Variational Autoencoders Explained
extremely good explanation of variational autoencoders
machinelearning  ml 
3 days ago
Generating Names with a Character-Level RNN — PyTorch Tutorials 0.4.0 documentation
super straightforward example of conditional rnn generation (also links to classification tutorial)
machinelearning  python  text  language  poetics 
9 days ago
The Next Big Thing in Type
results of a student workshop on variable fonts, some cool ideas
type  typography  variablefonts 
12 days ago
parameterized font design thing
design  fonts  type  typography 
12 days ago
- Open Science Data Cloud
oh this is good to know about!
data  datasets 
13 days ago
Welcome - KanjiVG
stroke information for kanji, some internationalization maybe?
type  typography  japanese  cjk 
17 days ago
Digital Mappa
looks like a super interesting tool
hyptertext  documentation  text 
19 days ago
Special Issue 5: OuNuPo
"The term OuNuPo is derived from OuLiPo (Ouvroir de littérature potentielle), founded in 1960. OuLiPo is a mostly French speaking gathering of writers and mathematicians interested in constrained writing techniques. A famous technique is for instance the lipogram that generates texts in which one or more letters have been excluded. OuLiPo eventually led to OuXPo to expand these creative constraints to other practices (OuCiPo for film making, OuPeinPo for painting, etc). Following this expansion, XPUB launches OuNuPo, Ouvroir de Numérisation Potentielle, the workshop of potential digitisation, turning the book scanner as a platform for media design and publishing experiments."
text  language  poetry  poetics  transcription 
22 days ago
"list of upper ontologies with comments/ratings for possible use in AI applications."
botfood  poetics  text  ai  machinelearning 
23 days ago
mermaid · GitBook
dsl and renderer for making charts
charts  javascript 
23 days ago
Talk to Books
semantic similarity chatbot (essentially)
text  language  poetry  poetics 
5 weeks ago
word association game using word vectors
games  distributionalsemantics  words  poetics 
5 weeks ago
Let’s Replace JavaScript with Something Better
"This article argues that JavaScript needs to be replaced with a safer alternative, built to provide all the user-friendly functionality of JavaScript, but constructed in a way that makes user-hostile practices impossible – and, finally and crucially, designed to be opt-in." ugh everything in here makes so much SENSE
javascript  web  programming 
5 weeks ago
Traditions of Magic: Amulets and Gems
beautiful and fascinating amulets, mostly inscribed in metal and stone
eroft  magic  amulets 
6 weeks ago
Google Noto Fonts
I wonder if the "thin" fonts could be easily transformed into line/engraving/whatever fonts
fonts  type  typography  international 
7 weeks ago
The Body That’s Too Asian and Too Sick for America – Unruly Bodies – Medium
"As a boy, I used to stand at the mirror and see a reflection that didn’t exist. A reflection whose existence was possible in the combination of my parents’ existences. What I saw was whiteness. I have known this for a long time, but I’ve only recently come to realize that I never saw my actual skin as white (of course I could not); rather, I saw whiteness for what it is: a concept, a rule. I was able to see it this way precisely because I wasn’t able to see why I could not be white." this is a very powerful piece
race  culture  history  america  healthcare 
7 weeks ago
Michael Says Prime Numbers for 3 Hours - YouTube
thesis idea, performances of sequences of numbers (cf. bernstein's 1-100)
numbers  math  poetry  poetics  language  performance 
7 weeks ago
Chance Welcome Page
(old but still) helpful site with lesson plans, syllabi, activities, data, etc. related to chance, probability, statistics
probability  statistics  math  education  randomness 
7 weeks ago
Oh, shit, git!
very clever and useful reference
programming  versioncontrol  git 
7 weeks ago
Prodigy - Radically efficient machine teaching
training tool with spacy under the hood—pricey but clever and maybe useful for certain clients?
ai  nlp  nlproc  machinelearning  text  language 
7 weeks ago
TimeLineCurator: Interactive Authoring of Visual Timelines from Unstructured Text
"We present TimeLineCurator, a browser-based authoring tool that automatically extracts event data from temporal references in unstructured text documents using natural language processing and encodes them along a visual timeline. Our goal is to facilitate the timeline creation process for journalists and others who tell temporal stories online."
nlproc  text  language 
8 weeks ago
libre franklin
ofl-licensed version of benton gothics (includes a variable font)
fonts  typography 
8 weeks ago
Make your polls - Framadate
"Framadate is an online service for planning an appointment or making a decision quickly and easily." open source doodle
8 weeks ago
The Ghost Writer Automatic Writing Kit: Messages from Beyond and Magic from Within: Amy Zerner, Monte Farber: 9780979943324: Amazon.com: Books
"Thanks to a specially designed planchette, it actually allows information to stream right from the spirit world and through our fingertips."
eroft  automaticwriting  writing  text  poetics 
9 weeks ago
Language Is a ‘War Zone’: A Conversation With Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o | The Nation
"Look at the Irish situation with the British. The humiliation of Native Americans, how their language was denigrated. In Africa, of course, we were forbidden to speak our mother tongues. Japan imposed its language on the Koreans. So wherever you look at modern colonialism, the acquisition of the language of the colonizer was based on the death of the languages of the colonized. So it is a war zone. In case of India, [British historian and statesman Thomas Babington] Macaulay was brutally honest about wanting to create a class of Indians with English on their minds. The English wanted them to play a role in governing the rest of the population. It is true of Africa, and anywhere where there was a colonial situation. African languages were weaponized against Africans. Language was a weapon of war whether we are talking about the Spanish and Portuguese in Latin America or French in Africa and Vietnam. Language was a very important element in both the conquest and maintenance of colonial rule, because it was likely to bind the minds of the middle class."
language  writing  culture  history 
10 weeks ago
Understanding Keyness - The Grammar Lab
good overview of keyword extraction techniques
nlproc  text  statistics 
10 weeks ago
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