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📈 vue-chartjs
Easy and beautiful charts with Chart.js and Vue.js
vue.js  visualization  graphics  library  opensource 
5 weeks ago by archangel
vuejs/vetur: Vue tooling for VS Code.
Vue tooling for VS Code, powered by vue-language-server.
IDE  extension  vue.js 
september 2018 by archangel
Quasar Framework
Build responsive websites, PWAs, hybrid mobile Apps (that look native!) and Electron apps, all simultaneously using same codebase, powered with Vue.
vue.js  framework  mobile  electron  @devenvironment  iOS  android 
july 2018 by archangel
vue-mobile is an UI Framework build with Vue.js for SPA:

Full Page Structure - header, content, footer
Page transition support by vue-router
Bunch of Powerful Components, easy to use and extend
high performance CSS3 Animation
1px border for all components - as well as round border
Write with Vue - the most important
javascript  mobile  vue.js  library  extension  framework  gui 
june 2018 by archangel
Getting Started with VuePress
"VuePress is the new kid on the block on the list of static site generators... A VuePress site is, in fact, an SPA powered by Vue, Vue Router, and webpack. After the build, a server-rendered version of the app is created."

{ author: @lauragift21 }
from:twitter  webpack  blog  vue.js  static_site_generator 
april 2018 by archangel
Quickstart guide for a new Vue.js project
"This opinionated guide details the steps I take to start with a solid foundation for a new Vue.js project."

{ author: @lobo_tuerto }
from:twitter  vue.js  tips 
march 2018 by archangel
Creating a Global Event Bus with Vue.js
This can then be used for inter-application communication
vue.js  event  javascript  patterns 
october 2017 by archangel
Introduction - Nuxt.js
The 25th of October 2016, the team behind, announced Next.js, a framework for server-rendered React applications. Few hours after the announcement, the idea of creating server-rendered Vue.js applications the same way as Next.js was obvious: Nuxt.js was born.
javascript  framework  server  isomorphic  library  vue.js 
april 2017 by archangel
Vue.js 2 Component Framework | Vuetify
Vuetify is a component framework for Vue.js 2. It aims to provide clean, semantic and reusable components that make building your application a breeze. Vuetify utilizes Google's Material Design design pattern, taking cues from other popular frameworks such as Materialize.css, Material Design Lite, Semantic UI and Bootstrap 4.
vue.js  javascript  framework  CSS 
december 2016 by archangel

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