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One Way to Finance Tech Startups Outside of Superstar Cities - HBR
In smaller cities and middle-income regions across the globe, even the best ideas and most promising new businesses can die on the vine for lack of access to markets and capital. Those regions need new forms of innovation financing to prosper in an age of globalized commerce.
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VCs await regulatory clarity on Opportunity Zones, the latest tactic to draw capital to the Heartland - VentureBeat
It’s an oft-cited statistic that 75 percent of venture capital in the U.S. goes to just three states: New York, California, and Massachusetts — and it has for years. If it’s going to take years to close that gap, why not offer an incentive for investors to put their money in other places?

That’s the thesis behind Opportunity Zones, a tax incentive program laid out by Congress in last year’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
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Venture Capital Needs Some Geographic Diversity - Bloomberg
Moving out of Silicon Valley would do other parts of the U.S. some good, and maybe yield higher returns.
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How Tech Solves The Real Estate Investor's Two Biggest Problems - Forbes
Technology now plays a major role in the way investors access the cash needed. Money follows opportunity, and accessing funding via online portals is the rule, rather than the exception. The Lending Tree model has been applied to investor funding, and the result is faster, easier access to capital for investment.
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Project value improvement: Value engineering for capital projects - McKinsey
There is an art to project delivery—one that is shaped by critical factors like good leadership, technologies, and even financing models. But another component can also provide greater efficiency and effectiveness to all projects.
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The Rust Belt needs capital to turn talent and innovation into jobs - Brookings
A unique economic and social development storyline unites the industrial heartland, extending across all or part of 12 states from Minnesota and Missouri in the West, through the Great Lakes and up the Ohio River Valley to Western New York, and to Pennsylvania and West Virginia in the East. The region has many economic challenges, but also boasts important economic strengths, perhaps none as important as the tremendous innovation and talent emerging from its companies and universities. 
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Here's Why It's So Hard It's So Hard To Bring Science To Market - Digital Tonto
We’re entering a new era of innovation in which technologies like genomics, nanotechnology and robotics are going to reshape traditional industries like energy, healthcare and manufacturing.

That’s exciting, but also poses new challenges, because these technologies are ill-suited to the Silicon Valley model of venture-funded entrepreneurship and need help to them get past the Valley of Death.
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Can A Small Giants Philosophy Help Revitalize American Manufacturing?
Their approach was risky yet strategic: P1 would take the long-view by investing in millennials and new technologies, like thermal and hydro-generation manufacturing. David started small and focused on finding the right people, achieving world-class production, and delivering excellent service. As they grew, he repeatedly turned down offers from private equity investors. David was singularly focused on doing whatever it would take to realize his vision.
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Capital Spending Boom Is No Great Boost to Capital Markets - WSJ
U.S. companies are ramping up spending on their businesses at the fastest pace in years, a long-awaited development after years of tepid growth.
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Why Tax Reform Changes Nothing — and Everything - strategy+business
With so much cash on company balance sheets, U.S. companies face competitive pressure to use the tax windfall strategically.
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PDF: Small Business Development Impact Investing White Paper - CDFA
One of the largest challenges faced by small businesses has always been and continues to be access to capital in order to operate, grow and create jobs. While the nation is recovering from the recession, the availability of capital for small businesses has generally not recovered. This is due to the sluggishness of the economic recovery and the decline in the number and activity of community banks (a major source of small business expansion capital). The FDIC estimates that 53% of small businesses get their loans from community banks, yet the number of such banks declined by 28% between 2000 and 2014.
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Industry 4.0: Gaining Confidence over Digital Transformations - Industrial Insights - PwC
Today, manufacturers exist in a world of digital potentialities: AI, IoT, robots and cobots, 3-D printing, nanotechnology, connected field services, smart supply chains, automated back-office processes, and other innovations that can completely transform their businesses by ushering in unprecedented operational effectiveness and efficiency.

But getting those technologies online entails capital spend–and risk.
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Perspective in FinTech - BDO
Fintech companies witnessed a record amount of venture capital funding last year—$16.6 billion across 1,128 deals globally, according to CB Insights—with U.S. fintechs and VC investors leading the pack. Deal volume may have dipped slightly between Q2-Q4 2017, but continues to remain robust compared to 2016. As fintech companies continue to rise to prominence, it can be expected that 2018 will continue to see a steady rise in both funding and deal volume, as investors place their bet on the next wave of disruptors.
