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Lettuce-Farming Robots Might Grow Your Next Salad - Bloomberg
California’s grow houses are making use of applied intelligence and robotics to cultivate the time- and labor-intensive greens.
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Cannabis - The Latest Buzzword on Investment - Area Development
The legalization of cannabis in many states is creating opportunities for business owners and investors, as well as communities.
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What Tractor Supply Company can teach other retailers - CNN
The most recent Department of Agriculture census from 2012 counted about 800,000 American farms run by people who had a primary occupation other than farming. These recreational farms made up 38% of all farms in the United States at the time.
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Kentucky’s Winning Formula for the Food and Beverage Industry - Area Development
The logistics/distribution advantages to be found in Kentucky, as well as its strength in agriculture, have made it a premier location for new and expanding companies in the food and beverage industry.
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U.S. Farmers Fear Lucrative Japanese Exports Will Wither - WSJ
Two new trade pacts will soon cut Japanese tariffs and ease quotas on products sold by some of American agriculture’s biggest competitors.
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The Hard Truths of Trying to ‘Save’ the Rural Economy - The New York Times
There are 60 million people, almost one in five Americans, living on farms, in hamlets and in small towns across the landscape. For the last quarter century the story of these places has been one of relentless economic decline.
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The Growing Real Estate Potential for Urban Farms - Cushman & Wakefield Blog
With freight costs surging across the country, urban farms offer fresh food, lower transportation costs, and shorter transit distances for companies looking to gain an edge on their competition.
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Greenhouse growers turn to cannabis to cash in on lucrative crop - CBC News
Move over tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. It's time to make room for your popular new cousin in the agriculture business: cannabis.
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Kidney Beans Piled to the Rafters: Tariffs Are Biting in Farm Country - WSJ
After the U.S. placed tariffs on European steel and aluminum in June, Europe hit back with a tax that, among other things, made American kidney beans 25% more expensive in Europe.
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What Chinese Tariffs Targeting American Crops Will Mean For Farmers - WBUR News
Today, the Chinese government announced tariffs on 128 American products, including food. Pork will be taxed 25 percent, and wine, dried fruit, and nuts are now subject to a 15 percent duty.
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Hoosier Energy Helping Innovators of Egg Production - Area Development
With the help of the Jackson County REMC and Hoosier Energy, energy usage is on the cutting edge at Rose Acres Farms’ Indiana facilities.
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A growing number of young Americans are leaving desk jobs to farm - The Washington Post
For only the second time in the last century, the number of farmers under 35 years old is increasing, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s latest Census of Agriculture.
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France-Based SBM Acquires Pasadena, Texas, Production Center - Area Development
Following its acquisition of Bayer Garden and Bayer Advanced consumer businesses, SBM entered into an agreement to acquire Bayer’s production operations in Pasadena, Texas.
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CF Industries Holdings Completes Production Plant In Port Neal, Iowa - Area Development
CF Industries Holdings, a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of nitrogen products, serving both agricultural and industrial customers, reported its new ammonia and urea plants at the company’s Nitrogen Complex have been successfully commissioned and started-up in Port Neal, Iowa.
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Xcaliber International Expands Operations In Pryor, Oklahoma - Area Development
Xcaliber International, a privately-owned manufacturer of 4th tier tobacco products, completed a major addition to its manufacturing plant in Pryor, Oklahoma.
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Forestry Resources Attract Food and Beverage Businesses to Kentucky - Area Development
Wood products made from Kentucky’s forestry resources — from ice cream and coffee stir sticks to bourbon barrels — are utilized by food and beverage producers.
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Battle Lines Drawn Over Extending Energy Tax Credits - Bloomberg BNA
What brings home builders, farmers, utility cooperatives and environmentalists together? Expiring energy tax credits.
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Renewable Energy Group Expands Its Ralston, Iowa, Biorefinery - Area Development
A leading provider of cleaner, lower carbon intensity products and services and is North America’s largest producer of biomass-based diesel, Renewable Energy Group launched a $24 million expansion of its biorefinery in Ralston, Iowa. The expansion will consist of 12 million to 30 million gallons of annual nameplate production capacity.
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Bayer Begins Research At Its Southeast Cotton Breeding Facility In Dawson, Georgia - Area Development
Bayer is ready to begin extensive research and development at its recently opened $4.4 million, 150-acre, Southeast cotton breeding facility built in Dawson, Georgia.
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Swedish Match Expands Research And Development Center In Owensboro, Kentucky - Area Development
Swedish Match, a producer of snuff, chewing tobacco and cigars products, opened its $3.5 million, 10,000-square-foot, expanded Research & Development Center in Owensboro, Kentucky.
