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Kingdoms at War
Eddard Stark is whisked away from the dungeons of the Red Keep before he can be executed; this changes everything, starting with the Tyrell's and where they choose to take their loyalty.
[fic]  canon.divergence  ~game.of.thrones  {robb/margaery}  [80k+]  [explicit]  [wip]  jealousy  marriage/weddings    family  war/revolution 
july 2018 by aohatsu
Inhabit Every Feeling
It's one thing for your parents you don't see that often to think you're dating your friend. It's another for the brother you live with to think that too.
canon  [fic]  [explicit]  [10k]  ~hockey  {jamie/segs}  summer.(vacation)  family  dating.(fake) 
september 2016 by aohatsu
Honor is Not a Victory March
Ned Stark arrived at the Tower of Joy to find his sister dead in a bed of blood, and the murdered corpses of the King's Guard. He goes home to the North with her body, and her alone. In Dorne, Oberyn Martell raises his bastard son, Jon, with dreams of vengeance, and his family's rightful throne. Nineteen years later, Jon Sand is sent by his uncle to offer an alliance to King Robb Stark between the North and Dorne, but this could tear holes into all of the Martell's carefully laid plans.
canon.divergence  [fic]  [mature]  [wip]  [80k+]  ~game.of.thrones  {jon/robb}  politics  job.(royalty)  war/revolution  family  dating.(in.secret) 
august 2016 by aohatsu
Goodbye Means Going Away (And Going Away Means Forgetting)
Memory is unreliable. No one understands this better than Rickon Stark.
~game.of.thrones  {jonsa}  [general]  [5k]  kids.(of.their.own)  family 
july 2016 by aohatsu
give me a land
Except the insurance money fell through--they were robbed more like. The company man they sent came and sat in their front parlor and said he was very sorry for their loss, but their father’s heart condition invalidated the policy, and the fact that they hid it meant they wouldn’t get a cent.
au  [fic]  @torigates  [explicit]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  family  marriage.(of.convenience)  historical.(wild.west)  job.(farm/ranch) 
july 2015 by aohatsu
Out Of The Woods
After four years away, Patrick finally comes back to the lake with his boyfriend in tow, and finds Jonny's all grown up and still pulling Patrick in like gravity.
@fourfreedoms  [fic]  [20k]  [explicit]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  au  summer.(vacation)  sex.(in.public)  issues.(adultery)  sex.(underage)  oblivious/pining  family 
july 2015 by aohatsu
learning curve
For Patrick, half the point of coming out was to finally be able to have decent sex. He just wasn't expecting it to be with Jonny.
[fic]  [explicit]  [80k+]  canon  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  @demotu  coming.out  media.shitstorm  sex.(first.time)  friends.with.benefits  misunderstandings  dating.(sort.of)  occasion.(tournament)  family 
september 2014 by aohatsu
[prompt post]
"Who’re you talking to, Jonathan?" his mom’s voice comes from the kitchen doorway, and Jonny fumbles with his phone, switching off the screen and shoving it in his pocket before looking up, face a little warm.

"Nobody. A friend."

"Yeah," David says from where he’s on the floor, game controller in-hand, "his girlfriend.”
@aohatsu  au  [5k]  [general]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  school.(  family  [tumblr]  {} 
august 2014 by aohatsu
I Got a Love (That Keeps Me Waiting)
There's a lot of different ways this summary could go, like:

Patrick Kane gets more than a gold medal in Sochi.

Or, the classic: It's too late to pull out now.

Or: Patrick Kane continues to thrive in high pressure situations.

Or: Patrick Kane gets knocked up, goes to White Castle, and finds love, not necessarily in that order.

But, ultimately, all that really matters is this: Patrick Kane is keeping his baby.

