In Sudan, the Janjaweed Rides Again
Bashir has made a militia notorious for its atrocities into his personal army.
sudan  bashir  darfur  janjaweed 
5 days ago
'It's Like Jail Here'
Watching the World Cup finals in the labor camps of Qatar by
football  qatar  labor  from twitter_favs
7 days ago
Saudi Arabia’s Duplicitous Legalism
An good article from last month. Waleed Abu al-Khair has just been given 15 years.
SaudiArabia  repression  human  rights 
9 days ago
Iran’s Agony in Syria
Captured document reveals infighting, manpower shortage - must read.
iran  syria 
10 days ago
A year of legal setbacks
Meet Adly Mansour, Egypt's most autocratic 'president'.
adlymansour  egypt 
10 days ago
Kurdish Independence: Harder Than It Looks
Joost Hiltermann on the Kirkuk problem and more.
iraq  hiltermann  kurds  kirkuk 
11 days ago
Egypt's Copts may soon regret supporting Sisi
Sentences for insulting Islam, reporting on religious discrimination and conversion continue
egypt  copts  sisi 
16 days ago
Blair versus the Brotherhood: Meddling in Egypt and the Emirates
Quarte's peace envoy moonlights as a UAE-paid advisor to Sisi
blair  egypt 
16 days ago
الظابط قالي «هثبتلك إني راجل» .. واغتصبني في المدرعة 
Al Azhar student claims she was raped by police officer during protest last December
egypt  rape 
16 days ago
Baheyya: State Prestige Redux
"regime’s core priority was to crush popular mobilization"
19 days ago
Tony Blair to advise Egypt president Sisi on economic reform
At the behest of his UAE paymasters. His office says he is "not a formal advisor" and "not doing business" in Egypt.
egypt  blair 
19 days ago
Interior Ministry: Prisons have become like hotels
Unlike actual hotels, Egypt's prisons fully booked.
egypt  prisons 
19 days ago
Cabinet approves new property tax law
Egypt has tried to pass one since 2008. Sometimes it takes a dictator.
egypt  tax  EgyEconomy 
19 days ago
كاذب من قال أن السجون تصنع رجالا
Another heart-breaking missive from Egyptian prison, from Sherif Farag
egypt  prison  detainees 
19 days ago
Reporting Egypt: From passion to purpose
Journalist Heba Afify on the chronicling endless lies and human rights abuses
egypt  journalism 
19 days ago
Rosie the scribbler
Our friend (and uber journalist) Leila Fadel on female reporters in the Middle East
journalism  women  middleeast 
19 days ago
Before Shooting in Iraq, a Warning on Blackwater
Mercenary warned government investigator: "I could kill you."
blackwater  US  Iraq 
20 days ago
NASL calls for ‘uprising of anger’ on 3 July | Egypt Independent
"Let the endless volcano of anger erupt but keep it peaceful”
Egypt  AntiCoup 
20 days ago
Benghazi map
Useful map of recent fighting.
Benghazi  Libya  haftar 
20 days ago
On the Misconception of ‘Security Before Democracy’
Critical piece on Sisi regime by activist Mustafa al-­Naggar (PDF)
23 days ago
The Jihad Next Door
Interesting article highlights the Assad regime's release of hundreds of jihadis in 2011
syria  jihadis  ISIS  Nusra 
26 days ago
Stephen W. Smith on Chad
A rare look at the country.
26 days ago
Libyan human rights activist shot dead
Lawyer Salwa Bugaighis assassinated in Benghazi
libya  assassination  human  rights 
26 days ago
Kamel Daoud double Camus
"The Stranger" rewritten from victim's perspective
26 days ago
Sting operation reveals flawed science behind the 'Complete Cure Device'
Meanwhile army claims cure for Hep C/Aids will be available on June 30
egypt  CC  Hep  C  AIDS  cure  kofta 
26 days ago
The Infiltrator
A documentary about those mysterious "thugs" in Egypt
egypt  thugs 
28 days ago
The brutality of Egypt’s regime - FT.com
Editorial says "tough approach" needed towards Sisi
sisi  egypt 
28 days ago
Wanted: Egyptian Police on the Hunt for Sophisticated Surveillance Tool
Interior has issued tender for system to conduct "social networking security hazard monitoring"
egypt  interior  spying  social  media 
28 days ago
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