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Marcus Aquila is an undercover Metropolitan police officer. His assignment is to infiltrate a slave-trafficking organisation which trades in men, bought and sold to fight in cages, sometimes to the death. When he makes the impulsive decision to intervene during a 'kill fight' involving a fierce young fighter called Esca, Marcus inadvertently finds himself the owner of his very own slave. Now Marcus has to find a way to complete his assignment, as well as gaining Esca's trust, without blowing his cover. The question is, can he do it before the secrets and lies catch up with him, and Marcus loses everything?
[fic]  au  ~the.eagle  {marcus/esca}  job.(cop/spy)  issues.(slavery)  issues.(kidnapping)  issues.(violence)  issues.(rape)  [explicit] 
july 2017 by aohatsu
Bite Down Hard
In which Secret Service Agent Derek Hale accidentally gets bonded to First Son Stiles Stilinski.
au  [fic]  [explicit]  [20k]  ~teen.wolf  {sterek}  soulbonding  job.(royalty)  job.(cop/spy)  dating.(fake)  oblivious/pining 
september 2016 by aohatsu
To Know His Heart
With his reputation in tatters, Tyler will do anything to save his family's name - including marrying a man he hardly knows.
au  [fic]  [20k]  [explicit]  ~hockey  {jamie/segs}  historical.(regency)  marriage.(of.convenience) 
september 2016 by aohatsu
a gentleman's agreement
Captain Jamie Benn (ret.) of the Horse Guards, gentleman farmer, agrees to take the disgraced Marquess of Brampton as his husband, in return for a hefty settlement. They're both surprised when their marriage of convenience blossoms into a romance.
~hockey  {jamie/segs}  [20k]  [explicit]  [fic]  au  marriage.(of.convenience)  historical.(regency) 
august 2016 by aohatsu
Cursed at First, But Mended
Sir Marcus Aquila, recently invalided home from the war, has only weeks to arrange a marriage of convenience so that he can inherit his family's estate.
[fic]  ~the.eagle  {marcus/esca}  historical.(regency)  marriage.(of.convenience)  animals  au 
august 2016 by aohatsu
The Time Traveller's Flatmate
Sherlock Holmes suffers from Chrono-Displacement: simply put, he time travels unpredictably, against his will.

John Watson lives his life the normal way. Or as normal as it can possibly be considering that he first meets Sherlock at the age of six.
[fic]  ~sherlock  {john/sherlock}  au  au.(time.traveler's.wife) 
august 2016 by aohatsu
Captain Oblivious
Why would Jonny care about the American royal family visiting his university? He's Canadian. He hasn't paid any attention to Prince Patrick since he was a teenager. He's more concerned with the very hot guy he's just run into, who's name also happens to be Patrick. What a coincidence.
[fic]  au  job.(royalty)  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  school.(college) 
august 2016 by aohatsu
Shadows on the Land
Esca, son of Cunoval, has known from childhood how his life will be. When he first feels the soulbond in his mind, he will be made a man of the Brigantes. He will be inked. He will become a warrior. In a few years, his soulmate will come in search of him from a neighboring clan. His soulmate will be proud of him, proud that Esca is heir to a clan chieftain, proud that Esca will one day be lord of five hundred spears. They will marry. They will lead the clan together. It will be a good life.

Then Esca discovers his soulmate is a Roman soldier. This is, shall we say, problematic.
canon.divergence  soulmates  [fic]  au  {marcus/esca}  [teen]  ~the.eagle 
august 2016 by aohatsu
his heart was a stone, but then his hands roamed
“I think we kidnap wrong blonde,” says Ovechkin.

Jonny blinks, taken aback. “The wrong—”

“This is one is very pretty,” muses Ovechkin. “I see why boys get confused.”
au  [fic]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  {}  dating  job.(criminal)  issues.(kidnapping)  [10k]  [teen] 
august 2016 by aohatsu
i built my world around you
Robb buys a house in the suburbs two months after his twenty-sixth birthday. It's an old, rundown house that he's determined to fix up because, as he explains to Jon, that's the type of thing people do when they get older.
au  [fic]  ~game.of.thrones  {jon/robb}  [5k]  house.hunting  dating.(in.secret)  [explicit] 
august 2016 by aohatsu
Movie Nights or Five Times Jonny Wanted Popcorn (and One Time He Didn’t)
“Can I have a small popcorn?” Patrick turned around to see Jonny standing at the counter.

