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What Happened When I Tried Talking to Twitter Abusers
"Don't feed the trolls" is not a solution, talking to them also is not.
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august 2018 by archangel
Social Media Sharing Buttons. No JavaScript. No tracking. Super fast and easy.
Love or loathe them, sharing buttons will not go away for a while. The default social media sharing scripts provided by the networks themselves are big, often download multiple files and track users across the web.

This generator outputs social media sharing buttons that do not use JavaScript, which means they load incredibly fast (they only use a single HTTP request), don't block your website from rendering, are accessible and don't track the user. (Also, they look nice and follow the brand guidelines where applicable!)

Using these buttons is as easy as copying the HTML code into your .html files, and the CSS code into your .css file.

The buttons are sized using em units, so the only step to change the size of the buttons is to set the font-size property of the .resp-sharing-button class. Seriously, that's it!
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april 2018 by archangel
RT : Buddhist development:
* There should be no code for the future or past, only the present
* Acknowledge that everything is connected when you add a feature
* Karma will cycle back so avoid shortcuts or clever tricks
spirituality  twitter  programming  Humor  archive  from twitter_favs
february 2018 by archangel
Confessions of a Digital Nazi Hunter
Like many Jewish journalists who reported on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, I spent the 2016 election being harassed by a motley crew of internet racists who coalesced around the future president. They sent me threats, photoshopped me into gas chambers and hurled an uncreative array of anti-Semitic slurs my way. A study by the Anti-Defamation League found that I’d received the second-most abuse of any Jewish journalist on Twitter during the campaign cycle. My parents didn’t raise me to be No. 2; fortunately, there’s always 2020.

As a result, I’ve become something of an unintentional expert on alt-right trolls and their tactics. For the most part, these characters are largely laughable — sad, angry men hiding behind images of cartoon frogs, deathly afraid that their employers will uncover their online antics. But there are also more insidious individuals, whose digital skulduggery can be more consequential than the occasional bigoted bromide.

And so last November, in the wake of Trump’s victory, I decided to turn the tables on them. My target? Impersonator trolls.
twitter  racism  culture  technology  archive 
january 2018 by archangel
RT @tralafiti: Dwitter: Eine Plattform um 140 Zeichen Javascript-Funktionen zu teilen, die nette Sachen in ein Canvas malen 🖥️🖼️😎
javascript  graphics  art  twitter  codesnippets  via:popular 
december 2017 by archangel
Tweetstorm by @leahmcelrath re: govt crackdowns coming
Loss of due process means the Federal govt can arrest and imprison us without legal representation or even charges for as long as it wants.
politics  USA  trump  twitter  archive  weltuntergang  via:elfwreck 
november 2016 by archangel
Social Media Gelassenheit (Digitale Januar Notizen) |
In den Social-Media-Seminaren, die ich gelegentlich gebe, rate ich Community-Managern gerne, ihre Antwortposts auf ärgerliche Foreneinträge oder Leserbriefe vor dem Abschicken laut dem Zimmernachbarn vorzulesen: laut, langsam und deutlich.
socialmedia  culture  writing  tip  lang:de  facebook  twitter 
march 2016 by archangel
Teens have a smart reason for abandoning Facebook and Twitter - Quartz
When my digital media students are sitting, waiting for class to start, and staring at their phones, they are not checking Facebook. They’re not checking…
facebook  privacy  security  culture  twitter 
february 2016 by archangel
» Twitter and Wikipedia: Parallel Challenges The Wikipedian
Twitter has had an almost unprecedented run of bad press lately. Its stock is down, its executives are out, and uncertainty reigns. In recent weeks, Twitter has announced (or had leaked) plans to change the platform’s famous 140-character limit, its reverse-chronological order of messages, and the site’s most vocal users are fearing, and saying, the worst.