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Vital Farms Expands Processing Facility In Springfield, Missouri - Area Development
Vital Farms, the largest brand of pasture-raised eggs in the U.S., started construction on its new 82,140 sq. ft. facility where it will process pasture-raised eggs near Springfield, Missouri. The company expects to create 50 new jobs in the first year with plans to add more in the future.
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Imperial Seed Plans Agricultural Hub In Manitoba’s CentrePort Canada - Area Development
Imperial Seed started construction on its new agricultural hub at CentrePort Canada in the Province of Manitoba – an expanded, 20-acre site which will include a seed processing plant, seed lab, office space and significant warehouse space.
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Little Leaf Farms Plans Greenhouse Production Center in Devens, Massachusetts - Area Development
MassDevelopment sold Little Leaf Farms, about 14 acres of land at the state’s 4,400-acre former military installation property in Devens, Massachusetts, for a greenhouse production facility. Devens is an Enterprise Zone in the towns of Ayer and Shirley, Massachusetts.
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Monsanto To Expand Luling, Louisiana, Manufacturing Site With $975 Million Investment - Area Development
Monsanto will expand its manufacturing complex in Luling, Louisiana. The company will make a capital investment of $975 million over the next three years. The investment in its St. Charles Parish operations will enable Monsanto to support the launch of its Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System. When completed in early 2019, the Louisiana expansion project will create 95 new direct jobs.
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Walmart To Locate Milk Processing Plant In Fort Wayne, Indiana - Area Development
Walmart, the nation’s largest grocer, will establish a milk processing plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The company plans to hire more than 200 associates.
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Agri-Mark Invests $30 Million To Expand Chateaugay, New York, Cheese Plant - Area Development
Agri-Mark, a dairy farmer cooperative, will invest $30 million to upgrade and expand its cheese plant in Chateaugay, New York. The company plans to save the jobs of about 106 associates.
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Calyxt Plans Headquarters-Research Facility In Roseville, Minnesota - Area Development
Agricultural biotech firm Calyxt Inc. has been approved for a $477,000 grant from the state’s Job Creation Fund for a new headquarters and research facility in Roseville, Minnesota. The firm expects to create over 60 new jobs over the next three years.
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Edison Agrosciences Relocates Headquarters To St. Louis, Missouri - Area Development
Edison Agrosciences, an agriculture-technology company, will move its headquarters to St. Louis, Missouri. The company will create at least a half-dozen new jobs and strengthen St. Louis’s reputation as a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation.
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Pearsons Livestock Equipment Expands Thedford, Nebraska, Manufacturing Complex - Area Development
Pearsons Inc., which does business as Pearsons Livestock Equipment and manufactures a full line of cattle and bison handling equipment, recently renovated their manufacturing and operations center in Thedford, Nebraska.
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Limehouse Produce Company Plans $8.3 Million Expansion At Charleston, South Carolina, Production Campus - Area Development
Limehouse Produce Company, a local company which has been providing farmed produce and unique products to restaurants, schools and hospitals for more than seven decades, is expanding its Lowcountry operations. The company is investing $8.3 million in the project, which is expected to create 40 new jobs over the next five years in Charleston, South Carolina.
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Agrinos Begins Construction Of Production-Laboratory Complex In Clackamas, Oregon - Area Development
Agrinos, a leading biological crop input provider committed to improving the productivity and sustainability of agriculture worldwide, started construction of a new, state-of-the-art production facility in Clackamas, Oregon.
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Andersons Inc. Expands To Double Capacity At Its Albion, Michigan Plant - Area Development
The Andersons Inc., a diversified company rooted in agriculture conducting business in the grain, ethanol, plant nutrient and rail sectors, will expand and double capacity at the facility owned by The Andersons Albion Ethanol in Albion, Michigan. Managed and operated by The Andersons, The Andersons Albion Ethanol LLC is co-owned by Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Findlay, Ohio.
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Detroit Tool Metal Products Expands Its Lebanon, Missouri, Manufacturing Plant - Area Development
A Tier 1 supplier to the agriculture, industrial and transportation industries, Detroit Tool Metal Products will invest $4.2 million to expand its manufacturing plant in Lebanon, Missouri. The company will add 42,000 square feet of space and two new lines of coatings production to its facility. The project is expected to create 30 jobs in the area.
