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How Japan Became the Adult at the Trade Table – Foreign Policy
While Washington withdraws from multilateral deals, Tokyo has been uncharacteristically leading efforts to save them.
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Trade War with China May Hurt U.S. Warehouse Sector - National Real Estate Investor
Thousands of manufacturing jobs in Western U.S. depend on components and raw materials imported from Asia.
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Ford Chooses China, Not Mexico, to Build Its New Focus - The New York Times
In a move that highlights the shifting landscape of global auto production, Ford Motor said Tuesday that it would build its next-generation small car in China rather than in the United States or Mexico.
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Coal Glut, Environmental Pushback Derail West Coast Port Plans - WSJ
Out of seven West Coast export terminals proposed in the past five years—which combined could have handled over 125 million tons of coal annually—not one has opened.
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At Western Firms Like Adidas, Rise of the Machines Is Fueled by Higher Asia Wages - WSJ
The opening of Adidas AG’s first factory in Germany in more than 30 years is one of the most visible examples of global brands bringing manufacturing home because of rising labor costs in Asia.
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Smart cities: Asia's new frontier? - Eco-Business
The smart city has been hailed by advocates as the urban utopia that will solve many of humanity's challenges. Eco-Business takes a look at its rise in Asia and if it'll live up to the promise of delivering better lives for all.
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The Cities That Make Up the Biggest Economy on Earth - Bloomberg Business
From the West Coast of the Americas spanning cities including Vancouver, San Francisco and Lima to Auckland, Jakarta and the metropolises of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo, the 100 biggest metropolitan centers across the region make up one fifth of the global economy, or $22 trillion worth in 2014.
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Looking up: Japan plans its tallest tower - RealViews
As Japan basks in new found confidence, boosted by ‘Abenomics’ and the buzz around Tokyo’s preparations for the 2020 Olympics, plans to build the country’s tallest tower are in full flow.
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Trans-Pacific Partnership Remains on Hold for Time Being - Supply Chain Management Review
With the latest round of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations in Maui, Hawaii ending without a deal, U.S. supply managers may be adjusting to other global sourcing strategies.

“The TPP negotiations have long presented a lot of hope for manufacturers in the United States and the millions of jobs they impact,” said Linda Dempsey, Vice President of International Economic Affairs. “If done right, this agreement has the potential to boost U.S. manufacturing growth and global competitiveness.”
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U.S. Steel Cites South Korean Imports in Plans to Idle Plants - WSJ
U.S. Steel Corp. said it would temporarily close plants in Texas and Pennsylvania and blamed illegally priced imports, raising the volume on trade disputes with China and South Korea.
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Slowly, Asia’s Factories Begin to Turn Green -
Intel’s $1 billion plant, about 10 miles from downtown Ho Chi Minh City, embraces environmental and sustainability measures far beyond those required by Vietnam’s laws.
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UPS Expands Expedited Ocean Freight Service to Mexico - Supply & Demand Chain Executive
Preferred Less-Than-Container Load lanes between Asia and Mexico provide certainty and fast access for international suppliers.
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How Exports Will Save Us: New Agreement Could Create Free Trade Zone Larger than EU - GE Reports
Step inside GE Aviation’s jet engine assembly plant in Peebles, Ohio, on any given day, and you will see teams of GE machinists, mechanics and engineers building next-generation engines such as the GEnx for the world’s most advanced aircraft like Boeing’s new 747-8 jumbo operated by airlines and shippers around the world.
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Asia manufacturers yet to see quake impact -
Companies say their supply chain has not been severely affected by the Japanese crisis, though many warn of difficulties if deliveries are disrupted for more than a few weeks.
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