“We’ve gotta stop meeting like this, man,” Patrick said. “You must really like movies. You’re here all the time.”
au  [fic]  [teen]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  school.(  oblivious/pining  job.(food/drink) 
august 2016 by aohatsu
Friend Like Me
It wasn’t as beautiful as most oil lamps, Patrick surmised. It was a little stained, the ceramic chipped in places, but a meticulously crafted leaf sat nestled at the open mouth and Kaner dragged his fingertips over it.

It was warm, and he wanted it. Even without knowing what was inside.
au  [explicit]  [fic]  [20k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  fantasy.(magic) 
august 2016 by aohatsu
Religious Obligations
The Lightwoods have long since been cursed with corruptibility. In the year of the Angel 1645, Robert made a deal with the devil himself. In exchange for the security of his position, he took an oath to give one of his children. Now the Prince of Hell has come to collect.
~shadowhunters  {malec}  [fic]  [teen]  [wip]  marriage.(arranged)  soulbonding  job.(royalty)  historical.(regency)  au 
april 2016 by aohatsu
a most amenable arrangement
His mother has managed to utterly unsettle him with this. When she tells him over dinner one evening, three days after the Season starts, Jonathan chokes on his tea.

Once he has recovered enough to speak, he demands to know what she promised or used against the Kanes to ensure this match.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Jonathan. His mother and I are old friends, and when I mentioned that my eldest son was taking an age to court anyone, she told me that His Grace is just as reluctant to pick a suitor. We decided between us that you would be perfect for each other, His Grace was amenable to the plan and now you are engaged to be wed! Isn’t it fantastic?”
au  [fic]  [mature]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  marriage.(arranged)  historical.(regency) 
august 2015 by aohatsu
say not the struggle
At nine years old, when his mother started talking about arranging Sid’s marriage, he hadn’t thought too much about it. She would find him someone in one of the Maritime Provinces, maybe Quebec. If really pressed, Sid might have imagined going to one of the Prairie Provinces, or maybe somewhere in the United Kingdoms of America. He never thought about being far away his family, because it literally never occurred to him that it might be something that could happen.
au  [fic]  @torigates  [explicit]  [30k]  ~hockey  {sidgeno}  job.(royalty)  marriage.(arranged)  jealousy  issues.(bullying)  language.barrier  summer.(vacation) 
august 2015 by aohatsu
you're mending what's broken
The guy who sits behind Jonny in AP Stats wants to know how many shots on goal he had last Tuesday. Or at least, that's how it starts.
au  school.(  [fic]  [teen]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews} 
august 2015 by aohatsu
heart melt, yet i'm cold to the core
“We were just talking about it this morning, weren’t we?” Jon asks, taking another steps forward. Patrick bumps into the table and stumbles a little, rights himself into Jon’s space. Jon wants to push him over the table. He digs his nails into his own palms, instead. “You said you didn’t mind being my, what, my dirty little secret. Right? Because you had a plan to make sure you weren’t anymore.”

