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U.S. Farmers Fear Lucrative Japanese Exports Will Wither - WSJ
Two new trade pacts will soon cut Japanese tariffs and ease quotas on products sold by some of American agriculture’s biggest competitors.
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Largest Foreign Direct Investors in the U.S. - OFFI
The United Kingdom was the single largest international investor, constituting 15 percent of total cumulative FDI holdings. Canada made up 13 percent followed by Japan, which made up another 12 percent in 2017. Recent large investments from Canada pushed the Great White North up to second place.
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Challenging Trump, E.U. and Japan Push Joint Trade Deal -
The European Union and Japan have signaled that they plan to announce a broad agreement on trade on Thursday, a pointed challenge to President Trump, who is scheduled to attend a meeting of world leaders in Germany the next day.
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Japan-Based Teijin Ltd. Plans Manufacturing Facility In Greenwood, South Carolina - Area Development
Teijin Ltd., a Japan-based chemical, pharmaceutical and information technology company, will be constructing a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on Highway 246 in Greenwood, South Carolina.
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Japan-Based OKI Data Americas Opens Technology-Operations Center In Irving, Texas - Area Development
OKI Data Americas, a subsidiary of the Japan-based OKI Data Corporation, will establish a new operations hub in Irving, Texas. The facility will support the company’s North American operations.
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Japan-Based Yokohama Industries Americas Expands Versailles, Kentucky, Manufacturing Plant - Area Development
Responding to new contracts for its vehicle hose assemblies, Yokohama Industries Americas Inc. plans to invest $5.2 million in new equipment at its plant in Versailles, Kentucky. The company plans to hire 134 full-time employees.
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Japan-Based Kobelco-Kobe Steel Plans Manufacturing Complex In Bowling Green, Kentucky - Area Development
Japan-based Kobelco Aluminum Products & Extrusions Inc. started construction its production facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky. A subsidiary of Kobe Steel, KPEX will manufacture and sell aluminum bumper beam material and car frame material for the automotive industry in the United States.
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Toray Plastics (America) Locates Front Royal facility in Warren County, Virginia - Area Development
Toray Plastics (America), Inc., a subsidiary of Japan-based Toray Industries, Inc., will invest $45 million to expand its Front Royal facility in Warren County, Virginia.
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Japan-Based Morio USA Open Manufacturing Plant in Lincoln, Nebraska - Area Development
Morio USA Corporation, a manufacturer of electronic sign displays and moving message board panels, opened its new $3 million, 11,436 sq. ft., facility in Lincoln, Nebraska. The project unites Morio USA’s manufacturing and warehousing of products in one centralized location.
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Eurotranciatura USA Plans $12.6 Million Expansion In Paris, Tennessee - Area Development
Eurotranciatura USA, a joint venture between Italy-based Euro Group S.p.A and Japan-based Kuroda Precision Industries Ltd. that manufacturers steel lamination products for electrical motors and generators, is investing $12.6 million over the next five years to expand its operations in Paris, Tennessee.
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Japan-Based Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems Plans Manufacturing Center In Franklin, Kentucky - Area Development
Japan-based Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems Inc. (SEWS), an automotive supplier, is investing nearly $10.5 million to establish a new production facility in Franklin, Kentucky. SEWS plans to create up to 145 new jobs over the next 10 years at its new Franklin location.
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Japan-Based Idemitsu Lubricants America Opens R&D Center In Wixom, Michigan - Area Development
Japan-based Idemitsu Lubricants America opened a Research & Development Center in Wixom, Michigan. The facility will focus on providing custom lubricant solutions to a variety of customers throughout North, Central and South America.
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Nihon Kohden Locates Technical Support Call Center In Allentown, Pennsylvania - Area Development
A leading Japan-based manufacturer, developer and distributor of medical electronic equipment, Nihon Kohden is enhancing its support of customers across the U.S. by opening a technical support call center in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
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Shiseido Americas Corporation Opens Makeup Center Of Excellence In New York City - Area Development
Shiseido Americas Corporation, a subsidiary of Japan-based global cosmetics company Shiseido Co., Ltd., opened a new Makeup Center of Excellence in New York City, New York. The facility will be used to accelerate innovation of color cosmetics
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FANUC America Corporation Plans Manufacturing-Distribution Center In Pontiac, Michigan - Area Development
Japan-based FANUC America Corporation, the leading supplier of robotics, CNCs and factory automation, will open four new facilities around the United States, including adding a manufacturing plant and distribution center in Pontiac, Michigan.
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Japan-Based Rinnai Launches Customer Experience Center In Peachtree City, Georgia - Area Development
Japan-based Rinnai, the number-one selling brand of tankless water heaters in the United States and Canada, launched a state-of-the-art customer experience facility at its U.S./Canada headquarters in Peachtree City, Georgia.
