Words have soul: on the Romantic theory of language origin | Aeon Essays
"[L]anguage is one of those phenomena that arose when human beings engaged with life not so as to survive but so as to participate in the great rush of it that they felt teeming around them. Human beings do not live on bread alone."
evolution  language  poetics  linguistics  history  culture 
20 hours ago
The Original Hacker's Dictionary
"Many years after the original book went out of print, Eric Raymond picked it up, updated it and republished it as the New Hacker's Dictionary. Unfortunately, in the process, he essentially destroyed what held it together, in various ways: first, by changing its emphasis from Lisp-based to UNIX-based (blithely ignoring the distinctly anti-UNIX aspects of the LISP culture celebrated in the original); second, by watering down what was otherwise the fairly undiluted record of a single cultural group through this kind of mixing; and third, by adding in all sorts of terms which are 'jargon' only in the sense that they're technical. This page, however, is pretty much the original, snarfed from MIT-AI around 1988." via https://cybre.space/@nightpool/100896387491277855
computing  history  lexicography  language  poetics 
2 days ago
Arca Musarithmica - Wikipedia
how did I not know about this though. kircher that marvelous son of a gun. via https://fuckonthefirst.date/notice/4466749
history  computation  computationalcreativity 
8 days ago
Welcome to polyglot’s documentation! — polyglot 16.07.04 documentation
"Polyglot is a natural language pipeline that supports massive multilingual applications." not sure why I'm not using this and talking about it in rwet
language  nlproc  linguistics  text  poetics 
11 days ago
Sans Forgetica
"Sans Forgetica is a downloadable font that is scientifically designed to help you remember your study notes."
type  typography  design  text  poetics  psychology 
12 days ago
qgcon-2018 | QGCon 2018 talk
"I did a talk on making small programming languages– for fun as a personal project, or as a helper tool in video games." andi mcclure
programming  language 
14 days ago
on terminal control
"a short tutorial on ansi escape codes and terminal control, because you philistines won't stop using ncurses"
graphics  programming  text  terminal  gamedev 
15 days ago
Membrane is open source
by jane friedhoff. orig post here: http://nytlabs.com/blog/2015/11/05/membrane/ 'Membrane... is an experiment in permeable publishing. By permeable publishing, we mean a new form of reading experience, in which readers may “push back” through the medium to ask specific, contextual (and constrained) questions of the author.'
text  writing  socialsoftware  interface 
15 days ago
yet another "Blazing fast, zero configuration web application bundler"
javascript  dev  programming 
17 days ago
The case of the 500-mile email
oh my god this is the most amazing story everrrrrrr (via robin sloan's primes) good reading for materiality of the internet
networking  network  internet  physics 
18 days ago
Phonetic Typography — Mark Chan
"By varying typographic forms with fluctuations in speech, users can see how a sentence is said just by looking at it, allowing words to speak for themselves."
audio  speech  language  type  typography  graphicdesign  poetics 
19 days ago
What Happens Next: A Gallimaufry | Lamenting The Friend Zone, Or: The “Nice Guy”...
"Well, screw that. The Friend Zone is a fundamentally sexist construction based solely on the idea that women should be penalised for putting their own romantic happiness above that of an interested man." for kindness coins
gender  culture 
20 days ago
How to Build a Low-tech Website?
absolutely love this: solar powered, static site, dithers images, uses default font stack, no third-party javascript, battery meter at the top of the page
web  webdev  publishing  sustainability 
22 days ago
Artificial Intelligence | Lynn Hershman Leeson
"This interactive continuation of Agent Ruby allows users to interact with DiNA, an animated, artificially intelligent female character with speech recognition and live animated facial gestures. DiNA converses using voice-recognition technology and becomes increasingly intelligent through interaction. She generates answers to questions and collects information globally from users. DiNA can process Internet content in real time and respond to current events as they unfold." 2004. conceptually no art about AI has moved past this imo
art  ai 
23 days ago
Are we learning yet?