“I did not have a plan,” Patrick says, spitting out the last word like it’s poison. Maybe it is. Jon can feel it slivering through him: Patrick had a plan.
[fic]  [teen]  [wip]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  au  job.(royalty)  school.(college)  media.shitstorm  break-up.(make-up)  dating.(fake)  dating.(in.secret) 
august 2015 by aohatsu
let this road be mine
“Well, Cam,” PK says. He runs his tongue over his bottom lip like he’s preparing for some big announcement. “Anyone ever tell you that you look an awful lot like long-lost royalty?”
[fic]  [5k]  [teen]  ~hockey  {pkcarey}  au  au.(anastasia)  job.(royalty)  hurt.(amnesia) 
august 2015 by aohatsu
Pride and Pledges
“I think some of the pledges think we’re dating, dude,” PK says, drumming his fingers on the table.
au  school.(college)  dating.(fake)  ~hockey  {pkcarey}  [fic]  [teen]  [5k] 
august 2015 by aohatsu
give me a land
Except the insurance money fell through--they were robbed more like. The company man they sent came and sat in their front parlor and said he was very sorry for their loss, but their father’s heart condition invalidated the policy, and the fact that they hid it meant they wouldn’t get a cent.
au  [fic]  @torigates  [explicit]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  family  marriage.(of.convenience)  historical.(wild.west)  job.(farm/ranch) 
july 2015 by aohatsu
Between the Pipes
Jonny had been working on houses since he was twenty years old and took a part time construction job to help pay for college.
au  @torigates  [fic]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  [explicit]  [10k]  au.(  house.hunting  oblivious/pining 
july 2015 by aohatsu
Say It With Me (Don't Assume)
Derek knows way too much about how omega heat suppressants work now, after having been partnered with Stiles for as long as he has. They’re probably his favorite thing to bitch about whenever they’re stuck on a stakeout. Of course, omegas on the force aren’t required to take them. Derek’s never really understood why Stiles does, if he hates them so much, especially –

– especially because he’s bonded.
au  misunderstandings  oblivious/pining  alpha/omega  sex.(in.heat)  [fic]  [explicit]  [10k]  job.(cop/spy)  ~teen.wolf  {sterek} 
july 2015 by aohatsu
light up (like you have a choice)
"Jonny! Jonny!"  

Jonny looks up and frowns at Patrick, who's waving enthusiastically at him. 

"Did you even check whether there's someone around, idiot?" he asks, choosing to ignore that he had to yell to do so. If there are border guards around, they would already be alerted by Pat's careless shouting, he reasons. 
au  au.(upside.down)  [fic]  [teen]  [10k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  {sidgeno}  dangerous.situations  sci-fi.(other)  break-up.(make-up)  hurt.(amnesia)  kids.(their.childhood) 
july 2015 by aohatsu
had to start it somewhere
When Patrick tells the story to Sharpy later, at his work’s annual Memorial Day barbeque, he'll fall back on the fact that Johnny was wearing a mask the first time they met, so it's not his fault that he didn't know who he was. Bicks will helpfully remind him that doesn't explain the other three times.
au  [fic]  [explicit]  [10k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  sex.(anonymity)  misunderstandings 
july 2015 by aohatsu
Door to Door
It's 3 am and the guy upstairs is playing with his dogs again — or possibly just moving all of his furniture as loudly as possible while the dogs bark encouragement — and that's it, Jamie hasn't slept through the night for a week. This has to stop.
au  [fic]  [explicit]  [10k]  ~hockey  {jamie/segs}  neighbors  animals  job.(cop/spy)  job.(food/drink) 
july 2015 by aohatsu
obvious from the start
It’s not like Patrick even likes radio, because he hasn’t really listened to anything that’s not on his iPod or his Pandora stations in years, but when he notices the red and white flyer advertising the student radio station on the ground, he picks it up with the excuse that he’s trying to be environmentally friendly.
au  [fic]  [mature]  [10k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  school.(college)  soulmates  job.(music/radio) 
july 2015 by aohatsu
we took the slow way
Pat’s still thinking about all the obnoxious door-to-door things he could be when the door swings open and holy shit. He has got to be better about meeting his neighbors if more of his neighbors look like this guy.
au  [fic]  [teen]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  neighbors 
july 2015 by aohatsu
For a first effort, this feels kinda last ditch
Patrick watches Jonny sit down, rubbing his hands over his thighs a few times, gives him what he hopes is a reassuring smile as he sits down next to him. Judging by the grimace he gets in return he was less than successful. Whatever, this whole thing was Jonny’s idea, if anyone should be nervous it’s Patrick.

