Is Chechnya Taking Over Russia? - The New York Times
Interesting piece by Ekaterina Sokirianskaia. Perhaps this is the Russian model in MENA too.
russia  chechnya 
Beyond the Qatar Crisis - Carnegie
Consequences on energy and power markets in Gulf
gulf  energy  qatar 
2 days ago
Telling the truth in Tunisia
@ursulind on transitional justice and the hurdles it faces
tunisia  ivd  justice  human  rights 
8 days ago
Ex-Al Jazeera staff 'linked to Egypt security agency'
This is getting sordid - and it's unclear whether it's about the case or the Qatar crisis.
5 weeks ago
A Way Out of the Qatar Mess - The New York Times
Senator Bob Corker wants to halt arms sales to all Gulf states.
qatar  gulf  uspolicy 
7 weeks ago
Syria: Trump‘s Red Line - WELT
Seymour Hesh claims US knew Assad not behind Khan Sheikoun attack.
syria  hersh  trump  uspolicy 
7 weeks ago
The Origins and Evolution of ISIS in Libya
Jason Pack, Rhiannon Smith, and Karim Mezran.
libya  ISIS 
8 weeks ago
Libya's Shifting Sands: Derna | Al Jazeera
Interesting documentary on ISIS in Libya
libya  ISIS 
8 weeks ago
New book – Pop Culture in North Africa and the Middle East – Hammonda.
Andrew Hammond has updated one of the best book on contemporary Arab culture
8 weeks ago
The Siege of Doha « LobeLog
Gary Sick, always a must-read on Gulf affairs.
qatar  gcc 
8 weeks ago
Édouard Louis’s Novel of the French Working Class
A French "Hillbilly Elegy," on the folks who vote Front Nationale
france  novel  front  nationale 
9 weeks ago
Historical Wounds Are Not Healing in Tunisia
@ursulind was in Tunis recently, looking at transitional justice and history
history  ivd  transitional  justice  tunisia 
10 weeks ago
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