Outrun Your Ghosts - LolaFeist - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When Derek Hale arrives at the Beacon Hills Young Adult Rehabilitation Center, he plans on keeping his head down and serving the rest of his time in minimum security peace. Stiles Stilinski changes all of that.
fandom:teen_wolf  fic  genre:au/ar  theme:paranormal  theme:imprisonment  pairing:derek/stiles  slash  status:complete  author:lolafeist 
november 2012
wild things - dress without sleeves (ohladybegood), ofgeography (ohladybegood), ohladybegood - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek is the world's worst Alpha, Stiles is apparently the kind of person that throws Molotov cocktails at other people, and it takes them both a while to realize that fires are always started by a single spark.
fandom:teen_wolf  fic  theme:slowbuild  genre:drama  theme:paranormal  pairing:derek/stiles  slash  status:wip  author:other 
august 2012
The Monster Fighters - Chapter 1 - Dayja - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Tony Stark has faced kidnappers before. He may only be four years old, but his new friends are strong and brave, and together they can take on any monster…even the ones that come from within. And oddly enough, this is not an AU. Coulson probably wishes it were.
fandom:avengers  fandom:marvel  fic  theme:transformation  genre:kid!fic  gen  status:wip  author:other 
june 2012
Thor Kinkmeme - Truthfully by haircrescendo
Loki gets a therapist and finds Earth hobbies that he enjoys in between bothering his brother and his friends.
fandom:avengers  fandom:marvel  fandom:thor  fic  theme:psychological  genre:au/ar  genre:h/c  gen  status:wip  author:other 
june 2012
jade_dragoness: Fic: This Headache is Named Tony Stark
The problem with emotionally forcing Tony Stark to acknowledge the value of your existence was that the man made the assumption that it made you his.
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  fic  genre:canon-tag  genre:humour  pairing:other  gen  preslash  status:complete  author:jade_dragoness 
may 2012
Run Program: DUM-E - Amuly - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Taking care of Tony is a lot of work. Especially when you’ve only got one arm. And your code dates back to the 1980s.
fandom:avengers  fandom:marvel  fic  theme:outside_pov  genre:humour  pairing:steve/tony  slash  status:complete  author:other 
may 2012
In Which Tony Stark Builds Himself Some Friends (But His Family Was Assigned by Nick Fury) - scifigrl47 - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve takes things like personal responsibility and respect seriously. Tony's got people he pays to take care of that kind of thing, and anyway, he's pretty sure that he's going to die of some exotic disease in his workshop, because Dummy's still a little spotty about what is 'clean' enough to put on an open wound. The rest of the Avengers are in this for personal gain, except for Clint, he just enjoys being a dick.