He keeps telling himself that but he can’t quite work himself up to it. He’s about to get busy with his best friend, on camera, for money. He’s anxious but not for the reasons he probably should be, not for the reasons Jonny is he suspects.
au  [fic]  [explicit]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  school.(college)  sex.(  oblivious/pining 
july 2015 by aohatsu
Walk the Line
Fast-forward three years, and here he is, twenty-six years old, taking on the biggest project of his career thus far, and what feels like his tryout for the Executive Director of Environmental Strategies position Veronica’s been hinting at. Fucking crucial.
au  [fic]  [20k]  [explicit]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  oblivious/pining  misunderstandings  job.(science/engineering)  hobbies.(gardening) 
july 2015 by aohatsu
J. B. Toews & Co. opened its doors in 1898 on Robey Street with a simple gilded sign claiming ‘tailoring of quality.' It was one of the first vampire owned businesses in Chicago, and Jonathan Toews, the shop’s owner, opened it up because he was bored. He assumed after a couple of decades, he’d move on, start a new pursuit. He didn’t.
@fourfreedoms  au  [fic]  [10k]  [explicit]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  fantasy.(vampires)  job.(fashion)  age.difference 
july 2015 by aohatsu
Summer Lovin'
Patrick's home from summer camp, and Jonny's first on his list of to-do's. Somehow a little actual angst/plot worked it's way in. But mostly it's just porn.
[fic]  [explicit]  [5k]  au  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  sex.(pwp)  sex.(underage)  school.( 
july 2015 by aohatsu
the walls we crashed through
A month ago, Jon thinks: a month ago he hadn't even heard of daemons, hadn't yet had his life turned upside down by a talking otter and a boy with dimples and the smoothest skin he'd ever touched and secrets held close behind long-lashed blue eyes.
[fic]  @altri-uccelli  [80k+]  [explicit]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  {original.character}  fantasy.(magic)  animals.(bonded)  fantasy.(other)  au  au.(his.dark.materials)  au.(old.kingdom)  oblivious/pining  politics 
july 2015 by aohatsu
Out Of The Woods
After four years away, Patrick finally comes back to the lake with his boyfriend in tow, and finds Jonny's all grown up and still pulling Patrick in like gravity.
@fourfreedoms  [fic]  [20k]  [explicit]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  au  summer.(vacation)  sex.(in.public)  issues.(adultery)  sex.(underage)  oblivious/pining  family 
july 2015 by aohatsu
lost in brightness
“You’re gonna get caught one day,” Jonny sighs, herding Pat in front of him as they squeeze onto the train, the crowd thicker than usual. It’s been raining on and off, fall well and truly taking the city in its grasp. Jonny’s already looking forward to meeting Pat by his house every morning, red-cheeked and rugged up, his face barely visible between his toque and scarf.
au  [fic]  [mature]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  school.(  oblivious/pining 
september 2014 by aohatsu
Spock met Jim when he was 7 and Jim was 6. It has since been generally agreed that this was a mistake (or: the one where they grow up together and things are simultaneously better and worse for it).
[fic]  [explicit]  [50k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  au  kids.(their.childhood)  long.distance 
september 2014 by aohatsu
Jim Kirk is nine when a massacre on Tarsus IV leaves him without a family and without a home. Spock is twelve when a strange boy in the desert saves his sehlat. Families aren't born; they're made.
[fic]  [80k+]  [mature]  au  ~star.trek  {kirk/spock}  kids.(their.childhood) 
september 2014 by aohatsu
First Officer Spock of the USS Enterprise is part of the away team that discovers the survivors of Tarsus IV. Captain Pike assigns him to the curious case of James Tiberius Kirk, who steals one of Spock's sweaters.
[fic]  [80k+]  [mature]  ~star.trek  {kirk/spock}  au  issues.(trauma)  issues.(death)  break-up.(make-up)  dating.(sort.of) 
september 2014 by aohatsu
Subverted Ambitions
After trying to achieve peace for over a century, Vulcans and humans decide to hold a series of arranged marriages. As an ambitious young captain, James Kirk agrees to the merger…only to find that his ambitions soon change.
au  ~star.trek  {kirk/spock}  [fic]  [explicit]  [50k]  marriage.(arranged)  politics  hurt.(poisoned) 
september 2014 by aohatsu
[prompt post]
PK Subban the art student and Carey Price his long-suffering RA!
au  [fic]  [5k]  [teen]  ~hockey  school.(college)  misunderstandings  {pkcarey} 
august 2014 by aohatsu
Starfleet AU
There's a possible outbreak on an alien planet -- too bad they won't let Kaner, the senior medical officer, come down to the surface unless he's pretending to be married to Captain Toews.
[tumblr]  [wip]  au  au.(star.trek)  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  marriage.(fake)  politics  job.(medical)  sci-fi.( 
august 2014 by aohatsu
a bad case of loving you
The adventures of two idiotic, brilliant CIA agents in looove, complete with kidnappings, life saving, ass kicking and pining galore.

