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2019’s Most & Least Innovative States - WalletHub
In order to recognize the nation’s biggest contributors, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 24 key indicators of innovation-friendliness. Our data set ranges from share of STEM professionals to R&D spending per capita to tech-company density.
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Siemens Foundation: STEM Middle-Skill Initiative
he Siemens Foundation has launched a workforce development program to help close the opportunity gap for young adults in STEM middle-skill careers. Leveraging the experience and expertise of Siemens as an industry leader and pioneer in workforce development, the Foundation identified this crucial area as a place where we can have an important impact on America’s workforce.
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Individuals in Science and Engineering Occupations as a Percentage of All Occupations - National Science Foundation
Policymakers and scholars consistently emphasize innovation based on S&E research and development as a vehicle for economic growth and competitiveness. In the increasingly interconnected 21st-century world, workers with S&E expertise are integral to a nation’s innovative capacity because of their high skill level, their creative ideas, and their ability not only to advance basic scientific knowledge but also to transform advances in fundamental knowledge into tangible and useful products and services.
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Developer proposes STEM school for 723-acre IBM Somers site - Westfair
A more than 700-acre Somers campus that once hosted thousands of IBM employees could become home to a private high school focused on science, technology, engineering, math and arts studies.
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US takes first step toward a quantum computing workforce - MIT Technology Review
The pioneer behind a new national plan says it could help the US compete—and address a looming shortage of quantum engineers.
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America's High-Tech STEM Crisis - Hudson Institute
America is in a race for high-tech supremacy with China. The question is, whether we will have enough future engineers and scientists to secure our lead in that race; or whether, for the first time, leadership in advanced technologies will pass to a leading geopolitical and economic competitor.
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Orlando: A Prime Destination for a STEM Workforce - Area Development
Although Orlando already has a labor pool possessing STEM skills, it continues to build that resource through a collaboration between its educational institutions, the tech community, and government.
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2 in 5 Americans Believe the STEM Worker Shortage is at Crisis Levels - Emerson US
While the survey found students today are twice as likely to study STEM fields compared to their parents, the number of roles requiring STEM expertise is growing at a rate that exceeds current workforce capacity. In manufacturing alone, the National Association of Manufacturing and Deloitte predict the U.S. will need to fill about 3.5 million jobs by 2025; yet as many as 2 million of those jobs may go unfilled, due to difficulty finding people with the skills in demand. 
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The Time for Retraining Is Now - MIT Sloan Management Review
Rather than wait to see the answer about whether more jobs will be lost or be gained, we need to act now to enable current employers and employees to gain the skills they are going to need in the brave new world of AI technology. Let’s look at some examples of what is currently being done.
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Useful Stats: R&D personnel by state and metro area - SSTI
Across the nation, R&D at colleges and universities plays an important role in generating promising inventions, training our STEM talent pipeline, and supporting regional economic development. An SSTI analysis of National Science Foundation data finds that higher-education R&D (HERD) is a multi-billion dollar industry that directly employs nearly one million personnel on projects and grants in the United States. However, the locations of R&D projects and personnel differ greatly by state and region.
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IU one of six universities helping Air Force 'invent the future today' - Indiana University
As the Air Force reviews its science and technology strategy, it's looking to the scientific community, higher education and business professionals to ensure it's staying on the leading edge of technological advances.
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Tech's New Hotbeds: Cities With Fastest Growth In STEM Jobs Are Far From Silicon Valley -
The most recent data on STEM jobs – in science, technology, engineering or mathematics – suggests that tech jobs, with some exceptions, are shifting to smaller, generally more affordable places.

What we may be witnessing, in fact, is a third turning in the tech world. The initial phase, in the 1950s, was mostly suburban – dominated by the still-powerful Bay Area, Boston and Southern California – and was heavily tied to aerospace and defense. The second phase, now coming to a close, refocused tech growth in two hot spots, the Bay Area and Washington's Puget Sound, and largely involved social media, search and digital applications for business services.

The third tech turning, now in its infancy, promises greater dispersion to other markets, some with strong tech backgrounds, some with far less.
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Where the STEM Jobs Are (and Where They Aren’t) - The New York Times
Much of the public enthusiasm for STEM education rests on the assumption that these fields are rich in job opportunity. Some are, some aren’t.
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A Road Trip Through Rusting and Rising America - The New York Times
The big divide in America is not between the coasts and the interior. It’s between strong communities and weak communities. You can find weak ones along the coast and thriving ones in Appalachia, and vice versa. It’s community, stupid — not geography.
