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Transfer iPhone & iPod Music to your Computer or to iTunes | iMazing
Freely move your music between your iOS device and your computer. Transfer your media files back and forth, without using iTunes!
music  audio  iphone  ipad  iOS  osx  programme  commercial 
4 weeks ago by archangel
Quasar Framework
Build responsive websites, PWAs, hybrid mobile Apps (that look native!) and Electron apps, all simultaneously using same codebase, powered with Vue.
vue.js  framework  mobile  electron  @devenvironment  iOS  android 
july 2018 by archangel
Native mobile apps with Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript - NativeScript
Open source framework for building truly native mobile apps with Angular, Vue.js, TypeScript or JavaScript.
android  iOS  javascript  mobile  framework  programming 
june 2018 by archangel
Home | Automation Orchard
Welcome to Automation Orchard
The place to find resources to help you automate your life
automation  osx  iOS  productivity  resources  codesnippets 
may 2018 by archangel
swiper - npm
Swiper - is the free and most modern mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions and amazing native behavior. It is intended to be used in mobile websites, mobile web apps, and mobile native/hybrid apps. Designed mostly for iOS, but also works great on latest Android, Windows Phone 8 and modern Desktop browsers

Swiper is not compatible with all platforms, it is a modern touch slider which is focused only on modern apps/platforms to bring the best experience and simplicity.
mobileweb  iOS  android  javascript  library 
april 2018 by archangel
Unlox (formerly MacID)
Unlock your Mac with your fingerprint, wrist or face.
osx  security  iOS  facial_recognition  biometrics 
february 2018 by archangel
Different from a "web app", "HTML5 app", or "hybrid app", you can use Weex to build a real mobile app. The code that you write is relatively simple, because you can build native applications just using HTML, CSS, Javascript. But underneath, the core of the application is Objective-C or Java. At the same time, Weex will provide a lot of native components or modules for developers to use.
framework  mobile  ios  android  javascript  gui  opensource 
december 2017 by archangel
#24 Architecture Wars
MVC, MVVM, VIPER and VIP architectures for iOS programming explained and compared
mvc  swift  architecture  hexagonal_architecture  review  iOS  patterns 
february 2017 by archangel
SyncDB/Sync: Swift JSON to Core Data synchronization.
Sync eases your everyday job of parsing a JSON response and getting it into Core Data. It uses a convention-over-configuration paradigm to facilitate your workflow.

Syncing JSON to Core Data is a repetitive tasks that often demands adding a lot of boilerplate code. Mapping attributes, mapping relationships, diffing for inserts, removals and updates are often tasks that don't change between apps. Taking this in account we took the challenge to abstract this into a library. Sync uses the knowledge of your Core Data model to infer all the mapping between your JSON and Core Data, once you use it, it feels so obvious that you'll wonder why you weren't doing this before.
iOS  CoreData  swift  JSON  syncing 
february 2017 by archangel
Objektpersistenz mit Core Data - iOS Buch
iOS-10-Apps entwickeln mit Swift und Xcode 8
ios  swift  db  lang:de 
february 2017 by archangel
Exponent lets web developers build truly native apps that work across both iOS and Android by writing them once in just JavaScript.
It's open source and free and uses React Native.
android  iOS  javascript  react.js  framework  opensource 
december 2016 by archangel
An explanation of the structures and interpretations of the arguments to cloneWithRowsAndSections
An explanation of the structures and interpretations of the arguments to cloneWithRowsAndSections
react.js  iOS 
december 2016 by archangel
Realm: Create reactive mobile apps in a fraction of the time
Realm Mobile Database

Fully open source. Totally free. Loved by 100k active developers. Client-side database.
Free Download
Realm Mobile Platform

Build realtime collaboration, offline-first experiences and more. Client and server data platform.
iOS  android  mobile  web  DB  library  opensource  commercial 
november 2016 by archangel
Five Tips for Using Self Signed SSL Certificates with iOS | HttpWatch BlogHttpWatch Blog
SSL certificates are relatively cheap to purchase, but sometimes it would be easier if you could create your own. You might need to setup SSL on development and test servers that have different host names or on systems that will only ever be accessed on your local network.
ios  crypto  security  tips 
october 2016 by archangel
Disarming a Cyber Mercenary, Patching Apple Zero Days | RONALD DEIBERT
That a country would expend millions of dollars, and contract with one of the world’s most sophisticated cyber warfare units, to get inside the device of a single human rights defender is a shocking illustration of the serious nature of the problems affecting civil society in cyberspace.  This report should serve as a wake-up call that the silent epidemic of targeted digital attacks against civil society is a very real and escalating crisis of democracy and human rights.
security  politics  iOS 
august 2016 by archangel
Pass: The Standard Unix Password Manager
Password management should be simple and follow Unix philosophy. With pass, each password lives inside of a gpg encrypted file whose filename is the title of the website or resource that requires the password. These encrypted files may be organized into meaningful folder hierarchies, copied from computer to computer, and, in general, manipulated using standard command line file management utilities.

pass makes managing these individual password files extremely easy. All passwords live in ~/.password-store, and pass provides some nice commands for adding, editing, generating, and retrieving passwords. It is a very short and simple shell script. It's capable of temporarily putting passwords on your clipboard and tracking password changes using git.

