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Amazon chose two locations for its new headquarters. Now, we go explore them. - The Washington Post
Before mid-November, Long Island City and Crystal City were never on the same page, much less uttered in the same sentence. Though both destinations are on the East Coast (New York and Virginia, respectively) and within shouting distance of a major metropolitan center, they had little else in common.
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Richmond, Virginia: A Top Destination for Middle-Office Relocation - Area Development
Companies are moving their mid-level professional jobs to less expensive locations that still provide a talented workforce pipeline and an attractive quality of life.
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No boo-hoo over HQ2: Lessons learned from failed Amazon chase could help Chicago later - Chicago Tribune
Chicago spent more than a year trying to land Amazon’s so-called HQ2, a once-in-a-generation headquarters prize that carried with it the promise of 50,000 high-paying jobs.
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Nix the Amazon Orange skyline: An exclusive look inside Dallas-Fort Worth's bid for HQ2 - Dallas News
It was the painstakingly orchestrated answer to a question: If you had less than two days to convince one of the world’s biggest and most visible companies —Amazon — to create as many as 50,000 highly paid tech jobs in Dallas-Fort Worth, how would you do it?
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Splitting HQ2: Where Amazon Might Build (Or Lease) In Both Cities - Forbes
If rumors are true that Amazon will land its HQ2s (yes, plural) in outlying communities of New York and Arlington, Virginia, then local commercial real estate developers should gear up for serious demand.
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New York's tech scene ready for its moment with Amazon, Google expansions - CNN
Amazon is said to be planning to split its much-hyped second headquarters into two locations, with one rumored to be in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens, New York. The company originally promised as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs for the project. Even if that number is halved, it could still mean tens of thousands of jobs in New York.
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Amazon's second headquarters in LIC poses great economic benefits — but also challenges -
The fastest-growing neighborhood in the country appears to be a big winner in Amazon’s search for a second headquarters — or at least a large part of it.
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Amazon HQ2: the backlash against Amazon’s expansion, explained - Vox
HQ2 critics are concerned about gentrification, rising housing costs, and an overall lack of transparency in the application process.
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Amazon Plans to Split HQ2 in Two Locations - The New York Times
After conducting a yearlong search for a second home, Amazon has switched gears and is now finalizing plans to have a total of 50,000 employees in two locations, according to people familiar with the decision-making process.
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Where Bezos’s jet flies most — and what it might say about Amazon’s HQ2 winner - The Washington Post
Flight data examined by The Post show that the luxury jet has embarked on more than a dozen flights a month in 2018, many of them leaving or returning to Seattle, Amazon’s current home.
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Expedia’s ‘have job, will travel’ workplace - Lens
Expedia Group’s decision to move its headquarters from Bellevue across Lake Washington to Seattle at the 40-acre former Amgen waterfront campus may further solidify the city’s status as a major tech hub.
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Sears, which helped shape a nation's shopping habits, was also a pioneer of the reverse commute - Chicago Tribune
Sears was not the first big company to set up camp in a suburban office park — Motorola, Ameritech, Siemens and Pfizer had all gone before it. But it was one of the largest, and the move from downtown prompted innovations in regional transportation planning.
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Oil Company Headquarters Make a Powerful Statement - The New York Times
Striking headquarters have long been synonymous with energy companies for canny, unabashedly capitalist reasons, said Marc Kushner, a partner at the architecture firm Hollwich Kushner. “Great architecture by great architects is a way to physically manifest success, because big buildings equal big profits in people’s minds,” he says, adding that their permanence is a swaggering statement more powerful than any advertisement.
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American Airlines' message on HQ2: What’s good for us in North Texas would be good for Amazon - Dallas News
At an investor conference this month, the president of American Airlines said, “We love all of our hubs.” He then explained why the world’s biggest carrier loves Dallas-Fort Worth a little more than the others.

He was talking about efforts to increase profits at three major hubs, led by DFW International Airport. But there’s more to the story and it has particular relevance for the leaders of Amazon, who are deep into the search for a second headquarters.