"A work-in-progress to catalog the state of machine learning in Rust / It's ripe for experimentation, but the ecosystem isn't very complete yet."
rust  programming  machinelearning 
25 days ago
Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong - The Huffington Post
"For 40 years, as politicians have told us to eat more vegetables and take the stairs instead of the elevator, they have presided over a country where daily exercise has become a luxury and eating well has become extortionate."
health  obesity  food  culture  uspol 
27 days ago
Unix is not an acceptable Unix | Affording Play
"The original designers of Unix viewed the “simplicity” of text streams as an advantage. Consequently, they declined to impose any structure on the data that was to pass between programs. This decision, intended to banish inessential complexity, instead managed only to push essential complexity further downstream. [...] Even the earliest version of Unix was ultimately only a particular, flawed implementation of the Unix philosophy. If we want to encourage more widespread acceptance of the philosophy, we should not try to defend the implementation by downplaying its flaws." (via https://eldritch.cafe/@enkiv2/100752583219102878)
linux  unix  computing  interface  ui  history  culture 
28 days ago
Sheet Music Singer - YouTube
this is good but I don't think he's being critical enough about the songs he's choosing to put online---cw the racist stuff but still singing along with them :(
music  culture  history  racism 
29 days ago
Implementing system fonts on Booking.com — A lesson learned.
-apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, “Segoe UI”, Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif
fonts  typography  design  type  web 
4 weeks ago
"They're, well, notebooks — things I find amusing, outrageous, strange or otherwise noteworthy; notes towards works-in-glacial-progress; hemi-demi-semi-rants; things I want to learn more about; lists of references; quotations from the Talking Heads where appropriate. If you can help with any of these, I'd be grateful; if you can tell me of anything I can profitably prune, I'd be even more grateful." (via robin sloan on mastodon)
notes  culture  research 
5 weeks ago
The Art World’s Health Care Crisis -ARTnews
"[A]rtists, much like freelance or app-service workers, are often particularly in need of consistent health coverage.... Artists are often among the first to use new industrial materials in ways they were not intended—meaning that a material’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) may not have applicable guidelines for use, or may not yet include key safety information simply because it isn’t yet known. The most famous case of this is the loss of Eva Hesse at 34 to a brain tumor that most art historians believe was caused by her use of fiberglass, latex, and polyester resins. [...] In New York, where many artists live and where real estate is prohibitively priced, I regularly hear of artist friends improvising when it comes to fabrication conditions. Even the immersive installation by the young, trendy artist that you see at a respected gallery was likely fabricated with hazardous materials in spaces without ventilation...."
art  healthcare  culture  politics 
5 weeks ago
Home - Use & Modify
"This is a personal selection of beautiful, classy, punk, professional, incomplete, weird typefaces. Open source licenses make them free to use and modify. This selection is the result of deep search and crushes. This selection is yours."
typography  fonts  opensource 
5 weeks ago
Welcome to SensusAccess | Sensus Access
"SensusAccess is a self-service, alternate media solution for educational institutions. SensusAccess allows students, faculty, staff and alumni to automatically convert documents into a range of alternate media including audio books (MP3 and DAISY), e-books (EPUB, EPUB3 and Mobi) and digital Braille. The service can also be used to convert inaccessible documents such as image-only PDF files, JPG pictures and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into more accessible and less tricky formats. We call that Inclusion Technology."
5 weeks ago
Why “women + nonbinary” is not a good idea | Bogi Reads the World
'“[W]omen + nonbinary” [...] conflates nonbinary people with women, when many nonbinary people are transmasculine / nonbinary men / etc. …leading transmasculine nonbinary people not to submit. [...] [As] a better alternative [...], I tend to recommend “marginalized genders / sexes.” This includes all trans and intersex people, while also including cis non-intersex women. It also includes nonbinary people in general.'
language  gender  lgbt 
6 weeks ago
On Emergent Centralization · Field Notes
"Email is a perfect example of an ostensibly decentralized, distributed system that, in defending itself from abuse and spam, became a highly centralized system revolving around a few major oligarchical organizations. The majority of email sent to today is likely to find itself being processed by the servers of one of these organizations. [...] How we design systems to defend themselves from emergent centralization is, I think, an open problem."
