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Like a Handprint on My Heart
The day Foggy’s supposed to start working at Hogarth, Chao, and Benowitz, he wakes up, walks into the bathroom, starts to take a leak, glances down to check his aim, and freezes when he sees black letters on the inside of his right elbow.

His bladder forgotten, he brings his arm up, closer to his face and horizontal, as if he couldn't tell what the word was immediately. As if he'd somehow misread it, even though it's only four letters.

canon  [fic]  [20k]  [teen]  ~daredevil  soulmates  break-up.(make-up)  dangerous.situations 
august 2016 by aohatsu
heart melt, yet i'm cold to the core
“We were just talking about it this morning, weren’t we?” Jon asks, taking another steps forward. Patrick bumps into the table and stumbles a little, rights himself into Jon’s space. Jon wants to push him over the table. He digs his nails into his own palms, instead. “You said you didn’t mind being my, what, my dirty little secret. Right? Because you had a plan to make sure you weren’t anymore.”

“I did not have a plan,” Patrick says, spitting out the last word like it’s poison. Maybe it is. Jon can feel it slivering through him: Patrick had a plan.
[fic]  [teen]  [wip]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  au  job.(royalty)  school.(college)  media.shitstorm  break-up.(make-up)  dating.(fake)  dating.(in.secret) 
august 2015 by aohatsu
light up (like you have a choice)
"Jonny! Jonny!"  

Jonny looks up and frowns at Patrick, who's waving enthusiastically at him. 

"Did you even check whether there's someone around, idiot?" he asks, choosing to ignore that he had to yell to do so. If there are border guards around, they would already be alerted by Pat's careless shouting, he reasons. 
au  au.(upside.down)  [fic]  [teen]  [10k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  {sidgeno}  dangerous.situations  sci-fi.(other)  break-up.(make-up)  hurt.(amnesia)  kids.(their.childhood) 
july 2015 by aohatsu
Where One Starts From
It wasn’t like Patrick hadn’t always known this thing with him and Jonny had an expiration date. He just hadn't expected Jonny to dump him at the breakfast table.
canon  [mature]  [fic]  [10k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  misunderstandings  break-up.(make-up)  house.hunting 
july 2015 by aohatsu
Okay, So Now You're a Vegetarian
Patrick Kane secretly decides to go vegetarian. Jonathan Toews draws the wrong conclusions.
@thenorthface  [fic]  [mature]  [20k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  issues.(depression)  hobbies.(food)  break-up.(make-up)  canon.divergence 
march 2015 by aohatsu
First Officer Spock of the USS Enterprise is part of the away team that discovers the survivors of Tarsus IV. Captain Pike assigns him to the curious case of James Tiberius Kirk, who steals one of Spock's sweaters.
[fic]  [80k+]  [mature]  ~star.trek  {kirk/spock}  au  issues.(trauma)  issues.(death)  break-up.(make-up)  dating.(sort.of) 
september 2014 by aohatsu
Secret Vegetarian
Kaner decides to go vegan -- and then tries to keep it a secret, but it turns out not to be such an easy secret to keep.
@thenorthface  [wip]  [tumblr]  [mature]  canon  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  hobbies.(food)  break-up.(make-up)  issues.(depression) 
august 2014 by aohatsu
still into you
It's not even 12 hours after Jonny discovers he's a girl that he's sprawled on an itchy sofa, biting on his fist and being eaten out by Patrick Kane. He can't believe that a day exists in which having oral sex with Kaner, his oldest friend on the team and frequently a pain in his ass, is not the weirdest thing to happen.
@altri-uccelli  [fic]  [50k]  canon  [explicit]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  gender.changes.(spontaneous)  friends.with.benefits  sex.(cunnilingus)  break-up.(make-up) 
july 2014 by aohatsu
guilty dreams have got no rhythm
The projection props his chin on his arms, grinning broadly at the back of Toews's head. "Jonny," he says. "Hey, Jonny, c'mon, don't be mad, at least look at me. It's not like I can help being what I am."

"Why the hell would I ever be mad," says Toews, jaw clenched, not looking.
[fic]  [teen]  [20k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  au  au.(inception)  break-up.(make-up)  oblivious/pining  issues.(violence)   
may 2014 by aohatsu
I Got a Love (That Keeps Me Waiting)
There's a lot of different ways this summary could go, like:

Patrick Kane gets more than a gold medal in Sochi.

Or, the classic: It's too late to pull out now.

Or: Patrick Kane continues to thrive in high pressure situations.

Or: Patrick Kane gets knocked up, goes to White Castle, and finds love, not necessarily in that order.

But, ultimately, all that really matters is this: Patrick Kane is keeping his baby.