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Silver Tsunami Washing Over the U.S. Workforce - Area Development
It will take a creative and multi-tiered approach in partnership with communities, government, and educators for manufacturers to find the skilled work force they need.
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The Cities Creating the Most Tech Jobs in 2017 -
A growing tech industry is often considered the ultimate sign of a healthy local economy. By that measure, the Bay Area still stands at the top of the heap in the United States, but our survey of the metropolitan areas with the strongest tech job growth turns up some surprising places not usually thought of as tech meccas.
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Tech Talkin’ Govs Part IV: governors talk change, new administration, tech and education - SSTI
Although TBED issues may not have been at the forefront of the recent state of the state addresses, science, technology and especially innovation and higher education continue to receive attention. This week we zero in on comments delivered by governors in California, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana and Utah.
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2017’s Best & Worst Metro Areas for STEM Professionals - WalletHub
To identify the best markets for STEM professionals, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 100 largest metro areas across 17 key metrics.
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Why so many U.S. manufacturers are putting up ‘Help Wanted’ signs - The Washington Post
American manufacturing is changing, and the enterprises flourishing today often demand a different set of skills than assembly lines of the past.
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Experts release new roadmap for US robotics - ZDNet
In the last few years, there has been significant development in drones, driverless cars, and collaborative robots. Therefore, the researchers suggest additional support (read: funding) for studies on human-robot interactions in order to integrate robots into daily life. On a fundamental level, they also urge a strong focus on STEM education.
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Talent in Manufacturing Twitter Chat (with images, tweets) · Brainerd · Storify
Hosted by PwC and Manufacturing Institute, and moderated by industry leader, Gary Mintchell, the Twitter chat, timed to National Manufacturing Day discussed how digital manufacturing has opened doors for new talent.
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The economy of manufacturing and community - TheHill
Advancements in technology and a globalizing economy have brought us more than just an iPhone 7. In the last several decades, the labor market has experienced a dramatic shift and America has failed to adapt accordingly, leading to an economically-devastating skilled worker shortage. Due to a misguided education system and public misperceptions, the labor market’s unprecedented need for highly-skilled workers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields is not being fulfilled and American manufacturing is suffering.
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Skills gap for US manufacturing workers mostly a myth, paper says - ScienceDaily
Despite the outcry from employers over the dearth of job-ready workers, three-quarters of US manufacturing plants show no sign of hiring difficulties for job vacancies, says new research.
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America’s advanced industries: New trends - Brookings Institution
Leaders in cities, metropolitan areas, and states across the country continue to seek ways to reenergize the American economy in a way that works better for more people. To support those efforts, this report provides an update on the changing momentum and geography of America’s advanced industries sector—a group of 50 R&D- and STEM (science-technology-engineering-mathematics)-worker intensive industries the vitality of which will be essential for supporting any broadly shared prosperity in U.S. regions.
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Topps Digital Opens Technology Center In Orlando, Florida - Area Development
Topps Digital, a mobile game app division of the classic sports company Topps, is expanding its technology center by establishing an office complex in Orlando, Florida. The project will also have a $145,000 capital investment in the local community.
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The Demographics of Innovation in the United States - ITIF
Behind every technological innovation is an individual or a team of individuals responsible for the hard scientific or engineering work. And behind each of them is an education and a set of experiences that impart the requisite knowledge, expertise, and opportunity. These scientists and engineers drive technological progress by creating innovative new products and services that raise incomes and improve quality of life for everyone. 

But who are these individuals? How old are they? Were they born in the United States or abroad?
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Why the US needs a new, tech-driven growth strategy -
Government policies shouldn't shy away from investments in technological innovation, new equipment, labor skills, and infrastructure in order to increase productivity.
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Department of Labor Launches $100 Million TechHire Grant Competition - Innovation America
The U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration has announced the availability of approximately $100 million in grant funds under the TechHire partnership and grant program.

The program is designed to provide individuals with the skills they need and connect them to well-paying, middle- and high-skilled, and high-growth jobs across a diversity of H-1B industries.
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Dow Chemical, MSU to open $10 million STEM learning center in Midland -
The Great Lakes Bay Region is getting a new $10 million STEM education center intended to motivate teachers and encourage students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math.
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STEM Education, Meet The New Manufacturing - TechCrunch
STEM education and the maker movement have flooded our nation’s schools, making project-based learning much easier to mark off of the instructional “must do” checklist toward meeting new criterion and readying students for a career. Our school districts are feeling the pressure to be innovative and find new ways to engage students with technology while adhering to the newly implemented Common Core Standards and ensure students are prepared for what happens following graduation. The buzz phrase these days is “21st century skills” — and students must have them.