And some things shouldn't be a chore.
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  fic  genre:family  genre:humour  pairing:steve/tony  pairing:clint/phil  preslash  slash  status:wip  author:other 
april 2012
you have suffered enough / and warred with yourself - A Conspiracy of Ravens by weightedpass
When Princess Raven of Symkaria travels to Genosha to fulfil her marriage contract with its Crown Prince, she finds himself caught up in the storm brewing between Prince Erik and Sebastian Shaw, the Regent of the realm. She can only be thankful that her trusted advisor and friend Charles is with her; but as she's about to discover, he's got his own agenda. A modern day royalty AU.
fandom:xmfc  fic  genre:au/ar  theme:politics  theme:royalty  pairing:erik/charles  slash  status:wip  author:other 
march 2012
Neither Rhyme Nor Reason - Chapter 1 - unveiled - X-Men: First Class (2011), Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Charles liked to tell people that the first time they met, Serik punched a kitten. (Or, the one where Erik is an angry Vulcan, Charles is still a telepath, and grief still shapes their lives.)
fandom:xmfc  fandom:startrek  fic  genre:crossover/fusion  theme:friends  pairing:erik/charles  slash  status:complete  author:unveiled 
march 2012
If You Liked The Book, You'll Hate The Movie - Chapter 1 - paperclipbitch - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Modern-Day High School AU. It’s not until Hank realises half the class are glancing towards the back of the classroom with something like nerves and something like schadenfreude that he finds out Alex Summers is back.
fandom:xmfc  fic  genre:au/ar  theme:school  theme:psychological  genre:drama  pairing:hank/alex  pairing:erik/charles  pairing:other  slash  het  status:complete  author:paperclipbitch 
march 2012
icarus_chained: Meme result - Dresden Files/Good Omens crossover
I was having a bad day. The kind that starts with a baseball bat to the head, and ends with a really smug demon helping you out of a circle
fandom:dresden_files  fandom:good_omens  fic  genre:crossover/fusion  genre:humour  gen  status:complete  author:icarus_chained 
march 2012
A Brief Account Of Life With Zombies - silverpard - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sherlock thinks it's all a bit of a nuisance, John is having the time of his life, and Mycroft is Not Impressed. With anything, but mostly his minions' inability to provide a good cup of tea.
fandom:sherlock  fic  genre:apoca!fic  genre:humour  pairing:john/sherlock  gen  status:complete  author:other 
january 2012
hello there, fellow citizen of the world - Avengers Fanfiction: Behind the Masks and Monitors Masterpost
Steve/Tony. Meta!AU. BNF cap_usa comes back from a 7 year hiatus, fandom rejoices, and users begin to wonder why the LJ servers are always crashing. (Hint: it isn’t the Russians this time.)
fandom:avengers  fic  meta  genre:au/ar  theme:modern  theme:social_media  pairing:steve/tony  preslash  status:wip  author:tellytuby101 
january 2012
On The Road - georgiathekiwi - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
"When Fury first tells him who he’s going to be sharing a car with, Coulson has to struggle to keep his face impassive, if only because Tony Goddamn Stark." An Avengers roadtrip fic.
fandom:avengers  fic  genre:humour  theme:roadtrip  pairing:steve/tony  gen  slash  status:complete  author:other 
january 2012
cap_ironman: Happy Holidays, espadas part one!
Fury's a beautiful princess. Clint's plotting a Communist revolution. Rhodey's not sexy. Wall-E's not a documentary. Clint's not gay but he does give a great blowjob. This fic is not an AU.
fandom:avengers  fandom:ironman  fandom:captain_america  fic  genre:romance  theme:slowbuild  genre:humour  pairing:steve/tony  slash  status:complete  author:other 
january 2012
harukami: [fic] Hikaru no Go, "Moving In"
"We should just go," Akira says. "We've signed the paperwork and -- it's empty, I mean, it's not like we can move in right now." Even if they want to.
"No way, we need to christen it," Hikaru says.
Akira looks at him askance, but Hikaru is pulling out a folding goban, which he puts down in the centre of the floor.
"Nigiri," Hikaru says.
fandom:hikago  fic  genre:romance  genre:future!fic  pairing:akira/hikaru  slash  status:complete  author:harukami 
december 2011
Long Road Home - juurensha - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Marvel (Movies), X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
In a world where Death Eater Shaw kills Erik's Muggle parents and takes him for experimentation, Erik manages to escape to the Xavier Mansion. Charles and Erik grow up together at the mansion and at Hogwarts, but Erik is still intent on hunting down his tormentor. HP AU, Erik/Charles.
fandom:xmfc  fandom:hp  fic  genre:crossover/fusion  theme:growing-up  genre:fluff  pairing:erik/charles  pairing:hank/raven  slash  het  gen  status:wip  author:other 
december 2011
Two Play Singles, a prince of tennis fanfic - FanFiction.Net by Phoenix Boy
Ryuzaki decides that it's time to do doubles training. Mandatory doubles training, including Tezuka and Echizen. Together.
fandom:pot  fic  genre:humour  pairing:tezuryo  gen  status:complete  author:other 
december 2011
Waking Chapter 1: Waking, a harry potter fanfic - FanFiction.Net
The first thing he sees when he opens his eyes is Cedric. Older – but still with the same tousled blonde hair and warm grey eyes – looking down at him in concern.
fandom:hp  fic  genre:au/ar  theme:war  genre:drama  pairing:harry/cedric  preslash  status:wip  author:rose-aislin 
november 2011
Sky Verse - starandrea - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
At the end of the world, Dean still has Sam. What he doesn't realize is that there are other people willing to be his if he lets them.
fandom:supernatural  fic  theme:transformation  genre:action  genre:drama  pairing:castiel/dean  slash  status:wip  author:other 
november 2011
the internet is my prosthetic brain - walked right out of the machinery (SG-1 novel, AU, gen, PG-13/R) by rydra-wong
Stargate SG-1 season 6 AU. The one where Ba'al's Jaffa got there thirty seconds faster.

