Short Cuts
Chase Madar on the weaponisation of human rights
10 days ago
Facts and footballers | Inanities
Nice vignette of Egyptian media vulgarity
egypt  media  football 
22 days ago
Exclusif. Forces armées/ Plusieurs changements au DRS et mécontentement du général Toufik
Exclusif. Plusieurs changements au sein du DRS/Et le général Toufik boycotte la remise de la médaille de Bravoure
24 days ago
Small Arms Survey - 2015 YB released
"Business as usual for small arms exports to ‘Arab Spring’ states"
24 days ago
Egypt Warns Journalists Over Coverage of Militant Attacks
Sisi compares report to a “fourth generation of warfare, and even fifth.”
sisi  egypt  media 
26 days ago
Egypt's Brotherhood calls for uprising after killings
It has been calling for an uprising for a while, mind.
27 days ago
In Morocco, It’s Jennifer Lopez Versus Jihad
Worst article I've read on Morocco in a long time. Full of errors and clichés.
4 weeks ago
Alexandria's iftar event breaks world record despite the mayhem
"Scuffles broke out among attendees of the event, who smashed chairs and tables and threw them at each other."
ramadan  alexandria  egypt 
4 weeks ago
Senussi “claims” US offered pardon and job in new government
Claims that in 2011 US offered to drop ICC charges (improbable...)
4 weeks ago
‘He’s Jesus Christ’
Kristof on the Nuba Mountains conflict.
4 weeks ago
Scott Ritter · ‘We ain’t found shit’ · LRB 2 July 2015
On why Iran shouldn’t accept ‘no notice’ inspections of its nuclear sites
iran  nuclear 
5 weeks ago
The west opens up to Egypt’s President Sisi - FT
This gets the politics right and the economics wrong - Egypt has not "graduated from handouts" and not that many foreign companies are keen to invest.
5 weeks ago
Germany frees al-Jazeera reporter Ahmed Mansour
Instead of extraditing him to Egypt as it had hoped
jazeeera  journalism  mansour  germany  egypt 
5 weeks ago
The Moral Conflict of Living and Working in Qatar
Interesting discussion of the personal pros and the ethical cons
6 weeks ago
Water In Crisis - Spotlight Middle East
Apparently desalination is not the answer
water  middle  east 
6 weeks ago
Clans du pouvoir : les masques sont tombés
Algerian Kremlinology - the comments are out there.
6 weeks ago
Entangled | The Economist
America and the the Middle East.
7 weeks ago
Mohamed Morsi is no Nelson Mandela
on MB: "All they have left now is empty threats of revenge against everyone, if their deluded fantasy of returning to power ever comes true"
muslimbrotherhood  egypt  from twitter_favs
7 weeks ago
New Left Project | The End of Empire?: Violence and US Hegemony in the Middle East
Gilbert Achcar on Kaplan's plea for a more assertive US imperialism in the Middle East
uspolicy  from twitter_favs
8 weeks ago
A League of His Own | Bloomberg Business
Great profile of Sepp Blatter, much mention of Arab money in FIFA.
8 weeks ago
From Belgium to ISIS
Great, strange, sad story of one wannabe jihadi
belgium  ISIS 
8 weeks ago
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