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Food & Beverage Processing Firms Drawn By the Right Mix of Assets in Lehigh Valley, PA - Area Development
The Lehigh Valley provides a central location with a well-developed transportation infrastructure, a low cost of doing business, and the availability of agricultural products to today’s innovative food processors that are catering to the changing demands of consumers.
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Joplin MO-KS-OK Region Provides Food Processors With Good Highway Access - Area Development
The seven-county Joplin region provides food processors with efficient access to raw materials — including wheat, corn, and cattle as well as affordable fresh water — and to more than 30 million people within a 350-mile radius.
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Swedish Match Plans $3 Million To Expand Its Owensboro, Kentucky, Operations Center - Area Development
Swedish Match, a company produces tobacco products including moist snuff, cigars and chewing tobacco, will invest more than $3 million to expand its research and development department in its Owensboro, Kentucky.
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Kelley Beekeeping Invests $7.5 Million To Expand Facility In Clarkson, Kentucky - Area Development
Kelley Beekeeping, which manufactures beekeeping products for the hobbyist, small business and commercial markets throughout the world, will invest nearly $7.5 million to expand its facility in Clarkson, Kentucky. The company plans to create 50 jobs in Grayson County.
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Cargill Completes $10 Million Seed Innovation Center In Fort Collins, Colorado - Area Development
A company that provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services, Cargill completed its new $10 million seed innovation center in Fort Collins, Colorado. The facility will be the center of Cargill's specialty canola hybrid development.
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H.J. Baker Expands Animal Health And Nutrition Division In Emporia, Kansas - Area Development
Global agriculture company, H.J. Baker, is expanding its Animal Health and Nutrition Division with the groundbreaking of a new multi-million dollar encapsulation facility in Emporia, Kansas.
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Virginia Poultry Growers Cooperative Plans Turkey Processing Facility In Hinton, Virginia - Area Development
Virginia Poultry Growers Cooperative, Inc. will invest almost $62 million over the next three years to construct a new 80,000 square foot turkey processing facility in Hinton, Virginia. The expansion will be supported by additional investment in the company’s feed mill in Broadway and its grain elevator in Linville.
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Cultiva Plans To Bring Biofilm Production To Las Vegas, Nevada - Area Development
Cultiva, a manufacturer of proprietary biofilm produce coatings, received a $3.95-million investment through the Nevada New Markets Tax Credit program to bring production in-house at its Las Vegas production center.
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Bayer CropScience Opens SeedGrowth Equipment Innovation Center In Shakopee, Minnesota - Area Development
Bayer CropScience opened its SeedGrowth Equipment Innovation Center, a $12 million, 135,000-square-foot facility on 11 acres in Shakopee, Minnesota.
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Surna Inc. Expands Into Second Boulder, Colorado, Production Center - Area Development
Surna, Inc., a technology company that engineers state-of-the art equipment for controlled environment agriculture with special expertise in cannabis cultivation, plans to expand into a second 7,000 square foot production facility in Boulder, Colorado.
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Monsanto Announces Potential $1 Billion Expansion In Luling, Louisiana - Area Development
Monsanto plans to expand its St. Charles Parish operations in Luling, Louisiana. Pending a final investment decision by the company board in early 2016, Monsanto potentially could invest more than $1 billion over the course of three to five years to support its Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System.
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Spensa Technologies Inc Expands Its West Lafayette, Indiana, Operations Complex - Area Development
Spensa Technologies Inc., a precision agriculture company specializing in pest management technologies, plans to expand its operations center, in West Lafayette, Indiana. The expansion will create up to 43 new jobs by 2019.
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may 2015 by areadevelopment
All Fresh Farms Plans Greene Township, Pennsylvania, Production Facility - Area Development
All Fresh Farms, an indoor hydroponic production and packaging operation that specializes in growing lettuce mixes, kales, and basil, will establish a new facility in Greene Township, Pike County, Pennsylvania. The project is expected to create at least 200 new jobs.
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Shenandoah Growers Expands Rockingham County, Virginia, Production Facilities - Area Development
Shenandoah Growers, Inc. will expand its existing organic herb nursery greenhouse and production facility in Rockingham County, Virginia. The company will invest $6.7 million in its existing facility, significantly increasing production and creating 15 new jobs.
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Market Fresh Produce Opens Monett, Missouri, Operations Center - Area Development
A produce repackaging company that serves customers nationwide, Market Fresh Produce has opened a new facility in Monett, Missouri. The company’s expansion project includes a $200,000 capital investment and is expected to create 11 new jobs.
