Inspection battle threatens Egypt's wheat supply
Wheat inspector on paid junkets would delay shipments over late breakfast.
food  egypt  corruption 
5 days ago
City | Thomson Reuters Foundation
Cairo is most dangerous megacity for women.
cairo  women 
7 days ago
Europe Slams Its Gates: Imperiling Africa — And Its Own Soul
“Europe wants to use Libya as its Berlin Wall to divide Africa from Europe.”
libya  from twitter_favs
15 days ago
Hold the Egg Sandwich: Egyptian TV Is Calling - NYTimes.com
This is a great New York story and a great Egypt story.
5 weeks ago
Pioneering Egyptian Painter’s Legacy
@ursulind in @alfanarmedia on great new book on Mahmoud Said
art  egypt  academia 
5 weeks ago
La Tunisie prisonnière d'une bipolarisation mortifère
This, by former Marzouki advisor Aziz Krichen, is brilliant on Tunisian politics
6 weeks ago
Synaps | Black holes
What satellite light signatures tell us about Syria.
6 weeks ago
Soros Slander Reveals Anti-Semitism at the Heart of the Far Right | The Nation
These mainstream right-wing attacks against Soros are really vile.
6 weeks ago
Morocco: King Brushes Off Evidence of Police Abuse | HRW
Prosecutors claim "silmya" ("peaceful") chant is code word for: attack the police
morocco  police  hirak  rif 
6 weeks ago
Imagined Arabies - Carnegie Middle East Center
Charles Paul Freund on Arab speculative/dystopian fiction
6 weeks ago
Middle East Critique: Vol 26, No 3
Issue on The Ends of Revolution in the Arab Middle East
8 weeks ago
Israel has a gas conundrum
Who's behind Dolphinus Holdings, the Egyptian consortium buying Israeli gas?
israel  egypt  gas 
8 weeks ago
Is Chechnya Taking Over Russia? - The New York Times
Interesting piece by Ekaterina Sokirianskaia. Perhaps this is the Russian model in MENA too.
russia  chechnya 
9 weeks ago
Beyond the Qatar Crisis - Carnegie
Consequences on energy and power markets in Gulf
gulf  energy  qatar 
9 weeks ago
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