Absence by Sabry Khaled
Stunning photography of the families who have lost loved one in Egypt in the last 3 years
egypt  martyrs 
2 days ago
How Egypt's Rebel Movement Helped Pave The Way For A Sisi Presidency
Lo and behold, a Tamarrod leader admits to Sheera Frenkel the group was infiltrated by security, "duped"
egypt  tamarrod 
2 days ago
From Minya, after the verdict
Great piece about the atmosphere in a town where 529 have gotten a death sentence
egypt  minya  verdict  529 
2 days ago
Unusually upbeat vision of Libya (although an entirely woman-free one)
libya  music  dance 
8 days ago
Egypt's constitutional cul-de-sac
Nathan Brown looks back over Egypt's painful and convoluted constitution writing process
egypt  constitution 
11 days ago
Slain Photographer Made War's Pain Intimate
A slideshow of the beautiful work of Anja Niedringhaus, AP photographer shot in Afghanistan
afghanistan  photographer  niedringhaus 
13 days ago
Cameron and the Muslim Brothers - FT.com
Good op-ed raising questions about public announcement of MB enquiry.
MuslimBrotherhood  Egypt 
14 days ago
Britain’s move on the MB: a Saudi victory
Excellent analysis of Saudi-MB relations by Andrew Hammond.
Saudi  MuslimBrotherhood  uk 
15 days ago
Egypt's Judges Join In | Foreign Affairs
Brown & Dunne on the politicisation of the judiciary.
Judiciary  Egypt 
16 days ago
High Culture and Hard Labor
NYU professor Andrew Ross on the workers building museums and universities in the Persian Gulf
UAE  labour 
18 days ago
In Egypt a cry of outrage is met with death
Good piece on one of the 529 sentenced to death
Egypt  Judiciary 
21 days ago
The Obama Doctrine
Gary Sick on Obama's uber-realist (unrealistic?) MENA policy
22 days ago
Petites guerres locales en Libye
Good piece on the difficulty of "reading" Libya.
23 days ago
Meet Egypt’s next would-be president | Mada Masr
Reminds us that Sisi + army said he would not run.
Sisi  Egypt 
23 days ago
Sisi 2014!
Steve Cook on the challenges facing Sisi.
Egypt  Sisi 
23 days ago
Saudi Arabia: A kingdom on guard - FT
Long piece by Roula Khalaf on Saudi, Egypt, MB, GCC, etc.
23 days ago
Betrayed by Charles Simic | NYRblog
On crowds, power, double-standards.
24 days ago
Egyptian army’s role expands as it gives land for homes - FT
Heba Saleh snags a rare interview with chief army accountant.
military  EGYPT 
24 days ago
Egypt’s Miscarriage of Justice - NYT
"There is no way that the proceeding can be seen as anything other than a show trial with a preordained political outcome."
judges  egypt 
25 days ago
Lysenko's time | Mada Masr
Learned, lucid piece on regime charlatanism by @alaa.
egypt  military  KoftaGate 
26 days ago
The Candidate from a Different Planet
Libyan PM hopeful is married to a Bronfman.
28 days ago
Imam's arrest sparks debate in Tunisia
Salafi imam uses freedom of speech defense - but would he support it?
tunisia  salafism 
4 weeks ago
Egypt, the wound in US-Saudi relations - Ahram Online
One would think the wound is 9/11, but nevermind.
egypt  saudi  uspolicy 
4 weeks ago
Qahera - a superhero
Comic about Muslim woman with sword and attitude
4 weeks ago
The mysterious journey of the Libya oil tanker
Love this story, good digging by Reuters.
4 weeks ago
SEALed and Delivered in Libya
Christian Caryl - largely agree with this.
4 weeks ago
Erdoğan's top 15 insults world leaders don't usually make
Calls opponents perverts, atheists, terrorists, bloodsucking vampires..
turkey  erdogan 
4 weeks ago
'Seni bilen hayran, bilmeyen dusman' or, Why Erdogan Remains so Popular
Good article in Jadaliyya on Erdogan's tactics and enduring appeal for his base
turkey  erdogan 
4 weeks ago
Leaked tapes prompt calls for Turkish PM to resign
Just catching up on this scandal. What is with leaked phone taps in the region lately?
turkey  erdogan  corruption 
4 weeks ago
I’m an Egyptian Woman and I Like Being Sexually Harrassed
"I wake up every morning looking forward to getting sexually harassed in Cairo."
harassment  egypt 
4 weeks ago
Book on women driving banned
At the Riyadh Book Fair. Which also banned all the works of Mahmoud Darwish this year.
KSA  censorship 
4 weeks ago
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