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Fintech Investment - Deloitte US
In the United States, 264 companies have received a total of $7.71 billion in investment since 1998, but mostly within the past five years
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Apple invests $390 million in US-made iPhone lasers - The Verge
Apple is naming another recipient of funds from its $1 billion US Advanced Manufacturing Fund that it announced earlier this year. Finisar, a company that manufactures vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs), is receiving $390 million as part of Apple’s new program to fuel job creation among American manufacturers.
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From Bezos to Walton, Big Investors Back Fund for ‘Flyover’ Start-Ups - The New York Times
The idea — far grander than the money itself, which is only $150 million to start, pocket money for most of the investors — was to assemble a dream team and create a network effect for entrepreneurs in the middle of the country to align with the biggest names in business.
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US Capital Confidence Barometer - EY
Virtually all of the US companies represented in our 17th semiannual Capital Confidence Barometer said they engage in regular portfolio reviews – nearly half do so annually – indicating that companies are employing every tool at their disposal, from divestment to cross-sector partnerships, to stay competitive in these relentlessly disruptive markets. Moreover, for the largest companies, M&A remains front and center: three-fourths of companies with revenue of US$5 billion or more are planning deals.
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As Silicon Valley Gets ‘Crazy,’ Midwest Beckons Tech Investors - The New York Times
But some investors, led by people like Mr. Kvamme and his firm, Drive Capital, see plenty of potential in the center of the country. Focusing on the Midwest is no longer considered a nutty idea, as it was by skeptical West Coast venture capitalists when Mr. Kvamme and Chris Olsen, another Silicon Valley transplant from Sequoia Capital and co-founder of Drive Capital, made the move in 2013.

Every major Midwestern city now has clusters of start-up accelerators and incubators, typically housed in renovated red-brick industrial buildings.
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REVVED UP: Venture Capital Investment in Auto Tech Speeds Up in Q3 - PwC Industrial Insights
Who is Investing in Auto Tech? These companies are backed not only by VC firms, but also traditional auto players, tech giants and scrappy startups. They’re using venture capital to ensure they’re on the right side of the creative disruption taking place within the automotive industry, because – ultimately – the costs of missing out on a revolution in transportation will be high.
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Q2 2017 Manufacturing & Distribution M&A Review and Outlook - BDO
M&A activity in the Manufacturing & Distribution (M&D) sector began declining during
the second half of 2016 and was down 18.5 percent during the first four months of 2017.
We believe that election concerns initiated the trend and post-election uncertainties
about tax, regulatory and healthcare reforms continue to hamper transaction activity.
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How Savvy Financiers Pitch Complex Investment Programs - Stateline - The Pew Charitable Trusts
Washington is one of at least 10 states considering so-called rural jobs bills, under which states award tax credits to companies that agree to invest in or loan money to funds set up by investment firms or other brokers. These funds then invest the money in rural businesses. (Last week, the Georgia Legislature passed a rural jobs bill, and in Utah, one was signed into law last month.) The proposals are the latest iteration of an approach that at least 20 states and Washington, D.C., have turned to over the last three decades.
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Boeing’s Fortunes Brighten as Trump Warms to Value of Ex-Im Bank - Bloomberg
Trump will fly to Boeing’s South Carolina factory to attend an event Friday showcasing the newest 787 Dreamliner, where he’s expected to make an announcement about the federal export credit agency.
“The supply chain for Boeing doesn’t just run through the state of Washington,” said Howard Rubel, an analyst at Jefferies. The Ex-Im Bank is “a door opener.”
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Location, regional growth, technology all make Northern Kentucky banks valuable partners - The Lane Report
As banker Mer Grayson Jr. recalls, when Drees Homes needed a loan of about $1 million for its corporate headquarters on Grandview Drive in Fort Mitchell, three Northern Kentucky banks decided to team up to share the risk on a construction loan that was considered to be pretty hefty around 1980.

How things have changed.

No one suggests million-dollar transactions are now equivalent to lunch money in Northern Kentucky. But a fortunate combination of factors – the region’s location, its growth, new technology, and critical changes in state and federal banking regulations – mean it is far easier for businesses today to get several proposals when they’re searching for capital to build, operate and grow.
