Great idea: displaced Syrians act as online Arabic tutors
arabic  education 
3 days ago
Donne che mordono donne
In Italian: testimony of medieval practices of ISIS female police
3 days ago
Eric Laurent interpellé pour chantage au Roi
French journalists accused of blackmailing the king of Morocco
morocco  blackmail  media 
3 days ago
The disgrace we should not embrace
Khaled Mansour on Egypt's human rights council.
egypt  humanrights 
7 days ago
Brookings | Rethinking Political Islam
Essays on Islamists in various countries.
7 days ago
Lebanon’s Un-collected Problems
Sahar Atrache on Beirut's garbage crisis
7 days ago
You Can't Stop the Signal
Great piece by Mahmoud Salem.
9 days ago
Imprisoned activist Alaa Abd El Fattah speaks from Tora | Mada Masr
Imprisoned Egyptian activist @alaa on prisons as sites of violations, extremism and boredom
11 days ago
Look At This: The Unthinkable
Five minutes of beautiful, heart-rending photos from Yemen
11 days ago
The Republic of Fear
Strong words from Amr Hamzawy on Sisi's Egypt.
amrhamzawy  Egypt 
13 days ago
Foreign Policy by Bumper Sticker | The National Interest
Many good points here, esp. on Obama in Libya and Syria.
14 days ago
On writing about sexual violence
From one of the volunteers who worked to defend Egyptian women from assault
egypt  sex  violence 
14 days ago
Religioscope: Étude: l'État islamique
Study on IS by Olivier Moos [French]
16 days ago
The Chinese Lingerie Venders of Egypt
Another great piece from Peter Hessler
egypt  china  lingerie 
17 days ago
The langue de Moliere gets a north African infusion
Nothing so new, but I love hearing about new French slang
france  arabic  slang 
17 days ago
Girls gone wild, parties gone bad
An analysis of a hit Ramadan soap about drug addiction
17 days ago
So…Yalla, Bye | Foreign Office Blogs
Funny send-off by departing UK ambassador
21 days ago
Sex, morality and the law in Morocco
There's been a string of controversies lately
morocco  sex 
4 weeks ago
Short Cuts
Chase Madar on the weaponisation of human rights
6 weeks ago
Facts and footballers | Inanities
Nice vignette of Egyptian media vulgarity
egypt  media  football 
8 weeks ago
Exclusif. Forces armées/ Plusieurs changements au DRS et mécontentement du général Toufik
Exclusif. Plusieurs changements au sein du DRS/Et le général Toufik boycotte la remise de la médaille de Bravoure
8 weeks ago
Small Arms Survey - 2015 YB released
"Business as usual for small arms exports to ‘Arab Spring’ states"
8 weeks ago
Egypt Warns Journalists Over Coverage of Militant Attacks
Sisi compares report to a “fourth generation of warfare, and even fifth.”
sisi  egypt  media 
8 weeks ago
Egypt's Brotherhood calls for uprising after killings
It has been calling for an uprising for a while, mind.
8 weeks ago
In Morocco, It’s Jennifer Lopez Versus Jihad
Worst article I've read on Morocco in a long time. Full of errors and clichés.
9 weeks ago
Alexandria's iftar event breaks world record despite the mayhem
"Scuffles broke out among attendees of the event, who smashed chairs and tables and threw them at each other."
ramadan  alexandria  egypt 
9 weeks ago
Senussi “claims” US offered pardon and job in new government
Claims that in 2011 US offered to drop ICC charges (improbable...)
9 weeks ago
‘He’s Jesus Christ’
Kristof on the Nuba Mountains conflict.
9 weeks ago
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