-- Best fic. A good portion of my life for the past few months has been salivating over this fic. ♥ ALL THE SOAP OPERA DRAMA. IT'S GLORIOUS. IT'S THE KIND OF THING YOU CAN'T TURN AWAY FROM EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD WASH YOUR HANDS OF IT. (JONNY IS SUCH AN ASSHOLE. NO, REALLY. BUT I FEEL FOR HIM ANYWAY. AND PATRICK IS SO OBTUSE, I WANT TO HIT HIM UPSIDE THE HEAD SEVERAL TIMES. BOTH OF THEM. WHY CAN'T THEY JUST BE HAPPY.) Okay. The point is: this fic will devour your soul and leave it in pieces. Enjoy. --
@svmadelyn  [fic]  [explicit]  [80k+]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  {}  {}  kids.(of.their.own)  dating.(sort.of)  oblivious/pining  misunderstandings  one.night.stand  hobbies.(food)  hurt.(injury)  family  break-up.(make-up)    canon.divergence  occasion.(tournament)  pregnancy 
april 2014 by aohatsu
Made Up
Patrick watches Erica get up and rub her hands together, like a cartoon villain. He rolls his eyes elaborately at her lameness, but as he watches her go to her suitcase and rummage around in it, he starts to get a bad feeling. And when she turns around and he sees what she’s holding—with sinister glee—in her hands, he can’t say anything but "No. Oh, no."

"Yes," she says, and marches into the bathroom.
@altri-uccelli  [fic]  [teen]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  {}  kids.(their.childhood)  crossdressing  family  canon.divergence 
march 2014 by aohatsu
First Comes Love, Then Comes
Jaime really wishes his little sister would stop calling Bart his "boyfriend."
[fic]  [teen]  [5k]  ~young.justice  {jaime/bart}  family  canon 
january 2014 by aohatsu
make you a believer
PK pretends he and Carey are dating, without telling Carey. It's Christmas with the Subbans!
canon  [fic]  [10k]  [explicit]  ~hockey  dating.(fake)  family  occasion.(christmas)  {pkcarey} 
january 2014 by aohatsu
A Month of Sundays
Unlike some guys, who freak out when things get even a little bit gay, Erik is fine with this stuff. Erik's not even fazed when Gabe's attempts at flirting with him start to get semi-public, a fact that, by his own judgment, makes him at least five to seven times more tolerant than your average forward-thinking American.
[fic]  [mature]  [50k]  ~hockey  {gabriel/erik}  religion  issues.(homophobia)  issues.(self-worth)  coming.out  family  dating.(in.secret)  canon  occasion.(christmas) 
december 2013 by aohatsu
kiss with a fist
Johnny hasn’t yelled at Patrick in forever. It’s ridiculous how much he misses it.
@liketheroad  canon  [fic]  [teen]  [10k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  family  occasion.(christmas) 
december 2013 by aohatsu
Welcome Home
On his seventh birthday, Sidney meets 23-year-old time traveler Geno, who tells him that they will play hockey together. And then they do.
[fic]  [explicit]  [50k]  ~hockey  {sidgeno}  sci-fi.(  oblivious/pining  kids.(their.childhood)  family  canon.divergence  au.(time.traveler's.wife) 
november 2013 by aohatsu
Let It Be
There’s one person who knows more about Pat than Brisson, one person who’s closer to discovering Pat’s secrets than his mom, one person who always, always, calls bullshit on him: Jonathan Fucking Toews.
[fic]  [50k]  [explicit]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  religion  issues.(homophobia)  {}  issues.(self-worth)  friends.with.benefits  break-up.(make-up)  misunderstandings  family 
november 2013 by aohatsu
Radar Love
Claude is unlikely to bond, is told from a young age that he will mostly likely belong to the part of the population who is unable to. He mostly forgets about it and focuses on hockey. But, of course, he does bond. And of course, he bonds to Danny Briere.
[fic]  [explicit]  [80k+]  ~hockey  {danny/claude}  oblivious/pining  family  family.(meet.the)  dating.(sort.of)  dating  canon.divergence  soulbonding 
october 2013 by aohatsu
Any Road Will Take You There
Jeff, undeclared sophomore, signs up to take a research assistantship under PhD candidate Eric Staal, in order to get credit and hopefully point him in some sort of academic direction.
[fic]  [explicit]  [20k]  au  ~hockey  {eric/jeff}  school.(college)  job.(science)  family  family.(meet.the)  job.(education) 
october 2013 by aohatsu
Turn Your Face to the Sun
It’s strange to open the door to his condo and realize that nothing’s changed.