What’s working for American could work for Amazon, and American CEO Doug Parker has said as much.
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Legendary stories from inside Apple's Infinite Loop headquarters - FastCompany
A new oral history of the Infinite Loop campus offers a glimpse into the culture of Apple as it worked to build the first iPhone.
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Norfolk Southern likely to leave Virginia for Atlanta; planes and people are a big reason — FreightWaves
Norfolk Southern is reportedly getting ready to pull up stakes and move its corporate headquarters to Atlanta, a move a corporate relocation expert calls "an opportunity for them to recalibrate and refresh their brand."
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How Property Valuation Differs for Corporate Headquarters – REBusinessOnline
Corporate headquarters present unique challenges and opportunities in property valuation discussions with tax assessors. Managing taxes on any real estate property requires an understanding of all three traditional approaches to value, but headquarters are unusual in that good data are hard to find.
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Urban Leaders on the Right Way to Lure Amazon HQ2 - CityLab
What should or could cities do differently next time a behemoth company solicits bids for for its headquarters?
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What if Amazon just opened a lot of smaller headquarters? - Fast Company
Amazon’s planned 50,000-person second headquarters will bring an entire spectrum of costly unintended (and predictable) consequences. There are other options.
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Fintechs Spreading Across the Globe - Deloitte US
Fintechs are gaining traction in terms of headquarters locations and investments in a vast array of cities around the globe. How do financial services firms stay on top of this rapidly shifting landscape?
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Foxconn Closes On North American Headquarters - Wisconsin Public Radio
Foxconn Technology Group has purchased a downtown Milwaukee building to house its North American headquarters as it prepares to build a mammoth manufacturing complex 30 miles to the south.
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The Future Of Housing: From Home Building To City Planning, Tech Giants & Startups Are Reimagining Where & How We Live - CB Insights
Major US technology companies are constructing corporate housing, self-sufficient towns, and even entire urban neighborhoods. Adding to the mix, insurgent startups are also redefining how the homes of the future will be built.
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As Office Parks Empty, Towns Turn Vacancies Into Opportunities - The New York Times
Suburban office parks have lost their luster for a variety of reasons, including a growing preference among younger workers for life in more dynamic urban centers than in sometimes staid and sleepy suburbs. And the rapid pace of technological advancement has made the need for many clerical and processing jobs and the real estate to house those workers increasingly obsolete.
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Five key factors influencing headquarters decisions - JLL Real Views
For both fast-growing small companies and established multi-nationals, cost is no longer king in the search for a new corporate headquarters.

As companies across a wide range of industries face limited talent pools, new priorities are reshaping relocation efforts, focusing far more on people than balance sheets.
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Apple's new campus might be in Raleigh, North Carolina — Quartz
Apple is coming to The Triangle.

Local news station WRAL reported May 16 that Apple is set to open its second headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company announced in January that it planned to establish a second headquarters, away from its Cupertino, California, base, employing up to an additional 10,000 people wherever it chose to plant roots. Unlike Amazon, which last year launched a very public competition among cities to win its HQ2, Apple has conducted its business in private, as it tends to do. “We’re not doing a beauty-contest kind of thing,” CEO Tim Cook recently told Recode’s Kara Swisher.
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The Factory That Oreos Built - Smithsonian
If walls could speak, the brick at New York’s Chelsea Market would have more than a few stories to tell.

Alphabet (the parent company of Google) purchased the building in March of 2018 for $2.4 billion—an earth-shattering figure even in New York City’s real estate market—but this isn’t a glittering, 21st-century beacon, a symbol of the ingenuity of Silicon Valley. In reality, the looming brick structure remains largely the same as it did more than a century ago, when it served as headquarters for the iconic snack company Nabisco.
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Tax Compromise Gives Amazon’s Latest Seattle Office New Life - WIRED
Amazon hasn't yet decided whether to use space it leased in another Seattle building or sublease it, as it had threatened to do. Meanwhile, the company is still planning a second headquarters somewhere outside of Seattle.