There is no "both of you," he wants to say; it doesn't work like that.
fandom:sg-1  fic  theme:bonding  genre:au/ar  theme:psychological  gen  status:complete  author:other 
november 2011
noelia_g: Fic: Thick as Thieves (Star Trek AOS, Kirk/McCoy, AU) (part one)
A White Collar-inspired Trek AU. Leonard McCoy is an FBI agent who spent years chasing after one Jim Kirk (it's not stalking if you're assigned to the case, dammit), and who figures he knows Kirk pretty damn well. But even he is baffled when Kirk pulls out a bold escape few months before his sentence is up. Could this be a beginning of a partnership? Or of something more?
fandom:startrek  fandom:white_collar  fic  genre:crossover/fusion  genre:drama  pairing:mccoy/kirk  slash  status:complete  author:noelia_g 
november 2011
::mrasaki: The Nebulous Blur:: - Ways and Means (NC-17) Kirk/Sulu [Star Trek XI] (MASTER POST)
This is a story about opposites, of argument and compromise and friendship and confused metaphors. It’s also a detective AU. Kirk and Sulu are detectives and not exactly friends, but they have to work together even if Sulu can’t decide how he feels about his mercurial partner even on a good day.
fandom:startrek  fic  genre:au/ar  theme:law_enforcement  genre:drama  pairing:sulu/kirk  slash  status:complete  author:mrsaki 
november 2011
Pizza-Verse - Closer - Suits (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In an alternate universe, Harvey's still a lawyer but Mike's not a pot runner -- he's a deliveryman for Rollo's Pizza and Ribs, which happens to be Harvey's favorite pizza place. Once Harvey finds out his pizza guy is a genius, Mike's life takes a few turns he would not have expected...
fic  author:closer  slash  pairing:harvey/mike  theme:slowbuild  genre:romance  status:complete  genre:au/ar  fandom:suits 
november 2011
The Garrison - Fic: Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here
“What’s your name?”

“Erik,” the stranger replies, and Charles is mildly startled to hear a hint of an Irish accent layered over the name. “Erik Lehnsherr.”

Machines don’t have names. They don’t have emotions and they certainly don’t react to cold in the way Lehnsherr is currently shivering mildly.
fandom:xmfc  fandom:terminator  fic  genre:crossover/fusion  genre:apoca!fic  genre:romance  pairing:erik/charles  slash  status:complete  author:other 
november 2011
capkink: The Modern World is Awesome and so are you
There's something tapping at his window. Steve's out of bed before he's even awake.

Tony's hovering on those little blue jets of flame from his boots and gloves, and he says, "I have exactly twenty-one seconds before the SHIELD automatic facility defenses get a missile lock on me, so are you coming? I really hope you're coming. Seventeen seconds. Sixteen."

Steve grabs his boots and shield and leaps out the window.
fandom:captain_america  fandom:ironman  fic  genre:fluff  genre:romance  pairing:steve/tony  slash  status:complete  author:anonymous 
november 2011
Loaded March - Footloose - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The reason SAS Captain Arthur Pendragon can't keep a communications specialist in Team Excalibur because none of them are good enough. And then Lieutenant Merlin Emrys gets assigned to his squad, and Arthur does everything he can to prove that Merlin isn't good enough, either. Except he is.

