Tuesday Becomes Execution Day in Egypt - The New York Times
To think Egypt used to quite rarely execute people.
1 hour ago
Egypt approves cabinet reshuffle ahead of elections
Why would you have a reshuffle a few months before presidential elections - unless you already knew the outcome?
Egypt First | Foreign Affairs
Michael Wahid Hanna and Daniel Benaim on Sisi's foreign policy
3 days ago
Violences sexuelles : « La nature a remplacé la culture comme origine de la violence »
A delightfully intelligent, erudite and provocative piece on #balancetonporc and the fallout of the Weinstein affair by Olivier Roy.
6 days ago
How Egyptian security dealt with IEDs threat? - Egypt Today
This is a useful overview of the official perspective.
egypt  sinai 
6 days ago
How the Tariq Ramadan Scandal Derailed the #Balancetonporc Movement in France | The New Yorker
Had forgotten to link to this excellent Adam Shatz piece of how France turned discussion of sexual abuse against women into a controversy over Islam
9 days ago
Full Court Press - Carnegie
On changes to the Saudi judiciary
judiciary  saudi 
9 days ago
Turkey-based TV airs Egypt tapes on Jerusalem
Same as obtained by NYT presumably, suggesting MB link
9 days ago
Atheist mother loses custody of children in Egypt
But Sisi is leading religious reform and a secular spring..
egypt  atheism 
9 days ago
Human rights chief embezzled $1 million to cover losses on internet gambling, police say
Quite an investigation by Brian Whitaker on UAE-linked Palestinian fraudster
9 days ago
Qatari-owned jewels stolen in audacious heist in Venice | Middle East Eye
It's comforting to know that there are still jewel thieves plotting heists
10 days ago
As a 2-State Solution Loses Steam, a 1-State Plan Gains Traction - The New York Times
Of course, the Palestinian one-staters are far more democratic than their Israeli counterparts.
10 days ago
Cleric Salman al-Awda 'held over Qatar tweet'
"Salman al-Awda detained over refusal to tweet specific text to support the Saudi-led blockade of Qatar, his family says."
qatar  saudi 
10 days ago
Gulf Crisis Expands into the Horn of Africa
James Dorsey on Turkey's entry into the Egypt-Sudan-Ethiopia-Gulf nexus
egypt  turkey  sudan 
10 days ago
La monarchie marocaine, ce vecteur de la contamination
Excellent post on corruption as a mechanism of control
morocco  corruption 
10 days ago
Parfum de scandale dans une ferme royale - Le Desk
Exploitation of women laborers in king of Morocco’s farms.
16 days ago
« En Syrie, le viol était le maître mot »
Utterly devastating accounts of systematic rape in Assad's jails
6 weeks ago
En défense d’El Mortada Iamrachen, victime de l’impéritie du régime - Le Desk
Powerful editorial on Morocco Hirak activist condemned to 5 years prison.
6 weeks ago
Rebuilding a Space for Thought in Cairo
@ursulind on the persistent Townhouse art gallery, for @alfanar
townhouse  art  cairo 
8 weeks ago
The Complete Writings of a Revolutionary
On Ghassan Kanafani's life and writings, out in a new Arabic edition
kanafani  palestine  literature 
9 weeks ago
Water Is Scarce in Egypt; So Are Research Funds
While Scientists work on solutions to water crisis, authorities slash budgets to research centers. From @alfanar
egypt  watercrisis  academia 
9 weeks ago
Egypt: The flatworm's revenge | Nature
Louise Sarant on bladder cancer in Egypt.
egypt  health 
9 weeks ago
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