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Sanderson Farms Plans $139 Million Poultry Complex In Kinston, North Carolina - Area Development
Sanderson Farms will construct a new state-of-the-art poultry complex in Robeson County, North Carolina. The new processing plant and hatchery will create approximately 1,100 new jobs during the next three years. Sanderson Farms expects to invest approximately $139 million in the complex which includes upgrades to its Kinston, North Carolina, feed mill.
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Big Trouble Malting and Spirits To Open Malting Facility-Distillery In Petersburg, Virginia - Area Development
Big Trouble Malting and Spirits will open a new malting facility and craft distillery in Petersburg, Virginia. The company will invest just under a million dollars and create nine new jobs in Petersburg, while sourcing all of its needed feedstock – or more than 40,000 bushels of barley, wheat, rye, and fruit – from Virginia agricultural producers.
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Ag Spray Equipment Plans Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Manufacturing Center - Area Development
Fimco Inc., doing business as Ag Spray Equipment, plans to consolidate production into a new manufacturing facility in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.
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Agbiotech Firm Chromatin Moves Research And Development To Lubbock, Texas - Area Development
An agbiotech company that focuses research on developing sorghum hybrids, Chromatin will move its research and development team and become the first tenant at Texas Tech’s new $29 million, 40,000 square foot, Innovation Hub and Research Park in Lubbock, Texas.
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february 2015 by areadevelopment
Archer Daniels Midland Plans IT Center In Erlanger, Kentucky - Area Development
Archer Daniels Midland Company plans to establish an IT center in Erlanger, Kentucky. The global agriculture and food ingredient company is slated to create 200 local jobs in the northern part of the Bluegrass State.
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FoxFarm Soil and Fertilizer Company Invests $6.9 Million To Locate In Pendleton, South Carolina - Area Development
A family business that specializes in the manufacturing of garden products, premium potting soils and both natural and organic dry and liquid fertilizers, FoxFarm Soil and Fertilizer Company, is establishing operations in Pendleton, South Carolina. The company is investing $6.9 million to locate in Anderson County, creating an expected 27 new jobs.
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december 2014 by areadevelopment
Iowa Economic Development Authority Provides Tax Incentives To Help Firms With Business Expansions - Area Development
The Iowa Economic Development Authority awarded direct financial assistance and tax benefits to four companies for job creation and expansion projects. The awards will assist in the creation of 156 jobs, and will result in over $157 million in new capital investment for the state. The board also approved innovation funding to six startups.
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North Central Cooperative Invests $8.27 Million To Expand Its Mentone, Indiana, Operations Center - Area Development
North Central Cooperative, Inc. plans to invest $8.27 million to expand its operations in Mentone, Indiana, creating up to 15 new jobs by 2016. The company will renovate and equip two buildings at its approximately 80-acre crop service center. Adding more than 18,000 square feet of production and office space, NCC’s growth will enable it to centralize and expand its services, providing better efficiencies for its customers.
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november 2014 by areadevelopment
H.J. Bakers Tiger-Sul Products Opens Irricana, Alberta, Canada, Sulphur Production Facility - Area Development
Global agriculture firm, H.J. Baker said its Tiger-Sul Products Co. subsidiary opened a new sulphur production facility in Irricana, Alberta, Canada.
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november 2014 by areadevelopment
Andrews Farming Invests More Than $5.6 Million To Expand Carroll County, Virginia, Operations Hub - Area Development
Andrews Farming Inc. and its sister company, ANDCO Logistics, Inc., will invest more than $5.6 million to expand their agricultural production, warehousing and distribution operation in Carroll County, Virgina. The company plans to create 51 new jobs in the Commonwealth.
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october 2014 by areadevelopment
CTB Plans $7.11 Million Expansion At Its Milford, Indiana, Operations Center - Area Development
A global designer, manufacturer and marketer of agricultural systems and solutions, CTB Inc., plans to expand its Milford, Indiana, production facility, creating up to 80 new jobs by 2017.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  matt  indiana  midwest  operations-center  jobs  agriculture  manufacturing  incentives-taxes-grants-loans 
october 2014 by areadevelopment
Harvest Garden Pro Locates Division Headquarters In Mooresville, North Carolina - Area Development
Harvest Garden Pro, a division of Harvest Power, Inc. is planning to locate its division headquarters in Iredell County, North Carolina, creating 33 jobs and investing approximately $120,000 over the next three years in Mooresville.
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october 2014 by areadevelopment
Summit Seed Coatings Invests $2.39 Million In Salem, Indiana, Production Facility - Area Development
Summit Seed Coatings Indiana, a custom traditional and organic seed coating company, plans to locate its first Midwest facility in Salem, Indiana, creating up to 20 new jobs by 2017.