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Facebook headquarters construction permits now exceed $1B - Construction Dive
In order to gain 20-year development rights and a waiver​ to height limitations at the site, Facebook agreed to pay the city several million dollars to fund city services and road and infrastructure improvements. As part of the package, the company will pay $430,000 in rent subsidies for “community-serving” professionals like teachers and law enforcement personnel, a $6.3 million affordable housing fee and a $300,000 annual payment to the city for 20 years, among other measures.
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Seattle Scales Back Tax in Face of Amazon’s Revolt, but Tensions Linger - The New York Times
After intense lobbying by local businesses and a bold threat by Amazon to curtail development in its hometown, the Seattle City Council on Monday approved a smaller and more limited tax on big companies than originally envisioned.

The new tax — dubbed the “Amazon Tax” by locals — will fund affordable housing and homeless services in a city whose economic boom, driven in no small part by Amazon, has priced many residents out of the area and forced some onto the streets.
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HQ2 cities listen up: Amazon flexing its political muscle sends a message not just to Seattle - The Seattle Times
The e-commerce titan and Seattle’s biggest single property-tax payer is on a collision course with a majority of the City Council over the proposed head tax. Amazon has played hardball with plenty of municipalities, but here it’s an unfamiliar turn in the relationship.
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Apple’s Fourth U.S. Campus: Handicapping Where It Will Go - Bloomberg
It’s Apple’s turn to go shopping. In January, Apple Inc. announced plans for a fourth U.S. campus—a down-payment of sorts on its commitment to hire thousands of Americans and redeploy billions of dollars stashed overseas and now being repatriated under the Trump administration’s new tax law. The company hasn’t said how many people will work at the new facility, but it’s probably fair to say it will at least be in the hundreds.
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Amazon Opens Mega-Greenhouse at Seattle HQ - Commercial Property Executive
The Spheres, a collection of three connected glass globes sharing a single environment, encompasses 40,000 plants, as well as rainforest-like water features and trees. A natural perk for the employees, the facility also serves as a retreat for visitors.
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Is Indianapolis Cool Enough for Amazon? It Just Might Be - The New York Times
In the frenzy of coverage and speculation that accompanied Amazon’s initial announcement of a North America-wide competition for the new headquarters, I couldn’t find anyone who cited Indianapolis as a likely finalist.
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Here’s what happens when inclusion is factored into Amazon’s list of 20 HQ2 city finalists - Brookings
Bezos has an opportunity to provide a vision for an America that citizens and residents desperately need in this moment of political unrest, racial division, and global discord.
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Apple says it will build a new corporate campus, invest $350B in U.S. economy - Silicon Valley Business Journal
Apple is gearing up to build another corporate campus in a yet-to-be-announced American city and increase its workforce across the U.S. by 20,000 new employees over the next five years, the iPhone maker said Wednesday.
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Five key factors influencing headquarters decisions - JLL Real Views
For both fast-growing small companies and established multi-nationals, cost is no longer king in the search for a new corporate headquarters.
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Editorial: Kiewit's decision to move headquarters downtown a boon to Omaha -
The announcement by Kiewit, which operates a training facility in north downtown, shows how it and other businesses seek to harness the power of Omaha’s revitalized downtown as a draw to hire and retain talented workers, particularly the young who are drawn to local amenities.
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5 Lessons Seattle Can Teach Other Cities About Amazon - The New York Times
For Seattle, Amazon has become far more than a big employer and taxpayer. It reshaped how the city sees itself and, in turn, is seen by the world. It created a vast, gleaming new campus in a once derelict corner of the city, but also raised deep concerns about housing costs, traffic congestion and potential over-dependence on one corporation.
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The Amazon HQ2 deadline is here: What you need to know - Brookings
On Thursday, October 19, the six-week sprint Amazon kicked off with its announcement last month that it will establish a second North American headquarters—or HQ2—will come to a close. As leaders across the country cram to finish their applications, Brookings and CityLab will host an event on what Amazon’s criteria reveal about what makes cities competitive today.