The more I read of it, the more I think about the bad press Wikipedia has received over the past few years, and I see some striking parallels.
twitter  history  wikipedia  culture 
february 2016 by archangel
TweetBeam Twitter Wall - Visualize Live Tweets
A unique visualization of live Twitter updates. Capture the feeling of an event with a TweetBeam Twitter Wall.
tools  visualization  twitter  web 
october 2015 by archangel
Ein Bild mit einer Beschreibung versehen zum Twittern
Bild + Beschreibung für Twitter

Du solltest jedes Bild vor dem Twittern mit einer Beschreibung versehen.
Blinde Twitteristi werden dir für diese kleine Mühe dankbar sein.
twitter  barrierefrei  images 
july 2015 by archangel
Tent — All your data in one place
Tent is a protocol for personal data and communications
opensource  socialnetworking  protocol  twitter  facebook 
may 2015 by archangel
Twitter Bio Generator
Don't think too hard about it. Use this thingy to generate a Twitter bio for yourself.
twitter  Humor  writing  web  tools 
may 2015 by archangel
A PHP Library for authentication through Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, MySpace, LinkedIn, AOL, Vimeo, FourSquare, OpenID and other Identity providers
oauth  security  php  library  opensource  twitter  facebook  openid  authentication 
april 2015 by archangel
Eure Awareness kotzt mich an!
Text von einem, der seit 9 Jahren einen Therapeuten für seie Depression sucht und die gut gemeinten Tweets nicht mehr hören kann.
health  lang:de  depression  communication  twitter 
april 2015 by archangel
How To Make an _ebooks Bot
How to create a twitter bot that tweets messages similar to one's own.
twitter  ebook  bot  ruby  language  text_processing  from twitter_favs
february 2015 by archangel
emojitracker: realtime emoji use on twitter
There is a website that tracks realtime use of emojis on Twitter and it is mesmerizing
i18n  twitter  web  emoji  from twitter_favs
november 2014 by archangel - Share your thing- like it ain't no thang.
Ridiculously simple messaging
(and alerts)
for the Internet of Things.
Fast, free and ridiculously simple— it's like Twitter for social machines.
web  internet_of_things  twitter  networking  webservices 
november 2014 by archangel
Where wolves f*ck
My friend Patrick Ball turned me on to a wonderful piece of Serbian idiom: "Vukojebina," which literally means "where wolves fuck," but is used to denote any out-of-the-way place.

My twitter friends gifted me a whole lexicon of similarly colorful phrases from other languages
Humor  twitter  language 
october 2014 by archangel
On Testing
All the tweets for "A QA tester walks into a bar. Order a beer, orders 99 beers, orders 0 beers, orders a gjgwjwl".
tdd  programming  humor  security  twitter  essentials 
september 2014 by archangel
OAuth client integration for Symfony. Supports both OAuth1.0a and OAuth2.
twitter  facebook  socialnetworking  socialmedia  security  library  php  symfony  symfony_bundle 
september 2014 by archangel
Show ratio of retweets of male/female tweets.
twitter  gender  web  tools  revisit  from twitter_favs
july 2014 by archangel
Tweet Nest
A browsable, searchable and easily customizable archive and backup for your tweets
php  web  tools  twitter  backup 
july 2014 by archangel - Find the Sleeping Schedule of anyone !
Find the sleeping schedule of anyone on Twitter by analyzing their tweet times.
twitter  web  tools  privacy  security  humor  web2.0  surveillance  sleep 
march 2010 by archangel
Who Owns Your Tweets – Twitter, You Or Anyone? | Blog of Mr. Tweet
Musings on the ownership of tweets. Conclusion: "This is a very hazy area and my gut feeling tells me that until a legal precedent is set it’s going to remain that way. Until then, you might want to think about it a little – who owns your tweets?"
twitter  archive 
june 2009 by archangel
realtime visualization of six twitter feeds: love, hate, think, feel, believe, wish, in a nice web 2.0 style. theres also a screensaver.
twitter  writing  literature  web  web2.0  visualization 
march 2009 by archangel
Twibot: A microframework for Twitter bots in Ruby / Ruby
A library for programming a bot that polls twitter and rects to certain commands.
ruby  twitter  library  chat  autonomous_agents 
march 2009 by archangel
Add Twitter to your blog (step-by-step)
Here is a step-by-step guide to adding Twitter to your blog without it hanging your web site.
twitter  blog  javascript  library  tutorial 
january 2009 by archangel
Tweetwasters – Wastin’ Time Tweetin’
Calculate how many seconds, minutes, hours and days you have wasted by twittering.
web  tools  twitter 
december 2008 by archangel
Realtime Tracking of Twitter Hashtags
twitter  web  communication  internet  news 
july 2008 by archangel
Twitter Stats
A Perl script that computes your twitter Stats
osx  software  twitter  perl  programming 
may 2008 by archangel
Tweetburner lets you track what happens with the links you share on Twitter.
web  communication  twitter  tools  web2.0  links  internet 
may 2008 by archangel

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