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Nevada Reestablishes Office of Science, Innovation, and Technology - SSTI
As part of Nevada’s efforts to better prepare its workers to compete in the state’s technology industries, Gov. Brian Sandoval announced the reestablishment of the state’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology.
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Scoring Tech Talent - CBRE Research
"Tech Talent" is the labor force that fuels innovation and drives productivity. This coveted labor force has been one of the most influential factors in the U.S. economic recovery. Select up to five of the top 25 Tech Talent markets from the drop down below to compare scores.
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Employers Need More Visas, but Abuse Claims Multiply - Stateline - The Pew Charitable
Tech companies, backed by many governors and mayors, want the federal government to expand the number of H1-B visas to fill high-skill jobs. But some labor advocates want to change or end the program, arguing that employers are exploiting it to find cheap, disposable labor.
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Green skills - VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal
The greening of the economy brings with it changes in the demand for certain skills in the labour market. Understanding these changes has important implications for policy aiming to support sustainable industry. This column uses US data to identify key green jobs and the skills of import for them. Environmental sustainability regulations are shown to affect the demand for green skills in the labour market. Labour market policies should target labour supply, for instance through education, to avoid potential skill gaps down the line.
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10,700+ apply for tuition-free technical college - The Tennessean
More than 10,700 adults have applied to take advantage of a state grant that would send them to technical college tuition-free, exceeding initial estimates by more than 2,000.
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Not All STEM Jobs Guarantee Top Wages - Fast Company
Think a STEM track will guarantee a six-figure salary? A new report shows the degree isn't always a golden ticket.
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Analyzing the US skills mismatch - Deloitte University Press
Job vacancy announcements are rising much faster than hires, even as unemployment remains high. Although there is some evidence of the skills mismatch rising after 2008, other evidence is more equivocal.
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The Valley And The Upstarts: The Cities Creating The Most Tech Jobs -
The Commerce Department projects that growth in STEM employment will continue to outpace the rest of the economy through 2018. But all the new tech jobs have not been evenly distributed across the country.
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Why America’s obsession with STEM education is dangerous - The Washington Post
If Americans are united in any conviction these days, it is that we urgently need to shift the country’s education toward the teaching of specific, technical skills.
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Reaching the Full Potential of STEM for Women and the U.S. Economy - U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
Women account for half of the labor force, yet they account for only one-quarter of core STEM jobs. Although the participation rates of women in STEM education and occupations have been rising over the past decades, women are still underrepresented in the core STEM fields.
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H-1Bs And How Changing The System Will Help Startups - Xconomy
Even with the United States’ high unemployment levels, more than a quarter of technological employers report difficulty in filling open positions. Foreign high-skilled workers can help fill this gap, and provide U.S. companies with the kind of know-how necessary to compete in the global marketplace.
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H-1B Open Season: The Sprint for STEM Talent - The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation
April 1st marks the beginning of high skill immigration season, when companies submit applications to acquire temporary employment visas, known as H-1Bs, to hire talented foreign workers in fields such as information technology and engineering. These workers are critical to fill the widening high skills gap in the United States which is forcing companies to either reduce production or move jobs overseas to accommodate their growing need for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills.
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Making Skills Everyone's Business - U.S. Department of Education
This report presents a vision for making adult skill development—upskilling—more prevalent, efficient, effective, and convenient. This vision rests on an understanding that foundation skills—the combination of literacy, numeracy, and English language as well as employability skills required for participation in modern workplaces and contemporary life—are a shared responsibility of, and value and benefit to the entire community.
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US manufacturing faces a two-million-worker shortage by 2025 - Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute
Nine in 10 Americans surveyed believe manufacturing essential to US economy, while only one in three parents would encourage their children to pursue a career in manufacturing.
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CenturyLink and State of Louisiana create innovative model to drive high-value skills for the Digital Economy - IBM News room
As part of a 10-year business transformation agreement between IBM and CenturyLink, IBM will open and staff the new applications development innovation center in Monroe, creating at least 400 new roles for experienced professionals and drawing heavily on graduates from the state’s colleges and universities.
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The Skills Gap: America's Young Workers Are Lagging Behind - The Atlantic
New findings suggest that U.S. millennials are far less competent than their peers in Europe and Asia.