-- the 'No Matter How Long the Road' series, the crossover one with NCIS where Patrick gets kidnapped. i'm bookmarking at part 5 because i couldn't bare to read parts 1-4, but part 5 and beyond are really good. --
[fic]  [mature]  [20k]  ~hockey  dating.(sort.of)  dangerous.situations  coming.out  family  dating  issues.(homophobia)  canon  {kanetoews}  issues.(kidnapping)  issues.(trauma)  issues.(rape) 
september 2013 by aohatsu
Stilinski's Home for Wayward Wolves
In which Stiles Stilinski moves to Beacon Hills for his junior year of high school and accidentally adopts a pack of teenage werewolves.
[fic]  [teen]  ~teen.wolf  {sterek}  family  [50k]  canon  issues.(kidnapping) 
july 2013 by aohatsu
Time Of Your Life
David stared up at him as he came to the table, and then Cook put a hand on David's shoulder and leaned over him. There was a really—really—weird moment when David thought for a second that Cook was about to—was going to—and David's stomach squeezed into a tiny knot, but Cook was just reaching over to grab the jacket he'd left on his seat.
@astolat  ~american.idol  {cookleta}  {ensemble}  [fic]  [mature]  [20k]  oblivious/pining  family  coming.out  canon 
may 2013 by aohatsu
real forever if
The main thing he'd been thinking, that whole last week, was that when it was over, he'd finally be able to breathe again. He didn't know what else could've been making him feel so weird, the awful tightness in his chest every time he was in the same room with Cook, the way his stomach just kept clenching up and jumping.
@astolat  ~american.idol  {cookleta}  [fic]  [mature]  [20k]  family  codependency    canon.divergence  soulbonding 
may 2013 by aohatsu
The Ashes
When Sportsmaster kidnaps and tortures Wally for six hours straight, the speedster pulls through with the rampant reassurance that eventually, Artemis and the Team will come and save him. The Team comes – but Artemis doesn’t.
~young.justice  {spitfire}  family  [teen]  [10k]  [fic]  canon  issues.(kidnapping)  issues.(violence)  hurt.(injury) 
may 2013 by aohatsu
The Sound of Settling
When Bart Allen decides that spending a couple of weeks with Wally and Artemis is the best way to adjust to twenty-first century life, Wally is forced to adjust, too. It’s going to take a while.
~young.justice  {spitfire}  {bart.allen}  family  kids  [10k]  [wip]  [general]  [fic]  canon 
may 2013 by aohatsu
trust me when i say i'm your biggest fan
David wakes up to his alarm clock, the Ghibli Studios one his siblings had all put their allowances together to buy him for his twelfth birthday.
@aohatsu  [20k]  [teen]  [fic]  ~american.idol  oblivious/pining  family  {cookleta}  sci-fi.(  canon.divergence 
may 2013 by aohatsu
Bubblegum & Candied Dreams
Jared spends the first few years of his professional career bouncing up and down from the minors. At 21 and without a solid roster slot, he's the late bloomer in a family of NHL stars, but he knows that it's only a matter of time. He doesn't mean to sleep with Jeff (vodka is funny that way), but he knows a one-night-stand when he wakes up wrapped around one. Right up until it stops being one.
family  [fic]  ~hockey  [mature]  [10k]  dating.(sort.of)  {jared/jeff}  dating  friends.with.benefits  long.distance  canon 
may 2013 by aohatsu
If Heaven's Hypothetical
Jeff runs away from Toronto and finds himself homeless in Raleigh, where he accidentally starts serving eggs to Eric Staal.
[fic]  ~hockey  [50k]  [explicit]  {eric/jeff}  oblivious/pining  issues.(poverty)  issues.(homophobia)  family  hurt.(sick)  @impertinence    canon.divergence  job.(food/drink) 
may 2013 by aohatsu
Marry Me A Little
When NHL star Patrick Kane's off-ice antics finally get him into trouble for the last time, captain and best friend Jonathan Toews has one final trump card to keep him from being traded: each other. But between being the first openly gay hockey players, facing down a lockout, and the fact that Patrick has been in love with Jonny for years, will these two ever be able to work past their miscommunication to realize that their marriage may not be as much of a sham as they think it is?

