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Why Bringing High-Tech Manufacturing Back To The U.S. Is So Difficult - Forbes
In 1993, I was in my second year of business school at the MIT Sloan School of Management and I distinctly remember a spirited discussion about a BusinessWeek cover article titled “The Virtual Corporation.
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Made in USA: Is the Pendulum Swinging to Reshoring? - Design News
Anecdotally, we are hearing from more and more clients asking us to help produce goods domestically. Without getting into politics, it is worth considering some of the basic issues (avoiding the issue of tariffs) that are driving the growth of manufacturing in the U.S
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The Trade War with China Could Accelerate 3-D Printing in the U.S. - HBR
As companies rethink their supply chains, they ought to seriously consider embracing a new manufacturing technology that’s now ready for prime time: 3-D printing.
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Reshoring in Reverse Again - US Reshoring Index - A.T. Kearney
US manufacturers are not exactly coming back in droves. In fact, the 2018 Reshoring Index shows that imports from traditional offshoring countries are at a record high.
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American Giant’s Hoodie Can’t Save US Manufacturing By Itself - Racked
So you might see a story like this and click it but realize you also need to get started on making dinner or finish those other tabs you have open, and also there are a lot of other really important concerns in the world, and how about that stuff, huh? And anyway, good luck with that American manufacturing thing, you’re really rooting for them, you’ll definitely try to read it later, but you know what they say: Business is business. Business, like the heart, wants what it wants.

Bayard Winthrop, CEO of American Giant, wants you to know that it is not that simple.
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Clifton brothers get chance of a lifetime to outfit U.S. Olympic team -
Contracted by Ralph Lauren to make two sets of heated jackets to be worn by the Team USA at the opening and closing ceremonies, the fledgling Clifton textile manufacturer recognized the tremendous opportunity they'd been handed.
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China Offers Tax Incentives to Persuade U.S. Companies to Stay - The New York Times
China said on Thursday that it would temporarily exempt foreign companies from paying tax on their earnings, a bid to keep American businesses from taking their profits out of China following Washington’s overhaul of the United States tax code.
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Q&A: Victaulic CEO John Malloy talks about returning manufacturing to the U.S., labor challenges and more - Lehigh Valley Business Cycle
On Monday, Victaulic president and CEO John Malloy announced that the company would invest “tens of millions of dollars” over the next two years building a light assembly operations facility in Lower Nazareth that features cutting-edge technology. It also will upgrade plants in Forks and Lower Macungie and add up to 50 jobs in Forks.

Malloy, who has led the company for more than 15 years, spoke with The Morning Call about Victaulic’s business as well as the present and future state of American manufacturing. Here are excerpts from the interview
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Why Skilled Labor is the No. 1 Location Driver for Manufacturers Today - Quality Magazine
Automated production does not equate to zero jobs; instead it means that operations need more skilled labor in order to operate, maintain and retool technologically advanced equipment. 
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Making it in America - McKinsey & Company
The United States needs to regain its competitive edge in manufacturing while also grappling with its two-tiered labor market and finding ways to make economic growth more inclusive.
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Why manufacturing jobs are coming back to the U.S. — even as companies buy more robots - Recode
In the long run, many think that automation and robotics are going to replace a significant percentage, if not the overwhelming majority, of manufacturing jobs. That’s certainly a possibility. But for now, even as companies add more robots to North American factory floors, the number of human jobs in manufacturing is also on the rise.
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Gentex hires robots as production moves stateside - Automotive News
Michigan mirror-maker Gentex Inc. offers a glimpse of what the future might look like in the Trump era. The supplier has figured out a way to move production from overseas to the American Midwest — and things are working out just fine.
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State looks to take advantage of ‘reshoring’ trend - Connecticut Post
After decades where changes in manufacturing employment were characterized by offshoring, the current trend is toward “reshoring,” according to a report by location consultants The Boyd Co. of Princeton, N.J., which shows Connecticut faces steep challenges in taking advantage.
The state ranks No. 3 nationally on the list of most expensive places to run a factory, according to the report, behind only New Jersey and New York. South Carolina is the least expensive.
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Keep call center jobs in the U.S. - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The offshoring of U.S. call center jobs has skyrocketed in recent years. Companies that are marketing products and services to U.S. residents too often are sending good call center jobs overseas. While America has been rapidly losing call center jobs, the number of offshore call center jobs servicing the U.S. has climbed sharply.
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Made in America Strategies in Manufacturing - IndustryWeek
The long lead time required to ship toys to the United States—coupled with high demand only three months out of the year—was becoming a strain on the business.
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Samsonite: US Plans Come With Baggage -
Samsonite suggests making bags in the U.S. could actually save money for the firm, which was founded in Colorado over a century ago. “The advantage enjoyed by lower cost economies is a lot less than it used to be,” says chairman Tim Parker, citing rising labor costs in countries like China and the cost of freighting goods between the east and West.
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Will US Workers Have Right Skills for Jobs of the Future? - VOA
The chief executive officers of General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Dow Chemical and other firms gathered at the White House, where they discussed regulations on minerals extracted in conflict zones, export regulations for military hardware, business taxes and problems finding technically skilled workers for manufacturing jobs.
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IHS Markit: Industrial Automation to Grow in 2017, Despite Headwinds - MFRTech
Since 2014, changes in currency exchange rates, falling shipping costs, and the questionable longevity of proposed and existing trade agreements, have acted in concert to weaken once-solid justifications for offshoring factories, at least for the time being. 