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Letters: Dear Amazon, Please Build Here - The New York Times
Readers make pitches for the city it should pick for its second headquarters. But a Seattle reader cautions, “Be careful what you wish for.”
amazon  corporate-headquarters  Around-the-web  opinion  this-week-398 
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Amazon Announces Plans for Huge New North America Offices - The New York Times
The announcement is likely to set off jockeying among several major cities, and is the latest step in the rapid expansion for the online retail giant. It recently completed its biggest acquisition, of the high-end grocery chain Whole Foods, and has embarked on a major hiring drive, adding tens of thousands of new employees.
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What Drives Corporate Relocations (to Texas?) - REBusinessOnline
During his latter years in office as Texas governor, Rick Perry made it a priority to lure businesses to the state, particularly from California. Two-and-a-half years into the term of Gov. Greg Abbott, the successor to Perry, the pace of corporate relocations to the Lone Star State shows no signs of slowing down.
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Toyota Marks Opening Of New US Headquarters In Texas -
The $1 billion project includes a new campus in Plano, outside Dallas. The Japanese automaker plans to move thousands of employees from California and Kentucky and says it will eventually employ up to 4,000 people at the Plano site — including about 1,000 new local hires.
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Corporate HQ and the Magnetic Pull of Cities - strategy+business
It was reported recently that the insurance giant Aetna would be moving its corporate headquarters from its ancestral home — Hartford, Conn. — to New York.

The move echoes a move that General Electric made last year, when it decided to move its corporate headquarters from suburban Fairfield, Conn., to…downtown Boston.

The dynamics driving Aetna’s move are quite similar to those that pushed GE to look elsewhere, as we noted last year.
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Aetna In Talks With 'Several States' To Relocate Headquarters, Malloy Letters Detail State's Effort To Keep Insurer - Hartford Courant
Aetna is actively negotiating with other states to relocate its headquarters after more than 150 years in Connecticut's capital city.

Both Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin both said they expect Aetna to move its corporate headquarters and top executives out of the city.
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A Change of Scenery for Startups - Bloomberg
Sometimes significant news doesn’t make much of a splash, and that was the case for a major transaction last week. PetSmart Inc. announced the acquisition of LLC for $3.35 billion, the largest e-commerce deal ever. Also notable is that, which sells pet products online, is based near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, rather than San Francisco or Seattle or New York.
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Young Talent Drives Office Users to New Downtowns - National Real Estate Investor
The biggest shift during the current real estate cycle has been the movement of companies back into cities to access new talent, Georgules adds, since young professionals today prefer a city lifestyle.
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Toyota Installs Largest Corporate On-Site Solar Power System in Texas - Energy Manager Today
SunPower is deploying more than 20,000 solar panels at the new headquarters, which Toyota expects to occupy later this year.  Close to 1-MW larger than the 7.75-MW system originally planned, it is expected to be the Lone Star State’s largest corporate office on-site solar installation among non-utility companies.
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As It Pulls Up Stakes in Kentucky Town, Toyota Donates Lab for STEAM School - IndustryWeek
With the help of $6.8 million in renovation money from the state of Kentucky, a former Toyota laboratory will be converted to a high school focused on science, technology, engineering, the arts and math (STEAM).
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Kodak CEO says the company is competitive and he's looking forward to growth - WXXI News
Although commercial printing and packaging is where Kodak expects to make the bulk of its profits, film is not dead. Kodak still makes motion picture film, and notes that a number of the Oscar nominees were shot on Kodak film, a product that is made in Rochester.
kodak  rochester-ny  regional-reports  new-york  corporate-headquarters  Around-the-web  business-incubators  research&development  this-week-378 
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8 Companies Relocating Headquarters In Pursuit Of Young Talent - Bisnow
Today’s young talent is much more concerned with a city’s lifestyle offerings than its job market. This shift in priorities has forced companies to follow the talent, investing millions in office development and expansion in the country’s leading and secondary markets — a trend that is growing in prevalence as the labor market tightens and young talent becomes more scarce.
