GitHub - schollz/howmanypeoplearearound: Count the number of people around you by monitoring wifi signals
Count the number of people around you 👨‍👨‍👦 by monitoring wifi signals 📡.

howmanypeoplearearound calculates the number of people in the vicinity using the approximate number of smartphones as a proxy (since ~70% of people have smartphones nowadays). A cellphone is determined to be in proximity to the computer based on sniffing WiFi probe requests. Possible uses of howmanypeoplearearound include: monitoring foot traffic in your house with Raspberry Pis, seeing if your roommates are home, etc.
automation  github  python  wifi  surveillance  wireless 
14 hours ago
Introduction | Plaintext Productivity
The Plaintext Productivity system is a smart way to get organized on Windows, using plaintext files as your trusted system and great software to make it easy.
markdown  productivity  GTD 
16 hours ago
When to use CQRS? | @RisingStack
Thesis 8: CQRS is suitable for systems whose domain logic is too complex for pure CRUD.
cqrs  patterns  review 
3 days ago
Debate platform powered by reason - A tour of Kialo | Kialo
Kialo cuts through the noise typically associated with social and online media, making it easy to engage in focused discussion.
forum  communication  web 
5 days ago
NW.js (previously known as node-webkit) lets you call all Node.js modules directly from DOM and enables a new way of writing applications with all Web technologies.
browser  chrome  javascript  RIA  node.js 
5 days ago
Window Manager for Mac OS - VEEER
A Lightweight Window Manager
for your OSX.
osx  gui  productivity 
10 days ago
convoy/README.md at master · rancher/convoy
Convoy is a Docker volume plugin for a variety of storage back-ends. It supports vendor-specific extensions like snapshots, backups, and restores. It's written in Go and can be deployed as a standalone binary.
docker  devops  storage 
10 days ago
Smashing, the spiritual successor to Dashing
Sinatra based framework that lets you
build excellent dashboards
dashboard  monitoring  plugin  ruby 
10 days ago
ansible/molecule: Molecule aids in the development and testing of Ansible roles.
Molecule is designed to aid in the development and testing of Ansible roles. Molecule provides support for testing with multiple instances, operating systems and distributions, virtualization providers, test frameworks and testing scenarios. Molecule is opinionated in order to encourage an approach that results in consistently developed roles that are well-written, easily understood and maintained.

Molecule uses Ansible playbooks to exercise the role and its associated tests. Molecule supports any provider [1] that Ansible supports.
ansible  testing  TDD 
12 days ago
Rockbox - Free Music Player Firmware
Rockbox is a free replacement firmware for digital music players. It runs on a wide range of players:
audio  hardware  music  software 
14 days ago
Individuelle Regale mit innovativem Stecksystem - nooved
Vom Lowboard bis zum Raumteiler - die Produkte von nooved lassen sich dank des innovativen Stecksystems individuell und immer wieder neu gestalten.
Minimalismus, klare Linien und nachhaltiges Möbeldesign - hohe Qualität made in Germany zu unschlagbaren Preisen!
furniture  shop  lang:de 
18 days ago
Free software that plays local music as well as online music streaming services on a Raspberry Pi
raspberry_pi  audio  streaming  server 
19 days ago
Carsten Groß: Squeezebox
Wei man eine eigene Squeezebox aus Raspberry PI mit Bildschirm und Gehäuse baut
raspberry_pi  audio  streaming  diy  hardware  lang:de 
19 days ago
GitHub - andymccurdy/tested-transcoder
This is a vagrant script that creates a Virtualbox virtual machine that serves as a black box for transcoding and repackaging Blu-rays and DVDs ripped using MakeMKV into iTunes quality video files suitable for streaming using Plex or XBMC. It uses Don Melton's video transcoder scripts (https://github.com/donmelton/video-transcoding-scripts) to transcode individual files, but handles a lot of the tedious stuff involved in movie transcoding for you, including adding all audio tracks, selecting the proper subtitle track for non-English dialogue in English language films (Think Greedo's conversation with Han in Star Wars), handling the movie crop, etc.
video  vagrant  virtualisation 
24 days ago
cubic-bezier(.17,.67,.83,.67) ✿ cubic-bezier.com
Web tool for creating an animation easing function
animation  web  tools  gui 
24 days ago
📈 vue-chartjs
Easy and beautiful charts with Chart.js and Vue.js
vue.js  visualization  graphics  library  opensource 
4 weeks ago
Tyblog | Building my ideal router for $50
Using the espressobin, Arch Linux Arm, and Shorewall.
networking  howto  minicomputer  hardware  software 
4 weeks ago
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