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september 2014 by areadevelopment
Special Investment Report: California Central Valley - Area Development
The business of agriculture is generations old. The business of space is a new frontier. They get along just fine in California’s Central Valley, which enjoys what is essentially a microcosm of an entire nation’s economy. Or perhaps “microcosm” is the wrong word, because there’s nothing “micro” about it — the economy here dwarfs that of many nations.
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september 2014 by areadevelopment
Turbo Supply Inc. Expands To Joplin, Missouri, Crossroads Industrial Park - Area Development
A remanufacturer of turbochargers, Turbo Supply Inc. will expand and relocate to a 115,000 square foot facility at Joplin Crossroads Industrial Park in Joplin, Missouri. The company’s expansion project will include a significant capital investment and is expected to create 70 new full time jobs.
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Joint Venture To Operate Liquid Fertilizer Facility Near Columbia City, Indiana - Area Development
CHS Inc., the nation’s leading farmer-owned cooperative and a global energy, grains and foods company, and Ag Plus, LP, South Whitley, Indiana, formed a 50-50 joint venture company to construct and operate a liquid fertilizer facility near Columbia City, Indiana. The facility will have 3 million gallons of liquid storage and 130,000 gallons of chemical storage.
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Ag Growth International Plans Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Production Facility - Area Development
Ag Growth International plans construction of a new 120,000 square foot production facility for Hi Roller at the Jansmick Industrial Park in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Hi Roller is an industry leader in enclosed belt conveyors for the commercial grain handling business and continues to be a significant contributor to AGI’s growth.
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august 2014 by areadevelopment
Big Bend Galvanizing Plans $8 Million Manufacturing Plant In Trenton, Tennessee - Area Development
Big Bend Galvanizing, will locate a new manufacturing facility at 1000 Industrial Park Drive in Trenton, Tennessee. The company provides hot dip galvanizing services to a number of industries including energy, transportation and agriculture. The company began construction on the new facility earlier this month and plans to start production during the first quarter of 2015.
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Flying Tiger Aviation Plans Flight Training Center In Bastrop, Louisiana - Area Development
Flying Tiger Aviation will expand in Northeast Louisiana, creating a contemporary flight training center for aerial applications in agriculture and other industries. As part of an $847,000 capital investment, Flying Tiger Aviation will relocate from Rayville, Louisiana, to the Morehouse Memorial Airport in Bastrop, Louisiana.
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august 2014 by areadevelopment
Brinly-Hardy Company To Invest $4.63 Million To Upgrade Its Jeffersonville, Indiana, Manufacturing Center - Area Development
Brinly-Hardy Company, Inc., a manufacturer of lawn and garden equipment, plans to expand its Jeffersonville, Indiana, operations here, creating up to 30 new jobs by 2015.
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july 2014 by areadevelopment
Netherlands-Based Zuidberg Opens U.S. Distribution Center in Cedar Falls, Iowa - Area Development
The Netherlands-based Zuidberg North America, a provider of parts and technology to the North American agricultural and tractor equipment market, plans to establish its 10,000-square-foot U.S. distribution plant at Cedar Falls, Iowa, Industrial Park.
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july 2014 by areadevelopment
Rogers Brothers Farm Invests $6 Million To Establish South Carolina First Commercial Peanut Shelling Plant - Area Development
Rogers Brothers Farm, a crop producer based in Hartsville, South Carolina, will invest $6 million to establish the state’s first commercial peanut plant in Darlington County with plans to generate 30 new jobs.
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july 2014 by areadevelopment
Bloomaker USA Inc. Expands Its Waynesboro, Virginia, Operations Center - Area Development
Bloomaker USA Inc. will expand its existing horticulture operation, located in Waynesboro, Virginia. The company, which has developed and patented new long lasting flowers, will invest more than $2 million to build a new greenhouse, create 98 new jobs in the area.
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june 2014 by areadevelopment
China-Based Shandong Tranlin Paper Co., Invests $2 Billion In Chesterfield County, Virginia, Advanced Manufacturing Operation - Area Development
Shandong Tranlin Paper Co., Ltd., a China-based pulp and paper company will invest $2 billion over five years to establish its first U.S. advanced manufacturing operation on an 850-acre campus in the James River Industrial Center in Chesterfield County, Virginia.
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june 2014 by areadevelopment
Cities and Fostering Urban Food Production - Sustainable Cities Collective
Small growers and urban farms are springing up across the nation, but many cities lack the infrastructure, zoning laws and foresight to truly leverage this transition.
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june 2014 by areadevelopment
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