fandom:merlin  fic  genre:au/ar  theme:war  genre:action  pairing:arthur/merlin  slash  status:wip  author:other 
november 2011
Where Charles and Erik are a Demon and an Angel, a x-men fanfic - FanFiction.Net
In which Charles is a demon acting as Hell's representative on Earth, and Erik is Heaven's. Erik just wants to get off this infuriating rock, while Charles drinks his tea and ponders . An X-Men: First Class & Good Omens fusion fic. Crack.
fandom:xmfc  fandom:good_omens  fic  genre:crossover/fusion  genre:crack  pairing:erik/charles  gen  status:complete  author:tardisistheonlywaytotravel 
november 2011
Drinking Games - kahn - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
"Okay, house rules,” Clint said, leaning back against the backrest of the booth they were seated at. “It can't be a random celebrity, or something. It has to be someone you actually know. Someone you'd go to if you suddenly found yourself gay and then had to have sex right away." Steve thinks drinking with the team will be a good bonding session for their newest team member, but, as usually happens with his team and alcohol, things go kinda sideways.
pairing:steve/tony  genre:fluff  fic  pairing:tony/peter  fandom:avengers  status:complete  preslash  theme:ust  author:kahn 
november 2011
cap_ironman: When The Lights Go On Again 1/19
Aliens have invaded earth, and the Avengers are scattered. While Steve leads the resistance, Tony once again finds himself playing captive scientist. In the midst of a violent alien regime, separated by seemingly insurmountable boundaries, Steve and Tony have nothing to keep themselves going but each other.
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  fic  genre:au/ar  theme:war  theme:imprisonment  genre:action  pairing:steve/tony  pairing:hank/jan  slash  gen  status:complete  author:elspethdixon  author:seanchai 
october 2011
What Tomorrow May Bring
Months after his return back to life, Captain America and Iron Man are kind of estranged, but problems with SHIELD and Tony's life in general get them to work together and fall in love.
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  fic  genre:action  theme:reconciliation  theme:altered_perception  pairing:steve/tony  slash  status:complete  author:simmysim 
october 2011
Deep Waters - AlchemyAlice - Marvel (Movies), The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
His power's running low, the arc reactor flickering. Cold, rancid sewer water is rushing into the fissure at his torn up shoulder, filling up the gaps, rising along his neck in frigid fingers. He's been like this before.
fandom:avengers  fandom:ironman  fic  genre:h/c  theme:trauma  pairing:steve/tony  slash  status:complete  author:alchemyalice 
october 2011
The Sound of Wings, an avengers fanfic - FanFiction.Net
"I cannot give you life, or tangible form. And if you stay, I cannot promise you it will do good, and not harm. But I can bind you to Anthony Stark, and delay your ascent until he accompanies you." She cocks her head. "But really: why stay to watch him fall, when you can't do anything about it?"

Steve doesn't know what to say, except-

"Because even with all he's done, he's still the man who was my best friend, and I won't- I can't- leave him alone, like this."
fandom:avengers  fandom:marvel  fic  genre:angst  theme:paranormal  pairing:steve/tony  preslash  status:complete  author:ayien 
october 2011
Justice - astolat - Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
"How was I to know?" Thor demanded. "Surely a 'Justice of the Peace' is meant to sentence evildoers! And why did he not say otherwise, if it was not so?"
fandom:thor  fic  genre:fluff  genre:humour  pairing:thor/loki  slash  status:complete  author:astolat/shalott 
october 2011
Exactly Under the Stars by posyvanilla
Takes place in a future in which humans have begun to colonize planets, and borrows heavily from situations in current Marvel canon. New Avengers meets Dark Reign meets Firefly.

