Last chance? - Al-Ahram Weekly
On a new reconciliation with MB initiative.
MuslimBrotherhood  EGYPT 
8 hours ago
Chez les bourreaux du Sinaï
On migrants tortured by traffickers.
EGYPT  Sinai 
9 hours ago
Bahrain arrests top human rights activist
Maryam al-Khawaja arrested. She comes from an activist family; her father has been in jail since 2011
bahrain  khawaja  repression 
12 hours ago
Libya's New Power Brokers?
Excellent overview of power networks by M. Fitzgerald.
2 days ago
Libya: Anarchy looms
On the recent UAE-Egyptian raids, and how they haven't tipped the balance
3 days ago
Art Beyond Politics, by Robyn Creswell
On an exhibition of Arab art at the New Museum
3 days ago
The Case of the Arabic Noirs, Jonathan Guyer
Cairo is the perfect setting for noir -- sleaze, glitz, inequality, corruption, lawlessness. It's got it all.
egypt  literature  noir 
10 days ago
Sisi Victorious
Elliott Colla with depressing if accurate read on Egypt
egypt  sisi 
10 days ago
Strangled in debt
Incredible: women in Egypt get 10-year sentences for debts of a few thousand dollars (incurred to help their husbands)
egypt  women  debt 
13 days ago
Resisting Nazis, He Saw Need for Israel. Now He Is Its Critic
91-year-old whose family were Nazi resisters loses relatives in Gaza bombing. Amazing story.
13 days ago
The Sisi Doctrine
Michael Hanna on Egypt's emerging FP.
Egypt  sisi 
14 days ago
Fareed Zakaria: The fantasy of Middle Eastern moderates - WaPo
Pro-Syria intervention folks not going to like this.
17 days ago
Saving the Middle East's Past
Ursula for the Chronicle of Higher Ed: Scholars scramble with online tools and volunteer efforts to save the region's heritage from obliteration
middle  east  heritage  archaeology 
17 days ago
U.S. Pulls Back on Plans for a Mountain Rescue - NYT
Situation improved for Yazidis thru Pershmerga rescue
Iraq  yazidis 
17 days ago
Egypt’s Fondness for Foreigners - NYT
Alaa Aswany, being schizophrenic. Good historical anecdotes tho.
Egypt  alaaalaswany 
17 days ago
In Syria's starving Yarmuk camp, a pianist conjures hope
"the 26-year-old plays the piano in streets littered with debris, his face growing thinner with each passing month."
20 days ago
Let Sunnis Defeat Iraq’s Militants - NYT
Interesting op-ed by Iraqiyya politicians against Maliki.
5 weeks ago
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