network  culture  socialmedia 
6 weeks ago
Postmodernism didn’t cause Trump. It explains him. - The Washington Post
"[I]f we bother to understand Baudrillard’s thesis — that our impressions of the conflict have been warped by media framing and agitprop — it’s clear that the real enemy of truth is not postmodernism but propaganda, the active distortion of truth for political purposes. Trumpism practices this form of distortion on a daily basis. The postmodernist theorists we vilify did not cause this; they’ve actually given us a framework to understand precisely how falsehood can masquerade as truth."
language  philosophy  politics  culture  postmodernism 
6 weeks ago
Bindery.js · Introduction
"Bindery.js is a library for designing printable books with HTML and CSS. At its simplest, Bindery flows content over multiple pages. From there, the designer can create running headers, spreads, footnotes, tables of contents, indexes, and more. Bindery also provides print options like bleed, crop marks, and booklet ordering."
print  design  css  html  books 
7 weeks ago
S2 Geometry | S2Geometry
"This makes it possible to build a worldwide geographic database with no seams or singularities, using a single coordinate system, and with low distortion everywhere compared to the true shape of the Earth. While the Earth is not quite spherical, it is much closer to being a sphere than it is to being flat!"
geography  spheres  geometry  earth  programming  latlong 
7 weeks ago
simon remiszewski
"I am interested in experience. In the mediation of experience through technological process. In the metaphors and myths used to construct and direct these technologies. In promises and ideals, and their associated realities. I am interested in methods of appropriation and subversion. In repetition and re-contextualization. I am interested in truth, and in faith. In the algorithmic and infrastructural processes that inform living in the world."
artists  newmediaart  netart 
7 weeks ago
Moroni for President (2018) - IMDb
this looks extremely interesting but I can't find a way to sign up for information about screenings?
watchme  lds  culture  lgbt 
7 weeks ago
Odd Numbers — Real Life
"Scholars like Noble and Eubanks need to be at the center of future conversations about algorithmic accountability. They have exposed deep problems at the core of the political economy of information, in data-driven social control. They diversify the forms of expertise and authority that should be recognized in the development of better socio-technical systems. And they are not afraid to question the goals — and not simply the methods — of powerful firms and governments, foregrounding the question of to whom algorithmic systems are accountable."
machinelearning  algorithms  ethics  culture  politics  data 
8 weeks ago
"a flexible, high-performance distributed execution framework" (designed specifically for training machine learning models)
programming  machinelearning 
8 weeks ago
Repeat yourself, do more than one thing, and... — programming is terrible
'As Sandi Metz put it, “duplication is far cheaper than the wrong abstraction”.' <-- this is the best programming advice ever
9 weeks ago

* Neutralize the autocorrect mentality
* Question forty-five years of advice against expressiveness in the text of code
* Play against the compulsiveness of programming
* Embrace the chaos of JavaScript
programming  text  poetics  javascript 
9 weeks ago
Vox Product Accessibility Guidelines
thorough (to my eye at least), lots of practical instruction
accessibility  design  development  web 
9 weeks ago
Where Vim Came From
"The answer, as is so often the case, begins with that ancient crucible of computing, Bell Labs." via enkiv2 on masto
history  unix  vim  text  poetics 
9 weeks ago
"The manager half-jokes that engineering schools should teach a course in engineering archaeology, where students are given a pile of 30-year old documents and asked to figure out what's going on. I like the idea."
technology  culture  history  archaeology  organizations 
10 weeks ago
"Poemage is a visualization system for exploring the sonic topology of a poem. We define sonic topology as the complex structures formed via the interaction of sonic patterns — words connected through some sonic or linguistic resemblance — across the space of the poem."
writing  poetry  visualization  dh 
10 weeks ago
speedrun - PocketCluster Index
"A toolkit to help you deploy and manage your machine learning experiments to be well-documented and reproducible."
machinelearning  programming 
10 weeks ago
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