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Competitive Alternatives 2012 - KPMG
Competitive Alternatives 2012 is the most thorough comparison of international business locations ever undertaken by KPMG. This study contains valuable information for any company considering their international business location options.
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Return of Manufacturing from China, Rising Exports Could Create Up to 3 Million Jobs in the U.S. - BCG
Report by The Boston Consulting Group Finds Improved American Competitiveness and Rising Costs in China Will Accelerate Shift of Production in a Broad Range of Industries.
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Best Places to Live: Latest Survey Ranks Top States
When compared to the 2011 results, the 2012 rankings reveal a high degree of consistency in the top 10 states. Seven states from last year's top 10 repeated that feat this year. However, the analysis did yield a new champion: Virginia.
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The Brilliant Economics of Green Buildings - Forbes
Say what you will about the benefits of clean energy or the costs of pollution, the jury has returned an ambiguous verdict on the greening of the commercial real-estate market. The niche has become mainstream.
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NAM/IndustryWeek Q1 Survey: Manufacturers Predict Higher Sales, Investment and Employment - IndustryWeek
Despite growing optimism, majority concerned about the business environment and rising energy and raw material costs.
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Out of Reach 2012 - National Low Income Housing Coalition
Out of Reach is a side-by-side comparison of wages and rents in every county, Metropolitan Area (MSAs/HMFAs), combined nonmetropolitan area and state in the United States.
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What America Does For Work - Planet Money : NPR
Let's step back for a minute from the day-to-day news about jobs and unemployment and ask few bigger, simpler questions: What do Americans do for a living? And how has the picture changed over the past several decades?
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California complacent about its business climate - The Sacramento Bee
In its most recent annual ranking of "business friendly" states, Forbes magazine had some blunt advice for investors: "Utah and Colorado have maintained strong business climates. Forget about California."
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Kingsley Associates Releases Fourth Quarter Office Industry Trends
Nearly 62 percent of U.S. office tenants surveyed in 2011 intend to renew their leases, according to Kingsley Associates' Q4 2011 Office Industry Trends. During the four quarters ending December 31, 2011, 61.8 percent of tenants indicated that they "definitely" or "probably" would renew.
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Mexico poses challenge to U.S. West Coast ports - Supply Chain Management Review
According to Anne Landstrom, principal adviser for the commercial group at engineering and construction consultant Moffatt & Nichol, escalating wages and total landed costs are causing logistics managers to look south.
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Supply chain managers must be trained to “visualize” risk - Supply Chain Management Review
According to Deloitte LLP, there are more than 200 current and emergent risks that may have an impact supply chains.
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What's Stalling U.S. Trade Policy - Kiplinger
The most promising sight on the horizon is that no matter who wins the presidency, the country is moving toward a consensus that it’s time to do more to spur exports and, possibly, to make the U.S. a better place for companies to come (or stay) and do business.
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The Smart Grid is the Next Big Thing in Green Building. So Why Aren’t More Buildings Connecting? - NREI
By connecting to smart grids and utilizing demand response (DR) systems, a building can determine automatically through its building management system (BMS) how much electricity it needs at various times of day.
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Can America Still Compete? - Harvard Business Review
The most recent recession has resulted in long-term unemployment unlike anything we've seen in a generation...
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“We Pulled Out All the Stops:” GE to Open New Louisville Plant, Second in the City in Two Months - GE Reports
The new plant is part of a $1 billion drive to bring new appliance lines to the U.S. and open 1,300 new jobs at GE plants in Louisville, Bloomington, Indiana, and Decatur, Alabama.
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New Business Startups Declined in 2011, Annual Kauffman Study Shows
The Kauffman Index shows that, despite a drop from 2010, U.S. startup activity remains above pre-Great Recession levels
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Wisconsin’s angel investing foundation grows, but work is far from over - Inside WI
“There was no question that we’re viewed as being an innovative state when it came to (investor tax credits) and other programs related to angel investing,” said Johnson, who attended the March conference of the Angel Capital Association. “At the same time, there’s so much more we can do to improve our programs and to help more startups.”
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Effort aims to bring jobs home -
After seven difficult years producing the Brisker in China, Pease last November hired Long-Stanton Manufacturing Co., a West Chester metal-stamping and contract manufacturer, to produce the product here.
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When Office Technology Overwhelms, Get Organized -
To be successful in the new world of work, we need to create a structure for capturing, clarifying and organizing all the forces that assail us; and to ensure time and space for thinking, reflecting and decision making.
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New Office Designs Offer Room to Roam and to Think -
Staying competitive requires coming up with the best ideas, and the office environment can be the incubator for them.
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Is Outsourcing R&D; Hurting U.S. Manufacturing? - Harvard Business Review
Most analysts believe that the future of the manufacturing sector in the U.S. is integrally tied to maintaining our historical lead in high technology. In recent years, however, the ability of our research ecosystem to sustain a leading global position has come into question, especially as new competitors emerge...
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The growth lesson America could take from China - The Washington Post
The basic driver of remarkable economic growth in China — and India, Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil and pretty much every other developing country — is pretty simple: people migrating from rural areas, where they’re not very productive, to dense cities, where they are very productive.
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How the Government Built Silicon Valley by Robert D. Atkinson - The Globalist
The life-enhancing achievements of tech pioneers like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have been celebrated in countless news stories and magazine articles. But the idea that all we need is a few hearty innovators with a few wealthy philanthropists supporting their work is not a recipe for progress, writes Rob Atkinson.
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New Report Challenges Boston To Reinvent The ‘Innovation Economy’ - npr
According to the 2012 Boston Indicators Report, the state’s innovation economy needs to be reinvented. The 2012 report shows that Boston is enjoying three decades of sustained building, increased ethnic diversity and solid job growth, but challenges remain.
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Governor Martin O’Malley Announces $84M in Investment for Maryland's Innovation Economy - BioHealth Innovation
Maryland first state in the nation to use online auction to raise funds for venture capital program. InvestMaryland will deploy first round of funds to seed early stage companies this summer.
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The quarter close: A look at this quarter's financial reporting issues - pwc
The FASB and IASB's joint projects are back in the spotlight as the boards make progress (together!) on financial instruments. However, working out the details on leases is proving to be a challenge.
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