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TMM USA Inc. To Locate Manufacturing Plant In Simpson County, Kentucky - Area Development
In a move that will create 42 jobs with an investment of $5.6 million, TMM USA Inc., a subsidiary of Japan-based Toyo Tire & Rubber Co. Ltd., will locate its manufacturing campus in Simpson County, Kentucky. The plant will supply its parent company with stamped and welded components.
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Olympus Will Construct Service-Distribution Center In Shelby, Tennessee - Area Development
Olympus, a global company with its headquarters, Olympus Corporation, based in Japan, will construct a new $12 million East Coast national service and distribution center at Bartlett Corporate Park in Shelby County, Tennessee. The facility is expected to create 280 jobs.
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Looking up: Japan plans its tallest tower - RealViews
As Japan basks in new found confidence, boosted by ‘Abenomics’ and the buzz around Tokyo’s preparations for the 2020 Olympics, plans to build the country’s tallest tower are in full flow.
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Mexico on its Way to Beating Japan - The Offshore Group
Mexico is on its way to outpacing Japan as the No. 2 importer of cars to the U.S., according to Auto News.
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Toyota car production plummets after tsunami -
Toyota Motor says its car production in Japan plummeted 62.7% in March due to a parts supply crunch following the earthquake and tsunami.
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How to Prepare Your Supply Chain for the Unthinkable - Harvard Business Review
Companies are always shocked when low-probability events such as an earthquake or a tsunami disrupt their supply chains — as has happened after the tragic events in Japan two weeks ago — because of two fallacies.
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Japan disaster having ripple effect on U.S. consumers - CBS News Video
Chris Wragge talks to CBS News business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis on how the Japanese disaster will impact the American consumer.
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Toyota warns U.S. workers to expect production stops -
Toyota told workers today to brace for plant shutdowns around the U.S. as inventories run out of Japanese made parts due to the earthquake and tsunami.
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GM production halt, layoffs in N.Y. due to Japan disaster -
General Motors today stopped production at the Tonawanda plant in Buffalo, N.Y., that makes engines for the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups.
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Toyota and Honda extend plant shutdowns -
Carmakers say production will remain suspended at plants in Japan, as the industry attempts to recover from the effects of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis.
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Quake in Japan Broke a Link in Global Supply Chain -
Tony Prophet, a senior vice president for operations at Hewlett-Packard, was awakened at 3:30 a.m. in California and was told that an earthquake and tsunami had struck Japan. Soon after, Mr. Prophet had set up a virtual “situation room,” so managers in Japan, Taiwan and America could instantly share information.
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Nissan to Resume Production in Japan -
Nissan Motor Co. said Sunday that it will start parts production and vehicle assembly operations this week in Japan, becoming the first car maker to restart its entire auto production process after a devastating quake brought the country's auto industry to a standstill.
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Japan: Prices of cars from Japan likely to climb -
Earthquake-related production shutdowns in Japan are reducing the supply of popular hybrid and fuel-efficient cars amid rising demand for the imports.
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Asia manufacturers yet to see quake impact -
Companies say their supply chain has not been severely affected by the Japanese crisis, though many warn of difficulties if deliveries are disrupted for more than a few weeks.
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Subaru And Toyota Curb Output In North America - Associated Press
Two Japanese automakers are scaling back production at North American plants as they assess their ability to get parts from Japan after that country's devastating earthquake and tsunami.
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Aftermath of the Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan - Roubini Global Economics
Remarkably, in spite of a spate of catastrophic disasters in the last decade (the East Asian tsunami of 2004, the Kashmir earthquake of 2005, and the Sichuan earthquake in 2008 to name a few), we have a fairly limited knowledge of the likely macroeconomic impacts of these events.
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Can Japan's Economy Recover? -
Stephen Roach, Morgan Stanley Asia non-executive chairman, discusses whether the world's third-largest economy can survive its recent natural disasters. Will it encounter another recession?
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Worries over component shortages after Japan earthquake - BBC News
The Japan earthquake and tsunami could result in significant shortages of important components needed to make electronic goods and vehicles.
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Toyota cancels overtime in U.S. to conserve parts -
Toyota has halted overtime at its U.S. factories to conserve Japan-supplied components delayed by the devastating Mar. 11 earthquake and tsunami that wiped out entire portions of the country's northeast coast.
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Japan’s Gross Domestic Product Fell 0.3% at Year’s End -
Japan’s economy contracted in the fourth quarter when compared with the previous three months, though analysts are optimistic about the country’s prospects for the rest of the year.
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Nissan to Make SUV in the U.S. -
Nissan Motor Co. plans to shift production of the Rogue sport-utility vehicle to the U.S. from Japan in 2013, in an effort to localize as much as 85% of its manufacturing in the regions where it sells vehicles by 2015.
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Japan's Smaller Car Makers Look to Undercut Hybrids -
As Japan's big auto makers ramp up production of environmentally friendly hybrids and electric cars, some smaller competitors are betting that a new wave of ultra-efficient gasoline-engine cars will appeal to customers unwilling to pay a premium for green motoring.
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