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True American Hero
TAH. True American Hero. The caped crusader who initially broke onto the scene in Chicago in December 2011, wearing red, white and blue spandex with the letters TAH stamped on the shield on his chest. The mysterious figure who swoops in to pull babies from burning apartments, rescue cars from icy rivers, foil bank robberies, and hold the blimp above Soldier Field when the engines give out. The brave stranger who everyone in Chicago is dying to know a little more about.

Everyone except Jonny. Because the thing is, Jonny is pretty sure he knows something about TAH. Something like who TAH really is.
[fic]  [teen]  [10k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  special.abilities  misunderstandings 
august 2015 by aohatsu
together again for the very first time
Like, seriously, this is the great fucking irony of Kaner’s life. You’d think it’d be pretty awesome, having powers of prophecy and all that, but all the dreams that end up coming true are so hideously fucking boring. It’s the perfectly natural normal dreams his brain spits out that are fucked up. The kind where he plays for the Ducks, or is a professional florist, or a neon green elephant. Or banging Tazer.
canon  [fic]  [teen]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  special.abilities  animals  oblivious/pining 
july 2015 by aohatsu
world enough and time
The effect is instantaneous: Jonathan jerks forwards, gasping, and over the white-noise screaming his eyes are wide and frightened and fiercely alive. In that instant Patrick thinks, clear as a bell, god, he’s gorgeous.

au.(pushing.daisies)  [fic]  [mature]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  special.abilities  dating 
march 2014 by aohatsu
Amongst the Feathers of Your Wings
David has gone through his childhood knowing three things. The first is that humans are God’s children, and the second is that you should always listen to your parents. The third though; the third is that mutants—mutants are to never be associated with.
@aohatsu  [20k]  [teen]  [fic]  ~american.idol  politics  special.abilities  au  au.(x-men)  {cookleta}  school.(boarding)  job.(education) 
may 2013 by aohatsu
Back to Back (They Faced Each Other)
Danny didn’t even realize that Steve was a sentinel when they first met. That probably said a lot right there about what kind of a guide Danny was.
[fic]  ~hawaii.5.0  [mature]  [20k]  special.abilities  politics  au.(  {steve/danny}    canon.divergence  soulbonding 
may 2013 by aohatsu
shot right through with a bolt of blue
It isn't the first time Johnny has lost his temper on the ice, God knows: he's gotten plenty pissed at his teammates, at opposing players, at refs, and even at his coaches. But it's the first time he's ever felt anger rising up inside him like a wave of heat. As they keep arguing, Johnny's hands clench inside his gloves, a bad taste floods his mouth, and his eyes start to burn in a way that has nothing to do with the freezing cold air.
[fic]  ~hockey  [50k]  [explicit]  oblivious/pining  special.abilities  @mermaid  dangerous.situations  {kanetoews}  issues.(trauma)  canon.divergence 
may 2013 by aohatsu
Fastening One Heart to Every Falling Thing
Sidney's telepathic abilities are too strong, and Geno doesn't have any at all, but maybe that's why they work so well together.

-- Read even if you don't like bonding!fics. You will be pleasantly surprised by this one. Inverted trope. --
[fic]  ~hockey  [50k]  [explicit]  oblivious/pining  {sidgeno}  inverse.trope  family    canon.divergence  special.abilities  soulbonding 
march 2013 by aohatsu
you'll never have to wonder
He's gotten good at not touching people, and he knows that his methods are considered weird by the internet and most of the world, but they keep him sane and focused on hockey.
[fic]  ~hockey  [5k]  [teen]  {sidgeno}  canon.divergence  special.abilities 
march 2013 by aohatsu
Keep an Open Mind
They’ve had this connection for nearly as long as they’ve known each other; Patrick doesn’t know why it happened, what made it so that out of all the people in the world, it’s Johnny and only Johnny whose thoughts he can read, but there it is. One day it was just Patrick in his head, and the next, he’d woken up with the background awareness of Johnny in there too, and a panicked, thumping voice saying, Oh, shit. You too?
[fic]  ~hockey  [5k]  [general]  oblivious/pining  @grim-lupine  hurt.(concussion)  codependency  canon  {kanetoews}  special.abilities 
february 2013 by aohatsu
say it with flowers
GOOD WORK, YOUNG HAWK, the oak tree outside his building booms once the season’s over, and Patrick smiles sleepily in its direction. He's never been sure how the trees of Chicago know about hockey—trees hear a lot, but it's not like he's ever stopped in a public park to ask one about it.
[fic]  ~hockey  [5k]  [teen]  special.abilities  @hazel  {kanetoews}  canon.divergence  hobbies.(gardening) 
february 2013 by aohatsu
Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc
"Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc. It's the family motto."

"What does it mean?"

"We gladly feast on those who would subdue us."

-- very dark fic, but so gooooood. --
~sherlock  [10k]  [teen]  special.abilities  family  [fic]  au.(  {john/sherlock}  kids.(their.childhood)  kids    canon.divergence 
january 2012 by aohatsu
Dreaming Through The Noise
Spock remembered far too well the first night he heard Jim's mental voice - close to dawn on a dreamless night and he was pulled away from his bed, to a dark, alien kitchen and a terrified, alien mind.
~star.trek  [20k]  [mature]  [fic]  {kirk/spock}  kids.(their.childhood)    canon.divergence  special.abilities  soulbonding 
december 2011 by aohatsu

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