-- Best fic. A good portion of my life for the past few months has been salivating over this fic. ♥ ALL THE SOAP OPERA DRAMA. IT'S GLORIOUS. IT'S THE KIND OF THING YOU CAN'T TURN AWAY FROM EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD WASH YOUR HANDS OF IT. (JONNY IS SUCH AN ASSHOLE. NO, REALLY. BUT I FEEL FOR HIM ANYWAY. AND PATRICK IS SO OBTUSE, I WANT TO HIT HIM UPSIDE THE HEAD SEVERAL TIMES. BOTH OF THEM. WHY CAN'T THEY JUST BE HAPPY.) Okay. The point is: this fic will devour your soul and leave it in pieces. Enjoy. --
@svmadelyn  [fic]  [explicit]  [80k+]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  {}  {}  kids.(of.their.own)  dating.(sort.of)  oblivious/pining  misunderstandings  one.night.stand  hobbies.(food)  hurt.(injury)  family  break-up.(make-up)    canon.divergence  occasion.(tournament)  pregnancy 
april 2014 by aohatsu
lean a little to the left
“I told her about you.”

Jonny doesn’t flinch, or even really change the expression on his face. It’d be impressive if Patrick thought he understood what Pat was saying.
@demotu  canon  [fic]  [mature]  [20k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  friends.with.benefits  break-up.(make-up) 
march 2014 by aohatsu
Nothing Worth Knowing
Ryan Kesler hates Andrew Ladd on sight. Andrew Ladd is the kind of guy who is loud and confident and a good hockey player. He and Ryan are two of only three freshmen who make the starting line up at University of Vermont. So sure, Ladd's also good at hockey, but he's definitely not as good as he thinks he is.
au  [explicit]  [fic]  [20k]  ~hockey  {kesler.ladd}  school.(college)  coming.out  break-up.(make-up)  dating.(sort.of)  dating.(in.secret) 
january 2014 by aohatsu
Let It Be
There’s one person who knows more about Pat than Brisson, one person who’s closer to discovering Pat’s secrets than his mom, one person who always, always, calls bullshit on him: Jonathan Fucking Toews.
[fic]  [50k]  [explicit]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  religion  issues.(homophobia)  {}  issues.(self-worth)  friends.with.benefits  break-up.(make-up)  misunderstandings  family 
november 2013 by aohatsu
Something Almost Tender
Going into heat sucks, but it’s extra inconvenient when it happens during the first game of the playoffs. On top of that, Zach has never been around an alpha during his heat before, so one bad decision leads to another, and Zach ends up heat-bonded to his captain. The bond forces them to live together, and they cohabit surprisingly well for two guys completely unable to talk to each other about anything important. But what will it take for them to realize just how good they have it?

-- It was interesting how, for once, the main character is legitimately oblivious about the other dude's affections. THERE WERE NO SIGNS. EVEN I WAS QUESTIONING IT. --
[fic]  [50k]  [explicit]  ~hockey  {mikko/zach}  alpha/omega  sex.(knotting)  sex.(in.heat)  break-up.(make-up)  family.(meet.the)  soulbonding 
october 2013 by aohatsu
Holy Ground
A bad hit in a playoffs game leaves Jonny with amnesia; somehow, he's forgotten everything, forgotten the past three years, forgotten his marriage to and divorce from Patrick - but forgetting is to be given a chance to fix it.
canon  [fic]  [explicit]  [wip]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  hurt.(amnesia)  break-up.(make-up) 
october 2013 by aohatsu
bring it if you really want it
Patrick writes his name in enormous block letters, taking up the whole thing. He puts "Salem Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry" in tiny letters underneath.

“Suck it,” he tells everyone in general, striding towards the cup with as much swag as he can. He kind of just tosses the paper without thinking about how it’ll fit or anything, but as soon as it gets close, the thing emits a weird burst of flame and engulfs the entire sheet until there’s not even ash.

The way Patrick jumps back, startled? Definitely not swag.

-- I gave up the first time I read this, because it was just so LONG, and kind of exhausting to read because there were SO MANY DETAILS but I really liked it upon my second attempt, so, my conclusion is that this fic is not for hockey fandom newbies, but once you can put a face to all the names mentioned therein, you're golden. --
au  @staraflur  [fic]  [explicit]  [80k+]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  au.(harry.potter)  dangerous.situations  school.(boarding)  break-up.(make-up)  oblivious/pining 
september 2013 by aohatsu
So there was this clause in the contracts, where as long as he was single, he had to go out with another 19E client for at least four weeks at their request.
@astolat  ~american.idol  {cookleta}  [fic]  [mature]  [5k]  dating.(fake)  break-up.(make-up)  canon 
may 2013 by aohatsu
Anger Management
In January 2013, at the start of the shortened season, Brandon moves in with Shawzy.
[fic]  ~hockey  break-up.(make-up)  [20k]  [explicit]  {bollig/shaw}  roommates  cuddling  canon  issues.(violence) 
may 2013 by aohatsu
Shadows Settle on the Place (That You Left)
There are normal, functioning people, and then there’s Patrick Kane. Johnny resigns that these things never overlap. Ever. Seriously. So, to say that Johnny’s surprised when Kaner catches on before him, is the understatement of the last century.
[fic]  ~hockey  [5k]  [teen]  break-up.(make-up)  friends.with.benefits  dating.(sort.of)  misunderstandings  canon  {kanetoews} 
april 2013 by aohatsu
concentrating on falling apart
Patrick is already way drunk when he spots Johnny in the audience. They're seven songs into their twelve song set and Patrick has been alternating between whiskey and beer since the openers went on.
[fic]  ~hockey  [teen]  oblivious/pining  au  break-up.(make-up)  {kanetoews}  issues.(depression)  job.(music/radio)  issues.(drugs/alcohol) 
april 2013 by aohatsu
what history will bring
Johnny says, “Let’s just not talk about it, okay?”
[fic]  ~hockey  [teen]  au  school.(college)  break-up.(make-up)  {kanetoews} 
april 2013 by aohatsu
all i remember is what i have lost
"Geno," Sid says slowly, and he finally touches Geno, wrapping a hand around Geno's shoulder like he expects one of them to fall. "We broke up three days ago."
[fic]  ~hockey  [10k]  [teen]  {sidgeno}  break-up.(make-up)  hurt.(amnesia)  canon 
march 2013 by aohatsu
My Siberia: A Russian Knitting Circle Story
The last thing you want to do with the guy you've been hung up on for ages is teach him how to be decent at sex. So of course, that's exactly what Geno does. Featuring interfering Russians, thorough devirginization, and equal parts alcohol imbibing and hockey playing.