Norman Osborn is ruling the (not so free) world, Tony Stark is leading a motley crew of superheroes in an attempt to regain their freedoms, and Steve Rogers may not be as dead as everybody thought.
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  fic  genre:au/ar  genre:space-opera  theme:conflict  pairing:steve/tony  slash  status:complete  author:other 
october 2011
norsekink: Bunny Slippers + The Calculator
Loki decides that he wants to join the good side. He just doesn't want to give Thor the satisfaction of knowing that they're now fighting on the same side. Therefore, every time Thor comes over to Loki's place, Loki has to pretend like he's doing something evil to keep up appearances.
fandom:thor  fandom:avengers  fic  genre:study  genre:humour  theme:doppelganger  gen  status:complete  author:anonymous 
october 2011
How Not To Fairy Tale - shirozora - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Captain America's been pulled out of the ice but he's not waking up. In the meantime the current members of the Avengers get drunk, talk about fairy tales and Sleeping Beauty, and make a bet.
fandom:ironman  fandom:captain_america  fandom:avengers  fic  genre:crack  genre:fluff  gen  status:complete  author:shirozora 
october 2011
Tales of Suspense :: Real Verse by caduceus03
An AU wherein Tony and Steve meet and become best friends as children and live in a real, superhero-less world.
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  fic  genre:au/ar  theme:growing-up  theme:friends  pairing:steve/tony  gen  preslash  status:fwip  author:other 
october 2011
want your bad romance - [FIC] The Very Secret Diary of Captain Steven G. Rogers in the Twenty First Century by ykoriana
Day 5
Briefed about world history and modern culture 24/7. Still wondering this might be dastardly Nazi mind control plot and I could make it to the date with Peggy after all.
fandom:marvel  fandom:captain_america  fandom:ironman  fic  genre:humour  genre:fluff  pairing:steve/tony  slash  status:complete  author:other 
october 2011
The New Avengers get their powers switched around. Peter sniffs people. Steve sticks to things. Logan lies around and drinks beer. In a surprising twist, Steve and Tony make out.
fandom:marvel  fic  genre:action  theme:superpowers  pairing:steve/tony  slash  status:complete  author:valtyr 
october 2011
Childhood Sweetheart - valtyr - Marvel Adventures: Avengers [Archive of Our Own]
Can we get married, Steve managed to refrain from asking. If he was going to propose to Tony - and of course he was - he should do it properly, not just blurt it out the second the laws passed.
fandom:marvel  fic  genre:fluff  genre:romance  pairing:steve/tony  slash  status:complete  author:valtyr 
october 2011
Engaging the Enemy - tsukinofaerii - Marvel Adventures: Avengers [Archive of Our Own]
Iron Man is one of the more persistent villains that the Ultimates face, with a special fondness for one Captain America. As Steve starts to findout more and more about him, the lines between hero and villain begin to blur. Sometimes, you don't have to be on the right side of the law to be in the right.
fandom:marvel  fic  genre:au/ar  theme:crime  theme:courtship/dating  genre:humour  pairing:steve/tony  slash  status:complete  author:tsukinofaerii 
october 2011
Rebuild the Bridges in Your Mind - st_aurafina - X-Men (Movieverse), House M.D. [Archive of Our Own]
Chase was a student at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Time and personal differences mean that he's estranged from his former friends, the X-Men. Now he moonlights as a doctor for vigilantes and mutants at a clinic in NYC, but he's juggling so many secrets that his past is sure to catch up with him soon.
genre:crossover/fusion  fic  fandom:marvel  gen  slash  genre:drama  theme:medical  status:complete  author:st_aurafina  fandom:house  pairing:other  fandom:xmfc 
october 2011
Life is a bitch, and then one stabs you. - A Good Man (Does Not) Go To War
“No, Erik. Long to explain, but in five words, alien, time-traveler, peace-keeper. Now please, put the rockets down and talk to me.” Erik gritted his teeth. “We’ve talked. It takes us nowhere. You don’t listen!” “It is you who won’t listen,” Charles insists, eyeing the TARDIS uneasily. “Erik, put the rockets down before the Doctor sees you, he won’t like it and you in turn won’t like him angry.”
author:monstrousreg  genre:crossover/fusion  fic  genre:fix-it  theme:conflict  status:complete  pairing:erik/charles  preslash  fandom:doctorwho  fandom:xmfc 
october 2011
libraryofsol: Fic: Poker Night
In which there is scheming, sarcasm, and waging of family members in games of chance
fandom:thor  fic  genre:family  genre:humour  theme:transformation  pairing:thor/loki  preslash  gen  status:complete  author:corona 
october 2011
Tomorrow Belongs To Me - Chapter 1 - valtyr - Marvel (Movies), Iron Man (Movies), Captain America (2011), Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve wakes up in the 21st Century. He doesn't think much of it, and it's dubious about him. He meets a Norse God, joins a superhero team, and feels terribly awkward about the whole momument at Arlington he's rendered obsolete by not being dead. Meanwhile, Tony is trying to make his mark on history by being the man who finally drove Nick Fury over the edge.
fandom:marvel  fandom:captain_america  fandom:ironman  fandom:thor  fic  genre:action  genre:future!fic  theme:crime  pairing:steve/tony  slash  status:complete  author:valtyr 
october 2011
Did you just climb down an elevator shaft to torment me? - Shared Custody [X-Men: First Class fic]
"Am I invited again next week?" Azazel asks, back in the sad, un-loved kitchen of the hotel suite.