Expect more vendors in 2017 to choose to invest in automation at US facilities in an effort to leverage tax incentives and a skilled workforce, rather than in offshoring production. 
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Under Armour debuts ‘made in the U.S.’ gear - and tests what we think we know about manufacturing in America - The Washington Post
They are the first batch of clothing to be made at UA Lighthouse, a sprawling Under Armour facility that opened this summer in Baltimore. A 35,000-square-foot design and product development hub, it is an anchor of Under Armour’s attempt to figure out how to make clothing in the United States — an unusual venture in an industry where manufacturing has largely been done overseas for a generation. About 97 percent of clothing sold in the United States is imported, according to the American Apparel & Footwear Association.
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Chicago factory's rare mission: Manufacture eyewear in U.S. - CNN
Millions of Americans wear glasses every day to correct their vision. But the frames are mostly made outside the country.
In fact, more than 90% of eyeglasses sold in the U.S. are manufactured in China or Europe.
The trend didn't sit well with Scott Shapiro, founder of Chicago-based eyeframe maker State Optical Co., who sought to bring eyewear production to America.
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Automation allows manufacturer to leave China for U.S. production - CBS News
BCA has been in his family since 1905.

The company has a factory in China, but Kamler recently moved ten percent of BCA’s business back to the U.S. Why? Wages for Chinese workers had soared out of sight.

Kamler bought an abandoned factory and created 140 jobs -- a lifeline in this distressed industrial town. But the only way to make it work was investing in robots.
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How to Make America’s Robots Great Again - The New York Times
Industrial robots — which come in many shapes and perform a range of factory jobs, from huge, precisely controlled arms used to build cars to graceful machines that package delicate pastries — were invented in the United States. But in the last few years the Chinese government has spent billions to turn China into the world’s robotic wonderland.
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Honing US Manufacturing’s Competitive Edge - bcg.perspectives
The cost competitiveness of US manufacturing has been improving significantly over the past decade, compared with many of its biggest trading partners—most notably China.
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Manufacturing jobs are returning to some places. But these jobs are different. - Washington Post
The nation shed manufacturing jobs at a steady pace over most of the last quarter century. A combination of trade deals, automation and economic recessions sent the number of manufacturing jobs plummeting, with 6 million jobs being lost by 2011.

But since then, about half a million jobs have been regained.

They’re not the same jobs that left. They're not coming back everywhere, or even in the same places where jobs were lost. The map of where products are made in this country is being redrawn.
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Bicycle Production Begins Move Back to US - IndustryWeek
After decades of offshoring, established bicycle brands and entrepreneurs are bringing bicycle manufacturing back to the United States as overseas costs rise and companies realize the value of "local for local" production.
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How Apple Empowers, and Employs, the American Working Class - The New York Times
The region’s economy has deep roots in technology and is home to a number of big tech employers, most notably Dell. Apple’s influence in the area extends beyond the people on its direct payroll. It has 350 suppliers in Texas alone.
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Reebok Is Bringing Some ShoeMaking Back to U.S. - Fortune
Reebok is bringing some manufacturing capabilities to the United States as the athletic-gear maker unveiled plans to open a new manufacturing lab that relies on futuristic liquid material and 3D drawing.

