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Facebook paying Menlo Park millions for HQ expansion - ZDNet
Facebook will pay the city of Menlo Park millions of dollars for at least the next decade so the company can conduct a smooth expansion of its headquarters and house thousands more employees.
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april 2012 by areadevelopment
Tax Incentive Updates Impacting U.S. Tech Development - Inside INdiana Business with Gerry Dick
During this challenging economic period, states are continuing to look at different ways to support economic development projects and initiatives. One area receiving a lot of attention is the area of tax incentives programs.
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april 2012 by areadevelopment
First-ever Middle Market Indicator finds middle market growth to outpace larger companies - National Center for the Middle Market OSU Fisher College of Business
Concerns about future impact projected growth, cause companies to hold cash. Economic confidence mixed but improves as middle market firms look closer to home.
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april 2012 by areadevelopment
The Outlook for Investment in Global Real Estate - Cushman & Wakefield Capital Markets via YouTube
Cushman & Wakefield Capital Markets leaders discuss the outlook for Investment in Global Real Estate 2012 as they successfully launch the International Investment Atlas. The report summarizes trends in 51 major markets, and includes a global investment overview, a review of how 2012 may develop and which markets and
sectors our regional experts believe will be most in demand.
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april 2012 by areadevelopment
HQ Factors Part 6: Air Transportation - MSC Blog
Access to quality air transportation is critical. The ability to get to most major cities, including international access, is an important evaluation criteria. In particular, firms will examine specific flights between the potential headquarters location and its most frequently visited cities, including where the company has other operations.
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april 2012 by areadevelopment
U.S. Manufacturing, Defying Naysayers -
Where did French tire-maker Michelin, in an announcement last week, say it will build a new global factory—China, Mexico or South Carolina? Answer: South Carolina.
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april 2012 by areadevelopment
Repatriating Jobs: U.S. Manufacturing Gains Momentum - Businessweek
According to a survey by my firm, Boston Consulting Group, 37 percent of U.S.-based manufacturing executives at companies with sales greater than $1 billion are planning to bring back production to the U.S., or are “actively considering” doing so. The rate was even higher, 48 percent, among executives at companies with $10 billion or more in revenues.
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april 2012 by areadevelopment
The Geography of U.S. Unemployment - EconoMonitor
Here’s a map showing the average unemployment rate over the last year by U.S. county. Things are back to normal along a swath through the middle of the country, but still fairly bleak elsewhere, particularly for example here in California.
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Companies More Upbeat on U.S. Economy, NABE Survey Shows - Bloomberg
Companies are growing more upbeat about the U.S. economy this year and plan to take on more workers as demand improves, a survey showed.
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april 2012 by areadevelopment
First Quarter 2012 Real Estate Investment Outlook - NREI
Investor confidence hits a high note. The economic recovery and greater access to capital are fueling property sales in 2012.
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april 2012 by areadevelopment
World's next technology leader will be US, not China – if America can shape up -
Innovation drives income growth and determines global military and diplomatic leadership. China lacks the kind of inclusive political institutions like those in the US that promote innovation. But inequality and money's influence on political power threaten American innovation.
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The Innovativeness of Nations - strategy+business
INSEAD professor Soumitra Dutta’s Global Innovation Index helps show which nations are on the rise and which are not.
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2012 California Green Innovation Index - Next 10
The 2012 California Green Innovation Index documents how clean technology investment and innovation are helping drive growth in California’s overall economy.
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april 2012 by areadevelopment
Rich States, Poor States - ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index
In this fifth edition of Rich States, Poor
States, Arthur B. Laffer, Stephen Moore, and
Jonathan Williams identify the states that experience
prosperity and those that continue
to struggle, highlighting the policies that
contribute to economic well-being in the 50
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april 2012 by areadevelopment
U.S. Reclaims Top Spot from China in Clean Energy Investment - ThomasNet IMT
In the global race to secure private clean energy financing and investment, the U.S. reclaimed the top spot in 2011 after trailing China since 2009.
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april 2012 by areadevelopment
Interpreting the Recent Decline in Labor Force Participation - Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
At the turn of the 21st century, labor force participation in the United States reversed its decades-long increase and started
trending lower. A more startling development has been the recent sharp decline in the labor force participation rate—from 66.0 percent in 2007 to 64.1 percent in 2011—a far bigger drop than in any previous four-year period.
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april 2012 by areadevelopment
Progress Report: Earnings Growth in U.S. Metros - Garner Economics
In this brief, we examine the growth of average earnings among the nation’s 372 metro areas. We analyze annual change and the impact of inflation.
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april 2012 by areadevelopment
Business Tax Index 2012: Best to Worst Tax Systems for Entrepreneurship and Small Business - Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council
SBE Council's "Business Tax Index 2012" pulls together 18 different tax measures, and combines those into one tax score that allows the 50 states and District of Columbia to be compared. Among the taxes included are income, capital gains, property, death/inheritance, unemployment, and various consumption-based taxes, including state gas and diesel levies.
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april 2012 by areadevelopment
Urban America: US cities in the global economy - McKinsey Global Institute | Urbanization | McKinsey & Company
In a world of rising urbanization, the degree of economic vigor that the economy of the United States derives from its cities is unmatched by any other region of the globe.
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april 2012 by areadevelopment
Here's How to Maintain America's Medical Innovation Edge - Forbes
Today, the U.S. is the undisputed leader in medical innovation, and our biopharmaceutical sector is the envy of the world.
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april 2012 by areadevelopment
Silicon Valley, London, NYC: Startup Genome Data Reveals How The World’s Top Tech Hubs Stack Up - TechCrunch
With its data set growing, Startup Genome is beginning to launch a thorough, comparative analysis on those ecosystems in an effort to give startups a more granular glimpse into how (and at what rate) the world’s top entrepreneurial hubs are evolving — and which are leading the way.
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