-- Fantastic all the way through. So many of my favorite tropes, all in one place. /happy sigh --
family  [fic]  ~hockey  [80k+]  [explicit]  oblivious/pining  {}  {}  media.shitstorm  issues.(homophobia)  canon  {kanetoews}  marriage.(fake)  marriage/weddings 
april 2013 by aohatsu
roving eye ravenous
In which the 2013-2014 season was off to a shaky start, and Patrick Kane really wished he could remember how he spent his nights.

-- I probably would've liked this more if I didn't have mixed feelings about Supernatural in general, so if you like that show, you'll love this fic. --
family  [fic]  ~hockey  [20k]  [teen]  au.(supernatural)  {}  paranormal.(demons)  hurt.(possessed)  {kanetoews}  canon.divergence 
march 2013 by aohatsu
Fastening One Heart to Every Falling Thing
Sidney's telepathic abilities are too strong, and Geno doesn't have any at all, but maybe that's why they work so well together.

-- Read even if you don't like bonding!fics. You will be pleasantly surprised by this one. Inverted trope. --
[fic]  ~hockey  [50k]  [explicit]  oblivious/pining  {sidgeno}  inverse.trope  family    canon.divergence  special.abilities  soulbonding 
march 2013 by aohatsu
Right on the Limits
When Sidney gets a concussion, it makes some other things come to light.
[fic]  ~hockey  [20k]  [explicit]  au.(  {sidgeno}  @thehoyden  hurt.(concussion)  family    canon.divergence  language.barrier 
march 2013 by aohatsu
Up With the Birds
There's a charity auction, the Penguins are the main attraction, Geno wants to bid on Sidney, and Sidney really doesn't want to be sold off to rich cougars or puck bunnies.
[fic]  ~hockey  [10k]  [explicit]  friends.with.benefits  {sidgeno}  @oflights  family  canon  occasion.(charity) 
march 2013 by aohatsu
Hanging With the Unloved Kids
Sidney Crosby has known a few things for most of his life: he knows that he loves hockey more than anything, he knows that 87 is his lucky number, and he knows that he’s gay.
[fic]  ~hockey  [50k]  [explicit]  oblivious/pining  {sidgeno}  family  coming.out  misunderstandings  sex.(first.time)    canon  language.barrier 
march 2013 by aohatsu
When Adam's younger sister goes missing, the school makes it a requirement for him to spend an hour with Kris Allen at the student-to-student grief counsel office everyday, but Kris has his own problems to deal with.
@aohatsu  [20k]  [mature]  [fic]  ~american.idol  family  dating.(sort.of)  au  {kradam}  school.(  religion    issues.(abuse)  issues.(death)  issues.(kidnapping)  issues.(violence)  issues.(drugs/alcohol) 
march 2013 by aohatsu
happiness is not a fish (that you can catch)
In which Jonny takes Patrick home to Winnipeg for the summer.

-- The summary seems all sweet and fluffy, but it's lying to you. --
dating  [fic]  ~hockey  [20k]  [explicit]  family  issues.(self-worth)  {}  canon  @liketheroad  {kanetoews} 
february 2013 by aohatsu
love is a contact sport
"And the tragic reality of Patrick's life is that even though they broke up over a year ago, he and Johnny still play beautiful hockey together."

A high school AU, featuring dream-fish, bad movie dates, and a little bit of magic.