Fortune has learned that in early 2017, the Adidas-owned brand will open its own Liquid Factory manufacturing lab in Lincoln, R.I. in a collaboration with footwear specialist AF Group Inc.
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How to Bring Back Manufacturing Jobs - strategy+business
If U.S. manufacturers were willing and able to fill the positions they have open, we’d be bringing manufacturing jobs back in a big way.

So why isn’t it happening?
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Why some manufacturers are returning to the U.S. - PBS NewsHour
A number of factors have influenced the creation of jobs in the U.S., including rising labor costs overseas, higher freight costs, low energy costs in America, and federal and state incentives. But while closed factories continue to reopen, critics argue that without government policies that help improve our skilled workforce, tax reform, and renegotiation of trade deals, the U.S. will continue to feel the effects of the millions of manufacturing jobs that were lost in the 2000s.
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Companies Bringing Manufacturing Jobs Back to US - IndustryWeek
From Jan, 2010 until July 2016 the Reshoring Initiative estimates that 265,000 jobs have come back to the United States from abroad.
The Reshoring Initiative’s 2015 Reshoring Report found that the reasons companies gave for coming back to the U.S. included:  
Government incentives * Ecosystems/localization * Proximity to customers * Skilled workforce
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Could a Lack of Skilled Labor Slow the Reshoring Wave for U.S. Manufacturers? - BDO Manufacturing Output Newsletter
U.S. manufacturing is on the rebound, having added more than 730,000 jobs since the end of 2010. And industry analysts expect the sector to create at least another 700,000 jobs by the end of the decade, according to the Manufacturing Institute.
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The Reshoring Challenge: Why and How CEOs are Moving Jobs Back to America - Chief Executive magazine
Don Rongione, CEO of Bollman Hat Co. in Adamstown, Pennsylvania, had a unique ally in his effort to shift hat production from China to Pennsylvania—famed actor Samuel L. Jackson, who, along with other Hollywood stars, was a fan of the company’s Kangol 504 woolen knit cap.
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Away from spotlight, U.S. manufacturers battle back from 'China shock' - Reuters
As furniture makers left Hickory and headed to China at the start of the century, the local community college shuttered its courses in furniture production, abandoning an industry that had sustained this North Carolina community for generations.

Little more than a decade later jobs are coming back. The industry, retooled to focus on custom fabrics and designs, is now struggling to fill hundreds of positions and the college is reviving programs to meet that demand.
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A Third-Generation Bike Business Is Trying To Bring Manufacturing Back To The U.S. - Forbes
Talking with Kent International CEO Arnold Kamler about building bikes in the U.S. and selling millions of bikes to Walmart, Kmart and other mass-market retailers.
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Industry 4.0 and Servitization: New Concepts in Global Manufacturing - Supply Chain Management Review
Industry 4.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is all about connecting machinery to the Internet. Industry 4.0 creates the “smart factory” where machinery and processes are monitored over the Internet and then communicate and cooperate with each other.  Just imagine up to 50 billion machines connected in some way over the Internet.
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How much could the return of factory jobs add up to? - Marketplace - American Public Media
Doing more with less is generally perceived by economists as a good thing— a manufacturing success that politicians are unlikely to mention.
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When Bringing Manufacturing Operations Back to the U.S. is the Right Choice - Gray Construction
It wasn't that long ago when bringing manufacturing operations back to the U.S. was a taboo topic in C-suites and boardrooms across the country. For manufacturers of high-volume, low-cost products, that’s still likely the case. But drastic changes in the global economy over the last two decades—like a rising middle class in China and the changing workforce needs of today’s tech-savvy manufacturers—is opening up more conversations about reshoring, with some companies now following through.
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Telic International Is Focused On Manufacturing In The U.S. - Footwear News
To many, Idaho may be best known for producing potatoes. However, footwear is also home grown with Telic International footwear manufacturing all of its products in the state.