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february 2015 by areadevelopment
CT, IL, NH, TX Budget Proposals Support STEM, Workforce, Research - SSTI
This week, governors in Connecticut, Illinois, New Hampshire, and Texas revealed their budget proposals, with commonalities around STEM education, workforce development, and university research initiatives. Governors in two states, New Hampshire and Texas, made growth in the innovation economy a specific priority area of their proposed budgets.
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Google, de Blasio Unveil Plan to Teach Coding to 100K Kids - NY Daily News
The tech giant will work with the city as part of de Blasio's $10 million Tech Talent Pipeline initiative launched last May, which aims to get children interested in the STEM fields. Google officials said that all kids enrolled in 857 after-school programs across the five boroughs will get to use CS First, a program that teaches youngsters how to code.
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Lockheed Martin donates $2 million to expand STEM curriculum in Orange schools - Orlando Sentinel
Classwork that exposes students to science, engineering, technology and mathematics will be expanded to all of Orange County's 184 traditional public schools within three years under a $2 million grant from Lockheed Martin.
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U.S. students improving in math and science, but still lag internationally - Pew Research Center
cientists and the general public have markedly different views on any number of topics, from evolution to climate change to genetically modified foods. But one thing both groups agree on is that science and math education in the U.S. leaves much to be desired.
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What are you doing to bridge the talent gap? 8 tips to help manufacturers recruit and retain skilled workers - PwC Industrial Insights Blog
Increasingly, these are skilled jobs that require managerial, technological, or engineering talent. And lots of industries are looking for this kind of talent. So manufacturers have to work harder to compete for scarce resources. A new global report on talent management offers some fresh ideas on how to attract and retain the right people.
STEM-workforce  skilled-labor  workforce-development  u.s.-manufacturing  this-week-289  around-the-web 
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Randox Laboratories Expands Jefferson County, West Virginia, Operations Center - Area Development
Randox Laboratories, an Ireland-based company that creates innovative diagnostic solutions for the healthcare industry, will bring 50 high-level STEM-related medical technology jobs to Jefferson County, West Virginia.
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Is the U.S. Focusing Too Much on STEM? - The Atlantic
Some critics say the recent obsession with science and tech compromises other parts of kids' education.
education  STEM-workforce  workforce-development  this-week-287  around-the-web 
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CEOs Say Skills Gap Is Problematic - US News
A shortage of adequately skilled workers in the U.S. is a problem faced by most companies and could compromise the country's economic competitiveness if left unaddressed, a Business Roundtable / Change the Equation survey of leaders of 126 major corporations found. Fortifying a strong pipeline to funnel skilled workers into U.S. companies, business leaders say, should begin as early as grade school.
executive-surveys  skills-gap  STEM-workforce  workforce-development  this-week-287  around-the-web 
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Manufacturers target females for skilled positions -
Some companies in need of welders, machinists and other skilled workers are now targeting women, who account for nearly half of the U.S. workforce but hold less than a third of the nation’s 12.2 million manufacturing jobs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Harley-Davidson is among them.
women-in-manufacturing  workforce-development  STEM-workforce  skilled-labor  this-week-287  around-the-web 
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The Facts About the STEM Employee Pipeline in Washington State - bcg.perspectives
Washington State cannot meet the demand for jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math—collectively known as STEM—with local talent. As a result, Washington imports those workers from out of state or abroad. In this article, we take look at the facts surrounding this leaky STEM employee pipeline.
workforce-development  STEM-workforce  skills-gap  washington  regional-reports  this-week-285  around-the-web 
december 2014 by areadevelopment
The New Face of Manufacturing: Record Number Seeking Credentials in Metalworking - Gray Construction
One of the biggest challenges facing today’s manufacturers is finding workers who possess the necessary skills to be successful in advanced manufacturing jobs. The lack of skilled labor is such an issue, it has prompted a movement by manufacturers, industry associations, vocational and technical schools, colleges and universities, and even governments to come together for solutions to this burgeoning problem. Consequently, a number of new workforce development programs have sprung up across the country, but it’s too soon to tell what impact these programs will have on the labor pool.
metal-fabrication  u.s.-manufacturing  workforce-development  workforce-training  STEM-workforce  this-week-285  around-the-web  skilled-labor 
december 2014 by areadevelopment
Future U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Will Require More Brain Than Brawn - NPR
The face of manufacturing has changed. In the future, the pool of workers is expected to be smaller. And if workers want to succeed, they'll need continuous improvement with on-the-job education.
