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A Historic Tax Heist - The New York Times
With barely a vote to spare early Saturday morning, the Senate passed a tax bill confirming that the Republican leaders’ primary goal is to enrich the country’s elite at the expense of everybody else, including future generations who will end up bearing the cost. The approval of this looting of the public purse by corporations and the wealthy makes it a near certainty that President Trump will sign this or a similar bill into law in the coming days.
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6 days ago by archangel
'A tale of decay': the Houses of Parliament are falling down | News | The Guardian
Away from the grand chambers of the House of Commons and House of Lords, away from the lofty corridors, away from the imposing committee rooms with their carved doors, the palace is tatty, dirty and infested with vermin. Its lavatories stink, its drains leak. Some of the external stonework has not been cleaned since it was built in the 1840s, and is encrusted with a thick coat of tarry black that is eating away at the masonry. Inside the building, intricate fan vaulting is flaking off, damaged by seeping rainwater and leaking pipes. Its Gothic-revival artworks are decaying: in the Lords chamber, the once-golden sculptures of the barons who signed the Magna Carta are now dull grey, pitted and corroded.

Beyond its state of disrepair, the building is all too obviously a remnant of a predemocratic age. It was built not to welcome its populace in, but to impress them with its fortress-like grandeur. It was designed when women were, at best, crinoline-wearing spectators of parliamentary life, consigned to the public gallery. With its chilly colonnades of sculptures of male politicians, its heavy, ecclesiastical furnishings and gentlemen’s-club atmosphere, it provides the perfect stage-set for Britain’s “very aggressive, very masculine, very power-hoarding democracy”, as political scientist Matthew Flinders put it.
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9 days ago by archangel
Armed Walmart shoppers slowed police in shooting investigation
RT : So they say if everyone has a gun they can stop an armed attacker? Let's see how well that works:
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5 weeks ago by archangel
My IRB Nightmare
RT : It's not big business that suffers most from bureaucracy, but the people doing something as a labor of love.
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11 weeks ago by archangel
Too many prisons make bad people worse. There is a better way
“DO YOU want a coffee?” It is a chilly morning on the ferry to Bastoy, an island prison in Norway. Two burly ferrymen greet a visiting journalist with a hot…
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september 2017 by archangel
Mozilla exec: EU’s Copyright Reform is 'a dysfunctional proposal'
The EU’s upcoming Copyright Reform threatens to strangle platform businesses by siding with rightholders and large corporations over users. “This is a…
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september 2017 by archangel
Jim Bridenstine to Be Nominated by Trump to Lead NASA - The New York Times
RT : Trump named a politician who has denied climate change science and who has no scientific run NASA.
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september 2017 by archangel
Harvey Didn’t Come Out of the Blue. Now is the Time to Talk About Climate Change.
Naomi Klein: NOT connecting Houston's plight to climate change (& privatization) is just as political as doing so:
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september 2017 by archangel
Home |
Vergleiche dein Abstimmverhalten mit dem der Parteien im Bundestag.
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august 2017 by archangel
Seenotrettung im Mittelmeer: Weniger Helfer bedeuten mehr Tote | ZEIT ONLINE
RT : Bitte lest diesen informativen und klugen Artikel über die Seenotretter*innen im Mittelmeer:
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july 2017 by archangel
Counterterrorism Mission Creep
One of the assurances I keep hearing about the U.S. government's spying on American citizens is that it's only used in cases of terrorism. Terrorism is, of course, an extraordinary crime, and its horrific nature is supposed to justify permitting all sorts of excesses to prevent it. But there's a problem with this line of reasoning: mission creep. The definitions of "terrorism" and "weapon of mass destruction" are broadening, and these extraordinary powers are being used, and will continue to be used, for crimes other than terrorism.
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july 2017 by archangel
Don’t Leave Health Care to a Free Market - The New York Times
RT : From an ER doctor, this is staggering. And if you're American, you'll recognize it as true.
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july 2017 by archangel
Deportation a ‘Death Sentence’ to Adoptees After a Lifetime in the U.S. - The New York Times
RT : Adopted at 8 by Americans, Phillip Clay was deported to South Korea after 29 years in U.S. He killed himself in May.
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july 2017 by archangel
President Trump’s Lies, the Definitive List - The New York Times
RT : Facts do not matter to Trump. He hates the media because it fact checks. And here's a blockbuster fact check.
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june 2017 by archangel
For the U.S.-European alliance, everything has changed - The Washington Post
RT : “At no point did the president seem to understand his role of alliance leader.”
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may 2017 by archangel
Some Americans spend billions to get teeth whiter. Some wait in line to get them pulled. | The Washington Post
As the distance between rich and poor grows in the United States, few consequences are so overlooked as the humiliating divide in dental care. High-end cosmetic dentistry is soaring, and better-off Americans spend well over $1 billion each year just to make their teeth a few shades whiter.