The Boise-based company, which produces after-sport recovery and lifestyle footwear, partners with HCP, a local state-of-the-art factory, for all production.
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Factory jobs trickle back to the U.S., giving hope to a once-booming mill town - The Washington Post
Standard Textile has spent $40 million renovating manufacting plants in Thomaston, Ga., and Union, S.C., where the company will produce 7.5 million towels for Marriott International. The hotelier last week announced that all of its terry products would be U.S.-made.
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A.T. Kearney’s Study on Reshoring is Just Plain Wrong - Supply Chain 24/7
Rosemary Coates, President of Blue Silk Consulting, explains why A.T. Kearney's recently published study stating that reshoring is not happening as predicted in U.S. manufacturing, is just plain wrong.
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U.S. manufacturing may depend on automation to survive and prosper - Brookings Institution
What is the real story and what needs to be done to save this sector? The biggest factor transforming manufacturing has been technology; and technology will largely determine its future.
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U.S. Is Now the Preferred Location for New Factory Capacity to Serve U.S. Market as Interest in Reshoring Stays Strong - BCG
In Sharp Reversal from Just Two Years Ago, Almost a Third of U.S. Executives at Large Manufacturers Say They Plan to Add U.S. Production over the Next Five Years for Goods Sold in the U.S., BCG Survey Finds
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US v. China Manufacturing: Rethink Robotics Founder Weighs in - BostInno
When Rethink Robotics was founded in 2008, it was called Heartland Robotics. When it launched its first manufacturing robot in 2012, founder Rodney Brooks spoke personally about how the technology could support a rebirth in U.S. manufacturing.
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Aerospace Manufacturer Reshores A Factory After Nine Years South Of The Border - Hartford Courant
Horst opened the factory after closing its 9-year-old plant in Sonora, Mexico, joining the rarified ranks of manufacturers that have "reshored" work to New England.

In Mexico, Horst had 50 employees doing a variety of work, not just screw machining, and it was looking to expand further.
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Walmart Exec: Georgia, Carolinas Primed for Return of U.S. Manufacturing  - Global Atlanta
“The aggressive governments, the smart states, are doing things quickly,” said Joe Quinn, senior director of public affairs and government relations for the world’s largest retailer by revenues. “We believe in states like the Carolinas and Georgia, which I believe are the epicenter for a lot of the good things that are happening right now.”
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Some companies bringing manufacturing back to US, Mass. from overseas - Business - The Boston Globe
Four years after moving manufacturing to India in 2008, Cambridge robotics maker Energid Technologies Corp. brought production and a handful of jobs back to Massachusetts, squeezed by rising tariffs on parts imported to its Bangalore factory and frustrated by the unpredictable Indian bureaucracy and difficulties shipping its industrial robots to US markets.