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How Banks Can Support Workforce Development - Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Workforce research experts and practitioners agree: not enough money is currently being invested in the workforce to meet the competitive demands of the economy.
capital-access  workforce-development  government-policy  Around-the-web  this-week-375 
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Five ways startups, innovators could benefit from Gov. Baker's economic development bill - Boston Business Journal
Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has signed a $1 billion economic development bill into law that is expected to have wide-ranging impacts on the Bay State's startup and innovation economy.
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Alternative to VC: Capital Models to Achieve Economic Prosperity - SSTI
Each of the financing models described have potential applications to the field of tech-based economic development (TBED) and the economic prosperity of communities across the country.
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What’s In Store for EB-5? - NREI
The short-term extension that Congress granted for the EB-5 investment program is due to end on December 9. In the interim, Congress has some work to do, focusing on program reforms that would address issues ranging from allegations of funds misuse to calls for higher investment minimums to better oversight of regional centers that deploy EB-5 funds. Against that backdrop, what can the real estate industry expect to see happen come December 9?
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What’s keeping CFOs awake in 2016? - CFO Insights - Deloitte
In this edition of CFO Insights, we share 10 current concerns that illustrate the breadth of CFOs’ current challenges.
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Why Fintech Startups Are Flocking to a 124-Year-Old Bank in Kansas - Fortune
Few people have probably ever heard of Weir, Kansas: population 661, the place where the flyswatter was invented in 1906, and these days, a major hub for financial technology innovation.
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R&D Tax Credits vs. Government Contracts: What Works For Your Client? - AccountingWEB
Company X believes it is on the verge of developing a breakthrough crop that could change the industry and is considering its options to fund its continued research and development (R&D) activities. Specifically, the management team is evaluating whether R&D tax credits or a government contract will be most beneficial to its efforts.

Company X – or if you have a client in a similar situation – should ask itself the following six key questions to better understand the pros and cons of each of these options:
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Innovation economy isn’t enough for growth - The Seattle Times
Local merchant banker tells Senate committee that Congress need to act because many startups face difficulties in raising money and new business formation has declined.
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Bills would restore tax credit for angel investors - Crain's Detroit Business
Early-stage companies are defined as those in business fewer than five years — less than 10 if spun off from a university — with fewer than 100 employees and valued at less than $10 million. They also have to be headquartered in Michigan, with most of their employees working here.
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Hedge Fund, Meet Highway - strategy+business
New investments in infrastructure by private asset managers are changing the way the world finances its cities, power systems, and transportation links.
infrastructure  transportation  capital-access  energy  logistics  Around-the-web  this-week-359 
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Biotech startups face bigger funding challenges than other industries -
Biotechnology has always been a risky, expensive gamble that forces many entrepreneurs to scramble for the seed money that finances early-stage research. But ZATA’s experience is the kind of struggle that has some Worcester business officials wondering if the region has all the tools needed to support nascent businesses.
biotech  industry-reports  startup  research-commercialization  capital-access  Around-the-web 
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How Three U.S. Cities Are Building on Public/Private Partnerships - Urban Land Magazine
Metropolitan areas across the United States—including Greenville, South Carolina; Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; and Cincinnati, Ohio—have taken control of their destiny and successfully transformed themselves.
public-private-partnerships  economic-development-news  capital-access  Around-the-web  this-week-351  government-policy  Pennsylvania  south-carolina  ohio 
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Boeing CEO Calls On Senate Committee to Approve Exim Bank Nominee - WSJ
Boeing Co. on Thursday warned that some airlines might not be able to accept new planes they ordered because of the continued absence of U.S. Export-Import Bank support for aircraft and engine sales.