"Charles doesn't send out invitations," Raven scoffs. "Anyone can come to brunch."
fandom:xmfc  fic  genre:fix-it  genre:au/ar  genre:fluff  theme:friends  pairing:erik/charles  slash  status:complete  author:smilebackwards 
october 2011
Never Be a Better Chance - Regann - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
"Wow." Alex sat back in his seat, a little dazed. "So do you think your dad is...like..."

"...your dad's ex boyfriend?" Lorna finished with a wince.

Lorna's got a little mystery on her hands, one she's determined to solve.
fandom:xmfc  fic  genre:au/ar  genre:kid!fic  theme:modern  pairing:erik/charles  pairing:other  slash  status:complete  author:regann 
september 2011
Secrets of a Successful Marriage - valtyr - Marvel 616 [Archive of Our Own]
Tony Stark lives a double life; he's secretly the supervillain known as Iron Man. But his loving husband Steve has a few secrets of his own, as Tony is about to discover.
fandom:marvel  fandom:captain_america  fandom:ironman  fic  theme:conflict  genre:action  genre:au/ar  pairing:steve/tony  slash  status:complete  author:valtyr 
september 2011
1stclass_kink: Two Card Monte
"It's akin to... sometimes amputees still feel as though their arms are there. Ghost limbs," Xavier elaborated, as Erik merely watched him blankly. "Wesley was my identical twin. We had a bond that was... stronger than usual, because of my mutation. I guess I've never gotten used to him not being there anymore. It's sort of manifested. Like a visible imaginary friend."
fandom:xmfc  fandom:other  fic  genre:crossover/fusion  theme:altered_perception  theme:insanity  genre:au/ar  pairing:erik/charles  preslash  gen  status:complete  author:manic_intent 
september 2011
Linger - waldorph - X-Men: First Class (2011), Marvel (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Erik had been warned, to be fair. The realtor was very explicit that the last seventeen tenants had run from the premises screaming about the Exorcist or The Ring or some other terrible horror show.
fandom:xmfc  fic  genre:au/ar  theme:imprisonment  genre:action  theme:paranormal  pairing:erik/charles  pairing:other  slash  status:complete  author:waldorph 
september 2011
Did you just climb down an elevator shaft to torment me? - Humane Society [X-men: First Class fic]
Once Erik finally allows himself to decide that Charles is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread, he spends the next week being incredibly bitter that he's Charles' cat and not his boyfriend.
fandom:xmfc  fic  genre:au/ar  theme:transformation  genre:creature!fic  genre:romance  pairing:erik/charles  slash  author:smilebackwards 
september 2011
riko: FIC: look where we land, billy/teddy, pg-13 (1/2)
Teddy has always privately thought they had something special. Something worth listening to.
fandom:young_avengers  fic  genre:au/ar  theme:arts/music  theme:ust  pairing:teddy/billy  preslash  author:riko 
september 2011
sneakertime - South of the Border: part one
Post-Divorce AU. Charles Xavier saves Logan from Emma Frost in Mexico. They have a lot of sex, and things get progressively more complicated.
fandom:xmfc  fic  theme:roadtrip  genre:au/ar  genre:action  pairing:logan/charles  pairing:erik/charles  slash  author:other 
september 2011
By Virtue Fall - Chapter 1 - chezvous (annie) - X-Men: First Class (2011), The Mentalist [Archive of Our Own]
Former celebrity psychic medium Charles Xavier works as an independent consultant for the Westchester County Bureau of Investigation. Senior Special Agent Erik Lehnsherr, head of the homicide department, wants to know his damage.
fandom:xmfc  fandom:the_mentalist  fic  genre:crossover/fusion  theme:ust  theme:law_enforcement  pairing:erik/charles  preslash  status:wip  author:birdsdown 
september 2011
Fallout - gryvon - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Erik and Charles stopped one nuclear war, but the humans were determined to start another one.
fandom:xmfc  fic  genre:apoca!fic  genre:au/ar  theme:paranormal  pairing:erik/charles  gen  slash  author:gryvon 
september 2011
The Winter of Banked Fires - Chapter 1 - Yahtzee - X-Men (Movies), X-Men: First Class (2011), X-men - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Charles Xavier has returned from the dead -- but is lost within his own mind. Rogue has cast aside her own power and doesn't know where she fits in the world any longer. The production of synthetic Cure means mutantkind itself is newly at risk. And Magneto, turned human against his will, is in despair until the day he feels a familiar consciousness tugging at his own --