skilled-labor  STEM-workforce  advanced-manufacturing  u.s.-manufacturing  workforce-development  this-week-283  around-the-web 
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Viewpoint: It Takes a Village to Spark Youth Interest in Manufacturing - ThomasNet News
It takes a village — every one of us in manufacturing — to ensure that there is a next generation of skilled workers. When it comes to inspiring young people, it takes a village filled with those of us who are passionate about our careers and willing to be role models for those who hopefully will follow in our work boots.
this-week-281  around-the-web  workforce-development  STEM-workforce  skills-gap  u.s.-manufacturing 
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Workforce Investment Act Leaves Many Jobless and in Debt -
An extensive analysis of the program by The New York Times shows, many graduates wind up significantly worse off than when they started — mired in unemployment and debt from training for positions that do not exist, and they end up working elsewhere for minimum wage.
government-policy  WOIA  workforce-development  skilled-labor  STEM-workforce  this-week-275  around-the-web 
august 2014 by areadevelopment
Manufacturing Universities: A Catalytic Step Toward Revitalizing American Manufacturing | Education / Training content from IndustryWeek
The United States needs to forge stronger industry-university research collaborations and also incentivize universities to focus more on training students with the requisite skills to support U.S. engineering-based industries.
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America must invest in a skilled workforce - TheHill
Maintaining our competitive edge begins with putting Americans back to work, and ensuring they have the skills they need to succeed. Fortunately education and job training are areas where policymakers can come together on a bipartisan basis.
government-policy  skilled-labor  workforce-development  STEM-workforce  opinion  this-week-273  around-the-web 
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Missing Makers: How to Rebuild America's Manufacturing Workforce - Hope Street Group
The U.S. manufacturing workforce is aging rapidly, with half of the existing workforce only 10-15 years away from retirement.1 Yet, American manufacturing employers are struggling to build a pipeline of new workers. Some 600,000 positions are currently unfilled, and more than three million additional positions are due to open by 2020.
u.s.-manufacturing  workforce-development  STEM-workforce  industry-organizations  this-week-272  around-the-web  studies 
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New Job Law Misses the Mark -
For all its aims, however, The Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act falls short of addressing the larger problem of unemployment and underemployment. Its premise is that jobs are there for the taking and that many unemployed workers would qualify for these jobs if only they could acquire the necessary skills.
government-policy  workforce-development  skilled-labor  skills-gap  STEM-workforce  this-week-272  around-the-web 
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Siemens expands strategic partnership with Penn St - Today's Medical Developments
Multi-million dollar grant for product lifecycle management software helps Pa. prepare a highly-skilled STEM workforce for the U.S. manufacturing resurgence
workforce-development  Pennsylvania  STEM-workforce  university-economic-development  education  this-week-271  around-the-web 
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America’s Crazy, Upside-Down Immigration System - Vivek Wadhwa - POLITICO Magazine
Visit the campuses of engineering colleges in the United States, and you’ll find that a large proportion of the students are foreign-born. Ask these students what they expect to do when they graduate, and nearly all will say that they plan to complete a one- or two-year internship in the United States and then return home.
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july 2014 by areadevelopment
The U.S. Neglects Its Best Science Students - Scientific American
Educators must do a better job of spotting talented kids early, encouraging them and challenging them
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july 2014 by areadevelopment
Still Searching: Job Vacancies and STEM Skills - Brookings Institution
STEM skills are in high demand relative to supply, and the problem is especially acute in certain metropolitan areas, where the average vacancy for STEM workers takes months to fill.
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july 2014 by areadevelopment
Best Places for STEM Graduates - NerdWallet
In today’s economy, knowledge in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) has become incredibly lucrative.
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july 2014 by areadevelopment
STEM Talent Needed to Employ Additive Manufacturing Technologies and Advance Innovation
According to a PwC study, additive manufacturing or 3DP is becoming mainstream; it has the potential to add to the nation’s global competitiveness, but challenges — including finding those with the skills to employ these new technologies — must also be addressed.
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july 2014 by areadevelopment
Coast to Coast, STEM Jobs Take Longest to Fill - USA Today
Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) jobs take more than twice as long to fill as other openings, according to a new Brookings Institution study that provides the most detailed evidence yet of a skills gap that's slowing payroll growth.
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july 2014 by areadevelopment
Building a Skilled Workforce for the 21st Century
Government, business, and academic leaders are attempting to build a workforce for 21st century careers that require STEM talent and specialized skills.
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june 2014 by areadevelopment
War for talent – time to change direction - KPMG
Skills shortages are set to increase as globalization and competitive pressures take hold across sectors and industries and improving economic conditions spur employees to seek new jobs.
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