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Immigration and Innovation -
By any reasonable assessment, a clear majority of the world’s top universities are in the United States. These universities attract talent from all over the globe. Most engineering Ph.D.’s granted at American universities now go to people born abroad.
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february 2013 by areadevelopment
U.S. Immigration Policy Is Killing Entrepreneurship. Here's What to Do About It - Forbes
In this academic year, three in 10 MIT students, including four in 10 graduate students, are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents. So for them our entrepreneurship class is likely to remain just an academic exercise. Their student visas expire when they graduate, leaving them with two options, to leave the country or find an existing company to sponsor them for a chance at an H-1B visa.
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Immigrant Entrepreneurship Has Stalled for the First Time in Decades, Kauffman Foundation Study Shows
New book based on findings warns of potential dire consequences for U.S. economy and urges swift action to reverse the trend
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Immigrants Take Key Management, Tech Roles in Top Venture-Funded Companies - WSJ
Immigrants have started nearly half of Americaě°Ë?€™s 50 top venture-funded companies and are key members of management or product development teams in almost 75 percent of those companies.
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Immigrant visa program to stimulate Maine business — Bangor Daily News
A visa program to stimulate business in western Maine is being announced. State and federal officials on Tuesday said the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has authorized a regional center in Rangeley to coordinate foreign investment and new job creation as part of the EB-5 employment-based visa program.
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october 2011 by areadevelopment
US Cities Entice Foreign Investors With Green Cards - Voice of America
Regions within the United States, hit hard by the economic recession are actively seeking foreign investors to help create more jobs. In exchange, the U.S. government is giving permanent residency, known as green cards, to the investors and their families. Quite a few investors from China are taking advantage of this opportunity.
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Helping immigrant entrepreneurs create good U.S. jobs -
In 1873, German immigrant Levi Strauss made the first pair of blue jeans. In 1968, Hungarian-born Andy Grove founded the world's largest computer chip maker, Intel. They're just two examples of a longstanding American tradition of immigrants who come to our country, start a small business, and create millions of jobs.
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U.S. to Assist Immigrant Job Creators -
Alejandro Mayorkas, chief of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a unit of the Department of Homeland Security, on Tuesday will unveil several initiatives designed to attract and retain foreign entrepreneurs, particularly in the high-tech sector, who wish to launch start-up companies in the U.S.
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Attracting the entrepreneurial immigrant - The Globe and Mail
With a low birth rate, Canada will need immigrants to help drive economic growth. But does our system reward the immigrants most likely to create that growth?
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Why a Startup Visa Category Would Create U.S. Jobs - Mashable
Every day around the globe, ideas are generated, startups are conceived, and founders want to come to the United States to launch their companies — it’s the proverbial American dream. However, our current immigration policies have prevented many foreign-born startup founders from remaining in the U.S. And as they leave, they take innovative ideas and jobs with them.
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'Brain Drain' or 'Brain Exchange': What Is the Cost When Immigrant Entrepreneurs Go Home? - Knowledge@Wharton
For a majority of highly skilled immigrants who want to start companies, the promised land is no longer the United States, writes Wadhwa and four co-authors in a recent report from the Kauffman Foundation, a Kansas City, Mo.-based non-profit that supports research on entrepreneurship. In "The Grass Is Indeed Greener in India and China for Returnee Entrepreneurs," the researchers surveyed 153 professionals who returned from the U.S. to India or China to start a business. They found that 72% of Indians and 81% of Chinese said the opportunities to start a company in their home countries "were better or much better" than in the United States.
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Immigration and the death of the economic recovery - The Washington Post
Sadly, this is what the immigration debate has been reduced to: You are either a patriot or a traitor. There is no in-between and little logic. Now, as the U.S. economy sputters and stalls, is precisely the time to welcome the smartest, most ambitious people on Earth.
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Imported workers wanted in jobs-poor Michigan - Washington Times
In a state that has long suffered from one of the nation’s highest jobless rates, new GOPGov. Rick Snyder wants to import — literally — fresh competition for some of the best job openings the state has to offer.
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Indian Company Under Scrutiny Over U.S. Visas -
A giant Indian outsourcing company with thousands of employees in the United States is facing an expanding federal investigation prompted by claims from an American whistle-blower that it misused short-term visitors’ visas to bring in low-cost workers from India.
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june 2011 by areadevelopment
Taken for Granted: Immigrants and Entrepreneurship - Science Careers
Immigration, innovation, and the connection between them are hot topics once again. With the labor market in the doldrums, America's technical supremacy under challenge from abroad, and the political issue of immigration reform heating up, many argue that immigrants have a special propensity for innovation and entrepreneurship that can help spark badly needed economic growth.
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june 2011 by areadevelopment
Children of Immigrants Are America's Science Superstars - HuffPo
Adding fuel to the fiery debate over immigration policy, a study released Tuesday shows that top science achievers in the U.S. are overwhelmingly the children of immigrants.
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may 2011 by areadevelopment
Fixing America’s immigration mess -
If you sat down to design an immigration policy to erode US prosperity, you would struggle to come up with anything better than the current rules. What impresses is the system’s coherence – the steady direction of so many moving parts to the single goal, so it seems, of reducing US living standards.
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Why the U.S. Must Slow the Immigration Brain Drain -
If there's one fact that Americans take for granted, it's that other people want to live here. As President Barack Obama noted in his speech on immigration earlier this week, the U.S. has always attracted strivers from every corner of the globe, often willing to risk great hardships to get here.
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Why Immigrant Entrepreneurs Are Leaving the U.S. - BusinessWeek
Skilled immigrants are returning to their native countries to start businesses. The author of a new study examines the motivations of Chinese and Indian returnees—and urges the U.S. to fix immigration policy to get them back
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America is bleeding competitiveness - VentureBeat
With anti-immigrant sentiment building across the nation, and clouds of nativism swirling around Washington, D.C., skilled immigrants are voting with their feet. They are returning home to countries like India and China.
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april 2011 by areadevelopment
Greener Pastures at Home Entice Chinese and Indian Entrepreneurs from United States, Kauffman Study Shows - Kauffman Foundation
Immigrant entrepreneurs leave for lower operating costs, growing markets and family ties, but closely maintained U.S. ties create 'brain circulation'
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