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lives to live through seasons
Babies are born because people wish them out of the sky, and Geno doesn't realize he's been wishing that hard. Luckily, his team has his back.
@oflights  [fic]  [explicit]  [10k]  ~hockey  {sidgeno}  friends.with.benefits  kids.(of.their.own)  canon.divergence  fantasy.(magic) 
march 2014 by aohatsu
there is a lake in me
In retrospect, Flower can totally understand why Geno didn't tell Sid who he actually was. Sid is incredibly persuasive when he wants to get laid.
[fic]  ~hockey  [20k]  [explicit]  oblivious/pining  sex.(toys)  gender.changes.(spontaneous)  {sidgeno}  sex.(cunnilingus)  sex.(rough)  canon  sex.(dub-con)  fantasy.(magic) 
march 2013 by aohatsu

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