beberlei/composer-monorepo-plugin: Integrates Composer into monolithic repositories with many packages.
This plugin adds support for Monorepos when using Composer package manager. It introduces a maintainable approach to managing dependencies for multiple packages in a single repository, without losing the benefits of having explicit dependencies for each separate package.
git  composer  PHP  monorepo  tools  to_try 
20 hours ago
PHPArch is a work in progress architectural testing library for PHP projects. It is inspired by archlint (C#) and archunit (java).

It can be used to help enforce architectural boundaries in an application in order to prevent the architecture from rotting over time by introducing dependencies across previously well defined architectural boundaries.
PHP  architecture  code_quality  tools  continuous_integration  opensource  to_try 
21 hours ago
JSON Processing Pipelines with gron
Destructure nested JSON into dot-and-array notations to make it more searchable.
JSON  regex  cli  tools  tutorial 
2 days ago
Edit Policy: Drosselungen in der Pandemie – Hält das Internet? | heise online
Berichte befeuern Sorgen, dass das Internet mit der ungewohnten Last nicht klarkommt. Warum die für Europa nicht ganz unbegründet sind, weiß Julia Reda.
networking  performance  politics  internet  lang:de  archive  News  covid-19 
2 days ago
Serenata — Gratis, libre and open source PHP language server
Serenata is a gratis, libre and open source language server that provides code assistance for PHP. Combine it with any editor supporting language servers to get access to more advanced features when writing PHP code.
PHP  language_server  opensource 
4 days ago
Thomas Piketty Takes On the Ideology of Inequality
In this, it bears little resemblance to anything else written by contemporary economists, or even those of one or two generations past. The tendency in economics now—as well as in a great deal of public discussion—is to view the economy as a natural force, existing independently from our ideas about what it is and how it ought to work. This book systematically demolishes that self-serving conceit by charting in extensive detail how differently it has operated at different periods of time, and how its operation is conditioned by the ideologies with which it co-develops. “The market and competition, profits and wages, capital and debt, skilled and unskilled workers, natives and aliens, tax havens and competitiveness—none of these things exist as such,” Piketty insists. “All are social and historical constructs” that “depend entirely” on the “systems that people choose to adopt and the conceptual definitions they choose to work with.”
books  review  Economics  Economy  capitalism 
6 days ago
Vue Composition API as a State Management
Using the composition API as an alternative to state management
vue  vuejs  composition_api  state_management 
9 days ago
Thank you for visiting SheHacksPurple.dev, a learning platform dedicated to teaching Application Security, DevSecOps, and Cloud Security. You can join us for $7/month and receive all new content; blog posts, research papers, checklists and videos. You can also peruse the public content, for free, anytime! We are currently working on bringing you hands-on technical and theory courses that will teach you everything you need to know to work in the field of application security, to ensure you create secure software, to lock down your cloud implementation, and to add security to your DevOps pipelines.
security  training  hacking  devops  filme  commercial  wishlist 
11 days ago
Technical Writing Courses
Every engineer is also a writer.

This collection of courses and learning resources aims to improve your technical documentation. Learn how to plan and author technical documents. You can also learn about the role of technical writers at Google.
TR  documentation  google  learning  writing 
12 days ago
CRAP Metric Is a Thing And It Tells You About Risk in Your Code
Let CC(m) = cyclomatic complexity of a method and U(m) = the percentage of a method not covered by unit tests.

CRAP(m) = CC(m)^2 * U(m)^3 + CC(m).

Upper threshold should be around 25
code_quality  craftsmanship  testing  metrics 
13 days ago
c8 - npm
Code-coverage using Node.js' built in functionality that's compatible with Istanbul's reporters.
code_coverage  testing  JavaScript  node.js 
14 days ago
An introduction to PHPUnits @covers annotation - edorian's weblog
It can’t tell you what part of your code base you have tested. Everything that is green (“covered”) only shows you that that code was “executed”. If you where to write a small piece of code running your bootstrap and executing all your controllers in a loop than you probably can get 80% of your code to execute but you have tested 0% of it.

One of the goals of your test suite and the coverage report is to make you trust in your code base and to remove the fear of changing something that needs to be changed. If you look at your coverage report and you see that one class or one module has 100% coverage (“which is doable and the only goal to strive for that makes sense.. but that’s for another post)” you should trust your tests and your code to work properly. You shouldn’t think “Well yes that a 100% but a lot of that just comes from that big integration test and I don’t know if the class is really tested!”.
PHPUnit  testing  code_coverage 
14 days ago
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