Boeing  ex-im-bank  government-policy  business-globalization  capital-access  Around-the-web  this-week-348-top 
april 2016 by areadevelopment
New Study Examines Productivity Dynamics and Drivers in U.S. Manufacturing - MAPI
Productivity Dynamics in U.S. Manufacturing, analyzes productivity growth in a range of manufacturing subsectors over the past 25 years and provides compelling statistical evidence on the importance that capital investment and educated labor have on productivity performance.
u.s.-manufacturing  workforce-development  capital-access  productivity  Around-the-web  this-week-346 
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Entrepreneurs Take On Manufacturing - HBR
Just as with software 15 years ago, start-up manufacturing is beginning to graduate to the bigger time. New tools, resources, and intermediaries are allowing a new generation of serious entrepreneurs to begin to bridge the worlds of hacker space and industry. As a result, software-enabled manufacturing start-ups are poised to have a large economic impact.
small-business  small-manufacturing  startup  capital-access  internet-of-things  3D-printing  advanced-manufacturing  Around-the-web  this-week-343-top 
february 2016 by areadevelopment
Look Beyond Silicon Valley for Venture Capital Opportunity - Institutional Investor
Silicon Valley's Sand Hill Road will forever be synonymous with venture capital. Yet the same forces driving the current innovation cycle have also democratized innovation itself, meaning that Silicon Valley no longer has a lock on the best new ideas. As innovation and entrepreneurship have become globalized, so too has opportunity — to the point where exciting venture-backed companies are emerging from cities such as Bangalore, Berlin, London and Shanghai.
capital-access  financial-services  finance  startup  tech-transfer  Around-the-web  this-week-343 
february 2016 by areadevelopment
Ex-Im Bank still hobbled, says top exec - The Seattle Times
Export-Import Bank Chairman Fred Hochberg was in Seattle to underscore how the bank’s help to big exporters such as Boeing is crimped by political opponents who haven’t allowed the agency to fill its roster of board members.
ex-im-bank  government-policy  Around-the-web  this-week-342  global-supply-chain  capital-access 
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2016 Outlook: A Year of Growth - PNC's Corporate & Institutional Banking group
We think 2016 will actually show growth very similar to 2015. Some of the positives include consumer spending aided by higher income and wages and low gas prices, housing and other types of construction spending.
And we think state and local and even the federal government that recently passed a budget will add a little bit of economic stimulus.
capital-access  economic-indicator-reports  economic-forecast  Around-the-web  this-week-339 
january 2016 by areadevelopment
Increasing Access to Financing for Energy-Efficient Retrofits - Urban Land Magazine
The availability of financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects has come a long way over the past few years, but it also has a way to go to gain further acceptance, experts in the field said during a session at the 2015 ULI Fall Meeting in San Francisco.
energy-efficiency  sustainable-development  capital-access  Around-the-web  this-week-328 
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Innovation That Matters - 1776
What will it take for our nation’s cities to drive more startup activity that can transform the industries that matter most to society? In this study, we provide new perspective on this question through an in-depth look at entrepreneurial communities in eight U.S. cities. The purpose of our research is to provide a framework that city leaders can utilize to foster new innovations that improve the lives of local citizens.
startup  entrepreneurship  Metros  innovation-hubs  STUDIES  capital-access  venturecapital  Around-the-web  this-week-326 
october 2015 by areadevelopment
The Rise Of Entrepreneurial Communities - TechCrunch
This summer, as Chairman of the House Small Business Committee, I had the opportunity to honor an innovative business accelerator called First Batch. This isn’t your typical business accelerator. First Batch is a product accelerator in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, that focuses on helping entrepreneurs and makers bring physical products to market. It’s a great resource supporting the intersection of technology and manufacturing, and it’s another example of the resources communities are using to build entrepreneurial ecosystems.
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october 2015 by areadevelopment
The import of a satellite exporter’s bank - The Space Review
A few years ago, many in the space industry hadn’t heard of this bank. Even today, its role in the industry is not widely known except among those who build commercial satellites and sell commercial launches. Yet in the last five years it’s become a critical tool for those companies.

At least, when the bank is open for business.
Aerospace  ex-im-bank  Around-the-web  this-week-324  business-globalization  capital-access 
october 2015 by areadevelopment
Bid to revive Export-Import Bank gets boost - LA Times
Counting job losses and a surprise political development are creating what may be another chance to revive a federal agency that fosters U.S. exports.
government-policy  ex-im-bank  business-globalization  capital-access  Around-the-web  this-week-324 
september 2015 by areadevelopment
Reprioritizing EB-5 program goals to benefit targeted areas - Brookings Institution
A sometimes controversial visa program for foreign investors is back in the news again, with a lawsuit filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission against a Seattle-based developer (a former Tibetan monk) accused of diverting millions of dollars to personal use.
