The Reith Lectures | BBC
Margaret MacMillan examines the role of civilians as supporters and victims of conflict.
7 days ago
Scholars Decry Arrest of Ph.D. Student in Egypt
MESA statement on Waleed Khalil el-Sayed Salem.
7 days ago
UAE extends compulsory military service to 16 months amid Yemen war
At what point do Emiratis say, no conscription without representation?
7 days ago
Pourquoi les Juifs ont quitté le Maroc | Youtube
Interesting documentary on why Jews (mostly) left Morocco (French/Hebrew) in the 60s.
morocco  jews 
12 days ago
Unwelcome Sound on Germany’s Stages: Musicians Who Boycott Israel
It's not complicated, Germany: being pro-BDS comes from the same values as being anti-Nazi.
germany  bds 
14 days ago
Migrants : l’Europe à la dérive | Libération
Excellent overview of EU migration debate, which seems to boil down for Macron-Merkel to processing camps for migrants in Southern Europe and North Africa (neither wants them).
21 days ago
Asmarat: The state’s model housing for former ‘slum’ residents
Great reporting by @madamasr on Orwellian housing project: no trees, no shops, no vendors, and guards at the gate!
egypt  urbani 
25 days ago
A Website Seeks to Show ‘How Alive Arabic Is’
@ursulind profiles self-proclaimed "Arabic nerd," greater of online dictionary Living Arabic, for @alfanar
25 days ago
Conventional Humanitarian Solutions Fail the Test
Parastou Hassouri in MERIP on the untenable current system for helping refugees
refugees  human  rights  migration 
25 days ago
A New Standard for the Gulf States | LRB blog
Pretty shocking stat from Oliver Miles: over 1200 workers have died in last 3 years in Qatar, largely on World Cup 2022 projects.
qatar  labor 
27 days ago
The Long Shadow of 9/11
Rob Malley and Jon Finer on US counter-terrorism policy
malley  counter-terrorism  uspolicy 
29 days ago
Who gets to tell Iraq’s history?
Avi Asher-Shapiro on the NYT ISIS document affair.
iraq  ISIS  media 
29 days ago
La politique du feuilleton (1/2) : l’Égypte et sa police
There were six series praising the police on Egyptian TV this Ramadan.
police  egypt  television 
29 days ago
Libyan army arrests former bin Laden driver Abu Sufian bin Qumu in Derna
I really wonder why he is considered one of the most important people in Al Qaeda if he was just OBL's drivers.
libya  derna 
29 days ago
The Mask It Wears
Pankaj Mishra on liberal internationalism.
4 weeks ago
Moscow’s Maghreb Moment
Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck and Vasily Kuznetsov
4 weeks ago
Newspaper Pledges to Return ISIS Documents to Iraq
@ursulind in @AlFanarMedia on the resolution (seemingly) of the NYTimes' removal of ISIS files from Iraq
iraq  archives  nytimes  isis 
4 weeks ago
What Happens in the Gulf Doesn’t Stay in the Gulf
Rob Malley on how Qatar-UAE rivalry is destabilizing Somalia
qatar  uae  somalia 
5 weeks ago
Saudi Arabia Suffers Shock Collapse In Inward Investment - Forbes
Funny how that happens when you arrest and blackmail your businessmen.
5 weeks ago
Sisi's 'final' term? | Mada Masr
Must-read for Egypt-watchers on constitutional amendments
egypt  constitution 
5 weeks ago
Innocence Abroad
@ursulind on what American can learn abroad, and the writing of Henry James, Suzy Hansen, James Baldwin & Omar El Akkad
5 weeks ago
Arabic version of Paris Libya declaration 29 May
الإعلان السياسي حول ليبيا
باريس ، 29 مايو ، 2018

بالإشارة إلى التزام المجتمع الدولي بدعم السلام والأمن والاستق...
libya  from notes
6 weeks ago
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