-- More: --
au  dangerous.situations  oblivious/pining  @thenorthface  [fic]  [mature]  [wip]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}    job.(cop/spy) 
august 2014 by aohatsu
Kiss and Ride on the CTA
Pat is never, ever forgiving Smitty.

Now, every time he sees that Canadian douchebag on the train, his brain mentally reminds him that the guy has a name, that he’s Jonathan and he probably grows his own fucking kale while reading original source texts about the French Revolution.

His brain also keeps supplying Pat with reminders that the guy is really remarkably good looking.
au  [fic]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  [explicit]  [10k]  school.(college)  hobbies.(sports) 
august 2014 by aohatsu
Accepted Practice
He meets him in the summer, with the June evening sun coloring everything, edging it with light. He’s a solemn kid with a smile hiding at the corner of his mouth. He’s only fourteen, but it’s hard not to notice him--this dark-eyed self-possession that Patrick has never seen in a high schooler before.
au  @fourfreedoms  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  [fic]  [explicit]  sex.(underage)  age.difference  summer.(vacation)  school.( 
august 2014 by aohatsu
thy hair soft-lifted by the winnowing wind
He made sure to lay out two saucers, one of spiked milk and one of pure whisky, that night; it was the closest to an apology he could think of.
au  [fic]  [10k]  [teen]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  fantasy.(other)  fantasy.(magic) 
august 2014 by aohatsu
The only memorable District reaping-- the one that winds up keeps him awake late into the night-- is District 3’s. A tall, broad shouldered teenage boy is chosen, and then the District's representative plunges her hand in the bowl and calls "Erica Kane."

"I volunteer!" calls a frantic voice from the audience. "Take me in her place!"

That's when Jonathan stares, unable to take his eyes off the screen. Because it's not one of Erica's sisters or friends who's volunteered in her place; it's her brother. And Jonathan knows him.
@thenorthface  [fic]  au  [mature]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  au.(  dangerous.situations  war/revolution  dating 
august 2014 by aohatsu
And the rest is rust and stardust
From where he’s already halfway out of the window, the robber freezes. Painfully slowly, he withdraws, turning with wide brown eyes back to face Phil.

“Fuck me,” he breathes out. “You’re Prince Philip, aren’t you?”
au  @thenorthface  [fic]  [5k]  [general]  ~hockey  {philbozie}  job.(royalty)  oblivious/pining  fantasy.(magic) 
august 2014 by aohatsu
Scratch Lottery Ticket Life
The first time Patrick met Jonny, he was flat on his back. And then it turned out that Jonny was going to be heading up his particular section of the multi-national peace force.
au  [fic]  [5k]  [mature]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  war/revolution  hurt.(injury)  job.(military) 
august 2014 by aohatsu
some time off from that emotion
Johnny falls in love for the first time the summer of 1988 when he’s just turned 24, finished grad school, and Together Forever by Rick Astley is the number one song on the Billboard charts.

He never really stood a chance.
au  [fic]  [explicit]  [20k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  summer.(job)  friends.with.benefits  misunderstandings  oblivious/pining 
august 2014 by aohatsu
Don't Trust the Manslut in Apartment 6A
Patrick sees a looooot of ladies go in and out of Apartment 6A.
[tumblr]  [wip]  [explicit]  au  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  neighbors  @fourfreedoms 
august 2014 by aohatsu
[prompt post]
"Who’re you talking to, Jonathan?" his mom’s voice comes from the kitchen doorway, and Jonny fumbles with his phone, switching off the screen and shoving it in his pocket before looking up, face a little warm.

"Nobody. A friend."

"Yeah," David says from where he’s on the floor, game controller in-hand, "his girlfriend.”
@aohatsu  au  [5k]  [general]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  school.(  family  [tumblr]  {} 
august 2014 by aohatsu
Vows Made Through The Storm
There is nothing that Jonathan would not do to protect his people.