EB-5-visa  immigration-reform  capital-access  Around-the-web  this-week-321 
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Green buildings are good business - HSBC Global Connections
Buildings consume energy throughout their life cycles, from raw materials through construction and occupancy to demolition. Energy consumed during occupancy equates to 27% of global CO2, so energy-efficiency measures offer significant potential to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.
economic-analysis  green-buildings  sustainable-development  capital-access  asset-management  Around-the-web  this-week-318 
august 2015 by areadevelopment
Gillibrand, in Cicero, calls for new lending program for U.S. manufacturers -
Banks and other lenders would provide the loans with government guarantees they would be paid back, she said. Without the guarantees, many lenders are reluctant to make loans to young companies, she said.
small-manufacturing  government-policy  capital-access  this-week-318  Around-the-web 
august 2015 by areadevelopment
US Real Estate Insights: Summer 2015 - PwC
This issue continues to build on the theme of investing globally, and features an article that discusses the flow of capital into US markets from foreign investors. In “The New Sources of US Real Estate Capital”, Jack Keating discusses which nations have been investing in the US markets and the challenges these investors face as they increase their allocations to US markets.
corporate-real-estate  corporate-tax  fdi-USA  capital-access  construction  industrial-real-estate  Around-the-web  this-week-317 
august 2015 by areadevelopment
State Small Business Credit Initiative: A Summary of States'2014 Annual Reports - The U.S. Department of The Treasury
SSBCI was created by the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 to support private lending and investing in small businesses. From 2011 through 2014, States reported that they had expended $864 million in SSBCI funds which, in turn, supported over 12,400 private sector loans or investments to small businesses totaling $6.4 billion.
small-business  capital-access  economic-development-vc  government-policy  this-week-315  Around-the-web 
july 2015 by areadevelopment
Manufacturers Warn of Business and Job Loss if Ex-Im Bank Expires - IndustryWeek
Manufacturers argue the Export-Import Bank is vital to their export business and warn of lost contracts and layoffs if the bank is not renewed.
exports  ex-im-bank  government-policy  business-globalization  capital-access  Around-the-web  this-week-312 
july 2015 by areadevelopment
A mid-year evaluation: other disruptive effects - Industrial Insights - PwC
While technology remains a critical change agent within the industrial products sector, there are other disruptors that continue to impact our business.
advanced-manufacturing  imports  capital-access  u.s.-manufacturing  economic-analysis  this-week-312  Around-the-web 
july 2015 by areadevelopment
How a Texas Trucker’s Family Depends on the U.S.... - GE Reports
The American credit agency guarantees loans to foreign companies that purchase U.S. products, and it is in danger of losing its charter on June 30.
capital-access  business-globalization  government-policy  this-week-310  Around-the-web 
june 2015 by areadevelopment
Tired of Waiting for U.S. to Act, States Pass Crowdfunding Laws and Rules -
State agencies and lawmakers, tired of waiting, are taking action, passing crowdfunding laws and regulations to let local businesses raise money from local residents. The movement is growing. Twenty-two states and the District of Columbia have enacted such rules, nine of them in the last six months.
crowd-funding  government-policy  economic-development-vc  capital-access  this-week-308  Around-the-web 
june 2015 by areadevelopment
An Update On Intrastate Crowdfunding - Crowdfund Insider
Normally when I write about updates on intrastate crowdfunding legislation it’s simply to let readers know that one, two, maybe even as many as three states have either enacted or proposed new legislation. Not this time, however, as the first quarter of 2015 has brought an explosion of intrastate legislation.
crowd-funding  capital-access  government-policy  this-week-305  Around-the-web 
may 2015 by areadevelopment
Boeing CEO: Losing Ex-Im Bank could cost U.S. manufacturing jobs - Crain's Chicago Business
If the bank goes away, “there could be an incentive, now speaking generally” for firms to produce in other countries that offer financing support
this-week-303  around-the-web  u.s.-manufacturing  capital-access  government-policy 
april 2015 by areadevelopment
Despite gains in VC, Michigan needs more capital to fuel growing companies - MiBiz
After more than a decade of private and public investments, the growth in Michigan’s venture capital industry has created a large demand for further investments to increase the available funds and support previously funded startups.
