this-week-266  around-the-web 
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Worldwide cost of living 2014 – The Economist Intelligence Unit
The Worldwide Cost of Living is a twice yearly Economist Intelligence Unit survey that compares more than 400 individual prices across 160 products and services. These include food, drink, clothing, household supplies and personal care items, home rents, transport, utility bills, private schools, domestic help and recreational costs.
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Front Line: Micro Factories of the Future
With companies scrutinizing all expenses — including the cost of factory floor square footage, equipment, and energy, some executives are finding that micro production might offer advantages.
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U.S. manufacturing: U.S. production costs catching up with China - Los Angeles Times
Another win for the made-in-America movement: A new report found that U.S. manufacturing in the past decade has become much more competitive compared with low-cost manufacturing rivals.
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Honolulu is even more expensive than New York or San Francisco - Vox
The commerce department has begun releasing data on something called "regional price parity," a figure that shows how high prices in a given place are compared to the rest of the nation.
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How Global Manufacturing Cost Competitiveness Has Shifted Over the Past Decade - bcg.perspectives
The new BCG Global Manufacturing Cost-Competitiveness Index tracks changes in direct manufacturing costs among the world’s leading goods-exporting nations from 2004 to 2014.
cost-of-doing-business  business-globalization  studies  manufacturing  this-week-260  around-the-web  international-location-reports 
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Competitive Alternatives Guide to International Business Location Costs - KPMG
Competitive Alternatives 2014 compares business costs and other competitiveness factors in more than 100 cities, in 10 countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. For 2014, Competitive Alternatives further expands its coverage in the US, and for the first time includes every US metro area with a population of two million or more.
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Do State Business Taxes Really Matter? - Richard Florida - The Atlantic
The overwhelming result is no connection at all between a states investment tax burdens and its economic performance
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How Chicago's urban vibe attracts talent, lowers costs - John Pletz Technology Blog - Crain's Chicago Business
Sure Chicago is a cheaper place to launch a tech business than Silicon Valley. But how about Pittsburgh? Yep. We've got cheaper talent and rents, and airfare.
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The Cities Where A Paycheck Stretches The Furthest -
High wages are just one part of the equation — high prices in East and West Coast cities mean the fat paychecks aren’t necessarily getting the locals ahead. When cost of living is factored in, most of the places that boast the highest effective pay turn out to be in the less celebrated and less expensive middle part of the country.
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Cost of Living survey 2012 - Mercer
Although price increases have remained moderate overall, most US cities have gone up in the ranking, mainly as a result of the strong US dollar.
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Midwest Closes a Cost Gap -
The Midwest has largely closed the cost gap in competing for companies with the South, traditionally the nation's cheapest region in which to do business.
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The (High) Cost of Manufacturing in America - IndustryWeek
The United States is one of the most expensive places on earth to manufacture products. Here's why.
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