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iPad productivity apps - Matt Gemmell
Great list of iPad productivity apps via Matt Gemmell.
apps  ios  ipad  productivity  everydayux 
may 2012 by arainert
A confession.
A great post from Jason at RunKeeper about them correcting a loss in product focus.
RunKeeper  everydayux  arainerttumblr 
april 2012 by arainert
Wander Blog
I love what Jeremy and Keenan at Wander are doing with their Wander Postcard Project.
design  inspiration  everydayux 
april 2012 by arainert
Sebastian's Drawings
Great list of tips and tricks for Paper (killer iPad sketching app)
app  drawing  iPad  paper  everydayux 
april 2012 by arainert
Why Do We Check In? | Street Fight
Nice interview with Omid covering a variety of 4sq use cases.
foursquare  everydayux 
april 2012 by arainert
Rosenfeld Media - The Mobile Frontier: Alex Rainert: Head of Product at foursquare
Last year I did a quick interview with Rachel Hinman for her book on Mobile Design. It's coming out soon and I bet it'll be real good.
mobile  everydayux  design 
april 2012 by arainert
Breaking the Habits that Enslave Us: Q&A with Charles Duhigg | NeuroTribes
Fascinating interview and even better book (reading it now). Fun fact: my wife and I used to live next door to Charles!
habits  psychology  everydayux 
april 2012 by arainert
Joey Votto’s Massive Extension Changes the Game
Interesting breakdown of the potential repercussions of Votto's MASSIVE deal.
baseball  everydayux  sports 
april 2012 by arainert
Advice for product managers - (Ryan Singer)
One of the best pieces on the role of the PM I've come across.
productmgmt  process  everydayux 
march 2012 by arainert
It’s the battery, stupid: The looming 4G smartphone crisis
Felt this hard at SXSW and we feel it up close at 4sq all the time with a lot of the forward-looking stuff we want to build.
mobile  everydayux  from instapaper
march 2012 by arainert
Shows for iPhone
Love live music? Check out this beautiful app.
app  design  iPhone  music  everydayux 
march 2012 by arainert
Learning to Code: The Roadmap I Wish I Had Been Given - Jimmy Li
Lots to learn in this email for those who want to get their hands dirty and learn how to code.
development  programming  web  everydayux 
march 2012 by arainert
Learning from competition –
Great one from Marco on being honest about what your competition is doing better than you and then learning from it.
apple  business  instapaper  everydayux 
march 2012 by arainert
How GitHub Works
Fantastic presentation about the culture at GitHub.
productivity  programming  work  presentations  everydayux  culture 
march 2012 by arainert
Eric Stromberg — Increasing User Engagement in Emails
Great learnings on impactful emails from the team at Hunch.
design  email  engagement  ux  marketing  everydayux 
march 2012 by arainert
The next time someone's like "We should totally use a QR Code for that!" you can send them this blog.
humor  qrcode  everydayux 
february 2012 by arainert
Mike Kruzeniski – My Favorite Metro Apps
The UI style isn’t my particular jam but here’s a good collection of people who’ve executed well on it.
design  mobile  ui  windows  metro  everydayux 
february 2012 by arainert
Chipotle is Apple: How the burrito chain is revolutionizing fast food. - Slate Magazine
Great piece > “In many ways, the Chipotle burrito is very similar to the iPhone.” Also, they sous-vide their meats!
chipotle  food  apple  everydayux 
february 2012 by arainert
Coding Horror: Farewell Stack Exchange
A great piece from Jeff Atwood on work/life balance and perspective.
development  family  inspiration  everydayux 
february 2012 by arainert
Skip College, Work at a Startup With Enstitute
It might not be *this* idea but I feel like something like this becoming a legit option is going to happen.
education  everydayux 
february 2012 by arainert
The Spoon and Trowel :: An Accidental Radical
Great piece on how little changes in your life can turn into a new direction, in this case, relating to one's eating habits.
food  everydayux 
february 2012 by arainert
New iOS Design Pattern: Slide-out Navigation - Ken Yarmosh
I find the slide out really undermines discovery but appreciate how it keeps things super clean.
design  inspiration  iOS  everydayux 
january 2012 by arainert
Coding Horror: On Parenthood
One of the best pieces on parenting I've read.
parenting  everydayux 
january 2012 by arainert
Confessions of a Publisher: “We’re in Amazon’s Sights and They’re Going to Kill Us” | PandoDaily
Great piece. Tough to have too much pity on executives who got caught resting on their laurels.
amazon  books  business  publishing  everydayux 
january 2012 by arainert
The Discreet Shift to Twitter | Monday Note
"It now seems Facebook’s usage is undergoing a split. Active Facebookers become increasingly engaged, spend more time doing more stuff, while “reasonable” users (above 25) become more reluctant and careful."
facebook  socialmedia  twitter  everydayux 
january 2012 by arainert
The Life Reports II -
This is a few weeks old but some amazing lessons drawn from people who've lived their whole lives.
lessons  health  everydayux 
january 2012 by arainert
The Public Humiliation Diet: A How-To
Manages to be inspiring and totally hilarious at the same time.
diet  fitness  food  health  everydayux 
december 2011 by arainert
Voulez-vous check-in avec moi ce soir? || faberNovel
Realtime social heatmap of New York, Paris and London, using foursquare check-ins.
dataviz  foursquare  everydayux 
december 2011 by arainert
Clear Indications That It's Time To Redesign - Smashing UX Design
"While there are many ways to tackle tech and UX debt on an incremental level, there comes a point when the website, in essence, becomes 'totalled.' "
design  ux  bestpractices  everydayux 
december 2011 by arainert
Latest Version - Matt Gemmell
Great post on deciding which OS version to support (i.e. when can you stop supporting the geezer OSes)
development  ios  software  everydayux 
december 2011 by arainert
Daring Fireball: The New Twitter (R.I.P. Tweetie)
What also worries me is that these changes suggest not only a difference in opinion regarding how a Twitter client should work, but also regarding just what the point is of Twitter as a service. The Twitter service I signed up for is one where people tweet 140-character posts, you follow those people whose tweets you tend to enjoy, and that’s it. The Twitter service this new UI presents is about a whole lot more — mass-market spoonfed “trending topics” and sponsored content. It’s trying to make Twitter work for people who don’t see the appeal of what Twitter was supposed to be. It all makes sense if you think of the label under the “#” tab as reading “Dickbar” instead of “Discover”.
design  iphone  twitter  daringfireball  everydayux 
december 2011 by arainert
Twitter for iPhone: A history - Jeremy Stanley
Great historical walkthrough the evolution of Twitter on iPhone.
application  iphone  twitter  design  everydayux 
december 2011 by arainert
Redesigning Gesture Icons – A Proposed System — Some Random Dude
Awesome set of icons to use when communicating gestural interfaces.
design  gesture  icons  mobile  everydayux 
november 2011 by arainert
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