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Tom's Essay - The New York Times
How Suzanne Vega became the "Mother of MP3"
music  history  compression 
28 days ago by archangel
A thread written by @proginequality
This is Delia Darbyshire. If you've ever watched Dr. Who, you've heard her music--though she wasn't originally credited. What you might not know is that she, and other women at the BBC in the 1960s, were pioneers of early electronic music.
doctor_who  history  music 
6 weeks ago by archangel
Die Speicher-Explosion
Ich habe letzte Woche ein Angebot von Jeff’s kleinem Bauchladen bekommen: eine MicroSD-Karte mit 400 GB für knapp 100 Euro. Vierhundert Gigabyte! Auf einem daumennagelgroßen Speichermedium! Für 100 Euro! OK, genug der Ausrufezeichen-Spielerei. Für alle, die sich wundern, warum der Autor geraden kurz vor der Schnappatmung steht: meine ersten «Massenspeicher» waren 8 Zoll Disketten (mit 180KB – ja, Kilobyte) Anfang der 1980er. Das ist ein langer Weg von 180KByte auf 413cm2 zu 400GByte auf 1,65cm2 ;-)
storage  history  computer  hardware  lang:de  archive 
10 weeks ago by archangel
Game Recreations | FontStruct
A collection of recreations of fonts from classic video/computer games, all built brick-by-brick on FontStruct.
fonts  Games  computer  history 
11 weeks ago by archangel
Warum Hitler bis heute die Erziehung von Kindern beeinflusst
Für eine Generation aus Mitläufern forderten die Nazis von Müttern, die Bedürfnisse ihrer Kinder zu ignorieren. An den zerrütteten Beziehungen leiden noch die Enkel.
history  parenting  psychology  lang:de 
12 weeks ago by archangel
WorldBrain's Memex - Memex - your photographic memory for the web. Open-Source. Private.
A free & privacy-focused browser extension to effortlessly organise, recover and share the most useful content you find online.
browser  extension  history  search  tools 
august 2018 by archangel
Cory Doctorow: Zuck’s Empire of Oily Rags – Locus Online
“The truth is that the ability to build Facebook-like services is relatively common. What was rare was the moral recklessness necessary to go through with it.” @doctorow #Indieweb
from:twitter  facebook  surveillance  history  opinion  Humor 
july 2018 by archangel
Climate change is a disaster foretold, just like the first world war | Jeff Sparrow | Opinion | The Guardian
If you are feeling happy and light this Monday morning I recommend this uplifting article drawing parallels between the climate change catastrophe and the start of World War I.
from:twitter  weltuntergang  climate_change  history 
march 2018 by archangel
Learning to program is getting harder
... because modern computers (as opposed to home computers like the C64) don't start with a commandline-based programming environment, don't come with programming environments by default and have too much information hidden behind a GUI
gui  history  training  programming  IDE  software 
february 2018 by archangel
The Playboy centrefold at the centre of computer science
The November 1972 issue of Playboy magazine is the magazine’s best selling issue of all time. This is not because of the articles, but due to the proliferation of one iconic image from the magazine: that of centrefold model Lena Söderberg.

The original image was digitised by researches at the University of Southern California Signal and Image Processing Institute (SIPI) in 1973. Alexander Sawchuk, the assistant professor of electrical engineering, his graduate student and the SIPI lab manager were frantically looking for a new image for a research paper.
images  history  gender  culture 
february 2018 by archangel
The 1969 Easter Mass Incident
A "Bread reenactment" of the crucifixion
religion  Humor  history  archive 
january 2018 by archangel
TDD and double accounting
The parallels between double entry bookkeeping and Test Driven Development are deep and plentiful.
TDD  finances  history  best_practice 
december 2017 by archangel
'A tale of decay': the Houses of Parliament are falling down | News | The Guardian
Away from the grand chambers of the House of Commons and House of Lords, away from the lofty corridors, away from the imposing committee rooms with their carved doors, the palace is tatty, dirty and infested with vermin. Its lavatories stink, its drains leak. Some of the external stonework has not been cleaned since it was built in the 1840s, and is encrusted with a thick coat of tarry black that is eating away at the masonry. Inside the building, intricate fan vaulting is flaking off, damaged by seeping rainwater and leaking pipes. Its Gothic-revival artworks are decaying: in the Lords chamber, the once-golden sculptures of the barons who signed the Magna Carta are now dull grey, pitted and corroded.

Beyond its state of disrepair, the building is all too obviously a remnant of a predemocratic age. It was built not to welcome its populace in, but to impress them with its fortress-like grandeur. It was designed when women were, at best, crinoline-wearing spectators of parliamentary life, consigned to the public gallery. With its chilly colonnades of sculptures of male politicians, its heavy, ecclesiastical furnishings and gentlemen’s-club atmosphere, it provides the perfect stage-set for Britain’s “very aggressive, very masculine, very power-hoarding democracy”, as political scientist Matthew Flinders put it.
architecture  history  UK  politics 
december 2017 by archangel
Wer „Boob Armor“ sagt, muss auch „Schamkapsel“ sagen – ArchaeoGames
RT : Für eine Schamkapsel in Games - der Gliedschirm schlägt definitiv die Bikinirüstung
history  fantasy  rpg  clothing  lang:de  from twitter_favs
november 2017 by archangel
Will streaming-only shows always be available?
RT : Streaming-only shows come with one huge problem for consumers and historians:
streaming  archive  history  drm  filme  from twitter_favs
november 2017 by archangel
To Build Central Park, Manhattan Destroyed a Community
When wealthy New Yorkers decided to build Central Park, they eliminated an egalitarian community known as Seneca Village.
comics  history  USA  gentrification 
october 2017 by archangel
RetroPie - Retro-gaming on the Raspberry Pi
Welcome to RetroPie. RetroPie allows you to turn your Raspberry Pi, ODroid C1/C2, or PC into a retro-gaming machine. It builds upon Raspbian, EmulationStation, RetroArch and many other projects to enable you to play your favourite Arcade, home-console, and classic PC games with the minimum set-up. For power users it also provides a large variety of configuration tools to customise the system as you want.
RetroPie sits on top of a full OS, you can install it on an existing Raspbian, or start with the RetroPie image and add additional software later. It's up to you.
raspberry_pi  Games  emulator  diy  history 
october 2017 by archangel
Gender-Studies: Bist du gender oder was? | ZEIT ONLINE
In der aktuellen Debatte gibt es Klärungsbedarf: Die Gender-Studies haben nichts mit Feminismus zu tun. Sie erforschen lediglich das, was wir alle täglich tun und sind.
science  gender  history  feminism  lang:de 
september 2017 by archangel
Kritik am Wahl-O-Mat wegen These zum Holocaust
RT : Wie die These zum Holocaust-Gedenken in den Wahl-O-Mat kam - und warum sie da richtig steht. Mein Text aus der FAS
Germany  election  holocaust  history  lang:de  from twitter_favs
september 2017 by archangel
Lost in Space | WIRED
It was a bold experiment in creating the office of the future. There were no offices, no desks, no personal equipment. And no survivors.
business  history  furniture  advertising 
september 2017 by archangel
Too many prisons make bad people worse. There is a better way
“DO YOU want a coffee?” It is a chilly morning on the ferry to Bastoy, an island prison in Norway. Two burly ferrymen greet a visiting journalist with a hot…
prison  politics  culture  history  society 
september 2017 by archangel
We Get Wrong About Technology
Technology changes our daily lives not in big leaps but in small steps, but even more fundamental.
business  design  history  technology  future 
september 2017 by archangel
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