midwest  regional-reports  michigan  venturecapital  economic-development-vc  capital-access  startup  government-policy  this-week-301  around-the-web 
april 2015 by areadevelopment
Tax Proposals Attempt to Bridge the “Valley of Death” for Small Research Firms - The Innovation Files
These proposals would allow passive investors to take advantage of losses and research credits generated by the company and allow companies to carry net operating losses forward even when they raise new financing.
research-commercialization  capital-access  taxes-incentives  industry-organizations  this-week-301  around-the-web 
april 2015 by areadevelopment
States Tout Crowdfunding As The Future Of Private Investment - NPR
Congress approved a law creating a federal framework for equity crowdfunding. The goal was simple: give startups another option to get their ideas off the ground. Supporters say it trumps traditional methods, like securing hard-to-get bank loans, tracking down angel investors or going public and selling stock. But years later, the Securities and Exchange Commission still hasn't finalized rules. That's why Minnesota, and at least a dozen other states, have either considered or passed their own crowdfunding laws.
crowd-funding  capital-access  economic-development-vc  around-the-web  this-week-300 
april 2015 by areadevelopment
Start-Up Capital Is Spreading Across the U.S. - HBR
While a handful of well-known cities continue to dominate the landscape of early-stage venture-backed entrepreneurship, a non-trivial amount of catch-up by other cities has occurred.
capital-access  startup  venturecapital  economic-development-vc  around-the-web  this-week-294 
february 2015 by areadevelopment
MA Adopts Crowdfunding Exemption; Is AZ Next? - SSTI
Less than two months into 2015, Massachusetts and potentially Arizona will join the growing number of states that have adopted intrastate crowdfunding exemptions – one of the emerging trends in economic development from 2014.
crowd-funding  capital-access  Massachusetts  arizona  economic-development-vc  this-week-293  around-the-web 
february 2015 by areadevelopment
U.S. Venture Capital Investment Spanned 160 Cities in 2014 - NVCA
12 Metro Areas See Influx of Venture Capital Investment for First Time in Past Five Years - Companies located in Bryan-College Station, Texas; Bismarck, North Dakota; Terre Haute, Indiana; South Bend, Indiana; Elkhart-Goshen, Indiana; Bellingham, Washington; Johnson City-Kingsport-Bristol, Tennessee-Virginia; Lafayette, Louisiana; Newburgh, New York-Pennsylvania; Greenville, North Carolina; Springfield, Massachusetts; Janesville-Beloit, Wisconsin brought venture capital investment to those metro areas for the first time in the past five years.
venturecapital  capital-access  metros  studies  this-week-290  around-the-web  industry-organizations 
january 2015 by areadevelopment
Massachusetts Adopts Intrastate Crowdfunding Rules, Effective Immediately - The National Law Review
The Massachusetts Securities Division has recently joined a number of other states in adopting a “crowdfunding” exemption from securities registration requirements for certain offerings made within the Commonwealth, with the stated purpose of enabling startups and entrepreneurs to more easily use the Internet to raise capital.  Adopted as an emergency regulation that took effect immediately, the exemption permits companies that are incorporated in Massachusetts to raise capital from Massachusetts investors.
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january 2015 by areadevelopment
CFO Insights: The cash paradox: How cash levels affect corporate behavior - Deloitte
In the coming years, companies should consider finding a way to thrive in a new economic reality characterized by below-average growth conditions and shorter, but more volatile, economic cycles. In such conditions, pursuing growth opportunities may be less about earnings-per-share enhancement and more about long-term prospects.
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december 2014 by areadevelopment
United States of crowdfunding: Rules for crowdsourcing investment, state by state -
Oregon is preparing to join 15 states that have implemented rules to let businesses raise money through investment crowdfunding. Unlike crowdfunding through websites like Kickstarter, these investors would get equity in the company or debt. Instead of getting a small gift or prototype in return, they could make a return on their investment — or lose it.
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december 2014 by areadevelopment
Triangle startups benefiting from growth of corporate venture capital -
Corporate venture capital investments totaled $3.1 billion last year, well more than double the amount companies invested in startups in 2008, when the recession put a damper on corporate V, according to data compiled by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association. So far this year, corporate VC investments are on track to reach their highest level since 2000.