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City Shaken By Suggestion That Aetna Might Move Headquarters - Hartford Courant
Aetna Inc., headquartered in Hartford since 1853 and nearly inseparable from the city's identity, could take the unsettling step of downsizing its corporate presence in Hartford, a prospect that sends a chill through greater Hartford.
corporate-headquarters  healthcare-industry  insurance-industry  Around-the-web  this-week-376 
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Why Caterpillar won't be the last Chicago-bound headquarters - Crain's Chicago Business
Every major agricultural or industrial company in the Midwest outside of larger cities like Minneapolis, however, is a prospect, according to urbanologist Aaron Renn. Chicago's crime and Illinois' fiscal disasters don't seem to be that much of a deterrent to corporations shopping for a place to house their C-suite executives.
midwest  regional-reports  chicago  john-deere  kellogs  corporate-headquarters  Around-the-web  this-week-376 
february 2017 by areadevelopment
When Hardly Anybody Works at Corporate HQ - Bloomberg View
One of the most commented-upon business trends of last year, you remember, back when people sometimes still talked about things other than Donald Trump, was the migration of corporate headquarters in the U.S. from suburbs and smaller cities to big-city downtowns.
this-week-375  Around-the-web  Matt  site-selection  corporate-headquarters  headquarters 
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NEBR Establishes Maintenance Hub-Headquarters In Ronkonkoma, New York - Area Development
NEBR, a leader in transit bus maintenance, specializing in mid-life overhauls and alternative fuel systems for the major bus manufacturers, said its new 65,000 sq. ft. flagship facility will also serve as its corporate headquarters in Ronkonkoma, New York.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  new-york  mid-atlantic  headquarters  corporate-headquarters  manufacturing 
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InfoZen Expands Headquarters-Operations In Montgomery County, Maryland - Area Development
InfoZen, an advanced IT services and solutions provider for the federal government, is expanding its corporate headquarters in Montgomery County, Maryland. The company will create 100 new jobs by the end of next year.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  maryland  mid-atlantic  information-technology  info-tech  high-tech  tech  technology  jobs  headquarters  corporate-headquarters  taxes-incentives-grants-loans 
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Boston is now home to three brand new sneaker headquarters - The Boston Globe
Here’s a look at the three sneaker companies, including Reebok, that have recently made the city their (corporate) home...
apparel  Around-the-web  this-week-372  Boston  corporate-headquarters 
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Quartus Engineering Relocates To Larger Quarters In San Diego, California - Area Development
Quartus Engineering Incorporated, an engineering and manufacturing firm supporting aerospace, defense, and optical industries, moved its corporate headquarters, offices and manufacturing space to a new facility at 9689 Towne Centre Drive in San Diego, California.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  SAN-DIEGO  california  pacific-states  manufacturing  Aerospace  defense  headquarters  corporate-headquarters 
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New drone footage shows progress of Apple's 'spaceship' campus - SFGate
The latest drone footage filmed outside of the new Apple headquarters in Cupertino shows a number of developments in the construction. The glass-filled main atrium can be seen, and solar panels are noticeable on the top of several buildings, including the garage structure and main building.
corporate-headquarters  apple  office-design  sustainable-development  Around-the-web  this-week-371 
november 2016 by areadevelopment
Outdoor Space, Modern Food Offerings Help Energize Aging Corporate Campuses - Urban Land Magazine
New master-planned projects in markets in Texas such as Plano, Richardson, and Frisco illustrate the fundamental shifts taking place in campus design. The focus of the business has changed from designing elements to “energize” aging corporate facilities to, “How do you create a sense of place?”
facility-planning  corporate-headquarters  workplace-trends  Around-the-web  this-week-371 
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University buys GE property for $31.5 million - Connecticut Post
There has been plenty of speculation about what would happen to the GE property since the global company announced its move to Boston earlier this year.