-- Russians are terrifying. All of them. --
[fic]  ~hockey  [50k]  [explicit]  oblivious/pining  sex.(first.time)  friends.with.benefits  break-up.(make-up)  {sidgeno}  @impertinence  canon 
march 2013 by aohatsu
kaner take the wheel
Jonathan asks Patrick to move in with him, but somehow it comes out sounding more like he's breaking up with him.

-- and kaner takes it badly, and then they realize their communication issues, and yet it gets worse, so i don't even know, but awesome fic is awesome, so. --
jealousy  [fic]  ~hockey  [50k]  [teen]  break-up.(make-up)  misunderstandings  @liketheroad  canon  {kanetoews}  issues.(adultery) 
february 2013 by aohatsu
do it how you want it done
Kaner and Tazer meet at a camp for hockey during the summer, have a brief romance, and then belatedly realize they go to high school together.
[fic]  ~hockey  [50k]  [mature]  au.(grease)  break-up.(make-up)  school.(  summer.(camp)  misunderstandings  @zarathuse  au  {kanetoews} 
february 2013 by aohatsu
What Comes Easy
Kaner's determined to never grow up; Tazer's determined to grow up as quickly as possible. Over eleven years of summer camp, they learn to meet in the middle.

-- My soul still feels bruised when I think about this fic. --
dating  [fic]  ~hockey  [80k+]  [explicit]  oblivious/pining  break-up.(make-up)  kids.(their.childhood)  school.(college)  school.(  summer.(camp)  misunderstandings  @impertinence  jealousy  au  {ensemble}  {kanetoews} 
february 2013 by aohatsu
armed with every precious failure
Patrick wipes at his mouth, glaring. “You’re doing a pretty shitty job at the whole soulmate thing so far, I just want you to know that. Sincerely, from me to you, and all that.”

-- In which they somehow still manage to be unsure of their feelings, when they were literally born to be in love with each other. Tazer, oh Tazer. Stop. --
soulmates  [fic]  ~hockey  [20k]  [mature]  break-up.(make-up)  @liketheroad  {kanetoews}  canon.divergence 
february 2013 by aohatsu
do it like they do on the discovery channel
It turns out that buddyfucking your best friend without shit getting weird requires constant vigilance.
[fic]  ~hockey  [10k]  [explicit]  oblivious/pining  friends.with.benefits    @hazel  dating.(sort.of)  break-up.(make-up)  canon  {kanetoews} 
february 2013 by aohatsu
love is a contact sport
"And the tragic reality of Patrick's life is that even though they broke up over a year ago, he and Johnny still play beautiful hockey together."

A high school AU, featuring dream-fish, bad movie dates, and a little bit of magic.

--- OH MY GOD. /sobs best fic or best fic? i can't even. --
[fic]  ~hockey  [80k+]  [explicit]  break-up.(make-up)  {}  {}  dating  codependency  kids.(their.childhood)  school.(  @hazel  @mermaid  family    {kanetoews}  soulmates  canon.divergence 
february 2013 by aohatsu
Human Empanada
Kaner, a traditionally useless Prince of America, and Tazer, the Heir Apparent of British Canada, don't know each other when their mothers arrange their engagement. Once that's done all they have to do is get to know each other, get married, consummate the marriage, refrain from killing each other, negotiate a treaty with California, and try not to piss off Mexico again. Falling in love isn't part of the plan. That's politics, boys.

-- Not explicitly abuse, but most definitely treading the line. Kaner kind of likes it, but in normal circumstances, the way Jonny treats him would Not Be Okay. --
politics  [fic]  ~hockey  [80k+]  [explicit]  {}  {}  oblivious/pining  marriage.(arranged)  sex.(rough)  family  media.shitstorm  job.(royalty)  @impertinence  culture.(mexico)  issues.(self-worth)  au  {kanetoews}  issues.(abuse)  language.barrier  issues.(drugs/alcohol)  break-up.(make-up)  sex.(dub-con) 
august 2012 by aohatsu

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