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november 2014 by areadevelopment
The Next Silicon Valley - CB Insights
Beijing and Tokyo are some of tech's fastest growing markets in terms of deal growth. Is one of them the next Silicon Valley?
venturecapital  small-business  high-tech  silicon-valley  industry-clusters  innovation-hubs  capital-access  small-manufacturing  studies  this-week-284  around-the-web 
november 2014 by areadevelopment
How States Can Build a Cleantech Funding Pipeline - Xconomy
Research universities across the country regularly turn out science and technology that could be kernels for jobs-creating businesses. But many of those ideas have trouble finding bankers or venture investors willing to finance the slow, expensive development of a new company based on science.
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november 2014 by areadevelopment
States Clear Way for Crowdfunding - Pew Trusts Stateline
In the last three years, Wisconsin and 11 other states plus the District of Columbia have passed laws or regulations allowing startups to use crowdfunding to raise money from investors, without having to jump through all the regulatory hoops that companies with shareholders usually do.
crowd-funding  economic-development-news  government-policy  startup  capital-access  this-week-275  around-the-web 
august 2014 by areadevelopment
Investors Talk Venture Capital and the Midwestern Talent Gap - Xconomy
The Midwest typically lags far behind the coasts in terms of VC activity, and that was still the case in the most recent quarter. But as investors turn their attention to startup hubs outside of traditional hotspots like Silicon Valley and Boston, is it safe to say the Midwest is on a venture capital upswing?
midwest  michigan  wisconsin  venturecapital  capital-access  regional-reports  startup  this-week-272  around-the-web 
july 2014 by areadevelopment
Column: Michigan beginning to lure venture capitalists -
Michigan’s venture capital is expanding. According to a recent report issued by the Michigan Venture Capital Association, capital under management, the number of venture capital firms, the number of professional investors and the number of deals in Michigan are all trending upward, and have shown significant increases in the past five years.
economic-development-vc  economic-development-news  regional-reports  michigan  capital-access  this-week-272  around-the-web 
july 2014 by areadevelopment
In Maryland's 'innovation economy,' a contrarian view of acquisitions -
Region's startup community is growing but dwarfed by Silicon Valley; entrepreneurs want more California money to flow here
venturecapital  economic-development-vc  maryland  capital-access  startup  innovation-hubs  this-week-271  around-the-web 
july 2014 by areadevelopment
Toronto Retaining Up-and-Coming Tech Startups with a Strong Entrepreneurial Ecosystem - CBC
Toronto tech startup Wattpad has seen a lot of success lately, but rather than picking up and moving to Silicon Valley, it's staying local.
location-canada  toronto  ontario  startup  high-tech  workforce-development  capital-access  this-week-270  around-the-web 
july 2014 by areadevelopment
4 things to know about Alabama's new crowdfunding law - Birmingham Business Journal
Gov. Robert Bentley recently signed into a law a measure that is expected to help small businesses gain capital through crowdfunding.
crowd-funding  capital-access  government-policy  alabama  this-week-257  around-the-web 
april 2014 by areadevelopment
The top 15 cities for biotech venture funding - FierceBiotech
Anyone looking to start a biotech company should pay close attention to this list. Venture groups, entrepreneurs and increasingly Big Pharma have been concentrating their money and their attention in a few key places, only occasionally straying from the beaten path when funding a high-risk drug development effort.
venturecapital  capital-access  biotech  pharmaceuticals  industry-clusters  this-week-253  around-the-web  raleigh-durham  boston  san-francisco  san-diego  Philadelphia  chicago  Cincinnati  denver  seattle 
march 2014 by areadevelopment
Venture capital firm goes to Midwest for next big thing in tech - The Des Moines Register
Silicon Valley is home to most huge tech household names (Apple, Facebook, Twitter, eBay and so many more), with New York (Tumblr) and Boston (Trip Advisor) creeping up, why not Ohio or Michigan? Hundreds of brilliant engineers are churned out yearly from top Midwestern schools like Ohio State University and University of Michigan.
regional-reports  high-tech  midwest  venturecapital  capital-access  this-week-250  around-the-web 
february 2014 by areadevelopment
Siemens closes new $100M fund for innovation in manufacturing tech - VentureBeat
Siemens said it will focus its investments on industrial tech involved with machine automation and new technology related to manufacturing processes. The fund will also go towards previous investments the firm has made.
industrial-vc  siemens  capital-access  startup  manufacturing  this-week-250  around-the-web 
february 2014 by areadevelopment
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