Millions of others rely on charity clinics and hospital emergency rooms to treat painful and neglected teeth. Unable to afford expensive root canals and crowns, many simply have them pulled. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans older than 65 do not have a single real tooth left.
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may 2017 by archangel
Tolerance is not a moral precept
What tolerance is and why the sentence "Please tolerate my racism/intolerance" does not work.
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april 2017 by archangel
Brexit, Pursued by Despair
Britain’s unelected Prime Minister triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, setting the legal machine of international relations on an unstoppable course towards Brexit. Britain was committed to the complex and painful operation of leaving the EU within two years—with or without the anesthetic of a workable trade deal.
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april 2017 by archangel
5 Ways Powerful People Trick You Into Hating Protesters
RT @AlexOlesker: Cracked pulls a Teen Vogue and steps up with an important, timely article on how you're tricked into hating protests
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february 2017 by archangel
RT : The COMPLETE 4-page Guide to Surviving an Authoritarian Regime, in graphic form
-With love, your Eastern European f…
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february 2017 by archangel
Macomb v media: voters who read little news think Trump had a great first week | US news | The Guardian
RT : Get ready for 8 years of this. "Voters who read little news think Trump had a great first week"
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january 2017 by archangel
Müller: „Jemand hat die Absicht, eine Mauer zu errichten“ -
Der Regierende Bürgermeister von Berlin, Michael Müller, erklärt:

„Berlin, die Stadt der Teilung Europas, die Stadt der Freiheit Europas, kann nicht kommentarlos zusehen, wenn ein Land plant, eine neue Mauer zu errichten. Wir Berlinerinnen und Berliner wissen am besten, wieviel Leid eine durch Stacheldraht und Mauer zementierte Teilung eines ganzen Kontinents verursacht hat. Millionen Menschen sind durch diese Teilung die Lebenschancen genommen worden. Am Ende haben wir – das Volk – diese Teilung überwunden, und es gehört zu den Sternstunden des 20. Jahrhunderts, als am Brandenburger Tor, dem wichtigsten Symbol der Teilung, die Menschen die Mauer eroberten und sie dann Stück für Stück abgetragen haben. Das Brandenburger Tor steht für den Geist der Freiheit!“

Der Regierende Bürgermeister weiter: „Heute, am Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts, dürfen wir es nicht einfach hinnehmen, wenn alle unsere historischen Erfahrungen von denjenigen über den Haufen geworfen werden, denen wir unsere Freiheit zum großen Teil verdanken, den Amerikanern. Ich appelliere an den Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten, diesen Irrweg von Abschottung und Ausgrenzung nicht zu gehen. Überall dort, wo heute noch solche Grenzen existieren, in Korea, auf Zypern, schaffen sie Unfreiheit und Leid. Ich rufe dem amerikanischen Präsidenten zu: Denken Sie an ihren Vorgänger Ronald Reagan. Erinnern Sie sich an seine Worte: ‚Tear down this wall.‘ Und deshalb sage ich: Dear Mr. President, don´t build this wall!“
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january 2017 by archangel
This Is Why You Don't Kiss The Ring
Admittedly, there is something thrilling about watching him do this. What will he do next? It always keeps us tuning in, in the same way that a violent alcoholic father will always keep his children on his toes.
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january 2017 by archangel
Corporate Cabinet
Exposing the corporate ties, corrupting influences and conflicts in Trump's billion dollar cabinet.
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january 2017 by archangel
This is the truth about the Berlin Christmas market terror attack - Fleet Street Fox - Mirror Online
The polish truck driver fought back - and without him the attack would have been worse. The irony: He was only able to do his job because of Schengen, which is now questioned "because of terrorism"
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december 2016 by archangel
Terror in Berlin – Deutschland ist nicht im Krieg
Gerade in der offenen Gesellschaft, die vom Meinungsstreit lebt, darf Terrorismus nicht zum Vorwand werden, um im vermeintlichen Abwehrkampf selbst die…
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december 2016 by archangel
What would a rational criminal justice system look like?
To improve the future rather than exact revenge for the past, a criminal justice system would deliver shorter sentences; create safer, more humane prisons; and invest in a range of rehabilitation programmes to meet the needs of those who pass through it. To think rationally about socially harmful behaviour, we need to stop seeing it as the outcome of the mystical ‘free will’ of the individual and view it instead as the product of natural causes, as a doctor views the symptoms of a disease.

Like someone afflicted with a contagious virus, the threat a criminal poses is not ultimately of his making. Exposed to the same genetic and social conditions, each of us would exhibit similar symptoms. Focusing on punishment alone does little to prevent further outbreaks. Instead, it distracts from addressing the material and cultural conditions ­– from inequality to racism – that breed those symptoms. Perpetuating these conditions is always the greater crime.
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december 2016 by archangel
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