Set after X-3 (with much desperate fix-it applied), during XMFC, and every time in between.
fandom:xmfc  fandom:x-men  fic  genre:fix-it  genre:action  theme:conflict  theme:society  pairing:erik/charles  pairing:logan/rogue  pairing:hank/raven  gen  slash  het  status:complete  author:yahtzee 
september 2011
icarus_chained: Remnants of an Old War
Crowley worries Bobby when he comes to give back a soul, and the rather embarrassed but determined hunter asks Cas to investigate. But someone doesn't want Cas anywhere near the demon and his secrets ...
fandom:supernatural  fandom:good_omens  fic  genre:crossover/fusion  genre:mystery  pairing:aziraphale/crowley  slash  author:icarus_chained 
september 2011
icarus_chained: Celestial Red Cross
Crowley'd warned Aziraphale about picking up strays, but when he saw the battered angel, well ... he could hardly have been expected to just leave him there, could he? Which seemed to give a certain Someone ideas ...
fandom:good_omens  fandom:supernatural  fic  genre:crossover/fusion  theme:medical  pairing:aziraphale/crowley  gen  slash  author:icarus_chained 
september 2011
A Friend in Need - apolesen - X-Men: First Class (2011), Captain America, Captain America (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
For Abraham Erskine, leaving Germany means a chance at survival, while staying means almost certain death, but he refuses to leave alone.
fandom:xmfc  fandom:marvel  fandom:captain_america  fic  genre:crossover/fusion  theme:friends  gen  author:apolesen 
september 2011
trolllogicfics: SPN/Star Trek (reboot) Crossover: can see it in his eyes
This is the great secret of Spock’s birth: Human and Vulcans are not compatible. There has never been another like him nor will there ever be another like him. It is for all intents and purposes... a miracle.
fandom:startrek  fandom:supernatural  fic  genre:crossover/fusion  theme:past_life  gen  author:trolllogicfics 
september 2011
For a writer the truth is no big deal - X-Men: First Class fic - Assassination (It's Not For Everyone) by silverdawn89
“Oh, you’re very good, aren’t you?” The Professor sounds delighted, which is not the response Erik usually gets to his threats, subtle as they often are. “I see why you have such an amazing body count.”
Erik is pretty sure that’s the most inappropriate come-on he’s ever heard, although that doesn’t stop the quick flicker of pride he feels at the words. There’s not a lot of love lost in the assassin trade, and it’s nice to get some recognition, okay?
fandom:xmfc  fic  genre:action  genre:au/ar  theme:crime  pairing:erik/charles  slash  author:other 
september 2011
this is the dead land - I need to know how to live my life as it's meant to be by xmarieo8
They don't talk about it. That doesn't matter of course because Charles hears it all anyway. (Post-divorce fic)
fandom:xmfc  fic  genre:angst  genre:future!fic  pairing:erik/charles  gen  slash  author:other 
september 2011
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