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Traditions of Magic: Amulets and Gems
beautiful and fascinating amulets, mostly inscribed in metal and stone
eroft  magic  amulets 
april 2018 by aparrish
The Ghost Writer Automatic Writing Kit: Messages from Beyond and Magic from Within: Amy Zerner, Monte Farber: 9780979943324: Amazon.com: Books
"Thanks to a specially designed planchette, it actually allows information to stream right from the spirit world and through our fingertips."
eroft  automaticwriting  writing  text  poetics 
march 2018 by aparrish
When a Painter Enacts a Ritual
"There is nothing ironic or fashionable about Hall’s paintings. Mounted on a wall in a gallery, they establish a bond between looking at repeated marks and making them. This bond – which can be seen as a kind of public ritual that is rare in contemporary art – sets Hall’s work apart from those of her contemporaries. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about artists who neither fit in nor have a shtick. What drives these artists is the work, their belief in it and wherever it takes them. Hall is part of that group." I want to be part of that group
art  ritual  eroft  painting 
november 2017 by aparrish

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