-- Sidney is evil in this, so don't read if that'll upset you. Also, beware the tags. --
[fic]  [explicit]  au  ~hockey  [5k]  {kanetoews}  sex.(voyeurism)  job.(royalty)  historical.(medieval)  sex.(humiliation)  @fourfreedoms  issues.(slavery)  issues.(rape) 
july 2014 by aohatsu
All Along The Undertow
Surfing is fun, and surfing becomes instinct. Jon learns to move like he’s always got a board under his feet - skateboards everywhere when he can’t be in the water. It’s like breathing.
au  [fic]  [10k]  [mature]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  job.(athlete)  one.night.stand  long.distance 
july 2014 by aohatsu
This Heart Is Not For Wasting
“I think I just got dumped,” Patrick says, barging into the bathroom off of Jonny’s room. It’s filled with steam, mirror fogged up, Jonny must have the shower on really hot.
au  school.(college)  friends.with.benefits  [fic]  [20k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  @fourfreedoms 
may 2014 by aohatsu
guilty dreams have got no rhythm
The projection props his chin on his arms, grinning broadly at the back of Toews's head. "Jonny," he says. "Hey, Jonny, c'mon, don't be mad, at least look at me. It's not like I can help being what I am."

"Why the hell would I ever be mad," says Toews, jaw clenched, not looking.
[fic]  [teen]  [20k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  au  au.(inception)  break-up.(make-up)  oblivious/pining  issues.(violence)   
may 2014 by aohatsu
Your Faded Arrangements
Jonny returns from war and everything is the same, but isn’t. Over the course of a summer, Patrick helps.

-- The backstory is so different that it helps if you think of this as an original short story instead of fic, tbh. Also, it's set modern days, which took me about half the fic to realize. I was thinking BoB era for some reason. --
[fic]  [mature]  [10k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  war/revolution  issues.(depression)  hurt.(injury)  au 
may 2014 by aohatsu
love me lights out
Everyone says the intensity is supposed to fade with time, but Patrick has known Jonny for what feels like all his life and is marrying him in like—two weeks. Jesus fuck, Patrick is getting married in two weeks.
au  [fic]  [mature]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  job.(medical)  marriage/weddings  job.(education) 
april 2014 by aohatsu
you and me (we are meant to be)
Patrick is a pretty big fan of hockey, mostly because his dad was a big fan before he ended up bonding to his mom.

-- Timestamp: --
@aohatsu  au    [fic]  [teen]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  job.(royalty)  hobbies.(sports)  soulbonding 
march 2014 by aohatsu
unzip my body, take my heart out
Patrick and Jonny's relationship is complicated.

Or, the pseudo-space au where Patrick is in love with the ship's AI and Sharpy is slightly judgemental.
au  [fic]  [explicit]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  sci-fi.(robots)  sci-fi.(  sex.(pwp) 
march 2014 by aohatsu
I Made You A Love Song
It’s completely unexpected how empty the apartment is without Johnny in it.

-- Coda to In My Blood and In My Bones. --
[fic]  [explicit]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  sex.(pwp)  au  @fourfreedoms 
march 2014 by aohatsu
In My Blood and In My Bones
Patrick’s not really into dudes—he’s done that whole thing a couple of times—that’s rock-n-roll after all, but god, when Jonathan smiles, he looks really good.

Johnny is a nanny. Patrick's a musician. They fall in love.
au  [fic]  [explicit]  [20k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  job.(nanny)  dating  kids  job.(music/radio) 
march 2014 by aohatsu
What's Ours is Ours
Derek and Stiles never had sex outside of their respective Heats. After all, it wasn't like they were actually together; Stiles just hated the way the Omega suppressants made him feel, and so Derek was helping him out. That was all it was.