GE  connecticut  corporate-headquarters  Around-the-web  this-week-371 
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Reebok laces up for headquarters move to Boston - The Boston Globe
O’Toole cited two reasons for the move. Adidas wants to “clarify the roles” of its offices in the United States. And Reebok wants to be in a vibrant urban area where millennials are eager to work and live. The average age of Reebok employees in Canton is under 30, and many live in Boston already, he said.
reebok  addidas  corporate-headquarters  Around-the-web  this-week-369  apparel 
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How North Texas Competes for Large Employers, Retains Talent - Urban Land Magazine
Executives of three of the largest companies in the United States explained why they chose north Texas for new headquarters projects, during the opening session of the 2016 ULI Fall Meeting in Dallas: the availability of affordable housing and a strong local economy.
corporate-headquarters  site-selection-factors  Around-the-web  regional-reports  texas  dallas  state-farm  toyota  JPMorgan-chase  this-week-368 
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Trenton Systems Relocates Corporate Headquarters To Gwinnett County, Georgia - Area Development
Trenton Systems, a global leader in designing and manufacturing integrated computer systems, will relocate its corporate headquarters to 1725 MacLeod Drive in Gwinnett County, Metro Atlanta, Georgia.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  Georgia  south-atlantic  electronics-industry  manufacturing  headquarters  corporate-headquarters  Atlanta 
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UST Logistical Systems Locates Operations Center In Greenville, South Carolina - Area Development
UST Logistical Systems, a national third-party logistics company, is launching its first operations in Greenville County, South Carolina. The new development is projected to generate $1.6 million in new capital investment and bring 50 jobs to the Upstate.
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september 2016 by areadevelopment
The Reasons Corporate Headquarters are Heading Back Downtown - Area Development
In order to lure tech-savvy millennials, many companies that years ago moved out to the suburbs are heading back to the urban downtowns that offer the lifestyle this generation of employees desires. And the trend isn't confined to just North America’s biggest cities.
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september 2016 by areadevelopment
Aprima Medical Software Relocates Corporate Headquarters To Richardson, Texas - Area Development
Aprima Medical Software, a leading provider of innovative electronic health records, practice management and revenue cycle management solutions for medical practices, completed a move of its corporate headquarters to Richardson, Texas.
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september 2016 by areadevelopment
Italy-Based UNOX Establishes Corporate Headquarters In Lincoln County, North Carolina - Area Development
Italy-based UNOX, Inc., a producer of professional commercial ovens sold worldwide, will relocate its U.S. Corporate Headquarters to the Airlie Business Park in Lincoln County, North Carolina.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  headquarters  corporate-headquarters  north-carolina  south-atlantic  location-USA  FDI  italy 
september 2016 by areadevelopment
Sabre GLBL Inc Expands Development Headquarters In Westlake, Texas - Area Development
Sabre GLBL Inc., the leading technology provider to the global travel industry, will be expanding its headquarters at the Solana development in Westlake, Texas. The project is expected to create at least 500 new jobs and bring over $37 million in capital investment.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  headquarters  texas  southwest  technology  tech  jobs  travel  high-tech  taxes-incentives-grants-loans  corporate-headquarters 
september 2016 by areadevelopment
Solid Gold Pet Opens Corporate Headquarters In Chesterfield, Missouri - Area Development
Solid Gold Pet, America’s first holistic pet food brand, opened its new corporate headquarters in Chesterfield, Missouri. The facility will increase the company's operations team.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  missouri  midwest  food-industry  food-processing  headquarters  corporate-headquarters  pet-industry 
september 2016 by areadevelopment
Arctic Cat Inc Relocates Headquarters To Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota - Area Development
Arctic Cat Inc., a company designs, engineers, manufactures and markets all-terrain vehicles, side-by-sides and snowmobiles in addition to related parts, completed moving its corporate headquarters to the North Loop area of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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august 2016 by areadevelopment
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