Today, with robotics sales climbing, the company plans to ramp up production. But rather than looking to China, which conventional thinking would suggest, Energid is strongly considering expanding at its facility in Burlington.
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Recent Deals Spotlight Growing Investor Appetite for Industrial Assets Along U.S./Mexico Border - CoStar Group
Lower Tariffs Under NAFTA , Factory Reshoring and Lower Energy Costs Fueling Distribution & Manufacturing Expansion In Texas Border Markets
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Wal-Mart suppliers grapple with ‘Made in USA’ label challenge - Bangor Daily News
Harold Sirkin, a managing director at Boston Consulting Group, said Wal-Mart’s drive to buy American, and similar moves by big importers such as sportswear maker Nike Inc., are, in part, a response to Chinese labor costs that have hit 61 percent of U.S. levels, compared to 17 percent of U.S. levels 15 years ago. When supply chain and transport costs are figured in, American manufacturers can now compete, he said.
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Five Reasons U.S. Manufacturing Is Not Dead - Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland
Professor Thomas M. Corsi, co-director of the Supply Chain Management Center at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, explains five forces driving the reshoring
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Auto Reshoring from Asia to U.S. - Supply & Demand Chain Executive
These announcements are just the latest in a growing trend of auto manufacturers to move production from Asia to North America. Both slumping sales and increased production costs in China, along with the growing complexity and risk of Asia to U.S. supply chains, are forcing manufactures to consider reshoring a large portion of the production.
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The Long, Long Wait for a Manufacturing Renaissance - EBN
Exactly a year has passed since my six-part series on the top 10 compelling reasons fueling the onshoring trend. As I pointed out then, we are still a long way from a manufacturing Renaissance in the United States. However, the undeniable influx of jobs brought back from China and other offshoring hot spots gives us reason to hope the bleeding has at least slowed if not come to an end. At the same time, based on the flurry of media stories extolling the virtues of American manufacturing, it's easy to get carried away.
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Re-Shoring: Should We Stay or Should We Go? - IEDP
Sourcing manufacturing in low-wage economies has been conventional business wisdom for decades. But now rising costs and market volatility are causing companies to consider ‘re-shoring’ and to ask: Where should we be manufacturing?
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Rubber makers rely more heavily on automation -
There are various trends occurring in rubber manufacturing in America, including the increased use of automation to allow domestic production to be more cost-effective.
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Infographic: Manufacturing Moves Back to the U.S. - bcg.perspectives
Shifts in global costs are prompting American manufacturers to move production of goods sold in the U.S. back home.
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january 2015 by areadevelopment
Wal-Mart’s manufacturing recovery? - TheHill
Wal-Mart is the largest buyer of consumer goods in the world and is the nation’s largest importer of goods. Wal-Mart’s public relations campaign about U.S. manufacturing aims to distract Americans from two core aspects of Wal-Mart’s business model.
opinion  wal-mart  u.s.-manufacturing  offshoring  backshoring  this-week-290  around-the-web 
january 2015 by areadevelopment
How can US manufacturing gain momentum in 2015? - The Strategic Sourceror
91 percent of executives at U.S. manufacturing firms are concerned about how supply disruptions will impact factory production. Geopolitical shifts, global conflicts and lesser obstacles can be predicted, but the accuracy of estimations are only so strong. These considerations are supporting cases for reshoring, as procurement officers would like to benefit from a shorter supply chain that isn't so asset-heavy.
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The Myth of America’s Manufacturing Renaissance: The Real State of U.S. Manufacturing - The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation
To listen to most pundits and commentators, U.S. manufacturing has turned a corner and is roaring back after the precipitous decline during the 2000s. Long gone are the dismal days when manufacturing jobs and output were lost due to foreign competition. Higher foreign labor costs, cheap oil and gas here at home and automation are combining to make America the new global manufacturing hub: at least according the now dominant narrative. Indeed, the term “manufacturing renaissance” is used to describe this new state of affairs. However, as a new ITIF report shows, the data do not support such a rosy scenario.
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2014 A.T. Kearney Reshoring Index: Down 20 Basis Points Year-over-Year From 2013. Uncovers What Manufacturers Are Actually Doing - A.T. Kearney
The top three reshoring industries, as measured by the number of cases in A.T. Kearney’s database, are electrical equipment, appliance and component manufacturing, with 15 percent of the cases; transportation equipment manufacturing, with 15 percent; and apparel manufacturing, which previously had not been expected ever to come back, with 12 percent.
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5 Manufacturing Trends that will Shape the Market in 2015 - IndustryWeek
"Next-shoring," allows manufacturers to increase the speed at which product is replenished on store shelves. The faster inventory can be moved to the consumer, the sooner the costs to warehouse, ship and dock goods can be freed up.
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U.S. leads in technology innovation; don’t let other countries steal our secrets - Las Vegas Sun News
