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The Time Traveller's Flatmate
Sherlock Holmes suffers from Chrono-Displacement: simply put, he time travels unpredictably, against his will.

John Watson lives his life the normal way. Or as normal as it can possibly be considering that he first meets Sherlock at the age of six.
[fic]  ~sherlock  {john/sherlock}  au  au.(time.traveler's.wife) 
august 2016 by aohatsu
Of an Arcane Binding
An inexplicable magic ties Bilbo Baggins, hobbit of the shire, to Thorin, dwarven prince of Erebor. Bilbo travels back and forward through time, but always to Thorin.
[fic]  [mature]  [50k]  ~lord.of.the.rings  {thorin/bilbo}  sci-fi.(  au.(time.traveler's.wife)  kids.(their.childhood)  canon.divergence 
january 2015 by aohatsu
Welcome Home
On his seventh birthday, Sidney meets 23-year-old time traveler Geno, who tells him that they will play hockey together. And then they do.
[fic]  [explicit]  [50k]  ~hockey  {sidgeno}  sci-fi.(  oblivious/pining  kids.(their.childhood)  family  canon.divergence  au.(time.traveler's.wife) 
november 2013 by aohatsu

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