Even if it wasn't close to all that Derek really wanted, that's what it was
au  [explicit]  [fic]  [10k]  ~teen.wolf  {sterek}  sex.(in.heat)  friends.with.benefits  oblivious/pining  misunderstandings  alpha/omega 
march 2014 by aohatsu
Hello, Heartbreaker
It’s a popular joke among Alphas: fuck an Omega, get heartbreak on your hands. Omegas are fragile little emotional things, needy and whiny. Stiles refuses to become that, or to believe that he’s anything like that.
au  [fic]  [explicit]  [20k]  ~teen.wolf  {sterek}  alpha/omega  friends.with.benefits  hurt.(amnesia)  oblivious/pining  sex.(in.heat)  misunderstandings  job.(office) 
march 2014 by aohatsu
Like A Classic
So: due to a series of complicated and improbable events involving some sort of life debt and signed promise from two generations ago, it was decreed that Patrick had to marry the Crown Prince of Canada.
[fic]  [explicit]  [10k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  job.(royalty)  marriage.(arranged)  dating.(fake)  school.(college)  au 
march 2014 by aohatsu
You Give Love A Bad Name
Jonny’s made a few bad decisions in his life, but developing a crush on the guy who sells him vibrating dildos is by far his worst.
[fic]  au  [explicit]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  sex.(toys)  oblivious/pining  job.(retail)  job.(artist/writer) 
march 2014 by aohatsu
Cup Champs
In January, they all spent a lot of time trying not to talk about hockey and in turn started talking about the only other thing they all had relative knowledge of: music (in hindsight Kaner's pretty fucking happy Duncs' Xbox had the ring of death or else they'd all probably be, like, gamer nerds and Kaner has a hard enough time getting laid as it is without adding that to the list of what he brings to the table).
[fic]  [mature]  [20k]  au  dating.(sort.of)  jealousy  hurt.(injury)  oblivious/pining  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  job.(music/radio)  hobbies.(music/dance) 
february 2014 by aohatsu
88 Dates
He promised Oshie he would make the fucking audition tape, so he did. And against all fucking odds, he got a callback from a woman who sounded like even she couldn’t believe she was making the call. Because that’s Jonny’s life now.
au  [fic]  [teen]  [10k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  au.(bachelor)  job.(office)  job.(actor/model) 
february 2014 by aohatsu
Nothing Worth Knowing
Ryan Kesler hates Andrew Ladd on sight. Andrew Ladd is the kind of guy who is loud and confident and a good hockey player. He and Ryan are two of only three freshmen who make the starting line up at University of Vermont. So sure, Ladd's also good at hockey, but he's definitely not as good as he thinks he is.
au  [explicit]  [fic]  [20k]  ~hockey  {kesler.ladd}  school.(college)  coming.out  break-up.(make-up)  dating.(sort.of)  dating.(in.secret) 
january 2014 by aohatsu
Now that Patrick has the time to look, he can see a torn and tattered Jets backpack on Jonny’s shoulder - god, he’s from Canada - and his clothes are blood-spattered.
[fic]  [teen]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  au  apocalypse  paranormal.(zombies) 
january 2014 by aohatsu
Space Kaner
Patrick has an extra toe from an unfortunate accident as a child and an inconvenient crush on his commanding officer. It gets worse from there.
au  au.(star.trek)  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  sci-fi.(aliens)  [fic]  [mature]  [5k]  job.(military) 
january 2014 by aohatsu
Affectation of Candour
This was the guy he’d spent two years talking up? After all of that anticipation, it really blew to learn that Toews was just a stuck-up, bossy dickface. What a stupid, conceited, Canadian drone.
@thenorthface  au  [fic]  [general]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  job.(medical)  kids 
january 2014 by aohatsu
High Flying
Jonny lights a fire and tosses some Floo powder in it before saying, “Room 88, Mirror Lake Inn Resort.”
[fic]  [teen]  [5k]  au  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  au.(harry.potter) 
january 2014 by aohatsu
High Scores
Kaner is a DDR master, Jonny is ultra-competitive. Bollig just wants to make out with Shawzy.
au  [fic]  [teen]  [5k]  school.(  hobbies.(gaming)  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  oblivious/pining 
december 2013 by aohatsu
Jon is five when he meets Patrick. It's also the time he begins to understand colors as more than an abstract concept.
[fic]  [general]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  au  kids.(their.childhood)  deaf/blind 
december 2013 by aohatsu
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