Innovative uses of the Internet and information technologies including effectively managing Big Data in cloud storage, 3-D printing, and the growing communication between electronic devices (known as the Internet of Things) are poised to transform our industrial base. The automation and robotization of U.S. manufacturing plants are further increasing productivity, efficiency and precision.
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U.S. Executives Remain Bullish on American Manufacturing, Study Finds - BCG
Decision Makers at Large Manufacturers Expect the U.S. Share of Their Production to Rise an Average of 7 Percent in Five Years; Half Expect to Boost U.S. Factory Jobs by 5 Percent or More, According to Latest BCG Manufacturing Survey
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Viewpoint: Can Walmart's 'Made in America' Campaign Last? - ThomasNet News
Some say the cost of producing anything in the United States is prohibitive, but others, like me, argue that, ultimately, you get what you pay for, and we’re seeing that every day as supply chains that went offshore are dealing with major time and quality issues.
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october 2014 by areadevelopment
The Supply Side: Bicycle maker says onshoring effort tough, but worthwhile - The City Wire (NW Arkansas)
From GE light bulbs to Kent Bicycles and Element TVs the lights are on again in recent weeks as a handful of Wal-Mart suppliers answered the early call to put America back to work.
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october 2014 by areadevelopment
Penske Presents: Surveys Finds 3PLs Hitting Stride Amid Economic Uncertainty - Nearshoring Trend Continues - Penske Logistics
Near-shoring is growing, with over 75 percent of North American CEOs reporting that some of their customers have shifted some of their operations from China to Mexico. This is impacting the revenue streams of 3PLs with nearly one-third of North American respondents reporting increased volume and revenues as a result of near-shoring. Rising Chinese wages, the benefits of a shorter supply chain from Mexico to the U.S., and increasing transportation costs have driven this near-shoring trend. In addition, several CEOs also remarked that Mexican government incentives have contributed to the movement.
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The Reshoring and Nearshoring Options: Are You Un-Shore? - Procurement Journal
Manufacturing domestically might be more expensive than overseas, but reshoring has many benefits, including improving the quality of your products or commodities, ensuring compliance with U.S. laws, and reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO). In fact, some countries’ wages have risen dramatically, providing an opportunity for businesses to examine their TCO.
Total-Cost-Ownership  backshoring  nearshoring  business-globalization  china  this-week-278  around-the-web 
september 2014 by areadevelopment
What It Takes to Reshore Manufacturing Successfully - MIT Sloan Management Review
The data on comparative labor and energy costs may seem compelling. But the process of bringing assembly work back to domestic factories from abroad is substantially more challenging than the economics alone would predict.
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september 2014 by areadevelopment
Accelerating Domestic Manufacturing Recovery By Redefining Proximity - Manufacturing Business Technology
For decades, manufacturers have located close to supply and demand. These strategies have shifted to address market trends: from on shoring to maintain greater control, to off-shoring in order to reduce labor and energy costs, to re-shoring with the desire to lower logistics costs and increased speed-to-market. A new concept of next-shoring, introduced by McKinsey thought leaders earlier in 2014, highlights the trend of moving manufacturing close to demand and innovation to develop the agility required to enable product variety and customization.
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september 2014 by areadevelopment
Reshoring Or Offshoring: U.S. Manufacturing Forecast 2015-2016 - Forbes
The outlook for manufacturing activity in the United States depends on many factors, including the overall state of the economy. In this article, though, I focus on the offshoring/reshoring issue: where will manufacturing activity take place in the coming years?
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september 2014 by areadevelopment
The Shifting Economics of Global Manufacturing - bcg.perspectives
The manufacturing cost competitiveness of the U.S. and Mexico improved substantially over the past decade compared with all the other economies in our index. For these two rising global stars, productivity-adjusted wages and currency rates have remained stable or improved relative to the other countries. Both nations also have very competitive energy costs.
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august 2014 by areadevelopment
Reshoring: The Manufacturer's Checklist - IndustryWeek
Manufacturers are overestimating potential savings from overseas operations by 20% to 30% by not focusing on total cost of ownership.
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august 2014 by areadevelopment
For U.S. Manufacturing Companies, it May Be Time to Consider On-Shoring - Chief Executive magazine
As a former manufacturing executive who made the strategic decision 10 years ago to relocate a portion of our production to China, I, like many others, have started to take notice of the trickle of high profile U.S. companies, such as Caterpillar, General Electric, and Apple, who have announced moves of some production back to the U.S from overseas.
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august 2014 by areadevelopment
Reshoring Of Production and Engineering Is Not Yet Much Of A Trend In U.S. Electronics Sector - Manufacturing & Technology News
Walmart is accelerating its program to purchase billions of dollars of more products from U.S.-based manufacturers. On July 8. Walmart held its first-ever Made in USA 'Open Call' Event" at its Arkansas headquarters. Five-hundred manufacturers pitched their products to Walmart buyers. The only requirement was that their products be manufactured or assembled in the United States. It was the first time in Walmart's history that the company made its buyers available in an open call.
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