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Grimy, Glorious, Gone. The Divergent Paths of 7 Train Stations - The New York Times
The middle of the country has a tortured romance with its train stations, often grandiose structures that shaped local history but stopped serving a purpose. The announcement this summer that Detroit’s crumbling train terminal — among the best-known symbols of that city’s decline — would be turned into futuristic offices brought new attention to the problem of what to do with aging depots.
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The 3D-Printed Age: Why This Futuristic Ohio Factory Is Proving Mark Twain Wrong - GE Reports
Mark Twain allegedly claimed that when the end of the world came, he wanted to be in Cincinnati “because it’s always 20 years behind the times.” The quip is funny, but his strategy to ride out Armageddon in the Queen City would backfire today. A case in point is GE’s Additive Technology Center located along Interstate 75 as it bisects the northern suburb of West Chester Township.
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Site-selection expert: Here's why Cincinnati is a great place to do business -
Companies seeking to open or relocate industrial and distribution facilities would be remiss if they didn't have Cincinnati on their short list of destinations.

That's according to site-selection expert Brad Migdal, who said Cincinnati's central geographic location and access to major shipping routes and highways give it an advantage many other similar-sized cities don't have.
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Amazon air cargo hub north Kentucky - Business Insider Inc plans to invest $1.49 billion to build a large air cargo hub in northern Kentucky, state officials said on Tuesday, stoking expectations it may one day opt to directly compete with FedEx Corp and United Parcel Service Inc.
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The Rise Of Entrepreneurial Communities - TechCrunch
This summer, as Chairman of the House Small Business Committee, I had the opportunity to honor an innovative business accelerator called First Batch. This isn’t your typical business accelerator. First Batch is a product accelerator in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, that focuses on helping entrepreneurs and makers bring physical products to market. It’s a great resource supporting the intersection of technology and manufacturing, and it’s another example of the resources communities are using to build entrepreneurial ecosystems.
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Winning new jobs costing taxpayers more in Ohio -
State budget estimators drastically underestimated the value of tax breaks awarded to companies for new job creation in Ohio.
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New suburban jobs a win for all -
Great metropolitan areas blend thriving downtowns and strong suburbs.

Cincinnati, which has struggled at doing both well, is turning a corner.
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Kroger And Five Additional Firms Plan Capital Investments Worth $74 Million In Cincinnati, Ohio, Region - Area Development
REDI Cincinnati, Southwest Ohio’s leading economic development initiative, reported six capital investment projects have the potential to create or retain a total of 2,611 jobs in the Greater Cincinnati region, and generate over $74 million in capital investments.
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General Electric Strengthens Ties to Cincinnati - WSJ
General Electric Co is about to strengthen its ties to downtown Cincinnati in the latest sign that urban centers in the Rust Belt are becoming more attractive to U.S. corporations.
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Close Ties - The Story of GE and Cincinnati - IndustryWeek
When GE Aviation announced in April that it will bring 1,400 new jobs to the Cincinnati, Ohio, it was ground-breaking news in terms of employment.  It was the largest number of jobs to come into this Midwest town that is host to ten Fortune 500 companies, in over a decade.
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The top 15 cities for biotech venture funding - FierceBiotech
Anyone looking to start a biotech company should pay close attention to this list. Venture groups, entrepreneurs and increasingly Big Pharma have been concentrating their money and their attention in a few key places, only occasionally straying from the beaten path when funding a high-risk drug development effort.
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When a City’s Workforce Stretches Well Beyond Its Borders – Next City
Since 2008, a regional collaborative group called Partners for a Competitive Workforce — or just “Partners,” for short — has worked to close the skills gap in the greater Cincinnati region. Sounds simple enough, right? Except when you fly into the Cincinnati airport, you actually land in Kentucky. So any local effort at workforce development needs to focus on an entire tri-state area: southwestern Ohio, northern Kentucky and southern Indiana.
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How One U.S. City Became an Unexpected Hub for Tech Startups -
Between Silicon Valley and New York City's Silicon Alley lie 3,000 miles of countryside dotted with business hubs. One of these growing centers for innovation in tech is a city that might not otherwise be on your radar: Cincinnati.
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