--- OH MY GOD. /sobs best fic or best fic? i can't even. --
[fic]  ~hockey  [80k+]  [explicit]  break-up.(make-up)  {}  {}  dating  codependency  kids.(their.childhood)  school.(  @hazel  @mermaid  family    {kanetoews}  soulmates  canon.divergence 
february 2013 by aohatsu
You're a Dream to Me
Derek has the first dream in a shitty motel room just across the Nevada border, when his clothes still smell like smoke.
~teen.wolf  [10k]  [mature]  [fic]  {sterek}  family  soulmates  issues.(depression)  canon.divergence 
october 2012 by aohatsu
i was looking for a hooker (when i found you)
The business card sits innocently on the hotel room’s side table, embossed ink gleaming up against thick, expensive cardstock: FULL MOON ESCORT AGENCY, ALL TASTES WELCOME.
family  dating  ~teen.wolf  [5k]  [wip]  [explicit]  [fic]  {sterek}  misunderstandings  sex.(first.time)  canon  job.(sex.related) 
september 2012 by aohatsu
Wayward and Down
First there are trolls, then witches, then more trolls, then car crashes, then frustrated parents, toss some concerned werewolves and something about mating bonds... oh, and faeries, don't forget them.
family  ~teen.wolf  [50k]  [explicit]  [fic]  dangerous.situations  {sterek}  {ensemble}  soulmates  sex.(first.time)  fantasy.(other)  canon  fantasy.(witches/wizards) 
september 2012 by aohatsu
last night's dress (tiptoe out of this mess)
TFLN: My dad just asked me if my booty call guy that comes over at 3am and leaves at 6 would like to stay for Sunday brunch next week. You in?
family  ~teen.wolf  [20k]  [explicit]  [fic]  {sterek}  dating.(fake)  canon 
august 2012 by aohatsu
Human Empanada
Kaner, a traditionally useless Prince of America, and Tazer, the Heir Apparent of British Canada, don't know each other when their mothers arrange their engagement. Once that's done all they have to do is get to know each other, get married, consummate the marriage, refrain from killing each other, negotiate a treaty with California, and try not to piss off Mexico again. Falling in love isn't part of the plan. That's politics, boys.

-- Not explicitly abuse, but most definitely treading the line. Kaner kind of likes it, but in normal circumstances, the way Jonny treats him would Not Be Okay. --
politics  [fic]  ~hockey  [80k+]  [explicit]  {}  {}  oblivious/pining  marriage.(arranged)  sex.(rough)  family  media.shitstorm  job.(royalty)  @impertinence  culture.(mexico)  issues.(self-worth)  au  {kanetoews}  issues.(abuse)  language.barrier  issues.(drugs/alcohol)  break-up.(make-up)  sex.(dub-con) 
august 2012 by aohatsu
it takes a heap of living
Jade’s going out of town, so she drops her sixteen-week-old off at her sister’s for a couple days. Surprisingly, Wally and Artemis take to full-time babysitting like ducks to water.
kids  ~young.justice  [5k]  [teen]  [fic]  {spitfire}  family  canon 
july 2012 by aohatsu
And if you want me, I'm your country
Artemis has been agonizing over how to tell the team about her family and that she was dating Wally. When her father kidnaps Wally, she kills two birds with one stone.
~young.justice  [5k]  [teen]  [fic]  {spitfire}  family  canon  issues.(kidnapping)  issues.(violence)  hurt.(injury) 
june 2012 by aohatsu
and other collisions
When Wally gets roofied on a reconnaissance mission, it’s up to Artemis to get his sorry ass home. The Wests aren't exactly thrilled about the situation, but they appreciate the gesture.
family  ~young.justice  [5k]  [teen]  [fic]  {spitfire}  canon  issues.(drugs/alcohol) 
june 2012 by aohatsu
Pavlov's Bell
It doesn't surprise Arthur when he hears, eventually, that they've developed a reputation for fighting like cats and dogs--since, in a sense, they are those things.
~inception  [50k]  [explicit]  sex.(knotting)  sex.(in.heat)  [fic]  jealousy  family  {arthur/eames}  fantasy.(werewolves)  fantasy.(other)    issues.(kidnapping)  canon.divergence  pregnancy 
january 2012 by aohatsu
Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc
"Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc. It's the family motto."

"What does it mean?"

"We gladly feast on those who would subdue us."

-- very dark fic, but so gooooood. --
~sherlock  [10k]  [teen]  special.abilities  family  [fic]  au.(  {john/sherlock}  kids.(their.childhood)  kids    canon.divergence 
january 2012 by aohatsu
Three Weeks Outside Time
While spending the last few weeks of summer at the Lupins' house, Sirius begins to see his friend - and himself - in a new light.
~harry.potter  [20k]  oblivious/pining  family  [explicit]  [fic]  {sirius/remus}  canon 
december 2011 by aohatsu
The Republic of Heaven
Born to a witch and a human, people know Sherlock will be unusual from the start.  John Watson, on the other hand, seems perfectly ordinary, except for his dæmon...
~sherlock  [wip]  [mature]  [fic]  au.(his.dark.materials)    {john/sherlock}  family  animals.(bonded)  canon.divergence 
december 2011 by aohatsu

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