You can edit the password store using ordinary unix shell commands alongside the pass command. There are no funky file formats or new paradigms to learn. There is bash completion so that you can simply hit tab to fill in names and commands, as well as completion for zsh and fish available in the completion folder. The community has even produced a cross-platform GUI client, an Android app, an iOS app, a Firefox plugin, a Windows client, a pretty Python QML app, an interactive console UI, Alfred integration (1) (2) (3), a dmenu script, OS X integration, git credential integration, and even an emacs package.
linux  security  osx  iOS  crypto  gpg 
april 2016 by archangel
Cryptomator: Free Cloud Encryption for Dropbox & Others
Free client-side encryption for your cloud files.
Open source software: No backdoors, no registration.
dropbox  opensource  crypto  osx  win  linux  iOS 
march 2016 by archangel
More Responsive Tapping on iOS | WebKit
When you set the meta viewport right, you get no delay when tapping, because no zooming is assumed.
mobileweb  iOS 
december 2015 by archangel
Moonlight Game Streaming
Moonlight (formerly known as Limelight) is an open source implementation of NVIDIA's GameStream protocol. We implemented the protocol used by the NVIDIA Shield and wrote a set of 3rd party clients.

What does this mean for you? Moonlight allows you to stream your collection of games from your GameStream-compatible PC to any supported device and play them remotely. Moonlight is perfect for gameplay on the go without sacrificing the graphics quality of your gaming computer.
android  iOS  win  linux  osx  Games  streaming  software  networking 
november 2015 by archangel
iTextEditors - iPhone and iPad text/code editors and writing tools compared
This is a feature comparison of text editors on iOS. The information was compiled by the web community on an open Google spreadsheet. I cannot vouch for its current accuracy, but will be verifying everything as I’m able. It’s meant to help you find the most useful way to write, code or take notes for your personal needs. Every editor is geared toward a slightly different purpose, with their own strengths and focus.

This works best on a wide screen, but if you have to scroll horizontally, the left column with the app names will stay hovered on screen. Hover over an app’s title in the table to see additional features which might not be part of the main chart, and click to scroll to its full data block. Holding down command while hovering over the body of the chart will highlight the current row. Clicking a row will outline it. Clicking a feature header at the top will dim apps which don’t have that feature. App details below the chart are pulled live from the App Store API.
iOS  markdown  editor  review  links  resources  revisit 
november 2015 by archangel
Why mobile web apps are slow
Because ARM is 10x slower than x86, because JavaScript is 5x slower than LLVM code, because of Garbage Gollection.
android  iOS  javascript  mobile  performance 
october 2015 by archangel
iScroll 5, smooth scrolling for the web
iScroll is a high performance, small footprint, dependency free, multi-platform javascript scroller.
It works on desktop, mobile and smart TV. It has been vigorously optimized for performance and size so to offer the smoothest result on modern and old devices alike.
iScroll does not just scroll. It can handle any element that needs to be moved with user interaction. It adds scrolling, zooming, panning, infinite scrolling, parallax scrolling, carousels to your projects and manages to do that in just 4kb. Give it a broom and it will also clean up your office.
Even on platforms where native scrolling is good enough, iScroll adds features that wouldn't be possible otherwise. Specifically:
Granular control over the scroll position, even during momentum. You can always get and set the x,y coordinates of the scroller.
Animation can be customized with user defined easing functions (bounce, elastic, back, ...).
You can easily hook to a plethora of custom events (onBeforeScrollStart, onScrollStart, onScroll, onScrollEnd, flick, ...).
Out of the box multi-platform support. From older Android devices to the latest iPhone, from Chrome to Internet Explorer.
javascript  mobileweb  ios  android  browser  library  gui 
march 2015 by archangel
Reapp - Hybrid apps, fast
React, Webpack, ES6 and our platform help you build powerful apps like never before.
framework  javascript  ios  android  webpack 
february 2015 by archangel
unhosted web apps
Also known as "serverless", "client-side", or "static" web apps, unhosted web apps do not send your user data to their server. Either you connect your own server at runtime, or your data stays within the browser.
web  opensource  freedom  server  ios  android 
february 2015 by archangel
Exquisite Clock :: Numbers are Everywhere ::
A clock with numbers made of user-generated images
art  web  tools  ios  programme 
october 2014 by archangel
Prompt 2
Hack on your iPad like a 21st-century Acid Burn with the all-new Prompt 2
shell  administration  programme  ios  ipad  iphone  wishlist  from twitter_favs
october 2014 by archangel
a self hostable application for saving web pages | wallabag
wallabag (formerly poche) is a self hostable application for saving web pages. Unlike other services, wallabag is free (as in freedom) and open source.

With this application you will not miss content anymore. Click, save, read it when you want. It saves the content you select so that you can read it when you have time.
opensource  php  programme  web  iOS 
october 2014 by archangel
Open Garden | /apps
Home of OpenGarden mesh networking tool (iOs and Android) and FireChat (p2p mesh networking chat tool)
android  networking  programme  iOS  bluetooth  chat  mesh_networking 
october 2014 by archangel
Build mobile apps with simple HTML‚ CSS‚ and JS components.
mobile  mobileweb  bootstrap  framework  layout  ios  android  components 
september 2014 by archangel
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